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Who Moves You? Ontario's real estate podcast with man about town Mike Montague

Who Moves You? Ontario's real estate podcast with man about town Mike Montague

By Mike Montague
Ontario is central to Canada's growth and change. Remax Realtor® Mike Montague offers his take on the Real Estate news and numbers along with the know how for negotiating todays real estate market.
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When Tornados and Homes meet
Mike recounts events of the July 15th 2021 when an F2 Tornado passed through residential neighbourhoods in South Barrie Ontario, and a few things we can do better in preparation for such events.
July 22, 2021
Some of Barrie's Best Places to Eat
With restaurants reopening once again (soon I hope) I thought I would list some of my favourites in Barrie. Let me know if I missed yours.
June 04, 2021
California Dreaming with Terry LeClair
Joining us from warm and sunny Laguna Beach California, Terry LeClair ran a successful real estate Brokerage firm in Barrie for a number of years before trading it all in for warmer climate, and a Vice Presidential role with First Team Real Estate, one of Southern California's top Real Estate firms. He is also  the Executive Vice President of Title Sales with Western Resources Title Company in California.
May 06, 2021
Signs it's time to downsize your home
Whether you live in Barrie, The GTA or anywhere else, selling ones home can be a truly emotional experience, especially if you have an accumulation of memories attached to that home. It is also a daunting task, more so a series of daunting tasks, to prepare a home to sell, to then find your next place, to pack up and purge your possessions, and then to finally transport and fit your life and your belongings into a new and unfamiliar space at a new address. Those things don’t get easier in our latter years. There has to be significant and good practical reason for most of us to want to move and especially to downsize our living accommodations. So what are the signs it may genuinely be a good time and also be your time to consider downsizing? Let's take a look.
May 04, 2021
Mark Weisleder Conducting Real Estate transactions during Covid 19 Pandemic in Ontario
When buying or selling a home during the Covid-19 Pandemic, or any time, it is always sound advice to have a good Realtor® by your side, and even better advice to have a good lawyer working on your behalf, as there can be a seemingly endless number of challenges to each real estate transaction that are  too often discovered the hard way. Mark Weisleder is my guest for this episode of Who Moves You?, Mark is a Senior Partner at and is well known for his best selling books and media presence covering the complexities of Ontario real estate law.
April 28, 2021
Clearing the Home Purchase High-bar
Every generation since Canada first became a country has made the acquisition of real estate a bit easier for the next generation than it was for themselves, that was true for me and for my parents, though now, and  for the first time in 150 years its shifting  the other way. The current generation of first time home buyers have a higher bar to clear to day when all things are factored in that any who came before.  The next generation of home ownership ready Canadians, mellenials, gen Z's, and other first timers have been totally blindsided by the home buying activity of their parent's generation for the past ten years and more so in the past year since the pandemic hit. Many of them wondering if there is any hope at all in continuing the tradition their parents and grand parants were able to take part in of owning a home. A look at options and opportunities that are still there when you have the right professionals to guide you.
April 27, 2021
Our Real Estate World - Post Pandemic
Mike gives some thoughts on how the real estate market may look in Central and South Central Ontario once Covid-19 has been put behind us. Doom and gloom may make for convenient headlines and click-bait to the print and internet media, but the reality is likely to be far from any worst case scenarios being floated by many of them. Have a listen.
April 15, 2021
Small Towns - Big Opportunities with OREA CEO Tim Hudak
OREA CEO Tim Hudak understands political red tape from both sides and is a strong advocate for supporting the health and growth of Ontario's smaller cities, towns and commuities like the one he grew up in, in Niagara.  Big city living and opportunity is a magnet for the rural talent of our educated younger generations. Small city or town Ontario was for decades the core of our goods-producing economy, much of which has left our shores with noticeable economic impacts to smaller town Ontario since the 1970's.  Rural communities are seeing an emerging trend where many Ontarians will no longer be required to live near their workplace. And business is taking a second look at the economics and social benifits of locating outside of big cities. The exodus away from the big metropolus in pursuit of a better quality of life is underway. OREA has released a policy report titled Small Towns, Big Opportunities: Unlocking Growth in Ontario’s Rural and Northern Communities. An examination of our unique socioeconomic difficulties, which forms the core of a policy report offering 15 recommendations for long-term solutions to housing, education, job creation, and access to rural infrastructure.
April 09, 2021
Has the market peaked, or is there still opportunity to invest in Ontario real estate in 2021?
Many are asking if values can go any higher in Central and South Central Ontario. Important to know for anyone considering investing in real estate. This episode looks into the question and offers some perspective on investment in our current climate.
March 31, 2021
Does Real Estate Brand Matter?
While there are many measures for ranking a real estate company. When making your choice of a Realtor® to represent you and your purchase or selling needs, It comes down to a few fundamentals that shouldn't surprise anyone. 
March 26, 2021
Exodus: Movement of the people
GTA residents continue to leave the big city behind in droves, headed for the calmer more affordable living opportunities offered in outlying towns and cities around South Central Ontario. A look at this movement and what it means for those hitting the reset button.
March 22, 2021
Spring and Home Renos in the air
Springtime in Ontario sees many of us doing projects and Renos on our homes. Here are some of the best ways to assure a good renovation and to avoid being taken advantage of by a shoddy or crooked contractor.
March 12, 2021
Barrie to Toronto in under 30 minutes
The Barrie - Toronto commute is the norm for many. This episode talks about how commuting, and driving in general, has improved for us over the years.
March 07, 2021
Real Estate's "New Normal"
A look at how residential and commercial real estate markets in Barrie and South Central Ontario are likely to perform following the pandemic.
March 01, 2021
Real Estate and the Rocketman
Elon Musk and Starlink are changing the dynamics of real estate in Ontario and the rest of Canada. Our choices of where to live are soon to become far more interesting. Find out how in this episode of Who Moves You? with Mike Montague.
February 18, 2021
January 2021 Barrie Real Estate Market Statistics
The data for January is in and Barrie real estate activity in the first month of 2021 has set the tone for a what is going to be a lively year.
February 10, 2021
Dave, Are you listening?
When the Barrie area real estate market is in motion, deciding if the time is right is a challenge for many. Here is a look at the question of when to buy, sell or hold when it comes to real estate, as inspired by Dave.
February 08, 2021
Home Selling Tips that will net top dollar
Homes are selling fast in Barrie and throughout South Central Ontario and many with multiple offers.  What should sellers be doing to insure they aren't leaving money on the table?
February 05, 2021
Home Buying Tips that will give you some edge in the 2021 Market.
It's a competition for homes selling in 2021 in Barrie and South Central Ontario. If you want your bid to have a chance, check out these tips in this weeks episode of Who Moves You?
February 02, 2021
The Heat is On
A look at what we should expect in 2021 from Barrie and South Central Ontario's real estate market.
January 27, 2021