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Millennial Out Loud

Millennial Out Loud

By Vicky Law
Sometimes you need to hear some real talk about being a creative millennial, building a brand on social media and living your dreams. Now it's all in one podcast.

Millennial Out Loud Podcast: the place where you're given the full permission to live your passion out loud.
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How to Overcome Your Bullshit

Millennial Out Loud

Should I Show Up? A Peak Into My Experience
What does showing up online mean to you? There was a time when showing up meant posting content everyday without missing a beat.  But recently I decided to test something out. I switched up how I show up on Instagram. This switch in my strategy totally changed my perspective on what "showing up" actually means.  I'll let you in on what my new strategy is and the tell you my newly improved stats.  Links to Stuff I Mention on the Show Featured Song All I Want (Your Body) by Toby Follow Toby on Instagram >>> @topnotch_toby Join the Community Millennial Out Loud Facebook Group Want your song to feature on the podcast? Send me an email with a link (or two) with your song to Use the subject line: Millennial Musician
May 19, 2019
Don't Seek for Validation
Asking for other people's opinion can be counter-intuitive sometimes. Although it's not a bad thing to ask other's perspective, you can be tempted to "seek validation" from others before you dive into your plans.  I'll be sharing my thoughts about this in this episode. Links to Stuff I Mention on the Show Something 'Bout the Way by Zacky Behind the Beat: Something 'Bout the Way (How Zacky produced the song Something 'Bout the Way) Songs that were featured in the month of April: Human by Jhyve (Episode #8) Silekun by Lio Gold ft. Wally Don (Episode #9) Tell Me Where by Treville (Episode #10) This Could Be Us by Toby (Episode #11)
May 5, 2019
The Number One Reminder for Creatives
This episode is a quick reminder to every creative who lost the spark or zeal to keep creating. I know how it's like to suddenly stop creating something that you're so passionate about. I spent over a year trying to figure out what made me lose my creative spark, then one day it hit me.... I share it all in this episode. Links to Stuff I Mention on the Show Toby's Instagram >>> @topnotch_toby Previous Episodes where Toby's songs were featured: Episode #2 (Softly by Toby) Episode #5 (Personal by Dapo Tuburna, Triq & Toby) Songs that were featured in the month of April: Human by Jhyve (Episode #8) Silekun by Lio Gold ft. Wally Don (Episode #9) Tell Me Where by Treville (Episode #10) This Could Be Us by Toby (Episode #11)
April 29, 2019
Give Your 150%
Ever told you should give your 100%? That was wrong advice. If you want to get 100% then you have to show up and give 150%.  In this episode I'll try my very best to explain exactly what I mean. Links to the Stuff I Mention in the Show Featured Song Tell Me Where by Treville Video I mentioned *Breaking News: THE ULTIMATE YOUTUBE GROWTH CHECKLIST - Jade Darmawangsa ft. Sarah Dietschy
April 19, 2019
Addressing the Myth of Having a Large Following
It's crazy how all eyes are set on growing a large following on social media. I'm not saying having a sizeable following is a bad thing. What I'm saying is that the focus is a bit off.   There's something so much more important than having a large following that a lot of people miss out on and that's engagement.  Today's episode is a short and sweet, no BS appeal to change your perspective from increasing your following to encouraging engagement.  Links to Stuff I Mention on the Show Silekun by Lio Gold ft. Wally Don The Blue Ribbon Podcast hosted by Obakam Tom-George
April 13, 2019
Reasons Why You Should NOT Be An Influencer
Almost everyone wants to be an influencer. And if you're curious enough to listen to this podcast, you're among them too. The truth is that there is more to being an influencer than you think.  In this episode I share 3 reasons you should NOT be an influencer. But make sure you stick to the very end to listen to what it actually means to be an influencer.  Links to Stuff I Mention in the Show Song featured in today's episode: Human by Jhyve -  Check out Jhyve's other songs on Soundcloud -
April 4, 2019
Stop Being the Superhero in Someone Else's Story
Diving deep into a disturbing topic, TBH. My thoughts: “Oh, I need to help my friend and be there for them for EVERYTHING they are going through.” Me: *Crashes and burns* I had a problem. I was trying to be the superhero to everyone around me. Not that trying to save my friends from tricky situations is a bad thing. What I’m trying to say is that sometimes you need to give people room to give you the permission to step in. I helped when no one asked me for help. I would overthink everything and even predict the next possible problem and step in to stop it using my bare hands to stop the meteor from crashing on their earth. In this episode, I am giving you the full permission to take off that Superman/Wonder Woman (did Wonder Woman have a cape? I can’t remember) cape and be yourself. You are not anyone’s superhero but yourself. Links to the Stuff I Mention on the Show Featured Song Our Universe by Patch Quiwa >>> Millennial Out Loud Facebook Group
April 4, 2019
How to Create Your Own Reality
Ever heard of the saying “whatever you focus on expands”? In this episode, I share my personal story of when my predominant thoughts became true. I consistently nursed the thought that I am dumb and this gave birth to a situation that came with really bad consequences. You have the power to create your reality with the thoughts you keep replaying in your mind. It’s that simple. Links to Stuff I Mention on the Show Featured Song Based on Logistics by Yung Willis (ft. SK, Ted H.O., Femigh, Hipo Chris) >>> Millennial Out Loud Facebook Group
April 4, 2019
How to Deal with Horrible People
My bloopers will never end, will they? *Face Palm* Oops! I called the featured song ‘Personal‘. It’s actually called ‘Nothing Personal‘. Sorry guys. Anyway, back to the business of the day… In episode #5 I talk about my way of dealing with horrible people. Here are 3 things you can do to deal with horrible people: Approach them with empathy (Everyone is dealing with their own shit so be understanding) Don’t take their behavior personally (And make sure that you are always grounded in your awareness of who you are as a person.) Be sensitive to the type of aura they vibrate so that you’ll know when to back off. Links of Stuff I Mentioned on the Show Nothing Personal by Dapo Tuburna, Toby & Triq >>> Click here for the dropbox link Millennial Out Loud Facebook Group
April 4, 2019
Do Yourself a Favor and Set Standards
2017 was the year I learned the real value of setting standards. Setting standards is the ONLY thing that helped me out of my mess. So in this episode you’ll learn: It’s fine to put your foot down Setting standards is a way you respect yourself Communicating your standards is as important as setting standards. Links to Stuff I Mentioned on the Show  Featured song: Nothing by Dapo Tuburna >>> Millennial Out Loud Facebook Group Matthew Hussey YouTube Channels: – –
April 4, 2019
I Dare You to Live Out Loud in the Next 21 Days
The Challenge is all about getting out of your box by speaking to  3 random people everyday for the next 21 days. In this episode, I share why going on a challenge like this one will help you: Broaden your reach Extend your network Open yourself to more opportunities Better your life in general So I dare you to speak to 3 people everyday for the next 21 days. Stretch yourself. The rest is all upside. Links to Stuff I Mentioned on the Show Leap of Faith Freestyle by Triq >>>
April 4, 2019
How to Overcome Your Bullshit
If you’re anything like me, you’ll go in and out of your bullshit until you finally conquer it. Here’s a bombshell (and you need to take my word for it): It’s not bad for you to go into your bullshit. It’s not something you should beat yourself over. It’s really okay. What you should not do is to stay stuck in your bullshit for so long. How can you get over your bullshit? Here are some of the things I talk about in today’s episode: Don’t compare yourself with someone else. (Big ‘DUH’ but it’s worth reminding yourself about it over and over) Celebrate yourself (Always and everyday) Be genuinely proud of yourself and don’t be afraid to voice it out. Validate yourself (Don’t expect it from anyone else) Focus on your accomplishments (not your problems. You don’t need any of that) Appreciate yourself (Because you are awesome and you deserve it more than anyone else) Compliment yourself (And do it often. You’re a badass.) Affirm your awesomeness (Enough said) Links to Stuff I Mention on the Show Softly by Toby (ft. Triq) Soundcloud Link >>> iTunes Link >>> Amanda Rivera with all her awesomeness >>>
April 4, 2019
Content Ideas to get You Started as a Thought Leader in Your Industry
Content plays a huge role in building your brand.  In this this podcast I’ll talk about: Why you should start working on building your legacy now instead of waiting for the “perfect” time. Here’s a hint: The perfect time will never come but I’ll mention when the right time is. How you can build a brand and put it out there for FREE. All you need to do is to be resourceful. I’ve got you covered with a couple if pretty smart ideas. Industry specific, tried and tested content strategies that will help you grow your brand and get visible. If you’re a writer, coach, web designer or at least aspire to be any one of those, then this is for you. Maintenance tips to keep your momentum going while you start. This episode is dedicated to Aderinmola Damilola Joshua Esq. the one man I knew who put in everything to lay down his legacy. We lost him so early. Despite his young age, he did more than anyone his age has ever done. I also dedicate this episode to Dr. Ijeoma Christy Onwubualili. She was a great friend and motivator. We lost her too early as well. Although both Aderinmola and Ijeoma never met, their message is the same: You only have one life. Live it.
April 4, 2019