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Mic Check

Mic Check

By Mike Westendorf
A look at Culture and Christianity, applying a Biblical worldview to every day life.
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"After the Vote"
It's election season in the USA and with it comes an incredible amount of angst, prayer, worry, fighting and hand wringing.  It really is a big deal and the vote is important.  Yet God is sovereign over it all and he alone is the one who establishes government.  This is just an encouragement to remember what the vote actually is a reflection of and for Christians not to lose sight of the Gospel proclamation that God has given us, regardless of whose party is in power.
November 03, 2020
Mic Check - "Your Life Has Meaning" Episode 1
Pastor and Author Luke Thompson sits down to talk about some of the big ideas around his new book "Your Life Has Meaning".  One of the great connectors of culture and God's word, helping us understand how the Bible beautifully plays out in our day to day lives and the way we think and act, you won't want to miss this two part series.  You can purchase Luke's book at and Amazon.
September 28, 2020
Mic Check - "Your Life Has Meaning" Episode 2
We continue our interview with Pastor and Author Luke George Thompson on his book "Your Life Has Meaning".  If you've ever wondered what makes Christianity different than any other world religion or philosophy, this will be worth your time!  You can purchase his book at and
September 24, 2020
And God Said No! Episode 4
Mike wraps up the thoughts on why 2020 seems to be a year that refuses to go back to normal.  We've prayed, begged, complained, been angry, fearful, hurt and for many we just want what we had before.  But what if, similar to the Old Testament Israelites, God doesn't want to go back to the way of life we had before.  What might he be calling us to for the future?    Today we look at Mission Co Mission
September 17, 2020
And God Said No! Episode 3
On today's episode of Mic Check, we continue the thought "And God Said No" to our requests for a return to normal.  We're operating from the idea that God does not seem to be letting our world go backwards and return to the way it was... it's not good for us and there are plenty of potential reasons why.  Today we take a look at how God may respond to our request for peace, but insisting we look back at a big Bible... GOD idea - SABBATH.  But we'll take a look past the easy definition and get to the crux of the issue.
September 15, 2020
And God Said No! Episode 2
Episode #4, we continue some thought on why our prayers that life would get "back to normal" seem to be answered with a fairly firm NO.  Today a Christian thought on submission and what God is letting us wrestle with.   For more music and ministry resources:
September 10, 2020
And God Said No! Episode 1
I've said it, you've said it - "I just want life to go back to normal".  And yet things just seem to be dragging on and on and on and on and... you get it.  It sure seems as though God is saying no to that prayer.  We'll talk about a few possible things that God is helping us see as we endure 2020 and the worldwide challenges it has brought us.  Today's episode is "Higher Authority".
September 07, 2020
Mic Check Episode 2 - "Relationship Defined"
What do you do when you want a relationship to go better?  Is there some math to it?  We'll look at a definition for relationships that can help us be strategic about starting them and enhancing them.  We'll look at the Bible for wisdom on keeping the right perspective.
September 03, 2020
Mic Check Episode 1 - "Fear is a Confession"
Welcome to Mic Check, a podcast about Culture and Christianity, applying a Biblical worldview to the joys and tensions of everyday life.  In this episode we take a look at a different way to understand what FEAR is telling us.  Instead of it being a thief and a liar, what if it is an honest confession?  Host Mike Westendorf dives into the topic
August 30, 2020