The Business of Pharmacy Podcast

The Business of Pharmacy Podcast

By Mike Koelzer, Pharmacist
Mike Koelzer is a pharmacist, businesses owner, author, and podcast host.

Join Mike and his guests for in-depth, behind-the-scenes discussions on the business of pharmacy.

To be a guest on the show, please send an email to

In addition to hosting the podcast, Mike is owner and CEO of Kay Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, MI. He has authored three books available on Amazon including "Dad Taught Me How To Steal: Lessons From Business."
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More places to listen

Omar Hassad:
From his challenging years spent in chain pharmacies, to his eye-opening experiences in hospital pharmacies, and on to his adventures into pharmacy ownership, Omar Hassad developed ideas that would give him the fuel to launch Listen as Omar discusses his successes, the lessons he's learned along the way, and the advice he gives to pharmacists that may have similar dreams.  To get in touch with Omar, reach out to him on Enjoy the show! Mike Koelzer Host The Business of Pharmacy Podcast 
July 10, 2019
Dave Ruth:
Dave Ruth is a pharmacy owner in Kentucky.  He's worked in chain pharmacy most of his career, but became an independent owner just over a year ago. He is also is a founder and partner in  In listening to Dave, it's easy to hear the pride in his voice when talking about caring for his customers. When asked what he missed most about leaving the chain pharmacy, Dave stated, "If you don't miss your patients, you've been doing it wrong." To contact Dave, email him at  Enjoy the show! Mike Koelzer, Pharmacist Host of The Business of Pharmacy Podcast
July 9, 2019 Great app for pharmacy business
In this episode, Mike Koelzer talks about a fantastic management software that no pharmacist in any type of management role should be without. If you have any questions, please email
July 8, 2019
It's Showtime!
Being a positive force at work is not an option it's a mandate. Listen to this episode as Mike Koelzer discusses how everyone wins with this attitude
July 3, 2019
Dad Taught Me How to Steal
Listen as pharmacist Mike Koelzer talks about one of the first lessons he ever learned in the pharmacy.
July 2, 2019
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