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By Mihaela Vlad
Inspiration for women entrepreneurs who are building their personal brand.
An amazing mixture of inspiring stories and proven marketing strategies so you can keep yourself motivated and learn how to promote yourself and reach more people.
You want to touch lives! I am here to help you!
Podcast by Mihaela Vlad, Advertising Strategist for women who are building their business around their personal brand. Mihaela have helped women on 3 continents to expand their reach and convert their followers.
I know you have a story to tell. Come to my show and inspire other women who walk on the same path
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Episode 11 - About competition and collaboration in the same industry with Ann Kristine Peñaredondo


Episode 14 - How to build your audience
Learn how to build an audience of people who are interested in your kind of services and how to create trust so they will be ready to buy from you. 
October 04, 2019
Episode 13 - 3 steps to an efficient Advertising Strategy - with Mihaela Vlad
In this episode I share with you the 3 steps to an efficient Advertising Strategy. If you are a coach, a course creator, a healer or spiritual teacher and you want to have more reach, more impact and sell your programs consistently, listen to this 10 minutes Podcast where I share from the strategy I implement with my paying clients.  Let me know your comments! What program you are promoting now? What offer you want to sell?
September 17, 2019
Episode 12 - About building a magnetic personal brand by tapping into the power of LinkedIn with Raluca Topor
If you are looking for your dream job or you are thinking to walk onto the entrepreneurial path, leveraging your LinkedIn profile it's extremly important. I have brought at You in the Spotlight the LinkedIn expert to help you go one step further in achieving this goal. Raluca Topor from Raluca Topor - Your Worth On Paper is a LinkedIn Strategist and Career Coach for job seekers and early-stage entrepreneurs, who are ready to attract their dream job and aligned clients by building strong personal brands on LinkedIn. She started and scaled her own business Your Worth on Paper by tapping into the power of LinkedIn all from her laptop while traveling the world. Raluca is a former Experiential Marketing Specialist and has a B.A. in Communication and PR from University of Bucharest, in Romania. After working with several Fortune 500 brands in tech, FMCG, and beauty she decided to channel her energy into building her own personal brand and helping others do so. Join us and find out valuable advice from someone who have helped hundreds of people to love their job!
September 07, 2019
Episode 11 - About overcoming difficult situations and claiming your desired life with Mirav Tarkka
Let me tell you why and how I have been inspired to start the You in the Spotlight interview series. My friend and client Mirav Tarkka from Mirav Tarkka - Pepper Coaching, send me her videos in a raw/un edited format – and I looked at them and I’ve realised how much vulnerability but in the same time strength is in putting yourself out there, in the spotlight, to build your brand, to touch lives, to create change! Mirav is an internationally acclaimed Power Coach, Author, Self Defense Expert, former IDF Operational Sargeant and the Founder of Pepper Coaching who has empowered hundreds of individuals worldwide to reclaim their Power, Passion, and Purpose and to conquer their dreams. Despite the tremendous violence and fear she experienced from early childhood, her insatiable passion for life has always been a huge part of who she is. By the age of 18, Mirav had been through 4 wars and entered military service as an Operational Sergeant and SelfDefense Instructor. Inspired by her wish to understand violence, help people deal with challenges, and her curiosity to demystify human nature, Mirav achieved University Degrees in Psychology and Criminology. Her passion then led her to become a world-renowned Self Defense Expert for 18 years and to support women in finding a higher level of awareness, developing confidence, and regaining control over their lives. Mirav's work has been featured all over the globe, in TV and print media. But in spite of appearances, Mirav suffered from a lack of confidence and it was only after working with a Life Coach that her self-development journey towards true empowerment began. After overcoming the fact that she became a single mother, facing a divorce, and moving countries, she gave birth to Pepper Coaching, so she could help more people than ever reclaim their inner strength and achieve big goals. Today living on the picturesque sunny border of the French Riviera with her two daughters, Mirav supports clients worldwide and has been working with world-class mentors to release her first book entitled ‘Undefeatable’
August 29, 2019
Episode 11 - About competition and collaboration in the same industry with Ann Kristine Peñaredondo
I am so excited to share with you an amazing meeting and interview with @Ann Kristine Peñaredondo. The energy and chemistry was so high, we have discussed for over 45 minutes - but yes, we have had so many interesting topics to bring to the table - the main one about collaboration between women entrepreneurs in the same industry. I am absolutely positive you will find inspiration and some golden nuggets watching this episode! Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo, published author and speaker, is a Facebook Marketing Strategist who has managed and grew Facebook Pages of top brands in shopping malls, lingerie, and dairy, as well as authors and experts in business, food, health, and education. She is also a Published Author of “Small is BIG: 5 Exceptional Small Things On How To Switch From Being A Corporate Junkie To A BIG Time Online Professional” and a Podcaster of “The Joy and Ann Show”.
August 29, 2019
Episode 10 - About business growth and creating passive income with Em Ducharme
I am excited to share with you some amazing tips about how to grow your business and how to create passive income - from Em Ducharme. Em is a business growth strategist and success mindsetaholic. She works with passion-driven experts to scale impactful and profitable businesses to 6-7 figure mark using her unique EMD framework. Whether it’s a company without a solid business plan, or a multi 8+ figure company with various investors.. she knows exactly how to navigate through the up’s and down’s and take the start-up to the next level. FAST. You can find her and pick her brains into her private exclusive Society ZERO to CEO And reach her on
August 29, 2019
Episode 9 - about mental clutter with Leslie Gaudet
In today's episode we discuss about mental clutter, how can impact our life and what we can do about it. Leslie Gaudet is a Women’s Empowerment Coach. She love helping her clients get a handle on their mental clutter so that it frees them up to pursue their dreams and aspirations and turn their visions for their lives into their realities. Her approach has always been to listen, motivate, and create the tools that her clients can implement so that they become the Boss of Their Thoughts, rather than the other way around. Her clients have learned that Gratitude is a powerful tool. Learning to Boss Up in your Mind is the next step. Leslie made availavable for you her free Gratitude presentation. You can request it by emeiling her at
August 26, 2019
Episode 8 - About transforming trauma in success with Grace Calo
 I am so happy to share with you my latest interview from the You in the Spotlight series with Grace Calo from Love Thy Self. She is a Mindset Coach, specialising in trauma & energy. I want to tell you what did impressed me during the interview with her. She said something that made me think about coaching from a totally different perspective. She said that through her coaching, she does not help only her clients, but her client’s children as well, because helping other women to overcome trauma, will change the way they educate their children, will change the way they show up as an example for their children, and in this way a ripple effect is created. That's amazing! You will love Grace and her story! Here is where you can find her: Fb: IG:
August 17, 2019
Episode 7 - About the importance of capturing memories with Victoria Burcusel
 I am so happy to interview Victoria Burcusel, an amazing entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. She owns Lifetime Stories Photography - maternity and newborn photography and she specialize in maternity, new-born & family photography. Through her work, Victoria wants to celebrate the birth of our children, their journey of coming into our world, to unveil their tenderness and their reliance on us as adults, and the joy of becoming a new parent – with sleepless nights, but with so much love for your new baby. She wants to create value for families and create their very own personalized experience. She have a very personal and original vision about business/ ,,Face it until you make it’’ is her advice for other women entrepreneurs who build their business around their personal brand. Join us on a journey where we speak about childhood, memories, emotions and building a business with a strong foundation.
August 15, 2019
Episode 6 - About preventing cardiovascular disease and living a meaningful life with Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi
 I am so honoured to having the opportunity and the privilege to interview Dr Pratiksha Gandhi as part of my You in the Spotlight series. Dr Gandhi, MD is a Global Healthcare Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Preventive Cardiologist, Author, Speaker, Researcher, with a mission to eradicate cardiovascular disease by preventing heart attacks & reversing heart disease using non–invasive cost effective treatments. She is India’s First Woman Preventive Cardiologist & founder of IPC (Institute of Preventive Cardiology), founded in 1999, in Mumbai. She pioneered the concept of Preventive & Non-Invasive Cardiology for which her work was applauded by late President Dr Kalam. She was awarded by Finance Minister Mr. Chidambaram as the Best Woman Entrepreneur in 2006, making her India's First Woman Doctor to have received this honour. IPC is India's pioneering evidence based chain of Preventive Cardiac Care & she is also the founder member of EECP expert committee in India in association with International EECP registry at Pittsburgh, USA. Under her leadership, IPC centres have treated over 50,000 cases which also involve international patients, with a 95% success rate. She has been a business consultant to various health care start-ups & has successful expanded businesses globally having launched new and innovative products & devices in the preventive healthcare industry. She has worked with several international firms & has set up their distribution channels in foreign markets. She is a renowned international speaker & award winning author, published 1000s’ of articles, created several health shows on TV channels & spread her message of heart care prevention to millions of people globally. In 2016, the International Association of Cardiologists, New York, USA recognized her as The Leading Physician of the World .Recently awarded with Top 50 global woman healthcare leader in March 2017. Stick with us until the end and you will benefit from her advice about health and business.
August 05, 2019
Episode 5 - with Traci Cornelius, about business mindset and overcoming difficult situations
 I am so excited to share with you @tTraci Cornelius story. Traci Cornelius is a Speaker, Podcaster, Business Coach, Mindset Coach, Financial Educator to Families and mum to five Girls. Like many, Traci’s story is not really a succinct one. On a professional level, she runs many businesses, has previously been a leading expert in the crafting industry designing products for some of the top companies and demonstrating to audiences in excess of 3000 people and she has been featured in the likes of OK magazine. On a personal level, she is a Mum to five wonderful, adorable, courageous, independent yet challenging girls. Traci wholeheartedly believes in sharing the good, the bad and the ugly and often shares her story of how she overcame mass adversity to become the entrepreneur she is today. I am confident you will get a lot of value from this interview! Traci have shared with us some amazing insights!
August 01, 2019
Episode 4 - about mastery in health and mindset with Dr. Vidhya
 Dr Vidhya Kumaranayakam is an amazing doctor and mindset coach from the UK, helping women to master health and mindset.  I am so happy and honoured to have her as my guest.  We have discussed about how mindset can help us improve our health and  achieve more in life.  You can find her at the following links:
July 29, 2019
Episode 2 - Why the organic reach is lower on the Facebook Business Page and what to do instead
In this episode I discuss about why the organic reach is lower on the Facebook Business page and I reveal the to 2 most important things you need to do to continue to reach your following and grow your business using Facebook Platform. 
July 21, 2019
Episode 1 - How I've been inspired to start the You in the Spotlight revolution
I have recorded this first episode without any preparation, I've just poured out what I've felt and opened my hearth to you.  In this episode I speak about what made me decide to start this journey in finding and helping amazing women who are putting them self out there and build a personal brand.  If you are a women who build her business around her personal brand, I want to hear from you!  Send me a message and let't inspire and get inspired.  Join my FREE Facebook Group - YOU in the SPOTLIGHT to connect with other women, just like you, who are building their personal brand, get inspired, inspire and learn how to get your message in the front of the right people. 
July 18, 2019