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The High-Ticket Coach Podcast

The High-Ticket Coach Podcast

By Michelle Hext
Are you a coach wondering how you can transition into selling high-priced packages so you can deliver better results for your clients AND have premium clients eager to work with you? Or maybe you're a success in your industry and people are constantly demanding to "pick your brains" and now you're ready to package and sell your expertise as a high-ticket coach. This podcast is all about stretching you to dream bigger, encouraging you to become a master your craft so you can deliver better results & begin charging a whole lot more BECAUSE of the results you deliver. I hope you'll join me. Mx
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Let's Talk Visibility - Part 6 (of 10) How & Why I Make Money With Content
To read the notes for this episode you can head here: M x
October 4, 2020
Let's Talk Visibility - Part 2 (of 10) OPPORTUNITY AWAITS
Show notes:
September 30, 2020
Let's Talk Visibility - Part 1 (of 10)
Let’s talk Visibility! Most coaches are working really to hard build their brands online and even those who aren’t actively being visible right now know the power of being visible, they know that content-driven marketing drives sales and that visibility can single-handedly build successful coaching brands. In most cases, we ARE our coaching brands and we know that visibility and messaging that resonates is the key to growing our brands…yet few coaches are visible in a way that impacts in any meaningful way. In most cases we desire to create location independence so we can work from anywhere…putting yourself out there and building a strong online community WILL help you to create that location independent lifestyle…yet few coaches are practising visibility strategies that build communities…and bottom-lines. In most cases we’re seeking to attract a global market…..we have the WORLD at our fingertips…and yet many of you are not taking advantage of this fact. In most cases, we’re craving a community to serve…to connect with….to spend time with….yet few coaches are tapping into the potential to create communities. To read the entire blog head to my bio or click here: Stay tuned for the following parts in the series because there is plenty more to come. M x
September 22, 2020
Episode 3 - A rant about unfulfilled promises & big ticket packages that don't deliver.
A couple of experiences this morning drove me to share this with ya''re welcome :-) My free group: My mentorship program:
September 15, 2020
Episode 2 - Some stuff I've learned over the past 28 years about the business of coaching.
I've been coaching and mentoring for around 28 years and I've been running my own business the entire's what I've learned along the way. M x The Mentorship I spoke about. The blog post I reference.
September 11, 2020
Episode 1 - Let's get this party started!
Welcome to my podcast......let's dive into the very first episode where I unpack how I decided to and DID launch this podcast in 4 days (hey, I was held up by a contractor...otherwise it would have been up in 24 hours!) and also what I have in store for YOU in upcoming episodes. M x
September 10, 2020