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By Michele Kadison
Creator of Body Activation, Michele Kadison (aka kadisova) talks about physical, mental, and spiritual health; love; the pursuit of harmony; finding joy; how to make the best of living in our present world; and more. Learn how you can live a juicy life through raising consciousness on all levels as you develop new habits, ignite your curiosity, and walk into your authentic self without fear.

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Remedies for Cultural Depression
We are all suffering from a kind of cultural depression, even if we can't readily identify it. A sense of loneliness, a lack of support, the effects of all the bad news that we are exposed to in one way or another, a lack of kindness and manners, not meeting in person with our friends, and too much time on smartphones and screens, are just some of the reasons why we feel ill at ease in life today.  There are many ways to remedy this deep and growing tendency towards feeling disassociated, angry, helpless, or lost. Simply by making and fulfilling a promise to stay conscious and aware of even just some of the solutions, we can create a much more joyous and sustainable life for ourselves and others. Listen and you will find some of the solutions here.... Listen on Podcoin and earn money!  
May 1, 2019
Fire Up Your Immune System
Our immune system is our greatest asset. When we tend to it, our ability to stay healthy becomes limitless. By changing the way we think about diet, stress, medicines, and lifestyle, we can create a powerful personal system that helps us maintain radiance and strength. 
April 19, 2019
Keeping Yourself Interesting
Keeping yourself interesting is a way to keep yourself engaged with life. This means learning about the things that excite you in a deeper way, developing curiosity about the things you don't know, and developing skills that light a fire around what makes you happy and charged. Instead of looking to others to keep you from feeling bored, look to yourself through learning, asking questions, and finding the answers. 
March 25, 2019
Changing Our Frequency
Each one of us has the power to change our personal frequency. There are ways to do this that allow us to reach a higher octave within ourselves so that life becomes more pleasurable, fulfilling, healthy, and balanced. We all wish to vibrate to the highest level we can, but often our minds get in the way. Whatever obstacles you may have had or have in your life can be lifted by changing your ideas around them. By "re-writing" your story you can change a negative frequency into a positive one, and as you do, you begin to feel better and thus help those around you to feel the same. 
March 14, 2019
Reevaluating Myths
Everything presented to us in society is a conspiracy of myth designed to get us to buy into an idea or a philosophy. From politics to consumer products, grand myths are created to get us to buy into  whatever the power behind these concepts or materials wants us to believe in. We are manipulated by myths, and not all of them are bad. In this podcast, I'm asking you to evaluate what is true for you and not to automatically trust the loudest voice, the most seductive ad campaign, or the principles that have seemed to serve in the past. Let's think for ourselves and discover what we truly believe in as individuals.   
March 10, 2019
Conditional vs Unconditional Love
Can I love you and not agree with the way you behave or think, especially if it is harmful to me? If I am in a state of unconditional love, is this not a kind of acceptance that allows for anything without boundary? Boundaries are what we create to define who we are, and also to protect ourselves from that which can harm us. We don't have to love someone all the time. Instead we can acknowledge what they may need for their own growth process without having to embrace it or be next to it. With wisdom and flexibility we can accept our moments of not loving if their behavior gets in the way of our own health or boundaries, but without having to cut the underlying cord of love.   
February 24, 2019
The Power of Flexibility
Staying flexible is the key to longevity, not just in terms of the body, but also in mind and spirit. As we create more space in the body, we become more open mentally as well. Through flexibility we create a juiciness which allows us to become more adaptable, open, accepting, and spontaneous. We can enjoy at any age... and this is the key to leading a healthy, happy, and balanced life. Listen to find out more...   
February 14, 2019
We are all are healing from something, whether it's an illness, breakup, childhood trauma, or otherwise. Even the process of personal evolution is a form of healing. As our body, mind, spirit, and soul are connected, when one part needs healing the others feel it too. There are so many natural ways we can heal ourselves in life's on-going process, and as we become more aware of our feeling bodies and grow deeper in consciousness, it is easier to identify what we need.
February 7, 2019
Creating Community
Creating community gives us a sense of belonging as we share beliefs, feelings, concepts, passions, or talents with others of like mind. Being part of a community gives us a sense of purpose, keeping us from isolation and depression as we make our own unique contributions to the greater whole. 
January 30, 2019
When our habits align around what brings us joy and pleasure we fall in love with ourselves as we vibrate to this higher frequency. 
January 23, 2019
Many people today are depressed due to the loneliness that results from a lack of connection. Virtual communities have replaced actual communities, resulting in a separation from tribe.  Tune in to learn more and to find some possible solutions...
January 17, 2019
Corrective Fitness
No matter what your fitness protocol, try to focus on the process rather than the result. Allow your body to find the correct alignment, rather than forcing positions. Look for teachers who will correct you and encourage curiosity about how your body works.  Tune in to www.bodyactivation. net to discover what corrective fitness can be for you. 
January 9, 2019
Travelling Alone
Travelling alone is a tremendous way to learn more about yourself as you push the boundaries of your everyday life, learning to be present, to be  curious, to be motivated, to be intrepid ... all without compromise. 
January 2, 2019
Being Impeccable
Being impeccable means we work towards polishing ourselves so that we can make the most out of life. By doing the things we know will help us move forward, we become who we wish to be and thus lead a happier and more fulfilled life. 
December 27, 2018
Nutrition for Body and Soul
Eating natural foods that provide you with the ultimate in nutrition helps you create a more balanced and powerful life, both physically and mentally. Staying on the alkaline side of the pH scale will also help you stay well by staving off bacteria, viruses, and disease. Tune in for some very doable tips!
December 20, 2018
Finding the Freedom to Express Yourself
What happens when you are not allowed to express yourself? You become tight and angry, often leading to dysfunctional behavior. Self-expression is essential for mental and emotional health. Finding your creativity and expressing yourself through it is a brilliant tool for revealing your thoughts, feelings, and individuality.
December 12, 2018
Staying Motivated
Staying motivated often is a question of will. When we strengthen our "will" and find the power in mind over matter, we can overcome our internal obstacles. Enjoying the pleasure of the process helps, along with making doable lists that you can accomplish each day!
December 5, 2018
Gratitude is one of the most powerful components of love. Rather than throwing things away that seem to no longer work, why not mend them, cherish them, and be grateful for the soul that is imparted through bringing something broken or torn back to life, be it a relationship or a material object.
November 29, 2018
Searching for Beauty
True beauty is simple. We find it in the little things. It is everywhere, we simply have to notice, whether it's nature, the power of music, the sensuality of moving our bodies... Noticing the things that stir your soul and turn you on is the gateway for bringing our own particular kind of beauty out into the open, turning the mundanity of life into magic.
November 21, 2018
Think For Yourself!
We are all so individual and different. By discovering who you are and tapping deeper into how you truly feel about things, you are better able to listen to yourself when it comes to forming an opinion. Use the research tools that are at your fingertips to look at alternative opinions, methods, modalities. Don't listen to the loudest or most authoritative voice! And as you start to make decisions based on your instinct, you will feel better about yourself as you forge a unique path that helps define what you stand for.
November 16, 2018
Creating Space
Creating inner space is a way to feel more relaxed, more present, and more available to others. By getting rid of inner (and outer!) clutter, we are able to appreciate the present, soften around old emotional themes, become more open to ideas, and feel an overall sense of greater physical and mental ease. photo by Henry Be for Unsplash
November 7, 2018
Don't Make Yourself Small For Anyone!
Don't make yourself smaller to fit the shape of someone who may be coming at you with judgement or anger. See if you can stay anchored in the face of an argument, instead of shrinking! By distorting our own big beautiful shape in front of someone who is insecure or inflamed, we undermind our self-respect. By staying big, detached, compassionate, and taking a deep breath, we often can diffuse negative energy and find a better way to communicate. Model: Karin Helmstaedt for Body Activation
November 1, 2018
The Power of Daydreaming
Daydreaming helps to open up all the riches you have Inside, so put that smartphone down and get to it!
October 26, 2018
Self Love
Loving ourselves is so intrinsically linked with connecting to our 'feeling body." Becoming more in touch with our instinct and intuition, we become more connected to what it is that truly nurtures us as individuals. Through this connection we are able to make decisions that feed our authentic self and thus make us feel happier, healthier, and more balanced.
October 19, 2018
Your Authentic Self
The very first episode of "kadisova talks!" How does the rejection of your authentic self serve stress levels? What are the tools for tuning into your feeling body to discover your authentic self? How can we give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are, without judgement or comparison? Tune in and find out!
October 11, 2018
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