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Milspouse Conversations

Milspouse Conversations

By Milspouse Conversations
Real Raw. Real Topics. Real Conversations.
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Meet Our Conversation Starter Julie Provost
Julie Provost has been a military spouse for 15 years. Her husband has served in the active duty Army and now serves in the National Guard. She is a freelance writer, owner of Soldiers Wife, Crazy Life, mom of three boys, and lives in Tennessee. She loves to read, watch movies, and sit down with a nice cup of coffee.
December 11, 2020
Meet Our Conversation Starter Anna Bruner
Anna Bruner has been a military spouse for 24 years. She met her husband in High School when he enlisted in the Navy. He is now an Officer and Navy Pilot in the P8 community. She is an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay and loves helping others look and feel confident in their own skin. As a mom of two, she stays busy homeschooling and spoiling her beloved rescue dog, Sammy. She is from Virginia, but the Navy has taken them all over the U.S. as well as Japan. She loves to read, do yoga, watch movies, and hang out on her comfy couch.
December 1, 2020
Meet Our Junior Conversation Starter Jasmine Jones
I’m Jasmine, just a regular junior in high school who’s writing about her little life experience. I enjoy softball, skating, watching T.V., talking with and hanging out with friends. I plan to study Psychology in college. I have several colleges on my list. To name a few: Spellman, Howard, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UNC, and a few others. This interview was streamed LIVE on our Milspouse Conversations Facebook Page.
November 24, 2020
Meet our Conversation Starter Hope Bradley
Erika Hope Bradley is a military spouse advocate, non-profit leader, freelance writer, and public speaker. Passionate about raising the awareness of the mental health challenges dependents face and removing the stigma. Our episodes are recorded from our LIVES over on our MilSpouse Conversations Facebook page.
November 10, 2020
Meet our Conversation Starter Nyshita Cruz
Nyshita Cruz is both a Navy Spouse and Veteran. She’s from Detroit Michigan. She served in the US Navy for 10 years and met her husband while on active duty.  They’ve been married for 19 years, and it’s been quite an interesting journey. As they approach retirement, she is looking forward to continuing to serve our military community and expand her service to a global arena. She is a humanitarian at heart and has served in roles of support for our military families. After her military service, she went on to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and utilized some of those skills during her time as a Programs Assistant for the Navy Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Department, which is geared towards improving quality of life for the families of military service members. She also served in the role of Navy Ombudsman for a Naval Ship in Italy, helping families to communicate their needs and concerns to the Ship’s Chain of Command. In this role, she was a liaison between the Chain of Command and the Service Members’ families. As a global citizen, she is thankful to have been able to be of service over the years and now is thankful and excited to join MilSpouse Conversations where she’s sure we will have some great conversations about topics that are relevant and helpful to spouses all over the world and in every branch of service. You can find her at Doodle Maestro creating fun t-shirts.
November 2, 2020
Meet The Host of Milspouse Conversations
Season one is all about you getting to know our Conversation Starters. Sybil is the host of Milspouse Conversations. She's a Navy wife of 18 years and has the gift gab. After years of riding the waves of military life, she has decided to have those REAL. RAW, RANDOM & SUPPORTIVE conversations about military spouse life. Sit back and enjoy as she chats away. You can catch us on our website Milspouse Conversations. 
October 21, 2020