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Michelle Rounds does ...

Michelle Rounds does ...

By Michelle Rounds
Heading into a new system, society, way of being, regenerative living. The jazz diva, Michelle Rounds, talks about it all and ... sings at the end!
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aliens, ghosts and ninja ... with a spot of potted Stilton
did you have any fears as a child that you have now gotten over? I was terrified of the above three (not the potted Stilton, because that makes four) and have fully gotten over two of them .... do share your experiences as I am most interested and hope you enjoy my special bonus original song LOVE'S DIRGE at the end.
August 07, 2022
Fur and Fish Leather
I love my furs, of which I have quite a large collection and NOW they've started making Fish Leather .... do enjoy and I hope you like my original little song at the end, followed by INNA CAPTIVE PLACE. Much love from Michelle Rounds Dot Com.
August 02, 2022
Swimwear .....
Australian-born Pasifikan Jazz Diva, shares thoughts from her home in Cairo, Egypt on natural fibre swimwear and asks how YOU feel about the lack of choice in this area of fashion .... regenerative over sustainability is the suggestion, cut plastics completely and let's be free ... INTO THE SKY original song bonus at the end of the podcast ENJOY !
July 30, 2022