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343 Podcast

343 Podcast

By MidesMusic
My name is Midé and I'm a student of music. One of the things I love is the rare opportunity to peek behind the process of making music and. I watch a lot of interviews of musicians, artists, movie directors, actors and that sort of thing. I find that the magic is embellished for me when I learn about how something I've enjoyed was created.

Well this one of those kind of things lol. Not only do I get to talk about the process of working on some of my music, I get to have a chat with some interesting creators and we go behind the curtains to share some of the "chaos" that happens in creation.
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343 with Tolu Akinyemi
My guest in this episode is a great friend of mine. I admire his writing and have done for years. He's the author of some amazing books like: "Your father walks like a crab" and his work is self described as 'Poetry for people who hate poetry'. We had a long rivalry a few summers ago when we played Tennis nearly everyday. And I still get threats of him beating me on FIFA which will never happen but a person can dream lol. We had a great conversation and if you haven't encountered anything from Tolu, then you need to explore it today. My guest is Tolu Akinyemi. If you want to connect with Tolu, you can find links to his social media right here: His Instagram handle is @poetolu where you can read samples of his work. Also if you've enjoyed the episode and you can think of a question you'd like to ask, please send me an email or drop me a line at FYI: I just reeleased some new music that you can listen to here: Or listen directly on Spotify here: Thank you and see you in the future. Mids
December 13, 2021
343 with Josh Bridge
My guest in this episode is Josh Bridge, a long time friend and collaborator. I've seen his work grow over the years from one tier to another. As you'll hear in this episode, it all started when a small spark was created and he was handed a camera in church. Today he's not only a filmmaker but also a script writer and director.  You can watch Josh's movies and take in his work by checking out his profile on Instagram and Youtube at @_joshbridge. While you're there catch up on Mother's Cry, a visual poem that will definitely draw you in emotionally. If you've enjoyed the episode or even the podcast and you can think of a question you'd like to ask, please send me a DM on Instagram @midesmusic or drop me a line at Thank you for listening. MidesMusic
November 08, 2021
343 with Femi Leye
In this episode I'm talking with a legend in the making. He's a brilliant guitar player with a big heart and even bigger ambitions to be known, not just as the best guitar player in Africa, but the world. By asking just three questions we cover a lot of ground and Femi's infectious personality shines through right from the start. He's a friend and an incredible musician, this is Femi Leye. If you'd like to hear more of Femi's music you can find him on instagram, / On youtube just search for Femi Leye and you're in! Of course you can send in your own questions for femi and I can have him back or if you'd just want to send in some question in general, you can email us at More info: @midesmusic
September 21, 2021
343 with Emaé
In this episode I'm talking to a friend of mine who makes really beautiful music. She plays the piano, sings and writes some amazing songs. We go back a number of years and I've been a fan of her work for a long time. If you want to connect with Emaé, you can find her on Instagram @emaemusic and on Youtube and everywhere online, look for "Emaé" and watch her videos and listen to her music. She's truly amazing.  Also If you've enjoyed the episode and you can think of a question you'd like to ask, please send me an email at or DM me on Instagram @midesmusic
August 23, 2021