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Unpredictable Minds!

Unpredictable Minds!

By LearnAbility Nova Scotia
What do you know about the learning challenges this generation of children face? This podcast sets out to change the thinking about the kids: who never had it easy, often stood out, and ultimately struggled in school. Every Monday we focus on getting control over current thinking on the diverse minds of these exceptional children. Join Michelle AuCoin, Educational Interventionist with over 25 years experience working with kids with Learning Disabilities! Michelle is the owner of a specialized education centre: LearnAbility Nova Scotia: Visit: for more information.
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Helping Your Child Thrive - One Family's Journey.
In my second episode, and first podcast interview, I am joined by Tracey Hilliard author of "Through Rainbows and Storm Clouds",  the story of her son Matthew and his journey with having diagnosed Autism. Prepare to be informed and inspired. What Tracey shares about her family's experience resonates, in some way, with all of us. 
September 14, 2020
Learning From the Experts: Students with Learning Disabilities
Join me, Michelle Aucoin, for my inaugural episode where I not only help you understand the needs of children with learning disorders, but leave you with wisdom from Young Adults with Learning Disabilities who've overcome adversity and have a message to share! Pop over to my website:
August 29, 2020