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Million Dollar Esthetician

Million Dollar Esthetician

By Wik Verma
As a Bold Beauty Boss in the Beauty Business, you WILL make $1Million over your career.
If you make $40K/yr - it will take 25 years
If you make $100K/yr - it will take 10 years
If you make $250K/yr - it will take 4 short years

We get you there, FASTER by teaching and connecting you with other Bold Beauty Bosses that are already doing it. It takes only 1 NEW idea to double your business. We hope you find that idea here!
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Liliana Aranda LE Cmld saved $900K in her Beauty Business by just doing this ONE THING!

Million Dollar Esthetician

Dori Schmidt - She started her Beauty Business and SOLD Her Beauty Business! What???
Dori, is the Owner and works at Beauty Boss Society! She is Fun, Crazy, Funny and about 100 other things that I love! In this Episode Dori breaks down marketing, life lessons and what it takes to make it in the industry!
February 4, 2021
Jo Ann Irwin Diaz - Have Fun, Make $$$, Live your BEST Life Ever!
This is definitely one of my FAVORITE BOLD Beauty Boss Interviews. Jo Ann (AKA Jo Jo) shows the simplicity of what it takes to become a SIX-FIGURE ESTHETICIAN! In this episode we cover: 1. Tactics to assume control of conversations with Clients 2. How to Sell MORE Retail without being salesy & pushy 3. How to WORK LESS and MAKE MORE $$$ ... and so much more. We laughed, I cried, and we both learned from each other! Watch this, take notes, and take action. I loved speaking with Jo Jo and I appreciate her taking her time to share with you some tips and tricks to grow your business while making $$$. Enjoy and remember, we will go FURTHER TOGETHER!
January 14, 2021
Leanne's Retail went from $300/MONTH to $300 IN A DAY! This is Exactly How She Did IT!
Do you LIKE $$$? If you l̴i̴k̴e̴, LOVE $$$, then this ONE Video is for YOU! Increase your Retail sales, Make $$$, rule the world! From $300 a month to $300 IN A DAY in Retail Sales!! Leanne breaks down the EXACT FORMULA used to do $300 (I know it's pounds) in Retail during the New Year Holidays. See Exactly how she did it. If She can do it, SO CAN YOU!!! It works IF you work it! This video is 100% AWESOME!!
December 31, 2020
Samantha Ward - This Bold Beauty Boss is running more businesses than I have Fingers! AMAZING!!
Sam is an inspirational Dynamo! Her obsession with success and a "Whatever It Takes" mentality has created an Empire. She started with nothing and now has the following accomplishments: Registered Nurse, Aesthetician, Aesthetician Trainer, Author, Whole Saler, Six-Figure Business Owner, Hard work, determination, and the will to succeed have taken Sam to levels she never thought possible! If she could do it, so can YOU! Listen to this Interview, watch The Secret, Get off your bum, and get to work!!
December 31, 2020
Lana Ivanov, She struggled, she fell, she cried (but she didn't stay down)! Now check out her EMPIRE!
She struggled, she fell, she cried (but she didn't stay down)! Have you ever struggled to make $$$ in your beauty biz? Ever wonder “how am I going to make rent?” Lana, SOLD her jewelry just to cover the rent! When you talk about doing, “Whatever It Takes!” This is what it takes and Lana breaks it down for you. She struggled, she fell, she cried! But, she didn’t stay down! She got up, dusted herself off, straightened her crown, and got EXACTLY what she worked for, a six-figure empire. I hope you enjoy this inspirational story as much as I do... I literally love what I do because I get to share these stories with YOU!
December 23, 2020
Ebony Kimbrough - The TIPS in this Interview can DOUBLE (even TRIPLE) your beauty business. It works IF you WORK IT!
This interview is nothing short of AWESOME! Learn what it takes to run a MILLION DOLLAR Business What we covered: * How to let go of let downs? * How far can FAITH take you? * ALWAYS make money, because of this ONE thing (and it has nothing to do with sales) * How to FOCUS on your business (not care what's out there)? * And other AMAZING nuggets of knowledge. EK Professionals Permanent Cosmetics Institute LLC
December 19, 2020
Sandi Glandt lays it ALL OUT how to 2x, 3x, 4x your income! How much is Fear of Failure Costing your business? Let's Find Out!
A JAM-PACKED educational interview that can double your business. Knowledge is Power. It can take JUST ONE IDEA to revolutionize your business. How much is Fear of Failure Costing your business? Sandi Glandy lays it ALL OUT how to 2x, 3x, 4x your income * How To Balance Babies, Business & Beauty. * Failure Doesn't Define Your LIFE * How To Be An Example To Others (and your kids/family) * How To Learn To LIVE Your Life * + So MUCH MORE!! Follow and Contact Sandi for immediate help in your Beauty Biz! Sandi Glandt
December 18, 2020
Jamie Kellum keeps is RAW and REAL in this revealing interview. From $30K to $200K+
Jamie Kellum keeps is RAW and REAL in this revealing interview. With over 20 years of experience she covers: - How to minimize cancellations by investing more time into this ONE thing. - Grow your business by doing more of THIS and less of THIS. - Never have to chase after clients again. - And discover other MISSING LINKS Follow Jamie Glowing + Grace Having a mentor in business and life can dramatically increase revenue while minimizing unnecessary costs and headaches. Jamie can you show you how.. click the link below for more info and work with the Famous Jamie Kellum
December 11, 2020
Christina Stevenson - Waiting too Long cost Christina $250K! How much is it costing you?
Waiting too Long cost Christina $250K! How much is it costing you? "Christina Stevenson, you are a wealth of beauty business know-how!" A 20-year Industry leader, Christina has combined together her knowledge of Skin Care & Nutrition to help create "The best possible version of yourself" (and your business). Don't miss this interview where we Get REAL, break walls and barriers in the beauty industry and how to reach success, FASTER! @radianceguru
November 29, 2020
Shannon "SugarMama" O'Brien Sophia- From WELFARE Office to Sugaring EMPIRE (this is how she did it)!
Shannon "SugarMama" is a dynamite stick of knowledge and she is about to SET IT OFF in 3...2...1 BOOM!! Shannon "SugarMama" O'Brien Sophia is a sassy, passionate Body Sugaring pro who loves to not only sugar but educate the masses! She is a Branding Boss! In this interview, she'll share business advice that helped her build not only a business but an EMPIRE. She is energetic, passionate, and you can't help but love her. Sugarmama's Studios Love2Sugar
November 22, 2020
Agata Soldato- FROM Broken English, no contacts, new to Microblading TO: six-figure Bold Beauty Boss Booked SIX MONTHS OUT!
Agata is the definition of Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed. When Agata started her business she spoke Broken English, No Contacts, New to the Industry, but a WILL (smile & personality) to Succeed. Truly honored to speak with Agata and share her inspirational journey. POSH Permanent Makeup & Microblading Austin
November 20, 2020
Amber Lynn (Mind Blown)! Apply THESE business strategies to SKY ROCKET your sales TODAY!
10+ yrs of experience, 5-star salon manager, 80 mins of JAM PACKED info (that could have easily been 800 mins.) Amber The Lash & Brow Crafter
November 19, 2020
Liliana Aranda LE Cmld saved $900K in her Beauty Business by just doing this ONE THING!
Celebrity esthetician, former band mama + photog + art director Liliana Aranda LE Cmld shares her life and business experience. This is some of the best advice I have heard. FACES by Liliana.  She saved about $900,000 by just doing this ONE thing. (Shouldn't you learn how to do it?)  I love this interview because it helps put a spotlight that you are a BUSINESS-WOMAN as well as a Bold Beauty Boss. Liliana could have been on the show The Apprentice because the skills she shares in this video are the same skills used in Billion dollar Boardrooms. @facesbyliliana
November 18, 2020