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Veterans, Active Duty, and their Families share their stories and experiences transitioning from military to civilian life.
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Herb Thompson - Founder of SF2Biz
Herb is finalizing his transition out of the Special Forces (Green Beret) and not only transitioning himself, but helping other Special Forces with his non-profit SF2BIZ.
December 17, 2018
Rick Howard - Palo Alto Networks
Rick has spent years in Network Security. If you've ever considered a job in the cyber-security industry, Rick outlines how to get started and resources that he's helped put together. Plus, Girl Scouts and cyber-security? Rick explains the connection.
December 17, 2018
Patrick Drabick - Force Multiplier Ventures
Ep.4 - Patrick spent 24 years in the Navy prior to making his transition. Patrick shares his experience and preparation (or lack of as he says) for his transition, discusses how to translate your military experience to civilian recruiters, finding a role that means more to you than a paycheck, and starting a business to help fellow veterans. Grab a pen and paper, because his years of recruiting experience help outline ways to succesfully find a job faster (military experience or not).
July 23, 2018
Sam P Lark Jr - Using Social Media to get Hired
Ep. 3 - Sam is a proud military spouse who has used social media to be hired TWICE when relocating with his wife. He shares how he did with listeners, as well as a mentor through Veterati.
July 16, 2018
Ashley Vinson - The Hire Group
Ashley found her calling while in the military, and translated that to her new job as National Director of Military Partnerships for The Hire Group. Not only can she help you find your path, she can help you get the job as well.
July 9, 2018
Jason Johnson - Founder of Project K9 Hero
Ep. 1 - Jason has spent years working with K9s and their handlers. Now, he's building his own version of veterans benefits to help military/police K9s enjoy their retirement through Project K9 Hero.
July 4, 2018
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