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Millennial Thoughts

Millennial Thoughts

By Alieshia Nunnally
Helping single millennials transition smoothly into adulthood we discuss variety topics such as money, relationships, traveling, relocating, self care, burn out and more!
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3 Ways to becoming a Trailblazer in your community!
Women’s history month we are giving honor to the trailblazers in our community! Today we speak to CEO & Founder Delaija of Sunflower Media & President of D.I.W.C Alhia Harris about what made them start and how they got started in the business. I also talk about me being a Jill of all trades. If you like this episode please share with your friends. If you know someone studying abroad make sure they apply for the scholarship. Also do you like to paint do you like to sip? We are having a virtual sip and paint March 27th get your tickets here. Follow us on Instagram at MillennialThoughtspod to answer the trivia question!
March 21, 2021
Side hustle Tips & Tricks
In this episode I’m talking to some fellow side hustlers Stephanie Perry & Zaakirah about why and how they manage their side hustles. Also there is a surprise Millennial Thoughts Academy is launching a side hustler program it’s 6 week long. Follow us on Instagram at MillennialThoughtspod for more information. Do you have a side hustle or thinking about coming a side hustler? This episode is for you! Make sure you subscribe and share this episode with someone!
February 28, 2021
Millennial Thoughts Academy
Heyy listeners we have a special announcement for you! Millennial thoughts academy is finally launching and we want you to join our first program which will be a virtual 6 week program to starting your side hustle! If you are interested please follow us on MillennialThoughtspod on Instagram for more information!
February 25, 2021
Self motivation & Downfalls
Are you self motivated? What do you do when you aren’t motivated? Do you call your friends, scroll on social media or just sleep? Well welcome back to MillennialThoughts our official first episode of season 5 we are talking all things self motivation & love!! Join the Facebook group Millennial Thoughts & follow us on Instagram at MillennialThoughtspod
February 14, 2021
Who has higher standards? Men or women?
Cat, Josh and I dive into relationship expectations, who pays for what, who has higher standards and more. If you would like to chime in make sure you follow us on Instagram at MillennialThoughtspod.
December 17, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: let’s build wealth and create a legacy
In this episode we are talking to Akeiva and Meshack a millennial couple who teach young adults financial literacy to create a financial legacy, from buying a house to getting married they have always kept their finances in order make sure you check them out on Instagram at bemused
December 3, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: getting out of a money rut
Yasmine is a lifestyle blogger who discusses her financial journey from being in debt to becoming debt free. Make sure you follow her on Instagram at darkerberrie and follow is at MillennialThoughtspod.
November 21, 2020
Journey to financial freedom: Personal finance 101
Meriam teaches first generation wealth builders to take control of their money through paying off debt, budgeting, and increasing your net worth. Take notes and make sure you follow us on Instagram at MillennialThoughtspod. Our millennial mogul is Endea check her podcast out called dear millennial girl.
November 7, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: financial institutions credit unions vs banks
In this episode we chat with Erica about picking the right financial institution and how to prepare your credit score to start the house buying process.
October 9, 2020
The Journey to Financial Freedom: 7 steps to financial freedom
In this episode we dive into the 7 steps to financial freedom with Charles and Chavon. We are giving you a millennial marriage perspective today on how they tackle finances from paying off debt to becoming financially free. To keep up with their journey make sure you follow them on Instagram at debtfreeindeed_.
September 25, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: Investing 102 with Ogechi
Ogechi is a Project manager with an education in mechanical engineering and a passion for Financial freedom and building wealth! She was initially introduced to finances at her job and have been educating family and friends along her journey, empowering them to live below their means, become debt free and build wealth. She has a heart to serve, and in her free time, she's a public speaker, a game night host, an MC, a globe trotter and a foodie. She credits her financial knowledge and passion to Dave Ramsey, EYL University, Our Rich Journey and Graham Stephan on YouTube.
September 10, 2020
The Journey to financial freedom Investing 101: Building Wealth through investing
DeMarcus is a recent graduate from the University of Louisville with a Business degree in Computer Information Systems and a track in Web Development. He has a background in IT and Sales. Previously working at the University of Louisville's Miller Information Technology Center as an IT Consultant and also at Sprint were he served as an Retail Sales Consultant for 3+ years and acquired Top 50 national rankings. Currently he works in the tech space serving as a Business Development Representative for a Black-Owned startup company called Jopwell, where he helps impact career advancement for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. In his time away from work he is a beginner investor, Co-Founder of recent 4LifeInk Prints, and also operates his Marcos Mashups food page/business where he specializes in home-styled meals!"
August 27, 2020
The journey to financial freedom:5 Elements of Financial Literacy
Kalai Bell is a financial coach and founder of Fuller Than Life were the focus is on educating people about financial literacy. Through this education, she empowers those struggling with their personal finances to overcome financial anxiety, pay off debts, and stack coins. Kalai enjoys sharing the story of her past transgressions so that others will learn and change their habits before they find themselves in a situation that seems daunting. In 2018, Kalai launched Fuller Than Life with the mission to educate spenders on being financially literate. Kalai has launched a course Get My Budget Together that focuses on building a strong budgeting foundation. Additionally, Kalai offers one-on-one intensives, a coaching program, and will be launching a boot camp in the fall. The focus for all offerings is to create an environment of empowerment by focusing on the 5 elements of financial literacy; overcoming financial anxiety, understanding the impact of credit, the difference between income vs spending issues, zero-balance budgeting, and self-control. Kalai enjoys sharing tips and tricks via her Instagram and Blog. Follow us on Instagram @millennialthoughtspod
August 13, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: Let’s Build wealth
Let’s be responsible, pay off our debt and build wealth. In this episode we talk with Aliyah about how she is paying off debt and building wealth. Make sure you catch all these gems and go and follow her on Instagram. Also don’t forget to check out the boss experience app and connect so you can get your business out there to everyone ! Aliyah Wooten is a graduate of William and Mary with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Business Analytics. She currently works for a premier financial institution in finance technology. Aliyah is interested in giving back to her community, mentoring, and increasing her financial knowledge. She hopes to use House of A to empower young African American women and start conversations about personal finance that she wishes to have had earlier. In her free time, she loves binge watching A Different World and Living Single with a nice glass of red wine.
August 6, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: How to retire early, travel more and become debt free
Today we chatted with Cinneah aka flynanced about her debt free travel journey. She gives a tips and tricks to become financially free and travel for free. Yes make sure you stay tuned and listen to her drop some gems. Also go and check out her Blog: | follow her on IG: @fly.nanced | Twitter: @flynanced
July 30, 2020
The Journey to financial freedom: Credit building with the Capital Women
Melissa Lowery is a millennial Finance Advocate and "Coinspiration" for black women. Lowery created The Capital Woman brand (it also serves as an alter ego -- think the Sasha Fierce of Finance) to provide assistance with building your financial knowledge, strengthening your relationship with money, in a relatable and interactive way by taking you on her personal finance journey & encouraging black women along the way. The Capital Woman brand offers digital products, newsletters, and social content to stay connected in the community she serves. The Capital Woman experience is designed specifically with black women in mind, who have lacked financial education for centuries. Melissa currently works full-time as a Sr. Financial Analyst for Target HQ and enjoys yoga, chai tea lattes, trap music, and dancing in her free time. You can follow her on
July 16, 2020
The journey to financial freedom: pay debt and travel
In this episode we talk to Eliza who paid off 25k in 16 months and is saving up for an adult gap year in Southeast Asia. She tells us what she did to pay her debt off and how she is saving for her gap year. Make sure you follow her on her journey on Instagram at debt free to travel. Eliza is a North Carolina native and newcomer to the financially savvy side of life. It all began in January 2019 when she decided to pay off her debts. She completed that goal in April 2020 by working full time as an Urban Planner & part time as a bartenders. She paid a total of $25,000 over 16 months to become completely debt-free at 25 years old! Eliza’s financial focus is now on saving for an adult gap year starting in October as well as fattening up her retirement accounts. Eliza desires to be financially independent and work optional by 40. Follow her @debtfreetotravel for more information on her journey to financial freedom!
July 9, 2020
The journey to financial freedom:Millennials and money
Welcome to season 4 all things money we are diving in this season straight to meat. Money makes the world go around and we are here to chat with experts about to create financial freedom but first we have some major announcements and new things happening. Check out the episode and join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram
July 2, 2020
The BEST ways to get involved in your community.
Hope Harmon is a community advocate, media strategist, and change agent. She is a graduate of Fitzgerald High School and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Hope is currently pursuing her Masters degree. In 2016, Commissioner Harmon made history by becoming the first African American woman elected to citywide or countywide office in Fitzgerald-Ben Hill County. She currently serves at Vice- Chair and Legislative Advisor for the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners. Hope recently launched the social media platform, Kasara’s Voice- A group for grief, advocacy, and support. Her youngest sister, Kasara, murdered at the age of 24, at her home in September of 2019. Kasara was 8 1/2 months pregnant. KaSara's Voice provides support to grieving families maneuvering through the difficult systems after the tragic death of a loved one, advocate on state & federal levels, and provide support and community awareness. To follow Hope please like her pages Commissioner Hope S. Harmon and Kasara’sVoice. Shout out to the new podcast on the block
June 25, 2020
Fatherhood: Being a black dad in America
In this episode I have two fathers Ray and Davey Dave who share there perspective on fatherhood and being a black man in society. We dive deep into systematic racism, protesting and more. If you are a father happy Father’s Day and please share this episode with other black fathers. Davey Dave has a YouTube channel with his son here is there Instagram
June 18, 2020
Politics : The Next Generation
Today I am chatting with Dujuan one of the youngest candidates for mayors. We are talking about how to start the race, the importance of voting and having your voice be heard. Please follow him on Facebook so you can watch his journey. As always leave a review and rate us. Join our Facebook group called Millennial Thoughts
June 11, 2020
Budgets Don’t Work for me.
Do you think budgets are out of date? Have they not been working for you? Well today I chat with Sierra and we talk about the importance of having multiple accounts and a high yield savings account so your money can work for you. If you enjoy these conversations please follow and connect with us on Instagram.
May 28, 2020
Want to start a business? Find our what it takes to be a soloprenuer
Hey today I’m chatting with soloprenuer Nia about transition from a student to creating a business. We chat about entrepreneurship, pivoting during covid and how to use your skills to create an income. If you like this episode make sure to rate and leave a comment
May 21, 2020
The realities of entrepreneurship
In this episode we talk with entrepreneur Sabriya who focuses on mental wellness and how she pivoted during the pandemic. She has a company called project passport an international retreat for women focusing on mental health.
May 16, 2020
Using LinkedIn to start your career
Lovelda chats about how she became an online coach helping women speak. She talks about leveraging her LinkedIn to help her personal brand. She went from finding people to book to getting booked. If you are starting your online brand make sure you get your profile right now
May 7, 2020
Being Authentically You : Your personal journey to self discovery
In this episode I am talking with author Tanya about purpose. What is your purpose? Do you know how to find it to be your authentic self. We dive into how to figure out passions and purpose. What you can do during this down time. We chat about how quarantine is helping us put things in perspective. Make sure to follow her on social media talking with Tanya and also download her ebooks and mixtapes. Subscribe and rate too!
May 1, 2020
Money Management 101
In this video I am talking with the bouijue budgeted mykail on creating systems for your money. Make sure you connect with her. CONNECTING WITH ME Website: Instagram: Twitter: Podcast: LinkedIn: RESOURCES Workbook: Code THOUGHTSPOD for your guests only Free resources: Newsletter: Varo Bank: Ally Bank: Marcus by Goldman Sachs:
April 23, 2020
Women in Leadership
In this episode I talk to Coach Tandee who helps women become leaders in their perspective fields. Whether that is entrepreneurship or working at a company. It is important for women to know they can take control of their own lives and be the girl boss they want to be. Join us in the conversation and let’s chat
April 16, 2020
52 nights owt: More to Life with Byron
Today’s episode I talk with Byron a blogger who turned his blog into a book to share his thoughts and ideas about how there is more to life then just a 9-5. We sometimes get caught up in life and forget about what we want out of our life. Join the conversation and cop his book on Amazon
March 19, 2020
How the job market affects millennials
In this episode I am joined with two of my college friends and we are discussing how society has painted this picture of the American dream. Only to realize that even if you do everything you are told in return it doesn’t always work
February 20, 2020
Stocks, Side Hustles and Student Debt
Money, money and more money. In this episode I talk millennial boss Julie about how she paid off her student debt started her side hustle and invest in stocks. As a millennial we know that debt is a huge barrier but Julie used her skills to create a side hustle which is selling on Etsy. Have you thought about doing that well tune into this episode and learn about the journey.
February 13, 2020
Is a dream to big? Keep your eyes on the prize.
In this episode we reflect on Kobe’s life and his impact. We recap my weekend in Los Angeles and talk about how a dream is not to big. Keep your eyes on the prize and hold on
February 6, 2020
These student loans won’t pay themselves
In this episode I discuss one thing that is holding millennials back. Student loans are the devil but I give you some humor and hustles you can do on the side to help your money flow. If you enjoyed the content please rate and subscribe . Episodes every Thursday a Moment of silence for the victims who passed away in the helicopter crash.
January 30, 2020
I have a degree but no Job. Life as a Millennial (Adulting 101) Intro Episode Degrees and Debt
In this episode we are discussing adulthood and all the things that come with it. The journey to self discovery, careers and just simply existing in life. Follow me on my journey @alieshiasadventures and rate the podcast.
January 23, 2020
Are you a frustrated millennial? Let’s dive in a conversation with author Eugenia.
In this episode we are talking about being a frustrated millennial. Graduating college and life after to building your brand as a a creative and not loosing sight in where you want to go. You can follow the author on Instagram at confessions of a frustrated millennial.
January 17, 2020
Building your brand while working a full time job
Hey millennials we are talking to the flyygirl destiny about her nonprofit flyygirl and how she gives back to her community, has a podcast and works full time. We are adulting out here while building our brand and business.
January 9, 2020
Motivation w/ Candace
We discuss motivation and how we shouldn’t loose it and ways to keep it. Make sure you follow us social media to keep up with us. Also check out Candance’s podcast mekarimentors. Please subscribe, rate and leave a review. Her ig is @aceisjoy
January 2, 2020
How to get free hotels, rental cars and flights to save on your budget!
Hey thanks for keeping up with the travel series the last episode is with my girl Destiny from Flyy girl adventures we talk about getting rewards and points for free hotel stays. We went on a civil rights tour and stayed in every HOTEL for free. Get your rewards for hotels and planes
December 5, 2019
Budget Travels : Hostels and Day Trips
In this episode I chat with my first international guest. Black kinsugi about traveling while in school, how she plans her trips and where she stays. She provides tips on finding great hostels and how to travel in Europe. She is planning her 60th country wow and she is only 25!!! You go girl make sure you check her out on twitter, Instagram and her podcast.
November 26, 2019
How to travel on a budget : cheap accommodations and transportation tips
Today I’m talking with Tai travels about traveling on a budget ways to save and a way to make money to fund your travel experience. Make sure to follow me on millennialthoughtspod and her on tripswithtai on Instagram
November 12, 2019
Melanin on the Map
Today I talk the Ashley Milani the founder and CEO of melanin on the map. Learn about how she created this app and how you to can create an app if you want to. Travel has endless opportunities. She created this app for minorities to see other minorities traveling. The app is free you can also be a travel agent on this app. You can travel with others you can book travel through an agent and get travel MERCH.
October 24, 2019
How to travel for free
In this episode I talk with travel blogger gabby also known on the web as packslight who discusses how she studied abroad for free, travels while having a 9-5 and provides travel opportunities on her blog site for everyone.
October 16, 2019
Jet setting the Caribbean with Emmanuela
Today we talk to Emmanuela a travel blogger for JetSetters diary as she travels the Caribbean, while working on her doctorate while having a full time job. She is a first generation Haitian American who has been traveling all her life. She hopes to make it to Africa one day and has a goal to go to every country in the Carribean.
October 15, 2019
Study Abroad w/ D.I.W.C
In this episode we talk to the founder of the Diversity of International Women of Color, Ms. Alhia. She started a nonprofit to help provide funds so women can study abroad. Follow her non profit on Instagram @ d.w.i.c
October 1, 2019
Tips to PAY off DEBT and Travel the WORLD
Today I talk with Danielle about traveling while paying off debt. She has great tips and tricks. She also has some dope content that will help you make sure you check it out. Budgeting Course: Solo Travel: Iceland Travel Guide:
September 19, 2019
Group trips with Zaakirah
Today I talk with fellow traveler Zaakirah about traveling with groups and going to Africa and finding love. She is also a speaker at the audacity fest. Make sure you check out the episode for some travel group gems.
September 12, 2019
Solo Traveling w/ Tiffany
In this episode we are talking about traveling. Whether you want to solo travel or start a blog Tiffany has done both and has some great advise and tipa
August 20, 2019
Adult Gap Year W/Stephanie Perry
Today I chat with Stephanie Perry also known on her platform as vaycarious. At 41 she took an adult gap year. She is here to tell you how, what and why. If you want to know how to travel the world on a budget and take gap year this is for you!
August 13, 2019
FINDING YOUR CAREER w/ Melanin Millennial
She is our Millennial Mogul because she is helping bridge the gap with helping Millennials find a career.Today I am interviewing Nikki she is a Career Consultant and Owner of Corporate Melanin Millennial, LLC. Corporate Melanin Millennial, LLC brings energy and authority to millennials by utilizing their passions to create a career they love. Social Media: @CorporateMelaninMillennial Personal: Knikole Make sure you like us on Facebook @ Millennial Thoughts Follow us on Twitter @Millennialthpod  Follow us on Instagram @Millennialthoughtspod Email us Subscribe, Rate and Comment 
July 30, 2019
Welcome back today Shantel and talk about the balance of a 9-5 with a side hustle and staying consistent. She is also doing a giveaway make sure you follow millennialthoughtspod on IG so you can see what it is. Don’t forget to subscribe, and rate
March 27, 2019
Post grad life
Millennial Mogul is Shantel her fitness apparel instagram is @xfitnesssapparel. We had a conversation about post grad life. If you would like to ask questions send an email at Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a comment on ig and twitter.
January 22, 2019
Millennial Mogul is Tezya her instagram is i_am_tezya. The thought of the day was $MoneyMoves. The link to the unstuck web series is Make sure you check it out. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe. The Instagram accounts are @thefinancebar @clevergirlfinance
January 16, 2019
Welcome back our millennial mogul is Alieshia @alieshiaadventures this her YouTube channel. Make sure you go check it out. Today we are discussing SMART goals. What goals do you have? Let us know and we end with some words of wisdom. Don’t forget to follow us and comment on our social media accounts.
January 8, 2019
How to not live in FEAR
And we are back, don’t start 2019 off wrong. Make sure you follow us on all social media accounts. Twitter: Millennialthpod. Instagram:millennialthoughtspod Facebook millennial thoughts
December 31, 2018
Today we are discussing burnout, stress and feeling overwhelmed. We have another Millennial Mogul Chelsea Ellis, you can follow her @chelseaellis95 on Instagram. Our words of wisdom came from a Ted Talk called Burnout Please don't forget to rate and subscribe and follow us on all of our social media sites. We would also appreciate if you nominated us for Best New Podcast of 2018 and for the Society and Culture category, for the 2018 Discover Pods Nominations. Here is the link Nominations close October 26th @ 6pm EST you also can check out my blog @
October 9, 2018
How to find your Passion, Purpose and Profit
Today we are discussing passion and purpose and realizing how we are still trying to find it. We have another millennial mogul and some words of wisdom. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and follow us on social media.
September 25, 2018
Race and Gender from a Millennial Perspective
This week we interviewed Tala and discussed race, gender and intersectionality. Join our co host as we dive in the conversation. Make sure you follow Tala on YouTube Don’t forget to Rate, Comment and subscribe and follow our social links.
September 11, 2018
Personal development
Shout out to our Millennial Mogul @leighlye you can find her on instagram We discuss the importance of personal development. We also share some word of wisdom from one of our favs. Like us on Facebook @ MillennialThoughts Follow us on twitter @millennialthpod Follow us on instagram @millennialthoughtspod Email us  Subscribe, Comment and rate *don't have the rights to the music*
August 28, 2018
Self Worth
This episode we have a powerful Millennial Mogul. We talk about self-worth We provide some Words of Wisdom for you all. Like us on Facebook @ MillennialThoughts Follow us on twitter @millennialthpod Follow us on Instagram @millennialthoughtspod Email us  Subscribe, Comment and follow
August 14, 2018
Welcome back in todays episode we are talking about Success We have our first Millennial Mogul We also have a surprise guest Stay tuned and thanks for listening As always follow us on our social media Like us on Facebook @ MillennialThoughts Follow us on twitter @millennialthpod Follow us on instagram @millennialthoughtspod Email us  Subscribe, Comment and follow
July 31, 2018
Hey Y'all
Welcome to Millennial Thoughts Like us on Facebook @ MillennialThoughts Follow us on twitter @millennialthpod Follow us on instagram @millennialthoughtspod Email us Subscribe, Comment and follow
July 24, 2018