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A Million in One

A Million in One

By Arooj Ashraf
Every day in the US, women start about 849 new businesses. But only 4.2% of all women-owned firms have revenues of 1 million or more. It's time this statistic become a double digit reality. On a mission to help 100 women own build million-dollar businesses in the next 5 years, Arooj has created a foolproof 9-week business accelerator to take brilliant ideas and turn them into big profits.

This show is about empowering women to build million-dollar empires with strong business foundations and heart focused service - Sharing stories of inspirational women creating impact with their passions.
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Ep16: Elizabeth Yang: Build an experience that takes strangers to raving fans

A Million in One

Soft Landing: APP for professional women escaping abuse & trauma
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 30% of women experience domestic violence and some form of partner abuse. While many organizations exist to assist women with reclaiming their lives, livelihood and finances there is one group of women that still remain marginalized. Professional, high achieving women are often overlooked as a group that needs support. My guest Suzanne Freyjadis is stepping in with a unique app exclusively for professional women to fill in this gap. In this episode we discuss the the various level of self actualization most professional women struggle with identifying as a victim in need of assistance. Or struggle to seek help because they fear the professional consequences of being associated with being a victim.  Recognizing the early signs of behavior changes and creating a safe space for women from all levels of society to discuss their needs and have access to resources is the driving force behind this app. Join us in this important discussion and try the beta version of the app at Soft Landing Society:
January 20, 2021
Ep:24 Combating loneliness with care packages
When you can't be there in person to share the love, send a small package. Curated boutique packages make it easy to be connected in times when it's not physically possible.  Julie Schechter is a Harvard law graduate and relationship wellness expert focusing on loneliness, millennial isolation, and how we can foster strong long-distance connections with our networks. She is also the founder and CEO of Small Packages, a curated care package company that sends love when you cannot be there in person. Julie's work and opinions have been featured in numerous international publications, including The Everygirl, Elite Daily, and she was recently awarded a Visionary Women Grant by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. Small Packages offers curated care packages that send love when you can't be there in person. Small Packages are organized by 16 different life-event themes, from birthday celebrations, to breakups, to simply saying "Thank You". Choose what kind of love you want to send to someone special in just 5 minutes at
May 27, 2020
Ep:25 Banish Chaos: How to de-clutter your life and d thrive in a post Covid 19 world
Raheela James is a blogger and a Family Empowerment Guide. She blogs at Mommy’s Business 101 Raheela guides and empowers moms to Declutter and Organize their lives and households. Raheela is a wife and mom of 4 amazing children. She has 2 Masters degrees: A Masters in Physical Therapy and a Master’s in Business Administration. In 2013 Raheela’s life became chaotic, and her home became cluttered because she returned to school to get a business degree and had to spend a significant portion of her time studying, raising her children, and running her home. At that time, Raheela began to implement specific systems and techniques into her life and household. The use of these systems decreased the clutter, chaos, and overwhelm in Raheela’s home. Raheela has focused time on her family and passions with less stress and more freedom to do what matters most to her. Her children have adopted these techniques as well. Raheela works with moms to help them improve their cluttered homes and manage their overwhelmed and chaotic lives. Raheela uses a unique model that she has created specifically to help moms Declutter and Organize their lives and households. To find out more about what Raheela does or to have a virtual cup of tea, book a call with Raheela at Check out Raheela’s blog at and sign up to her email list to gain insight on techniques that you can use to lead a more clutter free and organized life. Social media links Facebook: Mommy’s Business 101 LinkedIn: Raheela James, MPT, MBA Instagram: Twitter: Enroll In the Course:
May 22, 2020
Ep: 23 A Girl With Many Secrets Shares her Gifts
The roller coaster of life took Sarah Tomlinson through many obstacles, from health to emotional trauma. She found solace in painting the feminine shapes and now uses her talent to empower women through art and portraiture.  This gifted lady is on a mission to help women recognize their truest self through imagery, and by sharing her secrets she is making women feel complete.  Visit her site at:
May 22, 2020
Ep22: Does Success Turn you ON?
Unleash your optimal success and abundance with self-pleasure. Our expert Lucy Charlotte Brand uses mind and body techniques to unlock trauma hidden within bodies so driven women can experience the power of unleashing their Goddess within.  She is a firm believer that when women can come share their stories they are able to thrive, collaborate and create the life of their dreams.   Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
May 06, 2020
Ep21: How to build a successful online business
With over 19 years of experience as a high performance and leadership coach Lee Stemm gets right to the core of the problem new entrepreneurs are facing daily that is causing not just overwhelm but financial defeat. With a background in psychology, Lee focuses on leading mindset with practical strategies that propel business growth.  In this conversation, Lee and Arooj discuss the blueprint of building a successful online business that is founded on passion, skills, and strategies for success.  Work with Lee visit:
May 01, 2020
Ep20. 3 Steps to Thriving: The Pandemic Parenting Toolkit
In unprecedented times parenting is facing new challenges and Dr. Teri Rouse is on a mission to help parents and children thrive in this chaos.  Introducing her new program CALM SEAS she has designed a toolkit for parents to introduce and adapt activities that will engage and nurture the emotional needs of their children, while helping the parents find inner peace. Listen in as she highlights three steps she recommends for thriving in this tense situation. Dr. Rouse has 17 years of teaching experience and is an award-winning author, international speaker. Dr. Teri works with various community groups and activities including The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), "Light It Up Blue" for Autism, Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Philadelphia, and Lily's Loop of The Lily’s Hope Foundation.  She is an advocate for people with disabilities through her association with the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). For more information on her latest program, Ride he Wave to Calm S.E.A.S. (Social, Emotional, Academic Success): Tips and Tools so you can THRIVE not just SURVIVE go to
April 21, 2020
Ep.19: Refunds & Guarantees Increase Dissatisfaction and Hurt Sales
Designing an offer to sell shouldn't give customers a loop hole to not actively participate. Allysin Lombard shares 7 ways to high converting sales system with Blaze Strategies. Allysin Michelle Lombard is the founder, and director of sales and marketing for BLΔZE Business Strategies, a sales consultancy that helps coaches and consultants to close more sales on the phone, using sales copywriting, and confidence building for phone sales. Before devoting her work full-time to BLΔZE Business Services, she served as a research assistant, public speaker, and professor of practice at Regent University, Bryant & Stratton College, The China International Personnel Training Centre, Jianghan University, Xundeda Educational Consultancy, The University of Hong Kong, New Channel International Education Consultancy, and The University of Arizona. More recently, Ally has worked with Williamsburg Timeshares, the Anderson Financial Network, Inc. (AFNI), STI, and Medicare Health Benefits, an Independent Broker. While working in this capacity, Ally landed #2 on the lead gen board, was named a VIP Top-25 rep, converted 44.3% of inbound sales calls, and connected 61.5% of inbound, and 16.5% of outbound sales calls.  Creating success for reps, including an increase of 700% connection rates using scripts that she wrote, and training that she provided, Ally decided to offer her script-building and confidence-building services as a consultant, for other coaches and consultants to close more clients, create more business, and help more people. BLΔZE Business Strategies was started with the mission to empower and equip business owners, especially coaches and consultants, with the skills to make consistent sales, and to be able to make a meaningful impact for their clients. The mantra for BLΔZE Business Strategies is CREATING CONFIDENT LEADERS. Ally is reachable at 520-409-5039 and at and she looks forward to helping you build your business, and better serve your clients.
April 17, 2020
Ep18: Optimal Health Begin's in the Mind
Dr. Jennifer Shaw has been in the health and wellness field for over 15 years. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a keynote speaker for a billion dollar international health and wellness company and a sought after yoga instructor with expertise in anatomy, alignment, and injury prevention. She helps her clients overcome emotional and physical blocks to reach their optimal health through the creation of simple habits that anyone can incorporate into a daily routine. She is passionate about this subject because in 2009 she was struck by a car while riding her bike and lived through 8 months of pain pills, followed by years of chronic pain. She uses her journey back to thriving as the base of support for those she helps. Website: Podcast: Instagram:
April 10, 2020
Ep17: Make Money A Partner In Spiritual Businesses
Meaghan is the founder of a company called Sacred Numbers Finance. She offers CFO services to 6 & 7 figure spiritual businesses. She likes to refer to herself as a Chief Abundance Officer and infuses the woo-woo into the financial! Sacred Numbers Finance has been in business for almost 2 years and Meaghan also offer Money Coaching to anyone looking to change their money mindset and set themselves up for success. Right now, Meaghan is enrolling people in her Abundance Alchemy Group Coaching program. You can find more information on her website, Meaghan Wall Chief Abundance Officer Sacred Numbers Finance IG: @sacrednumbersfinance
April 08, 2020
Ep16: Elizabeth Yang: Build an experience that takes strangers to raving fans
Customers are the lifeline of every business, creating an exceptional experience that turns them into loyal raving fans is not an organic process.  There are specific strategies that businesses must adapt to curate a journey that keeps clients coming back for more, year after year. Luckily, our guest today has created the perfect system for small business experience to make big gains.  Elizabeth Yang is a business elevation expert specializing in customer experiences and leadership through social growth. She’s also a  certified Predictive Index partner. She helps business leaders gain financial benefits from building a customer-first organization that invests in inclusive global community experiences. She shows them how to build a profitable, customer-first organization with strength-based teams and build a social network to help achieve goals. She is a  speaker, trainer, and advisor that has worked with many global leaders and brands to get seen, heard, and connected to monetize. Work wth Elizabeth:
March 31, 2020
Ep 5: Izdihar Jamil: A Sales A Day Queen
LET’S OVERCOME SELF-DOUBT AND MAKE A PERFECT SALES DAY! . “If doubt and poor sales is an issue, tune-in to the next eye-opening  and inspiring broadcast of MILLION IN ONE, as your host Arooj Ashraf  interviews her next guest Dr. Izdihar Jamil where they will be covering  techniques which will help in the Department of Sales which will also  encourage confidence to our overall business strategy - And now you can  listen to the very details of this inspiring and eye-opening episode of  Million in One
October 23, 2019
Ep:7 Shweta Dawar: Bots that convert
DO YOU KNOW HOW THE USE OF AUTOMATED MESSENGER BOTS CAN BE UTILIZED TO LUCRATIVELY BUILD YOUR BRAND? . “Tune-in to the next eye-opening and inspiring broadcast of MILLION IN  ONE, as your host Arooj Ashraf interviews her next guest Shweta Dawar,  Marketing Strategist. Hey, whether we like it or not, automation and the  rise of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) can literally thrive  hand-in-hand together with Humanity. Shweta talks about the savvy way of integrating bots to boost business engagement and building relationships with clients so they go from lurking around your content to avid consumers. 
October 09, 2019
Ariana Doakes: Fall in Love with Budgeting
DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE IMPORTANCE TO UNDERSTANDING THE NUMBERS TO YOUR  SMALL BUSINESS? If not, you better, because numbers do not lie. . “Tune-in to the next eye-opening and inspiring broadcast of MILLION IN  ONE, as your host Arooj Ashraf interviews her next guest Ariana Doakes,  A.K.A. The Badass Budget Babe, where they will be talking about the  importance owning your business and the importance of knowing,  understanding, and in loving the numbers to your business. Hey, let’s  face it, if we do not place any type of statistical analysis to the numbers of our business in either profit,  loss, or trends (well) you are either irresponsible, wreckless or both.  In this episode, you will tap into the World of Money Management as far  as it pertains to your Small Business - And now you can listen to the  very details of this inspiring and eye-opening episode of Million in One
September 18, 2019
Rachelle Millar: Wealth & Health Come With Purpose
DO YOU BELIEVE THAT TIME AND MONEY DOES NOT EXIST? Do you believe that  living your life’s Purpose can lead to a Healthier and Wealthier YOU? . “If so, then please tune-in to the next inspiring episode of MILLION IN  ONE, as your host Arooj Ashraf interviews her next guest Rachelle  Millar, another inspiring Entrepreneur, but this time around coming from  the beautiful country of New Zealand - Don't miss this inspiring interview and come prepared to absorb the exceptional nuggets of wisdom that this endearing conversation shares and reveals - And now you can listen to the very details of this inspiring and eye-opening episode of Million in One…
September 12, 2019
Mariana Silva Buck: Raising future entrepreneurs
HAVE YOU EVER COME ACROSS AN IDEA FOR AN ENTREPRENEURAL VENTURE? But  (guess what) such an idea so happens to come from the very mind of your own child – How do we nurture and encourage such creativity to come into being - manifesting such a brilliant potential idea into a surging and successful family business?  When life gives you lemons make lemonade. This Mom & Daughter duo  are taking the traditional American lemonade experience to a new level that opens up to the world in many ways. . “In this Global Debut broadcast of MILLION IN ONE, your inspiring host  and entrepreneur herself, Arooj Ashraf, dives into the mind, heart and soul of Mariana Silva Buck, an exceptional mother who has raised into being a strong entrepreneur daughter, Sofia. Eight-year-old Sofia is the creative genius behind Little Maven Lemonade that launched in  Rhode Island, with three international flavors of lemonade.  As a  survivor of domestic violence Mariana advocates for financial  independence and her inspiration for educating her daughter with the entrepreneurial spirit. Please tune-in to the global premiere of this  inspiring and highly-anticipated show where it will empower women to  build million-dollar empires with strong business foundations and heart focused service.
September 04, 2019