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By Michelle Klieger
Seed World PRO taps into next-level expert knowledge, insight and resources to support, serve and grow seed industry leaders and professionals.
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5 Steps to Coach Your Next Generation

Seed World PRO

When Steepening The Curve Has Benefits
Dr. Molly Cadle-Davidson, Chief Science Officer at Advanced Biological Marketing explains how the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many new words and phrases, thoughts, and behaviors to the general public. This virus has spread the world over in a very short timeframe, displaying a dynamic typically seen only in clinical or research labs.  The growth curves that we are all now used to seeing show an exponential increase telling us that this viral pathogen is highly infectious and that it is reproducing out in society. Thus, we are asked to socially distance ourselves to prevent spread and let any infected person be a dead-end for the virus. In this way, the exponential growth curve can be “flattened”, or the rate of spread slowed and, in a perfect world, stopped. Through this new lens, most people can now understand some of the actions that people in agriculture have been doing for decades to reduce the spread of pathogens and increase good microbes.
May 19, 2020
Lab Technicians are "Farmer Fortune Tellers"
Guest host Jenny Schweigert talks to Lincoln Thomas about his role as a lab technician. This interview weaves together many of the advice on Seed World PRO from the hiring experts at and then talent management advice offered by Purdue University. Lincoln lacked the technical experience when he started his job. However, his soft skills and drive made him an excellent hire. Lincoln talks about what motivates him in this entry-level position. Then Jenny asks Lincoln to take the role of an HR manager. He thinks the most important criterion is looking for employees that will show up every day.
May 12, 2020
Why Female Farm CEO's Are On the Rise
Sarah Beth Aubrey from Aubrey Coaching and Training is back to talk about why more women are taking the top job across the agriculture and seed industry. Data show that there are more female CEOs and more female decision-makers. Some have backgrounds in agriculture, while others didn't grow up on farms but have formal agricultural training. We talk about some of the differences and now seed businesses can adapt.
May 05, 2020
5 Steps to Coach Your Next Generation
During this episode of Seed World PRO's Podcast, host Michelle Klieger sits down with Sarah Beth Aubrey of Aubrey Coaching & Training for a two-part series on workplace transitions. In this episode, Sarah Beth gives five tips for helping coach your next generation. Here is a sneak peek: Find your why Take inventory of roles and your pipeline Develop a culture of developing leaders Build influence Include a system of accountability
April 28, 2020
Don’t Get Caught on the Wrong Side of EU Privacy Requirements
Jodi Daniels is Founder and CEO of Red Clover Advisors, a privacy consultancy, helping companies create privacy programs, build customer trust and achieve GDPR, CCPA, and US privacy law compliance. Jodi helps companies with daily operations such as data mapping, individual rights, training, policies, etc. and also serves as a fractional chief privacy officer. In this episode of the Seed World PRO podcast, she explains what seed companies need to comply with the EU’s requirements.
April 21, 2020
This Too Shall Pass: Selling Seed After COVID-19
Seed World PRO host Michelle Klieger talks with Damian Mason, agricultural speaker, two-time author, and former comedian in this episode of the Seed World PRO podcast. This episode covers how the COVID-19 crisis compares to previous challenges the economy and the agricultural industry have faced. Mason draws on his experience as a comedian and a sales consultant to share tips on how seed sales may expand as this situation evolves, because like all good and bad situations: this too shall pass.
April 14, 2020
9 Situations That Inoculants Can Improve Soybean Yields
Vince Wertman, Director of Technical Services at Advanced Biological Management, talks with Seed World PRO podcast host, Michelle Klieger about improving legume yields with inoculant applications.  They discuss challenging 2019 growing season and what is on the horizon in 2020. Finally, they end with a few thoughts on increased pea acreage because of shifting consumer protein demand.
April 07, 2020
What Direction Will The Market Take Post Mega Mergers?
Now that the mega mergers are behind us, we can finally move on with business. Dean Cavey of Verdant Partners, Allister Phillips of AgbioInvestor and Phil Howard of Michigan State University talk technology development, trends, R&D expenditures, biologicals, precision agriculture and key drivers to business decisions being made today. “Agriculture is no longer just crop protection and seed,” Phillips says. “Now, more than any other time, seed is dictating crop protection usage.” If you’re looking for a 30-minute overview of where the industry is today, this is it.
March 31, 2020
BONUS: Farmers Need Seed Business Partners
As spring approaches all agricultural eyes are on the planting season. Seed companies are busy selling seed to their customers. Farmers and growers are looking at commodity markets and trying to figure out what they want to grow. Then they will purchase the seeds they need. This week, Seed World PRO is focusing on Planting Season 2020. We have a special two-part unit. First, Michelle Klieger of Stratagerm Consulting and Shay Foulk of Ag View Solutions talk about better communication between seed companies and growers. Shay Foulk is an agricultural consultant, responsible for seed sales at Monier Seed and Service, and an ag communicator. He shares tips on better communication to improve sales.
March 26, 2020
Amp Up Your Culture with Pete Hammet
Did you know companies spend three-quarters of billion dollars annually on employee engagement? It’s all about culture and you have one whether you know it or not. This week, guest host Julie Deering sits down with Pete Hammett, visiting professor at Purdue University. He shares real-world examples of how you can influence employee beliefs, action and company culture.
March 24, 2020
How to Get Your Pitch Approved? Think Like a CFO
In this PRO Power Talk, agribusiness and agri-finance specialist Brady Brewer highlights the role of the CFO — it’s more than accounting and pushing spreadsheets. By understanding the role of the CFO and how your department/position fits into the overall strategy of the company, you can up your game. A regular contributor to Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business programming, Brewer is intimate with finance, business strategy and management.
March 17, 2020
The New Era of Business
Guest host Julie Deering sits down with Dean Cavey of Verdant Partners and Michael Gunderson of Purdue University to discuss recent seed industry mergers. After two years of intense change in the seed industry due to mergers and acquisitions, they discuss the impacts of two years of intense change in and how one might approach business in this new environment.
March 10, 2020
Are You Calling Your Employees Diamonds & Treating Them Like Coal?
Many companies say their employees are their greatest asset. Yet, they don’t always nurture their employees and invest in their long-term growth, as you would expect with someone valuables. This interview with Dr. Hammett questions whether companies treat their employees like long-term investments, continually investing in them like annuities, or like commodities that are consumed and then replaced.
March 03, 2020