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The Send Space

The Send Space

By Mienke Richter
The Send Space is a proudly South African climbing podcast and a space for our local climbers to tell their stories, record history, share beta, and inspire others.

Three local climbers have gotten together to bring you regular episodes featuring climbers and adventurers from around the country, documenting their adventures, sends, fears, failures and lessons learned. Hosted by Mienke Richter, with content and production support from Matt Chapman and Aimee Clarke.
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Ep 2: The Olympic Picture Part 2 with Erin Sterkenberg and James Barnes

The Send Space

Ep 8: Twigs in your ears, with Allister Fenton
This is a continuation of episode 3, although you don’t need to have heard part 1 to enjoy part 2! Our conversation with Al digs into the evolution of the climbing scene in South Africa, experienced by Allister as he moved from working at Drifters, to CityROCK, to Friends and Allies. We also hear about the ins and outs of climbing in Blouberg - a truly epic tradventure location. Advertisers in this episode include GoodBETA and the Send Space. Want the ad-free episode? Subscribe to the Send Space on Patreon.
November 24, 2021
Ep 7: Attaching self-worth to a number, with Kent Jennings
Mienke chats to Kent Jennings – Head Routesetter at CityROCK Jhb and king of the thumbercling – with the aim of discussing women in routesetting. Naturally, we take many detours and end up discussing grading, sandbagging, Kent’s personality, the setting “boys club”, and the Olympic boulders. Eventually we get on track and discuss what it takes to foster a more inclusive setting industry. For more info on the things mentioned in this episode, learn about the Olympics rising sun boulder problem, Bloc11, and CityROCK. Advertisers in this episode include GoodBETA, Yael’s Yarns, and the Send Space. Want to feature in our community episode? Here’s how.
October 27, 2021
Ep 6: Making an impact, with Friends and Allies
We sit down with the names and faces behind Jozi’s latest climbing gym – Friends and Allies. Featuring not one but FOUR guests, we dig deep into the business of climbing and the creative processes involved in forming this unique space which may be small, but packs big ambitions. For more info about the things mentioned in this podcast, check out: Boven Open Weekend, Scallywags Climbing, Mumma Mushroom Design, Bloc11, Dream Higher and CityROCK. Advertisers in this episode include GoodBETA, Wazoogles Superfood, the MCSA and the Send Space. Want the full-length episode? Subscribe to the Send Space on Patreon.
September 29, 2021
Ep 5: Women are not just small men, with Jenni Commins
Welcome to our Women's Month episode featuring Jenni Commins – local climber and so much more! We talk about the nuances of being a female climber, from motherhood, to body image, to menstrual cycles. Get ready for some epic personal insights from Mienke, as well as some EXCITING announcements about the Send Space. For more info about things in this podcast: read about trekking in the Cordillera Blanca, read Touching the Void, and while you’re at it, show us some love and subscribe on Patreon.
August 25, 2021
Ep 4: The Olympic Picture Part 3, Chris Cosser gets real
Enjoy the second half of Mienke’s interview with our male Olympian, Chris Cosser. We dig deep into a range of topics from diversity in climbing, the Olympic ego, his training schedule and his mental health leading up to Tokyo2020. For an update on Chris since this interview took place, and further info on the Olympics, read this blog on GoodBETA. If you are curious about some things mentioned in this episode, you can learn more about Bloc11 and Dream Higher; read about Tomoa Nagasaki; watch the African Continental Championship Dec 2020; and watch the IFSC Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021.
July 28, 2021
Ep 3: Risk is a part of life, with Allister Fenton
Allister reveals his rather unconventional and passionate entry into the climbing world, and then deep-dives into issues of safety and ethics when it comes to trad and free solo. As a child, he made his own harness. As an adult, he has free soloed multiple times. Listen to this episode to get to know Allister and see if you agree that he remains a safety-conscious and highly-respected part of the South African climbing scene. Like the episode? Why not support the podcast?
June 30, 2021
Ep 2: The Olympic Picture Part 2 with Erin Sterkenberg and James Barnes
We had a Zoom call with our local female Olympian Erin Stekerkenberg and her coach James Barnes to gain some insight into what it’s like to be 18 and preparing to represent SA in the first climbing Olympics. In true Mienke style, there are some detours in the conversation along the way as we dig into some pressing issues of the climbing community. We cover a lot in a short space of time so here are some links to a few things mentioned: Youth Day in South Africa, KZN MCSA, Shongweni Climbing, Umgeni Valley Climbing, City Rock, Southern Rock, RAM, Black Diamond.
June 16, 2021
Ep 1: The Olympic Picture Part 1 with Chris Cosser
Host Mienke Richter chats to Chris Cosser, South Africa’s first male Olympic climber, ahead of Tokyo 2021.  We get to know him, he gets to know us, and we discuss some epic issues facing the climbing community as the sport inevitably grows and changes. Chris was the ideal first guest, and was almost more of a co-host which really sets the scene for this show, since we aim to inspire debate, discussion and collaboration in our community.  This is our pilot episode, which was recorded on Mienke’s couch at her home in Johannesburg.  We would love your feedback!  Visit or follow us on Instagram:
May 25, 2021
Ep 0: Introducing the Send Space
Wondering how this show came to be? What drove us to create the Send Space? Our first guest, Chris Cosser, was curious too! Listen to this quick snippet (from our first interview ever) to get an idea of what the Send Space is all about! Our host, Mienke Richter, explains her vision to Africa’s first male Olympic climber, and to you. Follow on Instagram or visit to get to know us better.
May 24, 2021