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Golf Industry Central - GICTV

Golf Industry Central - GICTV

By Mike Orloff
Welcome to our new content section GIC TV. Its something that’s been on our back burner for a while, but with all the issues that have been occurring with COVID19, it was an opportune time to get the platform and structure set up and running.

We will be undertaking a variety of programs and housing the audio file from video here. You are invited to join our new mailing list below where we will advise of new shows that you can join in LIVE and ask some questions to our various presenters.
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The Business of Golf: “Golf coaching for ego or for the future”
It is an interesting time at the moment as COVID 19 has actually given the golf industry a much-needed boost to rounds numbers and a general interest in golf. Is it more a false economy and when things get back to “normal” we will lose our players/members again? This discussion will delve into the interworkings of golf operations and club management, with a focus on the importance of the role pros and golf managers play in developing new golfers. And in many cases the assistance in retaining the golfers we have. The value of a member/customer is way more than the single transaction we make with them, the value is in the lifetime they stay as our customer. How much is that worth?? Should we put a bigger focus on how these key team members are remunerated and incentivise them over the life of a member with some kind of trailing commission? Join Host Mike Orloff- Club Marketing Specialist, PGA Professionals Sandy Jamieson founder of 1Club Golf and Ben Bunny Ranfurlie Golf Academy for what will most likely be a vibrant discussion including your questions on the day.
October 29, 2020
Rounds are booming – the future is in your hands – What next?
Earlier this month Golf Australia released its rounds update for YTD August 2020. Noting heightened restrictions in place in Victoria, there is certainly a rounds boom occurring in the rest of the country with the boom particularly evident over the last few winter months.   The positive findings, in Australia and in many other parts of the world, can be linked to the varying restrictions being endured across the country in 2020.  Golf’s ability to comply with Covid-19 health advice has provided the sport with a golden opportunity to grow during the pandemic when other sports have been restricted.   The report noted since April both genders are up 21% over the same period for 2019, metropolitan areas up 27%, and the 20-49 age cohort up 44%. Some serious increases.  “Off the back of the GA Report, report author GBAS then penned a thought-provoking article outlining many actions clubs should be undertaking to best capitalise on this demand.”   In this live discussion facilitated by Club Marketing Specialist Mike Orloff, we will dig further into the opportunity presented to golf, talking with report author Jeff Blunden from Golf Business Advisory Services, Tony Webeck – Australian Journalist and Kurt Stegbauer – Head Professional Brighton Lakes Recreation and Golf Club, about club actions that help to make this demand spike the new normal. If you would like to watch the video recording click here 
October 23, 2020
“SURVIVE & THRIVE: Insights and Tactics from the longtimers”- (LIVE PANEL)”
“SURVIVE & THRIVE: Insights and Tactics from the longtimers”- (LIVE PANEL)” This one-hour interactive panel discussion, hosted by Club Marketing Specialist Mike Orloff, will be a Q/A with some of the club industry’s long term managers. They will be discussing and comparing notes, on some of the “secrets” they have followed over the years that have kept them in the same roles for 15, 20, and 30+ years! Joining us on the day will be: Gregg Patterson – General Manager – The Beach Club (California) (34 years) Barry Linke – General Manager – The Grange GC (South Aus) (31 years and counting) David Burton – General Manager – New South Wales GC (24 years) Michael Leemhuis – CEO/GM Congressional Country Club (Washington DC) (16 years)
August 13, 2020
Michael Leemhuis: “Shaping YOUR personal Future” … Characteristics and Traits of SUCCESSFUL Private Club Leaders”
GICTV was very fortunate to have a great friend of the golf industry Down Under, (Michael Leemhuis, MA. Ed., CCM, CCE, PGA) offer to spend some time with us discussing a very timely topic during the crisis we have all been facing. What are the characteristics and traits of SUCCESSFUL private club GM’s in business and in their personal lives? This is a question on many club managers’ minds and also on the minds of private club Board members that are looking to hire the best professional leader for their club. Are these learned characteristics, or do you have to have them firmly entrenched in your DNA? Does your personal success need to take a back seat to be successful in your career and vice versa? In this education session, you will learn the truth about the traits and characteristics and how one can develop and hone these success skills, to allow you to become one of the elite professionals in private club management. Michael’s extensive leadership and sports experience were achieved during his roles as the President of the Ocean Reef Club, CEO of Congressional Country Club, President of the Club Managers Association of America, GM/Director of Golf at the PGA Tour, General Manager, Sports and Recreation at Sun City Resort, Tournament Director of the Nedbank Million Dollar Golf Challenge, COO of Ellis Park Stadium and MD of Sports International. A notable career highlight was guiding Congressional Country Club and Ocean Reef Club to the #1 and #2 spots in the Platinum the top 100 of Platinum Clubs in the world. Check this place out! Leemhuis Consult – Qualities and Traits of Successful Leaders WorkbookDownload Mike Leemhuis Leadership Presentation …Download
June 26, 2020
“Golf Marketing Content is King, Engagement is Queen- (LIVE Q/A)
“Content is King, Engagement is Queen” The key to good marketing is to have strong, engaging, and relevant content for your particular audience. In most cases, your audience will digest their content in many forms and through channels outside traditional email and website. Are you missing out on your true engagement potential with your audience? This one-hour interactive panel discussion, hosted by Club Marketing Specialist Mike Orloff, covered general marketing strategies, podcasting, Youtube, Blogging, and Video from a DIY and professional perspective. The panel shared some of their success stories as well, discuss some DIY marketing strategies to better connect with your audience/members. Rus Kirchner – International Brand Marketer and Content Producer  Rod Morri – Journalist and podcaster extraordinaire Brian Fitzgerald – The Golf Doctor – Youtuber and golf game “fixer upperer” Michael Green – Aussie Golfer Website founder, golf writer, Teepster.
June 22, 2020
“Golf’s Great Reset – Risk Management in a Covid 19 World”
Which risk approaches will last, which will fade, and which will change? The never-before-seen risk of Covid-19 (and potentially other new viruses in the future) is with us as the new “norm” moving forward. Mike Orloff will facilitate a conversation speaking to industry risk management leaders Terry Muir and Nathan Tovey from epar and Daniel Bateup from Golf Business Australia about the virus & the impact (negative & positive) it has had on the golf industry. What does it mean to be a safe venue & how can you protect members/guests through best practices. Terry & Nathan have plenty of experience around Covid-19– i.e. Covid Safe Inspection Checklist For Hospitality Operations Daniel will discuss the new look General Insurance risk profile for golf facilities in the wake of Covid-19. General Liability: While there remains an exposure, the obvious conclusion with clubhouses shut down is the General Liability risk is decreased. However, an analysis of recent claims reveals only 11% of notifications result from clubhouse incidents while 89% occur on the course. Management Liability: Golf Clubs exposure has increased due to the heightened risk directors and officers face on employment, financial & membership matters. Finally, a discussion around risk management, including intro to eParV app, and why risk reduction strategies are important for the sustainability of golf & golf facilities.
June 08, 2020
Gregg Patterson: “Social KPIs and the Pursuit of CLUB in the Post Virus World”
Now more than ever, members and staff need to feel The Warm Embrace. Managers and staff who create Emotional Cement, who do Social KPIs right, who create a Community of Caring, will “do good” during The Virus Madness. Questions need answering—What are the characteristics of a “Community of Caring”? What are the tactics clubs can use to create “Emotional Cement”? What role does the management team play in creating these emotional bonds—and what are the tactics they can use to make Emotional Cement happen? This HIGHLY INTERACTIVE ZOOM workshop will identify the characteristics of a “Sticky” club and will discuss the role management has and the tactics they can use in generating “Big Stick” Emotional Cement during and immediately after The Virus Madness has been tossed into the dustbin of history. Gregg Patterson became the General Manager of The Beach Club located in Santa Monica, California in 1982. Since that time, he has worked with his members, Boards, and committees to enhance the value and reputation of The Beach Club in the Los Angeles community. Prior to becoming the General Manager of the Beach Club, he was the Assistant Manager of the Bel-Air Country Club in Los Angeles and also worked as a Systems Analyst for the U.S. Army Club System. Gregg “retired” in 2018 from The Beach Club but still continues to travel the globe sharing the “love and the buzz” with everyone! If you haven’t seen him before its well worth the hour to sit in. If you have seen him before you will still enjoy and maybe pick up some new insights during this challenging year.
June 06, 2020
Jeff Blunden GBAS Covid 19 Australian Golf Club Impact Study – May 2020 (WEBINAR)
Golf Business Advisory Services has released its Covid-19 Golf Club Impact Report. Detailing the impact on subscription fees, member numbers, club revenues & profit, future capital spending, and providing insight into confidence held for recovery, the full report is available GBAS Covid 19 report Mike Orloff from Golf Industry Central will spend some time with the report author Jeff Blunden in discussing the various findings. Thank you to Daniel Bateup from Golf Business Australia for his support of this episode.
May 14, 2020