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Microphone GAIN

Microphone GAIN

By Jim Munroe
The Game Arts International Network is hosting a number of online sessions to share information of interest to game arts organizers and curators. The format we're starting with will be a live discussion between two people, one with experience on a topic and one seeking more information on that topic, while anyone else who's interested can listen in. At the end this audience will be able to add their comments and ask questions. We will be recording these sessions and releasing them as a podcast for those who aren't available or who find out about it later.
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Curation, Why and How: Game Art Selectors Speak! Part I
Interviews with Chad Toprak (Freeplay, Melbourne) and Wiley Wiggins (Fantastic Fest, Austin) about why and how do they choose they games they choose for their exhibitions and festivals. GAIN did these interviews for Gameplanner, a new resource intended to help game creators plan their exhibition and networking strategy at international events, based on in-person interviews and surveys from over 50 creators across Canada. Gameplanner was supported by Ontario Creates and Canada Media Fund and is available as a downloadable PDF on our site. The Juegos Rancheros survey is here. 
November 13, 2019
Membership Dues and Community Revenue
Lorenzo Pilia (Talk & Play, Berlin) talks to Shawn Pierre (Philly Game Mechanics, Philadelphia) about Patreons, membership dues and more. Lorenzo's list of Patreons from game orgs:
November 25, 2018
Game Arts Residencies
Rachel Weil (Juegos Rancheros, Austin), Zac Traeger (The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin) shared their experience with Shalev Moran (Printscreen Festival, Tel Aviv) and Jonatan Van Hove (Screenshake, Reykjavík).
September 02, 2018
Creating Welcoming Spaces for Under-Represented Groups
Featuring Sagan Yee (Hand Eye Society) from Toronto and Alex Schearer (Seattle Indies).
June 09, 2018
Game Jams
Live from GDC in San Francisco with Jim McGinley (Toronto Game Jam) and Jo Summers (Global Game Jam).
March 29, 2018
Managing Succession & Replacing Key People
This session features Tanya X. Short (Pixelles) from Montreal and Ben Esposito (Glitch City) from Los Angeles.
February 24, 2018