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By Norman Chen
Norman Chen is a Rich to Poor to Rich Businessman who dreams of becoming a Millionaire Businessman ONCE MORE.
Currently, Norman Chen’s focus is on passive income coaching program and make million more dollars.
Ultimately, Norman Chen really wants to make passive continuous income for retirement and prepare for life long uncertainties and impermanence.
Right this minute, Norman Chen would be ecstatic if he could find way to make for million more dollars , mindfully plan everything in future based on uncertainties and impermanence, and make 3 passive continuous incomes however small the amount
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Stop Lying To Yourself
My journey to taking uncomfortable actions started and I am feeling great because I see my transformation into a different being from last 5 years. If you join me in this transformation journey we will become unrecognisable for the next 5 years.
January 29, 2021
Energise Body and Mind to Reach Potential
In doing daily exercises for body and mind you are effectively giving opportunities for you to live your potential towards a successful life. Follow me weekly to energise your body and mind.
January 23, 2021
Meditation Interviewed
I am sharing my interviews with you throughout my journey!
December 20, 2020
Restaurant Profitability Revamp
If you’re a restaurant owner who really wants to know how to really make this work for you, take a couple of minutes to join this Restaurant Profitability Revamp Summit Live on 27 to 29 October with 30 worldwide experts sharing their advises at
September 14, 2020
What is A Million More Dollars
A Million More Dollars is more than money it is about the invaluable treasures we can take with us end the end of destiny. It is about leading a BIG Purposeful life, It’s about health of our consciousness, sharpness of our awareness, power of concentration and right attitude. You are slogging out and squeezing between the minutes before you rush off but you have another email to send out, and then another what’sapp message that came in 3 mins ago that needs an urgent reply! You blew your top just 5 minutes ago because there was a complaint that you didn’t admit to yet but you are furious with the staff who didn’t follow up.
August 27, 2020
The Three Musketeers For A Million More Dollars and Limitless Happiness.
3 hats your need to have to the road of success.
August 16, 2020
Our Voice Within for A Million More Dollars and Almost Unlimited Happiness
The Journey starts inside you!  “When there’s no one else Look inside yourself Like your oldest friend Just trust the voice within Then you’ll find the strength That will guide your way You’ll learn to begin To trust the voice within Oh” Lyrics from THE VOICE Insight into “self” To trust the voice within is what I lived by every minutes…hour…day…months…and years over my past 6 years. It was 7 years ago when I was depressed after my loss of 20 year-old business, shut for good by the ex-military government because of a jealous competitor. In 2014, chanced upon a powerful Monk who ordained me as a Monk, I learnt Vipassana Meditation under his guidance. My entire life changed. Fast forward 6 years, I met Russell Brunson on virtual 2 Comma Club X LIVE on my 52nd birthday. My entire life changed. 2. I am now determined to change your life and my life together. First, you must trust the Voice Within. The voice within is alive inside you, deeply embedded between Mind and Body. Have a conversation between your body and mind. Talk to your body and talk to your mind daily for as long as possible. Ask questions and don’t hope for an immediate answer. I promise you will change your life forever. 3. I am embarking on a journey to make a million more dollars. I want to bring changes to your old belief and make you that million more dollars. First, you must join ONE FUNNEL AWAY. The One Funnel Away Challenge! “Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of ClickFunnels. Their results are not typical and your… Second, you must commit your time and effort, U Turn may be allowed, but trust me please persevere and go all the way! I am your lifeguard to teach you lifesaving skills and to pull you out of the deep end when you need help (check out my podcast on The Safety Net) I am with you all the way….connect with me by or facebook @ahamomentum. 4. Your new attitude should be “to stop doing what you are doing and start doing what you always wanted to do”. 5. Russell Brunson, a cofounder of ClickFunnels, does not need your $100 (fully refundable) but your commitment to change your life. Russell has changed my life forever and the powerful Monk changed my life forever. NOW, my turn to change your life forever. Many of you are my long-time-friends reading this. If I can do it you can do the same to change the lives of those around you that you loved and you know. Spend time with your love ones comfortably working from home with monthly passive income from affiliate links. Do the same as I do! Get paid effortlessly by helping others make million more dollars.
August 16, 2020
Substitute A Million More Dollars for Almost Unlimited Happiness
Sensation in our Body and Mind! Every sensation is different and never the same one a second ago. Our sensation gets SUBSTITUTED, a new one comes and the old is gone forever and another NEW come and replace the old. The same with money, when you spent a dollar, the old dollar is gone, and a new dollar will “find you”. Your current dollar you have now will “diminish” too, it is not yours to keep forever. A new dollar will come and substitute that old dollar which is gone. Get my point, if not, please read again and contemplate on my previous episodes. I am available at if anyone has any further questions or feedback. By “talking” I mean conversation using the voice within! If you have opened the channel of communication between voice within, mind and body, the Psychologist called it Theory of Mind, you are in for a ride on a Rolls Royce towards the end of this destiny (choose a Toyota 4 wheel truck, which will also take you there to the end of same destiny, except the ride may not be as smooth). We are not cursed but blessed by the ability to “talk” within. The pain, the sore, the itch…all these sensations can be “talk” to. The implication is huge! Are you following me so far? An internal monologue, also called self-talk, inner speech, inner discourse or internal discourse, is a person’s inner voice which provides a running verbal monologue of thoughts while they are conscious. It is usually tied to a person’s sense of self. It is particularly important in planning, problem solving, self-reflection, self-image, critical thinking, emotions, and subvocalization. Your daily experience is caused by the 6 senses! You see, you taste, you smell, you hear, you touch and you remember! These senses on contact with an internal and external stimulus may RESULT in greed, craving, anger, sadness, and happiness. By talking to your mind you can review before every decision making process; you can influence course of action; you can slow down your reactions; you can put in the time to seek clarity; you can sell differently; you can serve bigger purposes. Talking to your mind is connecting inside your head between left brain and right brain. There is the emotional side of the brain and there is logical side of the brain. Please manually connect them…establish a clear path! You are less likely to make mistake when making a decision involving left and right brain (EQ and IQ) therefore less unlucky in your decision making. Check out: The Science of the Voices in your Head — with Charles Fernyhough I will introduce you to my “lifeguard” who will give you permission to stop doing what you are doing and start doing what you always wanted to do.
August 13, 2020
My Greed for A Million More Dollars and Almost Unlimited Happiness
How many of you have a MILLION $ to lose? Show your hands please! How many of you here lost a MILLION $, made a MILLION $, only to lose a MILLION MORE $? I expected only one hand up and that’s my HAND! 2. Where was my JOURNEY? In 2004, I was blinded by GREED when I ventured into CAMBODIA, where I believed the same working model in BURMA, which I “cut and paste” into Cambodian culture. It was a MILLION $ mistake! So 6 years later, after A MILLION $ in losses, I was forced to pack up and return to the country of BURMA, poorest nation in the world, where I made the MILLION that I lost. I’m not the only one working for democracy in Burma — there are so many people who have worked for it because they believe that this is the only way we can maintain the dignity of our people. Aung San Suu Kyi Read more at The year 2013 was an excellent tourist year in BURMA, business sentiment was great after the Junta took off their uniform and ran a civilian government from year 2000. We fine dined, drank aged single-malt and ate marbled Wagyu Beef. All these happening in a 3rd world country, poorest in the world, one of the most hated Military Regime in the world, the country of BURMA or MYANMAR (new name). IMPERMANENCE RULES. the state or fact of lasting for only a limited period of time. Man suffers because of his craving to possess and keep forever things which are essentially impermanent.— Alan Watts Everything in life is just for a while.— Philip K. Dick Lost all my A MILLION $ in October 2013, when a group of ex-army government staff, instigated by a jealous competitor, “invaded” and shut my F&B business which was 20 year old. I remember until today, watching the rifled soldiers surrounded my acre big office and my heart sank between my knees! That was my A MILLION LESS $ experience! 3. How many of you could withdraw a A MILLION $ out of your bank account at any one time? You could only DREAM and WISH! The problem with WISH is that until there is an ACTION it won’t have a chance to realize. To put into ACTION a thought, an idea, there must be first a clear channel of communication between MIND and BODY. Only then you can structure a plan to accomplish your WISH. 4. What is GREED? Along the way in fulfilling your WISH, the GREED always creep in. It will cloud that channel of communication necessary to making good decision. A decision however cost me A MILLION $. Instead of doing proper research on the ground first and actually ask myself deeply WHY am I going into Cambodia? I withdrew A MILLION $ and dumped into the “fire” when in Cambodia year 2004. The lesson to making A MILLION MORE $ for me is first to stop being GREEDY. 5. Why are we GREEDY? a. Born GREEDY? b. Nurtured into GREED? GREED fueled by CRAVING is caused by DESIRE. DESIRE is caused by FEELING. To cut off FEELING is to cut off DESIRE. 6. How to cut off the fuel to FEELING. a. You develop FEELING when you see a good looking person walking towards you. b. You develop FEELING when you see hear your most favorite song. c. You develop FEELING when you are scaled by hot water. There is a “contact” with by external stimulus on 6 senses therefore your FEELING evolve. If you can cut of the “contact” you can cut FEELING. 7. How do you cut off “contact”? a. Don’t answer your friend’s phone call or chat, you will be cut off of any FEELING after awhile. b. Friends close to you won’t be close friends if you refuse to answer their calls over a period of time. CUT! c. Without fuel and fire, smoke won’t appear! Isn’t that easy enough to understand. So you can now walk out of here feeling good? CUT! 8. What is a MILLION MORE $? In next episode we discover and set up your SAFETY NET. 9. Who am I? Rich to Poor to Rich. a My first 20 years, from 1995 to 2015, spent in the POOREST nation of the world, the country of BURMA, were very turbulent times, Ms. Aung Sun Su Kyi was arrested, release and re-arrested and riots were common!
August 8, 2020
The Momentum for A Million More Dollars and Almost Unlimited Happiness
How many of you are business owners busy with daily operations? The last 25 years as a businessman in F&B business, I rolled up my sleeves daily and got my hands dirty. I always felt satisfaction if I lead by example, believed that only through getting my hands dirty that my companies will succeed. In previous episodes, you discovered Lifeguard who was crucial to pull you out of drowning moment. In this episode, your Lifeguard will make you realize that the Lifesaving skills are so very important to have early on in life so that you shouldn’t have waited 20 years (I did) of blind-hard-work to end up drowning in shallow water. Finally, you need to tap on your MOMENTUM to practice, rehearse and MASTER your Lifesaving skills. A Lifeguard saves life. A greater Lifeguard guides you to see the problem and the path to solution. A Lifeguard saves life. A greater Lifeguard guides you to see the problem and the path to solution. And with your instinct and resourcefulness, you will find solution for the problem. Do you solve problem yourself or do you consolidate your resources, strategies and systems for others to solve your problem? Do you have the magical skill to uncover the cause and effect, the fuel for the fire and the smoke, and to observe the destination of the smoke? My story of Rich Poor Rich started in year 1997 to 2014. I lost a million $ in 2004 in Cambodia. I made a million $ in Myanmar and lost it again in 2013 in Myanmar. I am RICH again this time in my heart, I learnt from a famous MONK 6 years ago the TRUTH, TRUTH of the purpose of LIFE. I want to journey with you to make A MILLION MORE $. Please let me know if you are interested by sending me an email Lifesaving skills includes having knowledge and experience on how to make passive income. In passive income, there are many types, one that came to my mind is stock market to compound your money through dividends and/or increase in valuation of share prices. I am not interested in this for now. The other passive income that I am really interested in is affiliate’s income. This is where you put into your funnel affiliates program for your visitors to be interested in. I am learning this from Russell Brunson the co-founder of Click Funnel. His inner circle makes $10,000 to $30,000 a month in commission with affiliate funnel. When you have affiliates funnel in place you are ready to do what you love and love what you do. You can stop doing what you are doing and start to do what you always wanted to do. The affiliate funnel is the most effective and yet the simplest lifesaving skills I learned in my life. So let’s do it. Email me now to rock and roll. So MOMENTUM is a force of energy within you that propels you into action and thoughts. This MOMENTUM is so powerful it changes life. However, the MOMENTUM can be short lived so you need to know how to ignite and keep it flowing. a. Simplicity will feed MOMENTUM with the right fuel to keep burning. b. Push your old belief down the cliff to get MOMENTUM. c. Clarity of communication, the channel of communication between body and mind, and awareness are most important to keep MOMENTUM coming back. d. Slow down, observe, let the MOMENTUM emit the energy, the flow and strategies for an owner and delegate to your manager put systems into place. e. Impermanence rules. So you must have MOMENTUM to check the fall (safety net in earlier episodes) and consolidate for the upswing with ignition of MOMENTUM through your communication skill (see episode below). e. Impermanence rules. So you must have MOMENTUM to check the fall (safety net in earlier episodes) and consolidate for the upswing with ignition of MOMENTUM through your communication skill (see episode below).
August 8, 2020
The Ups and Downs of A Million More Dollars and Almost Unlimited Happiness
The constant rising and falling is disgusting! Your disgust is your call to action to remove the fuel to the fire. There is always something that will rob you of your attention. You feel you cannot control your time it is constantly slipping away. Finally, you grabbed a hold of some time, a phone call from your Mom took another 10 minutes away. Phew! Now you caught up with paperwork and plan to head home from a problematic workday. As you get out of your chair, BING, your customer’s email snug into your inbox. It is a complain about the missing delivery your staff forgot to make….you need to react to another “important” email. Impermanence creates craving and turns into desire that calls for a response (reaction) which eventually becomes a habit. Once you develop a habit your particular belief system is fixed and you will find it very hard to unhook or change. Without a response (reaction) to fuel there is no fire of desire and the same for craving. The fuel to Impermanence is craving and hence desire. So how do you remove desire? What is fueling desire? Sign up to my email for more details. 2. You have a voice within. It is a great “lifesaving” skill and very important you become expert at using the voice within. We are blessed with this voice within and if you use it correctly it will change your life forever. If you don’t use the voice within or view it as your enemy it will become noise in your head! Your voice within will open all the communication channels. It is similar to the channel you setup and subscribe video clips to in YOUTUBE to watch or remind you of your favorite clips. Once the channel is open it is like your genie of the lamp in Aladdin. If you are interested hangout with me, I will cover more details in next episodes by email Have you wondered where the smoke of the fire is heading? It is similar to your Body and Mind after you die? Where are you (Self) heading to after your physical death? 3. What are some of the Impermanence in our daily life? a. Stock market is always up and down and it brings happiness one day and misery the next. Hundreds of millions of people are still in the game despite the rise and fall! Why are millions of people still engaged despite being miserable? Only 1% of the Investors in Stock Market are occasional winners. b. Love is in the air. One moment it is love another moment the same love turns to hate. The ups and downs are disgusting! Most of you don’t learn from our last heartbreak, kept falling in and out of love. Like the tumbler of the washing machine twisting and turning us back into the cycle of Love, tumbling round and round again! c. One day you woke up lethargic and another day energized. You are feeling energized today, felt really good, then you desire for more, for every day to be the same. So you try to eat Keto diet, Burpee 30 times every morning, and do everything you did before to try to replicate that energized day. Fueling the Fire! Form a habit that concrete the belief.
August 6, 2020
A Lifeguard for A Million More Dollars and Almost Unlimited Happiness
“Help, Help, Help!” The mother of the 6 year-old-girl leaped into the deep end of the pool to try reach out to her girl, it was one big jump! Clamored on by the girl both of them now gasping for air while squeaking out their final HELP! HELP! HELP!…their very last breath diminishing from their collapsed lungs. There was no “LIFEGUARD” and the mother had no clue about “LIFESAVING”! How many of you, show your hand, feels like you have a “last breath” in you especially in your business? Last week, I searched on Google and YouTube for a guide on “how to close your restaurant business”! I was drowning and I needed a “LIFEGUARD” because I had no “LIFESAVING” skill! 2. Did you shuttled your restaurant for good because you ran out of cash? The rent you owed to your landlord were piling up. You had to terminate your favorite Waitress and Chef! You felt like you have a swallow super-glue. The more you move the harder it is to move. In due time the super-glue dried you aren’t moving anymore…no MOMENTUM…no ENERGY. 3. What’s my story? Recently, I closed my restaurant BISTRO at 82nd after 5 years. Fired all my favorite people. Fresh COVID wounds are everywhere. From a SUPERHOST on AIRBNB SERVICED APARMENTS, now 4 months later I have $0.00 revenue month after month since March 2020. Recently, I went into the CLICK FUNNEL by pure accident because it kept popping up on my Facebook. Luckily I did! 4. What did I learn? After 4 weeks of intense training by Russell Brunson, I am feeling like a MILLION MORE $ RICH. a. My “yellow brick road to my OZ ” quote Stacy Martino. I found how I could add value to change lives. b. One of the best lessons by Tony Robbins and Alex Chafen. To DELEGATE and focus on putting in place strategies and systems to move from an Artist, Business OPERATOR to a Business OWNER (Entrepreneur) c. I learned to push my old BELIEF down the cliff and becomes TEACHABLE. d. I found MY VOICE through rehearsal, practice and practice on publishing podcast and blog. e. THE WHY NOT THE WHO AND WHAT .… so much more to learn. Let’s hop on the train together to get A MILLION MORE $.
August 4, 2020
My Safety Net for A Million More Dollars and Almost Unlimited Happiness
I am “one foot away” from 58-floor, 664-foot-tall (202 m) free fall from the top of TRUMP TOWER. SCARED OUT OF MIND? NOPE, NOT AT ALL! Why are you HIGH up there in the first place? What are you doing up on TOP of TRUMP TOWER? In this episode, you are on your way to A MILLION MORE $! Up on top of Trump Tower is where you hangout because the best of the best reside there! How to make FIRST MILLION $? I am not interested in talking about this. If you are here for that can you please STOP reading and LEAVE now! This episode isn’t for you instead go to CLICK FUNNEL, search for RUSSELL BRUNSON, and join the TWO COMMA CLUBX. There you learn how you make your FIRST MILLION $! To make it easy for your to make FIRST MILLION $, I enclosed my affiliate link below. 2. How to keep that FIRST MILLION $? I am less interested in talking about this today too. Look for earlier episodes where I wrote about this if not wait for the next episodes on this topic. Please send me an email to remind me to share with you! 3. How to make A MILLION MORE $? YESSS! Here’s WHY: We, ENTREPRENEURS, are ON OUR WAY, in a JOURNEY together to “yellow brick road to see our OZ” said Stacy Martino, so as to achieve A MILLION MORE $! My STORY is about Rich to Poor to Rich. I lost A Million $ in the year 2004 when I invested in my F&B business in Cambodia and then lost A Million $ in 2013 in Myanmar to an “invasion”. Making the FIRST MILLION $, you can learn from Russell Brunson. Keeping the FIRST MILLION $, you can learn from your Banker or from earlier episode on GREED. Together, you and I will journey to A MILLION MORE $ to attain UNLIMTED WEALTH, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. Ask questions, ask not HOW or WHAT! The question YOU must ask is WHY! (explain “YOU”, email me at A. One step at a time Our brain fires at 60 bits per second. It is so fast that you are oblivious to the fact that one thing can happen at any one time only in the brain. So all the multi-tasking basically mean that it is BS. You just aren’t quick enough to notice the “one step at a time” process that takes place in your head! Focus on completing one task at a time before moving on the next! You have to get this into your head. Check out my 1 MINUTE SECRETS. During your practice of One Step at A Time, there will be distractions and noises. Don’t fight those distractions or noises! Your body and mind doesn’t like it when you fight back. AVERSION is one of the fuel to the fire of SUFFERING. Stephan Larsen had a fantastic speech “Just In Time Learning” on at Funnel Hacking Live 2019. A Safety Net to catch your fall. Christian Renaldo spent 18 million to get a floor on top of Trump Tower. The SKY High ladder is where the most successful people handout? First you must be in his environment which means you need to start climbing the right LADDER (next episode) to reach as high as possible. Don’t forget there are risks and the higher you climb the harder you fall. This is where SAFETY NET comes in play. What are the SAFETY NETS: BELAYING Belaying refers to a variety of techniques climbers use to exert tension on a climbing rope so that a falling climber does not fall very far. A climbing partner typically applies …We need a SYSTEM to support us in our ascend to the highest rung of the LADDER to reach to the ELITES-influencer of the people of this world. They can change lives within seconds (WHY). If you fall you have a system in place to stop the fall. The system of belaying helped people to enjoy success of rock climbing ascending to the highest mountain. It is so simple and yet so life-saving important. In life, the most simple system is also the most important system! In the system it must include Meditation, your daily TALK, your “short cuts” to better concentration, less distractions, Wisdom and many more. LIFESAVING
August 2, 2020
Secrets to Almost Unlimited Happiness
After the 7 episodes you will learn to: 1. LISTEN to your Body, pay attention to those “twinkles and itches”. 2. OBSERVE your Intention, taking NOTE of words from your mouth, actions of your thoughts. 3. SEIZE your dreams that PREY on your vulnerable MIND. There are so much to learn and yet so little time LEFT! HURRY UP and CONNECT WITH ME! I PROMISE to share with you HOW to achieve Endless HAPPINESS. In return I want your COMMITMENT to me by emailing me that “I want The SECRETS to Endless HAPPINESS” and email me at I will share my INCREDIBLE skills with you. My name is Norman from Singapore.
August 2, 2020
Aha Aha Aha!
After listening to Tony Robin, I had 3 incredible Aha moments which I think are essential for our journey to Million More $. My story is Rich to Poor to Rich after 25 years in business across 3 countries. I am now Rich in my Heart. Join me to get A Million More $.
August 2, 2020