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conversations with leaders.

conversations with leaders.

By Mike Desjardins
My name is Mike. I have conversations with leaders as part of my lifelong pursuit of becoming a stronger leader.
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Episode 004 - Kristy O'Leary - BCorp and Impact Businesses
A conversation with Kristy O'Leary about BCorp's and Impact Businesses.
August 10, 2020
Episode 003 - Dr. Gillian Simonett
Dr. Gillian Simonett and I talk about Workplace Burnout ( why treating the individual and having them go back into the same system/environment that caused their burnout just doesn't work and what leaders can do about it. Book: Essentialism by Greg McKweon:   Book: The Purpose Effect by Dan Pontefract: Muse Brainsensing Meditation Headset:   Spire Belly Breathing Monitor:
July 20, 2020
Episode 002 - Yabome Gilpin-Jackson
Yabome Gilpin-Jackson and I talk about racism, white supremacy, anti-racism, and allyship. Follow Yabome at: Here is are the two blog posts we refer to in the podcast: 1. 2. Here is the book we speak about: Me & White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad: Here is the course that my team and I at ViRTUS are taking:
June 29, 2020
Episode 001 - Ken Sim
Ken Sim and I talk about entrepreneurship, leadership, city politics, and leading through Covid-19.
June 26, 2020