The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™

The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™

By Mike Koelzer, Pharmacist
Join pharmacist Mike Koelzer and his guests for an in-depth, behind-the-scenes podcast on the business of pharmacy.

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In addition to hosting the podcast, Mike is owner and CEO of Kay Pharmacy. He has authored three books available on Amazon.
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Community pharmacy at a crossroad | Adam King, CPhT, RPhT, PRS
Adam King is the pharmacy savings program manager for Health Plan Advocate which represents self-funded insurance plans. His role is to identify opportunities that save health plans and their members money. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast
October 13, 2019
The Conscience Dilemma | Cristina Alarcon, BPharm, MBE
Cristina was born in Madrid, Spain and came to Canada with her parents at the age of 7. The second of six children, she grew up in Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. In 1990, Cristina graduated from pharmacy school at the University of Montreal, and after spending 7 years working in the hospital setting in Montreal and Toronto, she moved out West and discovered her love for the preventive side of medicine.  Early in her pharmacy career, Cristina realized that her vision for excellent and ethical healthcare would conflict with the growing anti-life and anti-Catholic sentiments prevalent in society. This lead her to seek support from Pharmacists for Life as a student, later acting for several years as coordinator for Western Canada. Cristina went on to serve briefly on several prolife Boards, most recently finishing a 6- year term with COLF (Catholic Organization for Life and Family).  However, her greatest passion lies in seeking to imbue the professional world with upright principles and fighting for conscience rights, so as to safeguard healthcare's intrinsic life-giving mission. In the year 2000, Cristina’s refusal to dispense abortifacient drugs brought her head-to-head with her professional licensing College. With the help of like minded professionals, she lobbied the College for change, raising awareness by putting out press releases under the auspices of “Pharmacists for Conscience”.  In 2007 Cristina equipped herself with a masters in Bioethics from the University of Navarre in Spain. Her thesis examined the Codes of Ethics of Pharmacy Licensing bodies across Canada, bringing to light the lacks of tolerance towards religious believers and conscientious objectors. A summary was published in 2009 in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy under the title “The Hijacking of Moral Conscience from Pharmacy Practice: A Canadian Perspective”, and can be accessed at the Protection of Conscience Project website.  Thankfully, Cristina’s lengthy battle with her licencing College over the importance of respect for conscience and religion has not prevented her from enjoying a successful and rewarding pharmacy career. She worked at the same community pharmacy from April 2000, managing its services since 2012, until it was sold to a Corporation in December of 2018. She sat on the Ethics Advisory Committee of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia for many years, and sits on the Ethics Committee of Vancouver Coastal Health.  She is a clinical pharmacy instructor for the University of British Columbia, and thoroughly enjoys mentoring students. Cristina writes regularly on a variety of topics for the Canadian Healthcare Network in her Blog “From Pill to Till”, and has been published in various newspapers and ethics blogs over the years.
October 6, 2019
Behind the scenes of "Your Financial Pharmacist" | CEO Dr. Tim Ulbrich
Tim Ulbrich is a clinical professor of pharmacy and program director for the Master’s in Health-System Pharmacy Administration at The Ohio State University.  He graduated from Ohio Northern University with his Doctor of Pharmacy and completed residency training in community/ambulatory care at Ohio State. After paying off more than $200,000 in non-mortgage debt, Tim is working to empower pharmacists and pharmacy students to take control of their financial future. He is the founder of the Your Financial Pharmacist blog, co-host of Your Financial Pharmacist Podcast and co-author of Seven Figure Pharmacist: How to Maximize Your Income, Eliminate Debt and Create Wealth. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast
September 29, 2019
How passion ignites growth | Dr. Jerrica Dodd
Dr. Jerrica Dodd is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, coach and leader. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, a Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration from The Ohio State University, and a Master of Science with a focus in Applied Pharmacoeconomics from the University of Florida. She completed her pharmacy practice and administration residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center. Dr. Dodd has been a pharmacist for 21 years and transitioned into full time entrepreneurship after a 17-year career in the pharmaceutical industry in multiple roles in Medical Affairs. She has also managed a hospital pharmacy, and has experience in retail pharmacy. Her recent educational pursuits have been completion of a Nutrition Health Coaching Certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Currently, she is enrolled in the Institute of Functional Medicine and aiming to introduce a functional medicine perspective to the pharmaceutical management of member patients of Your Pharmacy Advocate, LLC where she is the founder and CEO. Dr. Dodd has been requested to serve as a speaker for numerous and diverse professional and community events. Her experience also includes speaking to diverse audiences including health care providers. Jerrica’s most recent speaking engagements were as a speaker and panelist at entrepreneurial events at the 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans, LA. She is a co-author of the recently published book, I Survived and has been featured on MizCEO, Glambitious and UpWords magazine covers in 2019. Dr. Dodd enjoys traveling, reading, teaching Zumba, cooking, and attending cultural events. With her background in pharmacy, leadership training and her passion for people, Dr. Dodd enjoys encouraging people to be their best and to get the most out of every opportunity that life presents. Her favorite scripture is Luke 12:48...”to whom much is given, much is required” and Dr. Dodd endeavors to live life giving back from the abundant ways in which she has been blessed. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast
September 22, 2019
Turning an idea into a successful product | Ranger Ready Repellent
The story behind the success of Ranger Ready Repellent.  Chris Fuentes is the Founder and CEO of Ranger Ready Repellents, and Evan Kesten is Ranger Ready's director of sales for Travel, Health, and Wellness. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast #rangerready
September 16, 2019
How pharmacy works in the UK | Paul Lowndes
Paul Lowndes is the co-founder of Mediapharm, the world's #1 pharmacy training platform that up-skills, empowers and motivates pharmacy teams. Mediapharm helps pharmacy businesses grow by instituting higher standards through regular and consistent training. They have helped pharmacy chains and independents for over 20 years to increase sales by improving their training processes and automating delivery. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast #UK
September 9, 2019
Reverse engineering your life | Dr. Kevin Yee
Dr. Kevin Yee is the founder of Refugee Hustle, a YouTuber, a Jiu Jitsu addict, a Korean BBQ and a cold brew connoisseur. He helps healthcare professionals transition into entrepreneurship. #business #pharmacy #podcast #JiuJitsu #refugee #hustle
September 2, 2019
Starting a business as a technician | Bridget Hanna
Bridget Hanna is the owner of Independent Edge Consulting. She is a  certified compounding pharmacy technician (CPhT) with over 10 years in Pharmacy. She is passionate about pharmacy compounding and helping all Independent pharmacies grow their retail and compounding practice and thrive in their community. Her background and experience in pharmacy marketing and compounding gives her extra insight into how to help each pharmacy overcome the struggles faced by implementing consistent and effective marketing practices while running an Independent pharmacy. #business #pharmacy #podcast #pharmacypodcast #pharmacytechnician #CPhT #compounding
August 26, 2019
Dealing with your anxiety in the pharmacy | Molly Koelzer
Join Molly Koelzer and her dad, Mike, as they discuss such topics as dealing with anxiety in the workplace, career decisions, and personal branding.   You can find Molly on Instagram at mollykoelzer
August 23, 2019
Standing out in a busy marketplace | Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes of Rx Ashlee
Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD/MHA, is the founder of RX Ashlee, a career development company that focuses on teaching professionals on how to stand out in a busy marketplace. Ashlee has been in the nontraditional healthcare arena for over 16 years and rose to the level of Director of Clinical Operations, in a pharmacy software company, before moving to her current role in career strategizing and consulting. She is the Career Strategist at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy where she teaches students and alumni tools for career success. Ashlee is also the host of the Rx Buzz Podcast. Contact Ashlee at IG: CareerByDesign
August 21, 2019
Success is often about timing | CEO Chad Halvorson of When I Work
An in-depth discussion with Chad Halvorson, CEO & Founder of When I Work (the easiest way to schedule, communicate and track time with your employees).  PS An exclusive free offer for Business on Pharmacy Podcast listeners: Get your first two months of When I Work free, with access to every feature at PSS Here is the "famous" WIW commercial Chad and Mike discussed :)
August 20, 2019
Taking back your pharmacy | Terry and Angela Forshee
Terry Forshee has been an independent pharmacist for 42 years.  He has done pretty much everything one can do in pharmacy. He has owned five stores, two DME companies, two home infusion pharmacies, and an LTC pharmacy.  Terry and Angela started the TakeChargeRx program for pharmacists in 2005 and developed it for independent pharmacists.  Contact: For Mike Koelzer Consulting™ please visit
August 16, 2019
Reinventing yourself | Dr. Christina Tarantola
Christina Tarantola is a pharmacist turned transformation coach who helps women reinvent themselves - releasing struggle and overwhelm and embracing their power. She blends hypnosis and energetic work as well as intuitive coaching to help them achieve those goals. Contact her at
August 12, 2019
How to win at podcasting | Dr. Hillary Blackburn
Dr. Hillary Blackburn is a clinically trained pharmacist licensed in 11 states who has been practicing for almost a decade in a variety of healthcare settings.  Dr. Blackburn is currently serving as the Director of Pharmaceutical Services at Dispensary of Hope, where she provides consulting to pharmacies and clinics across the country on methods in establishing successful medication access programs. As the Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Dr. Blackburn oversees the formulary development, leads research initiatives, and manages the volunteer network of strategic advisors on the Dispensary of Hope’s Pharmacy Advisory Council. She also precepts Belmont student pharmacists and serves on the Dean’s External Advisory Committee.  Dr. Blackburn is also the founder of Pharmacy Advisory Group which provides pharmacy expertise in consulting and education. Her popular podcast, Talk to Your Pharmacist, has nearly 100 episodes promoting stories of successful pharmacy leaders and sharing about current healthcare trends. She is founder/CEO of the Natural Products Resource Center (NPRC) which provides education on medical cannabis for pharmacists. Additionally, she currently serves as Co-Chair for the Advocacy Committee for APhA’s Care of the Underserved Special Interest Group and as a member on the membership engagement and legislative and policy committees for the Tennessee Pharmacist Association. Dr. Blackburn is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy and completed a PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. @talktoyourpharmacist for Instagram and Facebook @HillBlackburn Twitter
August 8, 2019
How to change careers | Adam Baillio
After a successful career in theater, Adam Baillio decided he needed a career with more consistent work. Pharmacy was his choice. Never one to relax in his pursuits, he knew that even as a student, networking with current pharmacy professionals would get him a continual leg up on the competition. Listen as Adam discusses how he uses not only social media, but his own podcast to build his brand. To be a guest on the show, please contact 
August 6, 2019
Business startup coach | Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon
Based in Raleigh, NC, Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon is a holistic health guide, bestselling author, professional speaker. As a Doctor of Pharmacy with more than 23 years in health care, Asha leads PAI Wellness Group, Raleigh’s holistic health practice serving individuals and corporate organizations. Known for her signature wellness program, 7 Steps to H.A.R.M.O.N.Y.™, she is passionate about sharing the best resources available to help you lead a healthier, happier life. Along with her practice, she has joined forces with her husband, Eric, in their Biz Rx service to help other Pharmacist Entrepreneurs bring their dreams and passions to life and launch a business on their own terms! 
August 5, 2019
Find your purpose and passion | Dr. Erin Albert
Edutainer who helps pharmacists, entrepreneurs, authors, healthcare, life science, budding STEM, and health law professionals get to their best state and career ikigai. Striving to be the the Kathleen Kennedy/Beyonce of continuing professional education, particularly for pharmacists and health lawyers, but from ages 5-75. She wants to help YOU live YOUR best life, brimming with purpose and passion!  Find Dr. Albert on Twitter at @ErinLAlbert 
August 5, 2019
Growing a CBD startup | Dr. Esan Forde
Dr. Esan Forde, Pharm.D, R.Ph, C.Ph, M.S, is a partner of a hemp farm and national distribution manager for Right Coast Agriculture. Their farms are located in Vermont & Maine, and certified clean green and organic. They provide high quality CBD products with certificate of analysis. They sell full spectrum CBD products, flower, wholesale & retail, agricultural equipment and consulting. Private label is available.  Dr. Forde is focused on getting national distribution into pharmaceutical wholesalers and independent pharmacies nationwide. Their website is You can contact Dr. Forde at drforde@rightcoastagriculture, or on his mobile phone at 626-399-3021, or on LinkedIn. To be a guest on this podcast please email
August 3, 2019
Importance of liking your career | Scott Braden
Pharmacist Scott Braden just attended an annual convention. All the attendees he ran into there said how much they loved their careers. Was it a pharmacy convention? Listen and find out.  To contact Scott: Join him on facebook, email him at , or call him at  1-740-509-0248. To be a guest on this podcast, please email
August 2, 2019
Add 4 hours to your day | Dr. Richard Waithe of Rx Radio
When most people are going to bed, Richard Waithe, founder of Rx Radio, is gearing up for another four hours of output.  Listen as Richard discusses with host Mike Koelzer how extending his workday was the key to his successful launch, and continued success of Rx Radio. In addition to being the founder of Rx Radio, Richard is also the president of VUCA Health. The best way to reach Richard is via RxRadio on Instagram. Enjoy the show! Mike Koelzer Host The Business of Pharmacy Podcast 
July 31, 2019
Think like an owner | Dr. Tony Guerra
What finally lead Dr. Tony Guerra to publish 15 audiobooks? Why does he say that every pharmacy student graduating today must be thinking like an owner? Listen as Tony, along with podcast host Mike Koelzer, enjoy a fun conversation around these topics. Tony Guerra is a pharmacist who teaches full-time as a chemistry and pharmacology instructor. He's written 15 audiobooks and hosts the Pharmacy Residency Podcast. He lives with his wife and triplet 8-year-old daughters in Ankeny Iowa. The best way to reach Tony is at tonypharmd1 on Facebook. Enjoy the show! Mike Koelzer Host The Business of Pharmacy Podcast 
July 31, 2019
Helping independents with a new idea | Omar Hassad of Rxeed
From his challenging years spent in chain pharmacies, to his eye-opening experiences in hospital pharmacies, and on to his adventures into pharmacy ownership, Omar Hassad developed ideas that would give him the fuel to launch Listen as Omar discusses his successes, the lessons he's learned along the way, and the advice he gives to pharmacists that may have similar dreams.  To get in touch with Omar, reach out to him on Enjoy the show! Mike Koelzer Host The Business of Pharmacy Podcast 
July 10, 2019 | Dave Ruth
Dave Ruth is a pharmacy owner in Kentucky.  He's worked in chain pharmacy most of his career, but became an independent owner just over a year ago. He is also is a founder and partner in  In listening to Dave, it's easy to hear the pride in his voice when talking about caring for his customers. When asked what he missed most about leaving the chain pharmacy, Dave stated, "If you don't miss your patients, you've been doing it wrong." To contact Dave, email him at  Enjoy the show! Mike Koelzer, Pharmacist Host of The Business of Pharmacy Podcast
July 9, 2019
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