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Help! The Neighbour's Kid Is Crushing On Me - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff July 23, 2021
Dear Matthew, My neighbors kid crushing on me? It was cute at first but it’s getting to be very uncomfortable. Without making things awkward in the neighbourhood, how do I deal with this? Your questions for Matthew to:
July 23, 2021
I'm Overwhelmed With Clutter - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff July 22, 2021
Dear Matthew, I am overwhelmed by the clutter in my house. Every time I try to tackle this disaster I feel like I’m just moving the mess from one room to the next and back again. I thought the stay at home orders during Covid would inspire me to get things done finally and yet here I am now… Looking at the same mess, if not a worse mess than when Covid began. How do I tackle this?   And how do I stop beating myself up over it? Your questions to
July 22, 2021
How Do I Let Go Of A Past Love? Suzie The Dating Diva July 22, 2021
How do I let go of a past love when there is still a strong attachment? (Ask Your Dating Expert Suzie) 1. It usually is the same story, you meet someone who you perceive to be exactly what you were looking for in a partner, this person said the right things and did the right things ... or so it seemed. There were so many red flags waving around that it’s almost impossible to see straight. 2. Often times we can't let go because there is something tethering us to that other person like something they're doing but more often than not it's all you. You're the one holding on, and you need to ask yourself why you're still attached. False Hope? Loneliness? 3. I’ve been there! Speaking to a professional helped me realize why it was that I was so attached, the funny thing was as much as I wanted to blame them it wasn't about them at all - it was about me. They were like a drug for me and I was, for lack of a better word, addicted. 4. Here’s what I did and what you can do to let go for real this time: 5. Take inventory of past relationships. 6. Build your confidence and know your worth. 7. Surround yourself with good people who care about you. 8. Be your best self! 9. Be happily single. Remember that some people will always have a special place in our hearts but that doesn't mean they deserve a special place in our lives. Suzie is at
July 22, 2021
Is This A Kink? Matthew Stapley July 21, 2021
Dear Matthew, Is this a kink or am I weird? If anyone calls me sweetie I get extremely giddy… Like warm feelings all over kind of giddy. Even if it's my friends who call me that I have the same reaction. Your questions to
July 21, 2021
I Cannot Let Go Of Him - Tough Stuff With Matthew Stapley July 20, 2021
Dear Matthew, I have spent my entire adult life in a relationship with one person and we broke up.  I quite literally don't know what to do. We had been together for 5 years now.  Our breakup was painful, mostly because we both still very much love each other and want the best for the other...  Our life just grew apart I guess.  My problem is that I can't let go of him, all I think about is that some day we will find each other again and fall in love once again. Since I was 17, I was dreaming of marrying this man and it looked like it's gonna be a reality for a very long time... So now I'm here, with all my plans and dreams being placed on one person broken.  I'm just looking for some advice from those of you who are more experienced in break ups, how do you get yourself together the fastest?  Need some impartial advice?  Email
July 20, 2021
Saved By Beer And Other Weird/Wacky/Wonderful News With Lita - July 20, 2021
Today... Lita has stories about a man who was saved by beer... A TikTok Trend NOT recommended by doctors... Google Maps Mishaps... Ford Making A Stink. The Milkman Show on
July 20, 2021
Suzie The Dating Diva: Where Do You Stand? July 20, 2021
Connect with Suzie at TODAY... Where do you stand? (How to know where you stand with someone) § Often times we can end up in “relationship limbo” because we don’t want to rock the boat but it’s important to know if they’re a significant or insignificant other. § Some important things to ask yourself: are you an important part of their daily life (not just texting)? Do they include you in important life decisions? Do they value your opinion? Are you public or on the down low? Are your encounters more than sex (like going out, doing stuff in public)? § Not every liaison will result in a relationship and that’s ok, but what’s not ok is leading someone on or being on different pages. Never assume that you’re exclusive unless you’ve both stated that you are so have that discussion when you feel it’s the right time (usually after a few dates).
July 20, 2021
My Kid Used My Credit Card - Matthew Stapley July 19, 2021
Dear Matthew, My 13 year old son spent $312.53 USD online without my permission. On light sabers. The company refuses to cancel the order and refund my money… What should I do? WE WANT YOUR QUESTIONS...
July 19, 2021
Having Nightmares - Please Help - Matthew Stapley July 16, 2021
Dear Matthew, I have had scary dreams where I am being abused, left alone etc. I really feel terrible at night and wish there is someone by my side. But there's none at that time. What do I do? I need some help. YOUR QUESTIONS TO
July 16, 2021
A Fear Of Needles - Matthew Stapley July 15, 2021
Dear Matthew, Tomorrow I have to get a blood test and I HATE needles. How can I get over the anxiety and make it an easier experience? SEND YOUR QUESTIONS TO:
July 15, 2021
How do I avoid an awkward or embarrassing moment? - Suzie The Dating Diva
WIN A 30 MINUTE DATING CONSULTATION WITH SUZIE... Keep your eyes on Connect with Suzie at TODAY: How do I avoid an awkward or embarrassing moment? § Out of Control Bodily   Functions - This could include: bad gas, needing to run to the toilet   often, nausea, sweating too much, body odor, snot in your nose, bad breath,   too much cologne, women problems, runny nose, dandruff § Know your bodily limits and if   you’re unsure about going out don’t go out and don’t expose yourself to   gastro triggers. § Food & Drink Mishaps - This   could include: spilling food and/or drink on self or date, food in teeth,   eating something messy § Spilling is typically an   accident, just be careful and make safe food choices. If you’re unsure about   your post-food teeth situation excuse yourself and go to the restroom. § Physical Contact Conundrums - This   could include: to kiss or not to kiss decisions, going in for a kiss or   hug and the other person flinches, touching their hand and the person pulls   away, awkwardly bad kiss, crying § Pay very close attention to   non-verbal cues from the other person before making a move, they should be   leaning towards you and showing they are really interested. Respect   boundaries, especially if you’re unsure. § Oversharing from Nervousness -   This could include: telling your whole life story, talking about your ex   and how horrible (or great) they were, displaying your baggage for all to   see, talking about all your dates gone wrong, talking about intimate topics,   sharing your physical problems (especially gross ones like what happens when   you eat dairy), demonstrating victim mentality, making it a pity party § Be prepared before you go on a   date with topics like current affairs, interesting life stories and watch for   verbal cues from your date to gauge their interest level. No need to tell   them everything right away, especially personal things. § Wardrobe Malfunctions - This   could include: your zipper being down, your shirt being unbuttoned, your   skirt caught in your underwear, dirty clothes, broken heels, uncomfortable   shoes or clothes § Make sure you wear   comfortable, well-fitting, clean attire that is appropriate for the occasion.   Do a mirror check before going out.
July 15, 2021
My In Laws Eat Like Pigs - Tough Stuff With Matthew Stapley
Dear Matthew, I am pregnant and my husband and i are doing renovations in our house. We moved in with my in laws with our daughter. They eat loudly often with their hands ( like rice and salads ) and IT GROSSES ME OUT. I barely eating and I am actually losing weight which is a concerned for my doctor and OB. My husband says that i have to suck it up and have my meals with everybody but i really cant eat with them. Now it even hunts me all those mouth open and that disgusting smacking sound...... What should I do? Should I say it bluntly? Should I suck it up for 2 more months? Your questions to
July 14, 2021
Dear Matthew, Help Me Stop Obsessing About Social Media
Dear Matthew, How do I stop obsessing over social media? This thing has greatly impacted my life and not in a positive way. If someone didn't respond to me in a day - I'll feel terribly depressed and if someone do respond to me I'll have this rush of happiness - before it's gone and I'm back to numb. I feel like the "me" before social media are much happier than now, but I can't delete my account because all my friends are there, but I feel like each and everyday my mental health deteriorate because of this. Your questions to
July 13, 2021
Seal the Deal! (How to commit and get them to commit)
Suzie The Dating Diva is back... Today... Seal the Deal! (How to commit and get them to commit) § Don’t clutter your dating life with missed opportunities. § There are some things you can do to make sure that you don’t have these situations. § Being datable is on the top of the list (that means putting your best foot forward, look good, feel good, confidence are all the key to marketing yourself better) § Mentally prepare yourself for every situation, visualize yourself succeeding, believe in your worth, know what you want and go after it § You also need to learn how to read body language to get whatever vibe they’re sending your way (when you can read the signals you can react in the way you’re supposed to) § Be Interesting, yes, I said it. No one wants to be with someone boring. Have things to talk about, be passionate about something (other than sex), be excited, have good energy … all this is magnetizing! At the end of the day, just go for it, be confident and have zero expectations. Communicate your thoughts without being pushy and respect their “no” without taking it personally.
July 13, 2021
Dear Matthew - Is There Something Wrong With Me?
Dear Matthew, 10 years ago, my best friend died of cancer. One year after that, one of my friends got stabbed and died. 2 years ago, one of my friends committed suicide. Last year, one of my friends died in a car accident. I’ve been having a real tough time getting through this. I can’t seem to accept the fact that they are gone. Sometimes I feel okay, and like I’m making progress. But then I have moments where I get panic attacks and I can’t breathe and all I can do is cry. I get angry and I feel like nobody could ever understand me. I know that most of us have lost somebody. But every time I bring them up, the people around me just don’t seem to want to hear it. It’s like they’ve moved on and I’m just ruining that. Is there something wrong with me because I can’t move on? Do I need professional help? Your questions to
July 12, 2021
Live Readings - Matthew Stapley Psychic Medium On BTR July 9, 2021
Psychic Medium Matthew Staples reads live on his Facebook every Monday 7pm ET. Today he did live readings for our listeners on
July 9, 2021
My Kid Wants EVERYTHING He Sees On Youtube - Matthew Stapley July 8, 2021
Dear Matthew, My 3-year-old watches unboxing videos of new toys which makes him want to have.  This has led to him being ungrateful for what he has, and when I give him a toy he always asks for that toy as well. I'm not In a situation where I have much money and I'm struggling to find a job. What should I do? Your questions to
July 8, 2021
How to be a great conversationalist - Suzie The Dating Diva
Connect with Suzie @ Keep Talking! (How to be a great conversationalist) § Be resourceful and well read on current issues and trends. § Ask questions to find out more about them and find commonality but not generic questions. § Be a good listener, paraphrase and give them your full attention (put that phone away!) § Use appropriate humor. Give sincere compliments and be gracious. Say please and thank you.
July 8, 2021
Help! My Partner Is Poly... I'm Not - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff July 7, 2021
Dear Matthew, My partner wants to be in a polyamorous relationship but I don’t. I don’t know what to do. Its just not for me. I just can’t love multiple people at the same time.I really love him a lot and this is just very hurtful... thinking about my partner w someone else. What should I do? Your questions for Matthew to
July 7, 2021
Safe Dating (How to date safely) Suzie The Dating Diva
Find Suzie Online at Safe Dating (How to date safely) § Remember that “stranger danger” is real, even when you’re an adult. § Dating early on should be in public and tell a friend where you are. § Don’t get a false sense of security or believe everything they say/do. § Protect your identity and keep your personal information private. Remember that you don’t have control over whatever you share (pictures, information, etc) once you’ve sent it, so be smart.
July 2, 2021
How Do I Deal With Trust Issues? Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff
Hey, looking for advice on how to deal with trust issues? Been involved with my boyfriend now for 8 months and I love him to death. But the 3 men before I met him have all hurt me by betrayal of trust. he’s been nothing but great to me but sometimes I can’t help but let my past come up, any advice? Your questions to
July 2, 2021
I Have A Crush On My Brother's Wife - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff
10 year long crush I've had a crush on my brothers wife for the past ten years. Even before they started dating, I've been into, we even had a fling in our early teenage years. I thought that I had long discarded those feeling but they just keep coming back.  I know I shouldn't feel these things, but I just can't stop them. I also know, and this might seem fucked up, that I can do better than him. I've seen how he's treated her, and I know I can do better. But I just don't know what to do. Help me please, I just want some clarity and clear headedness.  Please tell me what I could possibly do.  tl;dr I have feelings for my brothers wife. Your questions to
July 2, 2021
Oh Crap! I Hate My Career - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff June 29, 2021
Dear Matthew, I'm 23, making 90k, work at a top company but I am so miserable.   I feel privileged for saying this but I am so unhappy with my life and don’t know what to do.    I graduated college in 2019 and never really pursued my passions or even took the time to figure out what my passions are.  I studied finance because I had to pay off school and needed a decent salary to pay off my loans.   So here I am. I literally feel like I'm not even living my own life.  Some days I want to quit my job and just move somewhere else.    I'm not sure if this is crazy or if I would turn 30 and regret throwing away the 'successful' lifestyle. Advice? Hear Matthew weekdays at - email your questions to
June 29, 2021
Breakup Survival Guide (How to bounce back from a breakup) Suzie The Dating Diva June 29, 2021
Connect with Suzie at - hear her on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! Breakup Survival Guide (How to bounce back from a breakup) § Give yourself permission to grieve and pull the lessons from your experience. § Keep busy with things and people you value. Enjoy your life and have fun/make the most of being single. § Take on a growth mindset and work on yourself – physically, mentally, and emotionally. § Remember when you look good, you feel good and more confident. You need to do you and let go of any attachments, forgive yourself and make space for ne love starting with self-love.
June 29, 2021
Depressed About Her Chest - Matthew Stapley June 28, 2021
Dear Matthew, I'm 23 and have a 30A cup size. I have no cleavage whatsoever and I feel like it’s a turn off and it’s a big reason I’m replaceable to everyone. Am I just really self conscious or is this true? Your questions to Listen weekdays 9-1 on
June 28, 2021
Lupin - Keith Whittier Review
Available now on Netflix, movie reviewer Ketih Whittier shares his thoughts on LUPIN.
June 26, 2021
I Love My Kids, I Just Don't LIKE Them Right Now
A listener loves her kids but is not their biggest fan right now.  What to do? Matthew Stapley's TOUGH STUFF on Email your questions to
June 26, 2021
An Estranged Relative - What To Do? Matthew Stapley June 24, 2021
Today, a listener asks Matthew for some advice on what to do about an estranged relative who they have reached out several times with no response.... The Tough Stuff... Your questions to
June 24, 2021
Quebec Movie Theatre Experience - Keith Whittier June 24, 2021
Thinking of going to a theatre on the Quebec side? Wait until you hear our movie reviewer Keith Whittier's experience. Connect with Keith at cfl_fan on Twitter and Insta!
June 24, 2021
Stop Overthinking (How to stop overthinking) Suzie The Dating Diva June 24, 2021
On this interview, Suzie says STOP OVERTHINKING! § Who do you give “real estate” in your head? Do they deserve it? Are they worth your time? § Stop wasting your time trying to figure people and their motivations out and take things at face value. § You need to use your energy for more positive endeavours and people who don’t give you anxiety. No nonsense love = happily ever after! Suzie online:
June 24, 2021
Losing My Grandma & Thinking Of A Past Love.. Are They Related?
Matthew Stapley tackles the TOUGH STUFF daily on Your questions to Today, a listener wonders if her worrying about the failing health of her grandmother is related to overwhelming feelings they're having about a love from long ago.
June 23, 2021
How Do I Just DATE In My 50's? Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff June 22, 2021
The Tough Stuff With Matthew Stapley as heard on Your questions to Today... Matthew, I’m recently separated (2years) and am loving my newfound independence, but also want to date. The problem is, it seems that men my age all want something committed and serious ! How do I date at this age ? Yours truly, Frisky at 50
June 22, 2021
Some Like it Hot! (Hot & Cold Dating)
As heard on on - connect with Suzie at On this episode: § Some people are hot one minute and ghost you the next THEN they zombie out of nowhere and start the cycle over and over again. § You avoid this by: - Listening to your gut (no one is THAT busy) - Looking for patterns and red flags (and not ignoring them) - Anxiety and complications shouldn’t be part of your dating experience Either someone wants to be with you or not, it really is that simple!
June 22, 2021
That One Conspiracy Minded Friend... Matthew Stapley June 21, 2021
Matthew, My friends and I have really good connections and we enjoy each other's company. We are all well educated, informed and politically savvy people. During this Covid. However, one of the group has gone into conspiracy theory land. We have tried to reconnect as a group and explicitly place limits on not talking about Covid – just to have a break from it and to avoid conflict in this area. The conspiracy theorist friend has gotten more and more vocal and more and more dominant and present on social media with posts of this type. She seems to be giving each of us the cold shoulder now as she was insulted that we set boundaries and what we talk about for the evening that we get together. Please help! I love her in spite of her wonky views in this one domain and don't want the friendship to go. Your questions to
June 21, 2021
Is It OK To Talk About Father's Day With A Friend Who Just Lost His Dad? Tough Stuff w/ Matthew Stapley June 18, 2021
Dear Matthew, One of my closest friends lost his father 2 months ago. It's fathers day and I want to send him a message to show that he's not alone, that there are people who support him. I don't know if it's a good idea to send such a message today or not. Would you like to recieve such a message on fathers day or would this remind you more of him. I don't want this to have the opposite effect. Your questions for Matthew welcome at
June 18, 2021
I've Been Scammed. Help! The Tough Stuff with Matthew Stapley June 17, 2021
Dear Matthew," I recently got scammed out of $22,000 and I got scammed into sending around $10,000 that was sent to my account with bad checks. The advice I need is how do I go about telling my family about it? They know about the scam but they want to help me out with the bank and stuff and I don't know of how to explain the amount of money I sent. I didn't realize how much money I was sending over the span of 2 weeks. They also got me to send money on gift cards. I know I was stupid but they convinced me that it was for loan insurance and fees and that they were helping me raise my credit. They also knew that I was disabled so I know I was an easy target. Your questions to
June 17, 2021
3 Must See Movies - Keith Whittier On The Milkman Show June 17, 2021
Together Together... Cruella... In The Heights Three movies that you HAVE TO SEE according to our TV and movie expert Keith Whittier!
June 17, 2021
Dating Blind Spots (What is REALLY holding you back from finding love) Suzie The Dating Diva June 17, 2021
As heard on at Take some time to assess your dating history and determine what your weaknesses or blind spots are – do you make the same mistakes, date the same types of dead-end people, what are your patterns • I suggest my clients make a “good, bad, ugly” dating history list and highlight the similarities, you would be surprised what you can find • Use what you’ve learned to move forward with a plan of action being aware of the lessons learned from past failed relationship attempts • Ask a friend, family member, coach, therapist to hold you accountable (but you have to be honest with them) • Be serious about quality control when you’re dating to avoid past mistakes Suzie is online at
June 17, 2021
He Makes His Money In Porn... What Do I Do? Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff June 16, 2021
I recently found out that a guy I’ve been seeing earns a very good living.   A REALLY good living!   But, he makes his money producing adult films and photos.  Why is this bothering me so much? Your letters to
June 16, 2021
Three Shows To Binge! Keith Whittier - June 15, 2021
Today TV and movie guru Keith Whittier pops by to recommend 3 shows worth watching! - Yellowstone - Mare Of East Town - Kingdom
June 15, 2021
Do I Tell His Side Piece He's Cheating On Me With Her And Her With Me?
THE TOUGH STUFF with Matthew Stapley as heard on I’ve been dating my son’s father for more than a year.    We had been together before but took a break.    I recently found out that a woman he’s denied seeing is, in fact, someone he’s been with the entire time we’ve been back together.   I found out on social media and have blocked him, but should I tell her that he’s been cheating on her with me too?
June 15, 2021
Textually Speaking… (Textationships and Text Etiquette) Suzie The Dating Diva
Be A Single & Dating Rock Star with Suzie The Dating Diva ( Today... § Texting or messaging online can be an easy way to communicate with a love interest, particularly if you met virtually § Even video chatting works great because you get to see them § It’s easy to get a false sense of intimacy and infatuation with someone you’re chatting with, but remember they can tell you and show you whatever they like, it might not even be really them § It’s important to never send pictures (intimate or not) to someone you’ve just met and haven’t met in person, many will say they want to see more of you or more pictures than you had in your online profile but NEVER send any, you can’t control where those pictures end up and they are still a stranger even if you talk to each other all day It’s best, to meet in person (publically) as soon as you can because you never know them for real (as much as you think you do) until you have an “in real life” relationship
June 15, 2021
A parent's concern for their kids cuss words - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff June 14, 2021
My daughter is 13.   Last week she spent time with her father and came home with a skateboard.   On it, is a sticker that says F*#K RACISM.  I do support the sentiment but really don’t like her having that kind of language on a personal item.  Should I make her remove it? Hear Matthew weekdays on The Milkman Show on - To send your question, see
June 14, 2021
I'm 16 And Want The Vaccine But Parents Say NO - The Tough Stuff With Matthew Stapley June 11, 2021
What do you do if you're 16 and want the Covid 19 vaccine, but your parents are against it? Matthew Stapley offers up some thoughts on this edition of TOUGH STUFF as heard weekdays on See to connect with Matthew and submit your questions.
June 11, 2021
I'm Sensitive To Other People's Energies - TOUGH STUFF with Matthew Stapley June 10, 2021
Matthew offers up some advice to someone who really is sensitive to other people's energies! Catch Matthew daily on and Your questions to Matthew at
June 10, 2021
Sh*t or Get Off the Pot (Dealing with Time Wasters) - Suzie The Dating Diva June 10, 2021
As heard on and § Some people just want to waste your time, leaving you clinging to false hope when they have no intention of being with you in a real way § You could be their dirty little secret or they could be yours § Sometimes you are emotionally attached to a dead end relationship or something already ended leaving no room for real love § Time wasters keep you around for their egos, they love the idea of having you waiting for them, hanging on for that call or message or even visit § Some of these people are like zombies coming back out of nowhere just to keep you hanging on § You need to recognize it for what it is and let go once and for all Connect with Suzie at
June 10, 2021
My Daughter's OnLine Shopping Hint - Matthew Stapley's TOUGH STUFF June 9, 2021
My daughter(18) and I share an Amazon account . I went to purchase something the other day and came upon her recently searched items .A vibrator . A $20.00 vibrator . What should I do ? If she is wanting to experiment I hate for her to use a”cheap” quality item . Should I buy something for her ? Should I take her to a suitable store where the staff is knowledgeable ? Or ignore  what I saw ?  Your advice is needed . Hear Matthew's Tough Stuff weekdays on Email your questions to
June 9, 2021
Dealing With Anger - Matthew Stapley's Tough Stuff June 8, 2021
Today's letter to Matthew: I get angry so easily and I feel like I just hate people. How do I cope with all of that? Send your questions to Matthew via
June 8, 2021
First Date Priorities (Pay Attention to these Two Things on a First Date)
Suzie The Dating Diva Joined us today to talk about first date priorities! § Everyone is nervous on a first date, be kind § Focus on #1 - attraction: are you physically attracted them at some level? and #2 – would you like to see them again for an encore performance? § Something about them has to pique your interest and draw you back § Don’t worry about their long term potential or where this could potentially go, take it one date at a time, enjoy the process and don’t think about the outcome § Stop overthinking and go with the flow § If your first dates always go wrong, perhaps you’re approaching it wrong or making bad dating choices Think of a first date like a job interview, put your best foot forward and also ensure they’re somewhere you want to be as well
June 8, 2021
Is 14 Too Young For A Sleepover? - Matthew Stapley's TOUGH STUFF June 7, 2021
From The Milkman Show on "We believe that we are progressive parents.   We’re gay friendly, far from being prudes, and are doing our best to raise our kids in a healthy way.  Our 14 year old daughter is gay and is now in a relationship with a 15 year old girl.    We love seeing them happy, but now our daughter is wanting to have sleep overs at her girlfriend’s house.  Clearly we have concerns.    How should we handle this?"
June 8, 2021