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Secrets For An Inspirational Life With Mimi Novic

Secrets For An Inspirational Life With Mimi Novic

By Mimi Novic
Find the purpose of your life and celebrate each moment with beautifully inspiring ideas for your health, life, spirituality and all things beautiful.
I will share with you interviews with experts from all walks of life who have the most amazing knowledge, and hear inspiring stories of love and survival.
You will hear mystical music that delights your spirit, share healthy living ideas and all things that ignite that inspirational spark.
Together we can discover what it takes to open our hearts and souls and lead a more adventurous and meaningful life.
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How To Find Your Soul's Purpose With Healer & Shamanic Practitioner Adrian Greatbear
In today's episode I talk to Adrian Greatbear who is a Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher. At a very young age, Adrian experienced encounters with the spirit world. At the age of 16, he suffered from what the shamans call (Shamanic sickness). Unable to understand what was happening to him at the age of 25 Adrian eventually sought out the help of a shaman. Adrian met his first teacher and began his journey into the world of spirit. Adrian wished to expand his knowledge furthermore and at the age of 30, Adrian trained under his second teacher, who taught him the ancient knowledge of the Siberian Shamans. Adrian feels passionate about the ancient shamanic practices, philosophies and their ability to heal individually and collectively. Adrian's vision is to help bring the ancient knowledge of the Shamans to the Western mind in a way that is easy to understand and to inspire others to come back into harmony and balance within themselves.
April 14, 2021
Nothing Is A Coincidence With Founder of the Awake Revolution Marie Fleming Grant
In today's episode I welcome Marie Fleming Grant. Marie is the Founder of The Awake Revolution, Love and Relationships Coach, Hypnotherapist and Energy Practitioner. Marie overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and changed her career from being a child protection lawyer to helping people live their life with purpose. She helps women and men to drop the baggage, become the real version of themselves and to revolutionise their love and relationships. She helps people at various stages - whether they're getting over heartbreak, wanting to find love, or improve current relationships. Marie believes that we are all here to create the life that we truly want, and that each and every one of us has incredible amounts of internal power, that we can tap into, once we know how. She talks openly and deeply about her personal struggles, emotionally, physically and spiritually and how she overcame great hurdles to be where she is today. Her candid and refreshingly honest approach towards healing is inspiring and her advice is a light in the darkness that many of us can face at some point in our lives. We also discuss the world and beyond in order to come to the greatest conclusion of our lives, that we already have all the answers within us. Great practical advice throughout this episode to finding one's peace and mission in life.
April 1, 2021
Keys To Love With Dating Coach & Founder of Love With Intelligence Lily Walford
In today's episode I talk to Lily Walford who is an International Dating Coach & Relationship Expert. Lily's employs a combination of psychology and behavioural change therapies to help her clients find real, honest and genuine love. Having broken free from an abusive relationship, she started her on her path of understanding the makings of a healthy and loving relationship. From there she left her corporate job as an accountant and set up Love With Intelligence. Lily has formulated a strategy for women and men to attract their ideal partner. Having worked with hundreds of people individually, as well as her work with dating agencies and a large UK charity she does a lot of in-depth research on the subject. During this research, she made a discovery for a way for women and men to ensure they are attracting a partner who is compatible. Her work led her partnering with an expert in Behavioural Profiling to empower her clients to get a reliable read on someone within 6 minutes. Lily openly shares her journey of love and life and provides tips on dating and finding the partner of your dreams. An insightful and captivating episode that discusses the delicate issues of relationships and how to avoid the common pitfalls when searching for that eternal mystery called Love.
March 26, 2021
Searching For The Golden Road With Chinese Medical Expert & Martial Arts Master Mir Abbas Ali
In today's episode I welcome back Mir Abbas Ali who is an acupuncturist, a martial arts master and a Chinese medical expert. After he graduated as an Acupuncturist and in the Shaolin Arts, He started to train in the Taoist arts; Qigong, Neigong, Bagua, Tui Na amongst many other arts. He is experienced in the martial arts such as Escrima, Pencak Silat, and Systema as well as modern self defence systems. He has had the privilege to represent Great Britain in the Chee Kim Thong lineage of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan in China, and to be filmed for Chinese documentaries, as well being interviewed for many Chinese news programmes. Mir has travelled across the world to train with masters in China, America, Malaysia, Europe and New Zealand. In 2017, he was awarded a 7th Dan Grade by the International Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors Association in China. Mir has received years of transmissions and training in the Taoist lineage energy arts, as well as training regularly with legendary Russian masters. He also travelled to New Zealand to learn from true Maori Warriors and Healers, who were generous to pass on their teachings to him from their family and lineages to help benefit people worldwide. He talks openly about the ups and downs that we all face. He discusses the emotional, physical and spiritual challenges that are part of our everyday life and gives powerful insights into how to overcome these moments of fear and doubt. An expert in his field, Mir shares practical and ethereal solutions in finding your own path to peace, joy and harmony.
March 26, 2021
Mysticism of Breath With Shamanic Teacher Joby Boughey
In today's episode I talk to Shamanic Teacher Joby Boughey. After enduring, multiple near-death misses that sent him on a journey of deep healing to overcome many traumas, he began to research Shamanic and transformational work. Joby helps people form all over the world transform in all aspects of their life by coaching them to clear their anxiety, trauma, fear and worries through his powerful breath work method. He sees breath work as the forgotten art of healing, that comes in many forms, and is on a mission to help people rediscover and unlock their true potential. He runs a private practice as well as being a major speaker in online healing groups helping others reclaim their life back.
March 13, 2021
Beyond The Shadows With Actor & Author Perry Power
In today's episode I talk to Actor and Author Perry Power. Today's story is one of bravery and it is not an easy one to talk about for so many people, yet it has to be shared, as so many people suffer in silence. Perry is an actor and an author of the Amazon best selling book , Breaking The Silence which deals with the delicate and harrowing subject of abuse. Perry's mission is to do everything he can to make a positive change in the world through his storytelling. Ranking up 2.3M likes and 125k followers on TikTok, his message of helping sexual abuse survivors break their silence speaks to the hearts of many people all over the world. Perry co-runs a charity called We Rescue Kids, where children are rescued from sexual abuse and given the support they need to heal and positively move forward. He has appeared on MTV, Sky, Thrive & Good Men Project, hoping that his story continues to impact the lives of those who need to hear it most. An incredible and courageous story about overcoming adversity and tragedy through the unshakable power of faith in oneself.
March 2, 2021
The Zen Warrior With Singer/Songwriter & Author Bob Hillary
In today's episode I talk to Bob Hillary who is a Singer/Songwriter, Author, Earth Protector and Permaculturist. He is a passionate advocate of the 'Live Simply' movement that is currently spreading around the Globe and is a keen practitioner of yoga, meditation and living naturally. He is actively engaged in bringing about much-needed change to outdated systems in the world. Bob's music and books carry a strong message for this time. Having previously lived in a busy city for 10 years working the 9-5 lifestyle, Bob experienced a serious illness in the form of M.E, and was forced to change how he was living. He moved out of the city to a rural farm and decided to change his lifestyle. His new book, Simplify, has the sub-title How to Stay Sane in a World Going Mad, which Bob describes as a Spiritual Survival Guide for how to stay sane and thrive in these somewhat confusing times we are living in. Bob offers talks about empowerment, healing and how to navigate these times of challenge. Honest, direct and speaking his truth throughout the episode, Bob expresses his real soul beliefs with passion and a spirit of light, whilst encouraging the listener to embark upon their own journey of courage and faith.
February 14, 2021
Rediscovering Our Natural Being With Author, Radio Host & Transformational Coach Philip Chan
In today's episode I talk to to Author, Radio Host & Transformational Coach Philip Chan. Philip is an Award Winning Author and Radio Host,Transformational Coach and Internationally known as 'The 10-Seconds Maths Expert'. He is also on the Amazon Best Selling author list and is one of the few authors in the world to have two books going to Number One in two consecutive months in UK and Australia simultaneously. He has worked as a former Elite Sports Performance Coach and has helped many athletes progress to competing at National, International and Olympic standards. His goal and dream is to inspire the next generations to develop a positive attitude for learning in all subjects and empower them in the joy of learning, discovery and raising their self beliefs for greater achievement. Philip shares his personal struggles from childhood into adulthood and talks about how he overcame many obstacles with bravery and courage to now inspire people worldwide. A story that is inspiring and motivating on all levels and encourages us to accept our real nature which thus leads us to a life of peace and joy.
January 20, 2021
Let Us Not Be Afraid To Live With Mimi Novic
In today's episode I talk about the ever growing feeling amongst people and that is the feeling of fearing to live their life to the full. We are here only once in this lifetime and we are not sent to this earth to endure misery, but to discover the beauty of our soul. Everything comes at it's given time and it's given space, we are where we are meant to be at any given time. With courage and hope we can bring about the change in ourselves to take every opportunity life brings us and finally set ourselves free to live our life with love and look at each new day as a chance to start again and enjoy this precious gift.
January 14, 2021
Follow Your Own Way With Acupuncturist, Martial Arts Master & Chinese Medicine Expert Mir Abbas Ali
In today's episode I talk to Mir Abbas Ali, who is an acupuncturist, a martial arts master and a Chinese medicine expert. After he graduated as an Acupuncturist and in the Shaolin Arts, he started to train in the Taoist arts; Qigong, Neigong, Bagua, Tui Na amongst many other arts. Mir's quest with the internal arts has been more on the side of serious meditation and spiritual inquiry and his this type of training keeps one seeking and developing for the rest of ones life. He is experienced in the martial arts such as Escrima, Pencak Silat, and Systema as well as modern self defence systems. He has had the privilege to represent Great Britain in the Chee Kim Thong lineage of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan in China, and to be filmed for Chinese documentaries, and has been interviewed for many Chinese news programmes. Having travelled to train with masters in China, America, Malaysia, Europe and New Zealand. In 2017, he was awarded a 7th Dan Grade by the International Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors Association in China. Mir has been fortunate enough to have received years of transmissions and training in Taoist lineage energy arts, as well as training regularly with legendary Russian masters and having travelled to New Zealand to learn from true Maori Warriors and Healers, who were generous enough to pass on their teachings to him from their family and lineages to help benefit people all over the world.
December 28, 2020
Travelling To Peace With Author, Blogger and Music Writer Beach Sloth
In today's episode I talk to Author, Blogger and Music Writer Beach Sloth. Beachy is a music blogger and author who has written several books of experimental literature, poetry, and short stories. His work has appeared on Entropy (as the music editor and main music writer there), on Dennis Cooper's blog (a famous transgressive writer) and multiple pieces within Dostoevsky Wannabe Press. Beachy has received attention from news outlets like the Guardian, CBS Chicago, amongst many others. He talks about his early life and love of music, as well as his own journey through difficult times and how he has overcome huge hurdles in order to build a new life for himself. Inspiring and motivational throughout.
December 28, 2020
The Mystery Of Our Energy With Mimi Novic
In this episode I talk about the mystery that is within us. We sometimes forget that we are a huge majestic source of Divine energy and all we have to do is to connect to it. Everything in creation has been created for us to unravel the beauty of our being and to reclaim the power of our soul force. The time has arrived for us to embrace this freedom and to change the world with our light.
December 6, 2020
Be Brave & Fearless With Singer Yaya Diamond
In today's episode I talk to Singer & Entertainer Yaya Diamond. Yaya is a singer, entertainer and radio host of Dream Chasers Radio who hosts a colourful array of guests such as Grammy award winning artists, award winning producers, authors, inventors to name a few. She built the station on the foundation of supporting others by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents on the show. Yaya comes from an enriched musical family of Multi-Platinum and Grammy award winners. Her mother, The Queen of High Energy Evelyn Thomas, has sold over 19 million copies of her hit “High Energy”, which is one of the most remixed dance songs of this age. Her mum prepared her for the stage since the age of 4, touring the world, singing, dancing, and opening for the likes of Barbara Pennington, Eartha Kit, Sylvester, Michael Brow and more. Yaya has appeared on TV programmes and the Word Network, multiple times, with well known artists such as Aaron Neville, The Former Ladies of The Supremes amongst many others. Her writing and vocal skills havecommand the attention of the Grammy Board, getting her 8 Grammy Nominations for collaboration with Walter “Clyde” Orange of “The Commodores” and child activist Craig Deanto, and as well as a collaboration Former Lead Singer of The Temptations, Glenn Leonard.
December 1, 2020
Elevating Our Consciousness With Spiritual Coach & Therapist Ramona Moore
In today's episode I welcome back Spiritual Coach and Therapist Ramona Moore. Ramona is a reiki master, therapist, spiritual coach and rune specialist. Her life has been a journey of spiritual adventures and extremely difficult life tests that have given her a wisdom that is helping countless people in these difficult times. Her deep expertise is in all things ethereal and of the subtle worlds that surround us. These life changing experiences have led her to become a beacon of light to many that have found themselves at a crossroads and needing guidance. An episode that takes you on an adventure through different dimensions which in turn leads you to see things with your spiritual eyes and helps you to reconnect back to your true being.
November 27, 2020
Dimensions Of Insight With Coach & Mentor Clare Honeyfield
In today's episode I talk to Clare Honeyfield. Clare is a coach who works with entrepreneurs and creatives as well as being a mentor, speaker, and published author. She also works as a consultant specialising in ethical community retail. She is a founding director of the National Association of Farmers’ Markets and is the founder of Stroud farmers’ market which was launched by Isabella Blow and Jasper Conran in 1999. Clare was a cofounder of Gloucestershire Food Links working with healthy school meals, education and food inclusion from field to plate, and founded The Gloucestershire Association of Farmers’ Markets. Since 2012 Clare has been sole director of The Made in Stroud Shop, which she helped to set up as a cooperative of 25 local makers. Now working with 160 makers, the shop runs as a successful social enterprise, is a Plastic Free Champion, runs by strict environmental policies has been nominated for and won multiple awards. She shares her life story and journey, that had taken her from travelling the world with her family to being a trapeze artist, to running her own successful businesses, as well as holding down many roles and being a huge asset to the community.
November 27, 2020
Echoes Between The Light With Renowned Violinist Edmond Fokker Van Crayestein
In today's episode I talk to the Well-Renowned Violinist Edmond Fokker Van Crayestein. Edmond is an extraordinary violinist and a man of many talents. Edmond was the Former Chief International Engagement of the Military Intelligence and Security Service, in the Netherlands, and yet he is equally at home being a collector and connoisseur of Chinese Porcelain, everything is enchanting and an adventure in his life. Edmond has an incredibly adventurous spirit but is also a passionate, intuitive and sensitive musician who loves people and music. He has played in Carnegie Hall as well as playing in illustrious palaces and Royal Courts but also in war-zones, orphanages and hospitals. Edmond plays classical music, gypsy music and improvises freely. Music in his vision is like love, healing and therapeutic, consoling, reinforcing and inspiring. He plays with the most incredible musicians all over the world and the most beautiful instruments. And yet he remains mysterious and enigmatic through and through. His covert lifestyle is intriguing, whether he is dining in royal houses, playing the violin at galas and all things in between, it reads like a film script. He is currently making a documentary about music as a healing power called ‘music is healing’ His latest album From Heart To Heart, soon to be released is composed with beautiful violin pieces. A project he hopes will offer hope and comfort to people that are lonely. He doesn't make any money on it, it's about charity. 300 cd’s will be given for free to care institutes and care homes as a musical hug, to feed the soul and embrace the forgotten. A story of charm, elegance and eternal hope, while following ones inner voice and reclaiming the power of the soul. At the end of the episode you can hear Edmond play three beautiful pieces for us, from his new album. It's a real privilege to hear the preview of this wonderful album. Take a deep breath and relax to the following pieces that are truly heartwarming. 1. Cavatina from the film the Deerhunter in Edmond's arrangement. 2. Cinema Paradiso from Ennio Morricone with Jochem Geene at the piano. 3. Schindlers List the well known film theme by John Williams.
November 1, 2020
You Are Free With Mimi Novic
In today's episode I talk about the freedom to let go of fear and to embrace the inner strength within us, that will set us free to live a life that is not bound by external circumstances that we may find ourselves in. It is about claiming our power back and returning to the undiscovered mercy oceans within us where we can find the keys to our whole existence. We need to take a chance in life, take a chance to live, to laugh, to love and to awaken and realise that when we allow love to lead the way every fear and falsehood disappears. The moment we decide to love ourselves, we gain our wings of liberty.
October 30, 2020
What It Means To Be Real With Actress & Singer Minouche Kaftel
In today's episode I talk to actress and singer Minouche Kaftel. Minouche is originally from South Africa and came to London to study singing with Ian Adam who taught Sarah brightman and Michael Crawford. One of her passions is to promote harmony and unity to different cultures. And thus this led her to travel to Russia and to sing in-front of large audiences. Whist in Russia she sang on the same bill as run DMC, Aha, China crises and David Coverdale. Her music has led her to appear in the dance charts with a song called Frozen Love which she co wrote. As an actress she has appeared on many tv shows and serials including EastEnders, as well as being a judge with Graham Norton. More recently her song O Child has been used in the film Mother’s Child. During recent times she has been doing concerts online for global fusion music and other shows where she hopes to spread joy and comfort through her songs for even though we may feel isolated we can still connect through songs, music and people from all over the world.
October 26, 2020
Healing The Brokenness With Leading Homeopath & Health Writer Caroline Gaskin
In today's episode I welcome back leading homeopath and health writer Caroline Gaskin. Caroline is one of the UK’s leading homeopaths. She is a Health Writer and Wellness Coach who provides natural medicine solutions for many conditions especially needed in these times. Caroline has worked as a Homeopath, Flower Essence Prescriber & Health Coach for over 20 years in her London-based practice. She also teaches at the UK's leading homeopathy colleges and supervises students & practitioners. Caroline welcomes clients of all ages and has a clinic at Triyoga in Camden & at Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy in London who hold the Royal Warrants of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales. She discusses ways to keep mind, body and spirit at its optimum in these trying times. Caroline gives invaluable advice about how to maintain healthy living, by using vitamins & supplements, methods in grounding and other techniques to keep your health and wellbeing a priority. She has recently been published in the book New Hot taking on the menopause with attitude and style written by Meg Mathews. She contributed 2 chapters to the book which has already sold out on Amazon. And she is also writing her own book Bird is the Word about bird watching and mental wellness which is out early next year.
October 16, 2020
Road Towards Compassion With Writer, Broadcaster & Wildlife Campaigner Dominic Dyer
In today's episode I talk to wildlife protection campaigner, writer and broadcaster, Dominic Dyer. Dominic is the CEO of the Badger Trust and Wildlife Advocate at the Born Free Foundation. Dominic became a wildlife protection campaigner after a 20-year career in the Civil Service, food manufacturing and plant science industries, using the skills he acquired in Whitehall, Brussels and the corporate board room, along with his highly regarded and powerful voice, to fight for animal rights and welfare globally. His first book, "Badgered to Death The People and Politics of the Badger Cull", published in 2016, has been widely acclaimed and is now one of the best selling British wildlife books of recent years. Dominic is a board member of Wildlife & Countryside Link and of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Being an extremely knowledgeable and passionate speaker he can be seen and heard at many animal protection rallies, protests and conferences. Dominic is also a regular contributor to print and broadcast media on a wide range of wildlife issues ranging from the badger cull and fox hunting here in the UK, to global wildlife crime, whaling, the dog meat trade and many more. An episode filled with expertise and knowledge that enlightens us to the plight of the animal kingdom and how to make a difference in saving them from extinction.
September 26, 2020
Take a chance With Influencer & Transformational Speaker Anne Marie Wickham
In today's episode I talk to Influencer & Transformational Speaker Anne Marie Wickham. Anne Marie is an Influencer, Radio Show Host, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Advocate and Transformational Coach. She works with people from all backgrounds with a variety of different issues including low self-esteem. She also runs workshops and courses helping to empower people to find their purpose. Hers really is a story of how your own inner strength and determination can turn your life around from despair to success. Her life story is an incredible one. Anne-Marie was placed in care at the age of just two years old never knowing her parents. By the age of 14 years old she had been to 17 different care homes. Anne-Marie has overcome many personal adversities, such as surviving in social care becoming homeless in another country as well as being a single parent of three, and relocating back to England with just 3 bags and 3 children. She has used her very public failures for fuel, and viewed her obstacles as opportunities. Anne-Marie has written a best selling book called From Fear To Love that empowers people on their journey of life. An episode that discusses sadness, darkness, light, joy and all things in between that make us all human.
September 26, 2020
In Between The Darkness And Light With Empowerment Mentor Jason Archdale
In today's episode I talk to Empowerment Mentor Jason Archdale. Jason is an Empowerment Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Suicide Awareness Advocate. His vast experience, insights and real life experiences took him through his dark place 10 years ago when he struggled with immense anxiety, fear and an array of debilitating limiting beliefs that led him into a deep depression. After attempting suicide, he fought with his shadows and built up a strong, resilient mindset that enabled him to turn his life around completely. Jason discovered his true purpose and mission through surviving immense pain and suffering and now he is a successful mentor who supports other people to achieve their goals and dreams by teaching them the skills to positively change their mindset. As someone who has been through the Dark Night of the Soul and is now living his dreams, Jason chose the path of guidance and has now developed a unique and powerful formula which is a 8 step process for others to be able to reclaim the power within them. A real story of faith, humility and how at any point in our life we can decide to take a different direction and save our life from despair and rebuild it with courage and hope.
September 22, 2020
To Thine Own Self Be True With Actor Madhav Sharma
In today's episode I talk to actor Madhav Sharma, who is one of Britain’s well known television, radio and theatre actors, who has acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company,The National Theatre, and in the the West End in leading roles. Madhav has also appeared In numerous television programmes ranging from serials like Eastenders, Holby City, Casualty and Endevour, to other well known dramas and award winning films such as East is East. His famed radio work includes the audio book of Kim by Rudyard Kipling, in which he plays all the characters and which which was voted by the readers of the Boston Globe, the audio book of the year. His success spans over several decades and is admirable. Throughout his career, Madhav has intermittently directed, produced, and initiated new projects. He talks about his childhood in India and the experiences that led him to travel the world and then to eventually pursue his dreams of becoming an actor and his move to England and studying at the world famous acting school RADA. Madhav shares his wisdom and advice for remaining positive and fulfilling your dreams.
September 21, 2020
Everything Happens For A Reason With Inspirational Speaker & Coach Steve White
In today's episode I talk to Steve White who is a dynamic, inspirational speaker and coach. He talks about the power of believing in yourself and how we can inspire others through approaching people and reaching out to them with sincerity and compassion. Steve has helped many people who have stood on the edge of despair and brought them back to a path that is filled with hope. He also shares how he gave up a high profile and lucrative career for two years to look after his mum who was suffering from dementia and talks openly how this changed his outlook on life and how it forced him to look at himself and where his life was going. A story that explores the power of change and acceptance and having the faith to endure the often difficult journey of discovering who we really are.
September 15, 2020
Hope Fears Laughter & Tears With Author & Speaker Matthew Williams
In today's episode I talk to Matthew Williams who is an author, blogger and speaker. He is passionate about positive change for others and turning daily life challenges into lessons for creating a better future. He hopes that by writing about his own experiences he will be able to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. Something Changed is Matthew's first book. More of his writing can be found at the Huffington Post, The Mighty and Metro.He has also appeared on various radio and tv shows talking about mental a health. In the aftermath of marriage breakdown, we may ask how do we pick ourselves up and start again? In August 2014 Matthew Williams was forced to do just that. In Something Changed he navigates us through his journey with wit and wisdom, taking in divorce, dating and self-discovery while facing the dark spectre of depression. Matthew shares how he managed to go from despair and sadness to reclaiming his life back and how now he is helping others going through similar problems. Above all it shows that when we get to know ourselves we get to know life.
September 3, 2020
The Gentle Are The Strong With TV/Radio Presenter & Animal Activist Annie Connolly
In today’s episode I talk to Annie Connolly, who is a TV/Radio Presenter, Animal Activist and the founder of the The Cherry Horse Foundation. Annie is also an ex international GB athlete who has used her sporting background so she could to raise money for numerous animal causes. She has recently crossed the British Channel by kayak and cycled non-stop to London for Romanian strays. She is passionate about raising awareness and funds to help animals in need. Annie speaks with effervescence and vitality and reminds us that we have an incredible strength within us that has the ability to change the world around us for the better.
August 23, 2020
Encounters With God With Encounter Coach & Author Lisa Pinney
In today's episode I talk to Encounter Coach & Author Lisa Pinney. Lisa is an encounter coach and the founder of the Pittsburgh Transformation Centre. She is an expert in working with people to help them experience healing and change through deep personal encounters with God. She is the author of the book Deeper, Living the Christian Life in the Deep Down. Lisa is also the developer of Cut Cards. Which are groundbreaking, faith filled, therapeutic deck cards based on scriptural principles and cognitive behaviour therapy. Lisa also conducts retreats and workshops. A story of how faith can act as a guide to peace and success in all areas of life.
August 23, 2020
Elemental Nature With Leading Homeopath & Health Writer Caroline Gaskin
In today's episode I talk with Caroline Gaskin. Caroline is one of the UK’s leading homeopaths. She is a Health Writer and Wellness Coach who provides natural medicine solutions for many conditions such as women's health, weight loss and immune support to name a few. Caroline has worked as a Homeopath, Flower Essence Prescriber & Health Coach for over 20 years in her London-based practice and has more recently added online consultations for clients worldwide. She is a hormonal health expert and draws on many years’ experience of working in PR for complementary health, holistic parenting, organic lifestyle and natural health. Caroline welcomes clients of all ages and has a clinic at Triyoga in Camden & at Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy in London who hold the Royal Warrants of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales. Caroline also teaches at the UK's leading homeopathy colleges and supervises students & practitioners.
August 16, 2020
When We Begin To Love Ourselves With Author& High Performance Life Strategist Billy Boss
In today's episode I talk to Billy Boss who is an author, high-performance life strategist, speaker and author, who helps people to bring out their joy and passion through living life with a purpose. She inspires people to create their ideal life and uncovers what is holding them back. Billy has lived through terrifying events, from abuse to war, to fearing for her life and yet she has turned all these difficult life circumstances into her greatest power. She talks about how she felt guided throughout all of her life, regardless of what was happening around her. After surviving such life changing events, she decided to dedicate herself to empower and inspire others. Billy is also best known as a voice for women and men who have been living in the silence of abuse. She is a motivational speaker, advocate for survivors of abuse and empowering men and women to live their life with purpose, passion, confidence, authenticity and love. Her story is a testimony to the magnificence of the soul and it's fight to survive and learn to live again.
August 16, 2020
Taking The Fear Out Of Parenting With Family Lifestyle Blogger Helen Wills
In today's episode I talk to Helen Wills. Helen is an award-winning UK family lifestyle blogger. She started her blog Actually Mummy in 2011, when she realised that talking to the four walls and a baby was never going to be enough. Helen now writes about the whole spectrum of raising her teenager son and daughter and offers help to other parents. She is also now a podcaster; her podcast Teenage Kicks aims to take the fear out of parenting a teenager, and to highlight the important impact of mental health during the teenage years.
August 15, 2020
Freedom Through Breath With Celebrity Vocal Coach Anthony Wade aka Dr Voice
In today's episode I talk to Celebrity Vocal Coach & Founder Of The Dr Voice Vocal Academy Anthony Wade aka Dr Voice. For the past three decades Anthony has helped people find their voice. He is the famed vocal coach who has trained a diverse range of personalities, from Actors, Pop Stars ,Politicians, Business Leaders and Football Managers to name a few. Nicknamed Dr. Voice, Anthony's passion lies in helping people use their vocal chords to maximum impact, whether they are singing or speaking. He has recently coached Grammy Award winner Sam Smith, and one of his current pupils is ‘The Voice’ winner Jermain Jackman. He is no ordinary singing/vocal trainer, but an expert in removing the mental blocks preventing people reaching their ultimate life goals. He shares his wisdom and knowledge on the power of breath and the importance of our voice and reveals secrets to finding your real voice and purpose in living.
August 4, 2020
The Power Of Gratitude With Actor, Animal Advocate & Film Maker Dan Richardson
In today's episode I talk to the English actor Dan Richardson known for films such as Retribution, Kill Kane, When Life Was Good, and The Harsh Light Of Day to name but a few. Dan was also in Disney's hit tv series The Lodge. He also produces his own films and documentaries. Dan is the patron of the famous Born Free Foundation started by Virginia McKenna and is an advocate for animal welfare and a renowned environmentalist. Beyond Born Free, Dan is also a Patron of Voice For Asian Elephants Society and Naturewatch Foundation, as well as an Ambassador for the International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals and Remembering Wildlife. From rescuing abandoned dogs in Romania, to rehoming a lion cub in South Africa, Dan is a compassionate voice for animals everywhere. Dan is also an influential spokesman for the Vegan movement.
July 31, 2020
Don't Wait For The Sunny Days To Live With TV Presenter & Garden Designer Danny Clarke
In today's episode I talk to TV Presenter & Garden Designer Danny Clarke. Danny is a TV British horticulturist who co-hosts the BBC series The Instant Gardener with Helen Skelton. Danny was born in Oxford to immigrant parents from Jamaica. He founded his own garden design company in 1997, and called himself The Black Gardener. It was this name that led him to him being noticed and invited to screen test for The Instant Gardener, a daytime BBC programme that started in 2015. Danny also appeared as a presenter for the BBC on the RHS Chelsea and RHS Tatton Flower shows and Tree of the Year for Channel 4. He is currently presenting garden design with the ITV This Morning team as well as appearing in various other press, television and radio productions. Danny's story is inspiring and ignites a love of nature to anyone who listens to him speak about the natural world through his positive, gentle and kind manner.
July 28, 2020
Awareness Of The Present With Dr Alice Kerby
In today's episode I talk with Dr Alice Kerby. Dr Alice is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Health Consultant, Holistic Health Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. She uses her decades of experience and training to focus on the stress response from an autonomic nervous system and physiological perspective. Dr Alice helps her clients to identify areas where they feel stuck, and provides a well regulated and supportive environment for them to begin gently touching past trauma or overwhelm and heal these states through presence and awareness of the body in the present moment. She specialises in working with sober and sober curious women who are seeking additional tools to manage stress, increase a sense of calm, and move forward in creating their lives.
July 28, 2020
The Grace Of Courage With AJM Founder Anthony James Mattocks
In today's episode I talk to Anthony James Mattocks who is the founder of AJM Productions. Anthony was a financial advisor working long hours and leading a stressful lifestyle. When Anthony turned 50, he had a week of severe headaches and was rushed to hospital to have a life saving brain operation. He thought his life was over but after making an amazing recovery and happy to be alive he was inspired to set up AJM Productions. AJM was started as an inspiration as he was laying in the hospital bed and was wondering what was his life all about? He began to make up funny films and edits to cheer himself up and his friends to help him and them through the dark times of life. This then led to Anthony creating videos for charities and the first one he did was for Eddie Kidd. He supports 36 charities worldwide. In 2018 Anthony started to get pain in his head that were likened to electric shocks, after lengthy visits to the doctor he was then diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. He is now a crusader in raising awareness worldwide of this debilitating, life altering and not much known about condition and giving hope to millions of sufferers.
July 28, 2020
Tapestry Of Life With Intuitive Practitioner & Founder of the Tanglewood Project Nick Mussell
In today’s episode I talk to Intuitive Practitioner & Founder of the Tanglewood Project Nick Mussell. He is also an artist, silversmith and bee keeper. Through Nick’s work he is helping others to overcome some of the greatest challenges facing them in life. His unique blend of skills including artisan craft skills and communication skills, enable him to work with people with a diverse range of stories. Nick has the ability to create environments where people drop into creativity and transcend the dysfunctional stories that interfere with them reaching their full potential. He’s mystical and magical in his weaving of life and today he shares his wonderful stories.
July 11, 2020
Symphonies Of Silence With Classical Violinist & Human Soma Sounding Founder Morven Bryce
In today’s episode I talk to Classical Violinist & Human Soma Sound Founder Morven Bryce. Morven has been a Guest Concert Master of orchestras at places such The Royal Philharmonic, BBC Concerts, The Sound of Music, West End theatres, the Tippett Quartet and she has recorded at the world famous Abbey Road Studios. She has also performed on many film scores for the world wide film industry. Her work includes Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and Guardians of the Galaxy, to name a few, as well as working with many well known pop artists. Morven talks with an energy that captivates and in her effervescent style she explains the wisdoms and power of sound and music in our everyday life. She shares her own personal spiritual and often otherworldly wisdom in a way that enchants the listener and encourages them to seek their own music and their own reason for being on this planet using the magnificence of the ever ethereal mystery of music. Her work has led her to be the founder of the Human Soma Sounding which helps people use sound for healing.
July 11, 2020
Voyages Through Time With Grammy Nominated Songwriter & Record Producer David Courtney
In today’s episode I talk to the legendary Grammy Nominated Songwriter and Record Producer David Courtney. David is a Grammy Nominated Award Winning Internationally Acclaimed Song Writer & Record Producer. He has sold in excess of 33 million records worldwide and has worked worldwide with countless legends in music. He is one of music’s heroes and has worked alongside some of the biggest stars in the business including Roger Daltrey, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Page, Hank Marvin Gene Pitney and many more. David shares his incredible life journey and stories, that read like a songwriters and musicians dream, yet what is incredible is that the beauty of living such a blessed life shines through his humbleness and real genuine presence. During the 2020 lockdown, he has used the situation as the inspiration for one of his truly brilliant compositions to date, Isolation Symphony. He is also the founder of the famous Walk Of Fame. David’s autobiography Oh What a Life is coming out towards the end of the year. A truly inspiring and feel good life story that ignites dreams.
July 9, 2020
Twist Of Fate With Motivational Speaker, Author & Anti Knife Crime Campaigner Natalie Queiroz
In today’s episode I talk to Natalie Queiroz, who is a motivational speaker, author and anti-knife crime campaigner. Natalie was leading a normal daily life with a successful career, when one day shockingly and without warning the partner that she believed she was happy with and was about to have his child, brutally stabbed her when she was eight months pregnant. She and her baby miraculously survived the attack and today she speaks very bravely and openly how this twist of fate changed her life completely. Natalie managed to rebuild her life and now inspires people across the globe with her courage and refusal to be beaten by her trauma. As a TEDx Speaker Natalie has inspired a wide range of audiences from various backgrounds, from small intimate talks to large stage conferences. Her powerful story has been shared on prime time TV shows such as ITVs ‘This Morning’ and ‘Lorraine’ as well as being interviewed on national radio shows and shared in national magazines. Her story is a tremendous reminder that a life can be pieced back together, no matter how badly we suffer and how tragedy can be turned around. It is a story that will inspire anyone who has ever faced true adversity to rise up and stand tall.
July 9, 2020
The Divine Dance Of The Feminine & Masculine With Psychotherapist Dimitrios Raftopoulos
In today’s episode I talk to Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert and Film Maker Dimitrios Raftopoulos. Dimitrios runs dating and relationship boot camps as well as 1 to 1 Coaching. He is the founder Of The Fierce Feminine and The True Masculine Workshops. He works with a wide range of people helping them with emotional and psychological challenges, as well as helping couples. Working also as a film maker who is involved in social change through his films, his latest film No Exit, is about to be presented to the film festivals internationally. Dimitrios talks about relationships and how to achieve success in them in an ever changing world. A really in depth look from the first phases of a relationship, to being able to maintain love and respect throughout.
July 1, 2020
How To Take Back Your Health With Autoimmune Conditions With Health Coach Johanna Belsuzarri Dahlman
In today’s episode I talk to Author, Health Coach & Speaker Johanna Belsuzarri Dahlman. Johanna is also the founder of Alopecia Angel. In the past Johanna used to work for Fortune 100 companies in event management, until her life took a big turn through the experience of an autoimmune disease called alopecia (hair loss). As conventional medicine failed her, she took matters in her own hands and started gathering knowledge about everything connected to health and wellness. After two and a half years of trial and error with natural and holistic methods she managed to completely reverse the disease. Since then she became a health coach and started Alopecia Angel in order to help others to overcome health struggles in a natural way. Johanna also hosts workshops at companies and is a speaker about health, stress management and mindfulness.
July 1, 2020
In Between The Worlds With Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master Ramona Moore
In today’s episode I talk with Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master Ramona Moore. Ramona is a reiki master, therapist, spiritual coach, a rune specialist and soul traveller. She talks about the different realms of existence and her experiences along her spiritual path. Having suffered from several serious episodes of ill health that led her to experience an extraordinary life that has been filled with extreme tests which have given her a profound wisdom and where she is now able to be a fountain of knowledge for others and help them with their spiritual journey. A fascinating look into the spiritual and mystical realms that influence us and also the world around us.
June 30, 2020
How Not To Feel Alone With Mimi Novic
In this episode I talk about the very real subject of feeling alone and how trusting ourselves leads to us conquering loneliness. So many of us come to a point in our life where we question the reason we are alive. The search for the answers can lead us to a lack of direction and fear and it is at this time that we can access one of the greatest powers of our higher self, the gift of intuition. This form of inner guidance is speaking to us constantly, whether we choose to listen to it or not and is always readily available to us. It is always trying to push and direct us in the direction of our higher purpose and it lights the way to our personal growth and prosperity, so that we can live the life that brings us serenity and the fulfilment. Our intuition is unique to each of us and is the key that opens the doors to discovering the courage to pursue the greatness of ourselves.
June 29, 2020
Joy Of Inner Freedom With High Performance Coach Raghav Parkash
In today’s episode I talk to High Performance Coach Raghav Parkash. Raghav is one of the UK’s top high performance coaches, as well as running seminars, workshops and retreats around the world. His high profile clientele includes CEO’s, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Government and Business Leaders , Artists, Therapists, Lawyers and Bankers. Raghav helps business owners and individuals eliminate stress and overwhelm and teaches them how to create more impact in their business through 1-2-1 coaching. Today he shares his vast knowledge on a variety of subjects such as fear, anxiety, self belief and confidence. He discusses how all of these things can hold us back from pursing the real calling of our life work and gives useful tips on how to manage some of the most common mindset issues that we face in today’s times. Raghav gives practical knowledge on how we can reclaim our life back with certain skills that enable us to have the freedom to live the life we deserve.
June 26, 2020
The Real Value Of Life With Property Developer, Author & Investor Immanuel Ezekiel
In today’s episode I chat to Immanuel Ezekiel who is a Property Developer, Investor, Author & Master Practitioner Coach. Immanuel is an international speaker and an award winning specialist in property, mortgages and wealth creation. At the age of sixteen Immanuel left school with only a few basic qualifications and began working on a building site. Fed up with being poor, he educated himself on how to build wealth by reading books, listening to CDs, and attending seminars. He used what he learned to create a successful financial management company with more than forty employees and sales of more than £7 million a year. He has achieved financial freedom, owning shares in more than 250 properties worth more than £50 million. Immanuel shares his knowledge and passion and tells us how he is now helping others escape from debt to achieve their own financial freedom. He shares how he became a self made millionaire, to having lost a fortune in the crash of 2008, to then successfully rebuilding it again. He also talks about mindset, fear and confidence and gives advice how to overcome many of these issues that we can all relate to. He is also the author of the successful book The 6 Steps to Financial Freedom. Most recently Immanuel appeared in the popular TV show Rich House Poor House. Today he talks to us about his life, his values, how the many ups and downs throughout has taught him precious lessons, yet he always has stood by the fact that the real treasures are family, friends and peace, something which is priceless.
June 26, 2020
Embracing Change With TV/Radio Presenter & Singer Deborah Fennella
In today’s episode I talk with Deborah Fennella who is a TV/Radio Presenter, Actress and and Soprano Singer. Her latest song Shine Bright that she sang with the rapper Jay D, is raising funds for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge charity Heads Together. Deborah also presents her own chat show, In The Hot Seat With Deborah Fennella. Some of her many other talents include having her own practice where she specialises in being a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and Meditation Teacher, to name but a few of the vastly different things that she does to be of service and to empower people to believe in themselves. She talks about her journey through life and all it’s adventures from being a child tv star to struggles along the way to now following her dreams of singing to awaken the hearts of people.
June 26, 2020
Activating The Rockstar Within With Drummer, Entertainer & Trainer Tom Morley
In today’s episode I talk with Tom Morley, Drummer, Trainer and Entertainer Tom is the Rock Star Activator and was the original drummer and a founder member of Scritti Politti, the popular 80’s band who were the pioneers of diy music before appearing successfully on the dance scene. He has also recorded with the greats such as David Bowie and Madness, to name but a few of the internationally well known and respected singers and bands he’s worked with. Tom talks with a refreshing and inspiring effervescence that gives the spark of imagination the ability to set alight. He shares his musical and life journey from being part of a well known chart topping band to being the founder of Instant Teamwork, the international arts-based team building company in 1999 with Dawn Ellis, his wife. His talents and music has taken him worldwide to places such as New York, Moscow, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Paris and London are just a few of the places that Tom has drummed and harmonised with hundreds of energised teams in the last twenty years. Whether Tom works with a group of 10 or 200 people, he creates a high performing team achieving an amazing team sound, and creating a lasting legacy. He then explores with the group how they can take these feelings and achievements back into their place of work, thus making tangible that all important sustainable difference. He is truly original and inspiring around the topic of team building and his approach is refreshingly memorable. A vibrant and true rock star himself, Tom has began the movement of change and hope, with all the people that are lucky enough to meet him and learn from his amazing talent.
June 21, 2020
What Would Love Do? With The People Whisperer, Author & Spiritual Coach Samantha Trew
In today’s episode I talk to The People Whisperer, Author & Spiritual Coach Samantha Trew Having known adversity for much of her life, Samantha began to realise that she had the gift to hear other people’s pain and suffering. It was a gift that she has used throughout her life and in her practice as a reiki master and spiritual coach. Samatha speaks with love and a deep compassion about her extreme tests in life, ranging from her husband’s illness, to her own health issues. Yet the strength of her incredibly brave spirit and huge faith in spirituality, enables her to run a healing sanctuary to help others in their quest for a more fulfilled life. One day while walking the dog she had a moment that was to change her life forever. She called out while looking at the sky and had a conversation with whoever would listen, Angels, God, the Universe, the reply she received was to change her mission completely. Her journey then took her to write a book, The Wake Up Call, which is semi autobiographical and then onto being the founder of L.O.V.E( LET OUR VIBRATION EXPAND) project which came as an inspiration from her book. She now runs L.O.V.E workshops and gives motivational talks. Her goals are to help people tune into the love vibration, to step into the greatest version of themselves and create a life of peace. An incredible story of bravery, suffering and above all how the power of love can change everything.
June 21, 2020
Bravery Through Tears With Mindset & Behaviour Coach Zuhaib Khan
In today’s episode I talk to Mindset & Behaviour Coach Zuhaib Khan Zuhaib shares honestly and openly about his often difficult time in childhood expressing himself, and how this led to him to suffering from anxiety and fear because he didn’t feel that he could allow his real self to emanate. After many years of self discovery, and eventually mastering the strength and courage to overcome his struggles, he turned his life around and conquered his own insecurities to then begin a career in helping other people master their mindset, so they can live better lives. His forte is helping men with mental health and wellbeing to find clarity and success in a time when men often find it difficult to express their worries and mental health issues openly. It’s through his own journey, that was fraught with difficulties that has now enabled him to add value and to help people make positive changes in their life.
June 21, 2020
How To Find A Career You Love With Executive Career Coach Betty Kempa
In today’s episode I talk to Betty Kempa who is helping people make changes to live a more fulfilling life. Betty is one of the industry’s top executive career change coaches. She specializes in helping corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into careers they love using her signature 5-step Career Bliss Coaching formula.  Her clientele includes Google, Sephora, PayPal, WorkDay, and numerous Fortune 500 companies.  Betty is a thought leader in the industry who writes and speaks on various topics to help people realise their dream job. Today she shares her insights and gives advice on how to be successful no matter what life may throw at us and how to find the courage to find the job and life you love.
June 20, 2020
Awakening The Greatness In Us With TV Presenter, Coach & Speaker MEejie Chaparro-Traverso
In today’s episode I talk to MEejieChaparro-Traverso who is a TV presenter, Coach and Speaker. MEejie is an innovative entrepreneur who has built a firm that seeks to motivate-inspire-elevate and empower others. She is also the founder of Motiva-Inspira. MEejie shares her honest and deeply profound wisdom and we can find the greatness within us, with ease and vibrancy. She speaks about the human condition of forgetting the forceful and unimaginable power that we have in our hands and the ability to change our world and that of others with compassion and love. Her words touch the mind, body and soul, in a way that inspires us to lead a far greater life than we dared ever to imagine.
June 17, 2020
Faith That Moved Mountains With CEO & Founder of The Walk To Freedom Mark Clarke
In today’s episode I talk to the founding CEO of The Walk To Freedom, Mark Clarke. Mark talks frankly about how he grew up living in a violent home, to then leading a life as a career criminal for many years, until one day he suffered a crisis that led to him to have an epiphany that was set to transform his life forever. The road was not easy and he struggled with addictions and the challenges of drug  dependency for more than 20 years. Finally, Mark found his freedom during an intensive 16-month rehabilitation programme, which led to him discovering a passion to draw upon his experience to help others and become the founder of The Walk To Freedom. Mark’s subsequent training has led to him to working alongside drug and alcohol users to develop a pioneering approach to recovery. This life story without a doubt is one of unbelievable faith in the human soul and the fight for survival against all odds, showing us that no matter what we face, ultimately the power resides within us to change our life for the better. Sadly since we recorded this episode Mark has passed away ... Walking Towards The Long Road To Freedom...Fly high beautiful soul ...
June 14, 2020
Simple Steps To Healthy Living With Lifestyle Coach & Author Anne Iarchy
In today’s episode I talk to Weight Loss Lifesyle Coach and Author Anne Iarchy. Anne is the author of the book 5 Simple Steps To Realising The Real You. Anne talks about how she went from working in the corporate world to setting up her own successful business as a weight loss and lifestyle coach helping people gain energy confidence and self esteem. She explains that the key to wellbeing is a mindset goal and how healthy eating leads to healthy living. The key to achieving a healthy life is a combination of things that complete the person holistically and each person has his own way to achieve this, the fundamental part is to find what best works for us without competing or comparing ourselves to other people.
June 14, 2020
Discovering Our Purpose With Actor & Singer/Songwriter Elroy Spoonface Powell
In today’s episode I talk with with Elroy Spoonface Powell known also as 'Spoon The Voice Guy'. Elroy is a well known singer, author, actor and has known international fame as the voice behind Black Legend. He has featured in many well known films that include Fighting With My Family, Star Wars, as well as in popular well known commercials from Switch Guarantee, to Haribo and Spec Savers. He shares with raw honesty the often difficult path from childhood to present day with heartfelt honesty and how his overnight fame as a number one selling artist changed his life. Elroy talks about his professional and personal ventures that include his new well being channel and his online coaching courses and how his own personal journey has led him to set up successful projects to help others in business and wellbeing and have given him a greater purpose of life . A fascinating insight into the heights of fame to the quest for peace. It shows us that everything that happens to us leads us ultimately to where we are meant to be.
June 8, 2020
Combatting Loneliness With Entrepreneur Small Packages Founder Julie Schechter
In today’s episode I talk to Julie Schechter who is an award-winning entrepreneur, former lawyer, loneliness expert and Harvard graduate who left a career in law and started various businesses to combat the millennial loneliness epidemic. In 2018 she left her career as a lawyer and set up a luxury care package company, Small Packages that sends love when you cannot be there in person. Julie created Small Packages to make people connect easier. To be able to send love in a personal way and to ease loneliness in a time that is one of the loneliest in history. It shows us that every little thought counts and that all of us yearn the connection of another, however small.
June 8, 2020
Secrets Of Success With Landmass Founder Alan Waxman
In today’s episode I talk to London’s most high profile and well known designers, Alan Waxman. Alan is the founder of the Landmass luxury property development and interior design company. Landmass was founded in 1998 and is a multi-award-winning, design and development company which delivers design solutions and bespoke luxury properties worldwide. The in-house team of Architectural and Interior Designers that have earned Landmass numerous accolades, including ‘Best Interior Design in the UK and ‘Best Residential Development in London’. Alan shares his journey talking about his ventures, ranging from property developments, to providing properties to A List Hollywood stars, to his personal interests in Ferrari’s, art, and the fastest the car in the world, to his passion for self development. A charismatic look into the life and times of a modern day success story .
June 6, 2020
The Importance Of Self Belief With Celebrity Entrepreneur Ben Chai
In today’s episode I talk with celebrity entrepreneur Ben Chai. Ben is known as the Dr Who of Business and is an expert in the business world. He is regularly featured on TV and radio, and also appearing in newspapers and magazines, as a business coaching expert, while being a popular Tedx speaker. He shares his amazing story from early childhood to his present day successes. Ben talks about his early life and how it was a less than happy one because of episodes of bullying, which is something he has overcome to be the highly successful and sought after entrepreneur of his time. Each part of the episode is filled with Ben’s intelligent and humorous take on life and although we cover some really serious topics, he manages to give his wisdom with flair and lightheartedness. A real testimony to the power of self belief and how sheer determination can take us to the heights of success.
June 5, 2020
How To Heal From Insomnia With Restful Insomnia Founder Sondra Kornblatt
In today’s episode I talk with Sondra Kornblatt who is the founder of Restful Insomnia. Sondra shares her personal experience of suffering with debilitating insomnia, that affected her everyday life, and how this led her to be a successful author and coach. She talks about her work as a personal sleep coach and shares her journey that led to her becoming the developer of the Restful Insomnia programme. Sondra is experienced in several types of therapy and healing methods such as counselling, yoga and somatic therapy. She gives excellent advice and offers help on how to take practical steps for healing this debilitating condition as well as looking at the state of our mind, body and spirit in order to resolve hidden issues that can hold us prisoner and prevent us from leading a fulfilled life.
June 4, 2020
Finding Your Self Worth By Mimi Novic
In this episode I talk about one of the most important things we can posses, yet at times we often struggle with and sometimes find it a lifetime’s work to achieve, and this is how to find our own self worth. We all live in a world where the game of comparison is played out each day. Whether that be within the realms of social media, the press, with friends or families, whatever our social surroundings, it can be a heavy burden to carry. There is a fundamental issue within society today and that is how society itself tells us to measure one’s value or self worth. The main problem is that we tend to focus on constantly measuring ourselves against others, rather than paying attention to our own worth. We have sadly become so obsessed in how others see us, that we forget what is more important and that is how we see ourselves. Before we can receive respect and love from others, we need to love and respect ourselves. This comes from knowing our purpose. Our purpose is the reason we are alive and our life is how we contribute our talent to the world and help make it a better place for each one of us.
June 1, 2020
Embracing The Path Of Womanhood With Colleen Ricci Rosenblum
In today’s episode I talk to Colleen Richie Rosenblum who is a former lawyer, Pilates teacher and now a successful podcaster of the show Hot Flashes and Cool Topics. After almost dying after giving birth to her first daughter, she had severe pre-eclampsia and was in ICU for a while which made her put her life in perspective and which led eventually to change of career and direction. She talks about her journey as a woman and how major pivot points along the way lead her to start a podcast aimed at midlife women who are going through the passage of time and reaching menopause. Colleen gives advice on how women going through times of change and transition can get help through often challenging times.
May 31, 2020
Following The Quest For Bliss With Actress & Singer/Songwriter Fanni Compton
In today’s episode I talk with the ever entertaining Fanni Compton, who is an actress, writer and singer. She has been known recently for Nowhere Close and Lockdown Lifeline and has several TV series in the production pipelines. Fanni is a talented and gifted artist.She has recently won ‘Best Song' (Rap Genre) Competition and her music is being used in a new film ‘The Making Of Alex' which will be released later this year. Fanni talks openly about her life, her struggles and successes with great understanding of the human psyche and with subtle humour that captures the audience. Intelligent yet humorous she also shares how her life experiences led her to follow the path of her true vocation with courage and determination. It shows how true joy rests with the ultimate acceptance of oneself.
May 26, 2020
Overcoming Our Limitations With Fearless Pursuits Founder Mindset Coach Sharon Lee
In today’s episode I talk with Sharon Lee Founder of Fearless Pursuits. Sharon is an online business coach specialising in mindset and sales enabling women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Her success has grown from strength to strength but her life was not always so successful. At the age of 12 she was homeless and was many days and months without food, yet she managed to survive all that and more which she shares with openness and honesty. She is shortly releasing a book where she writes about her rise to success. Her sheer determination has enabled her to grow several successful businesses and her reach is international. Sharon reminds us that everything begins with us and that we hold the power of transformation in our hands.
May 23, 2020
Journey To Forgiveness With Motivational Speaker and Leading Activist Madeleine Black
In today's episode I have the extraordinary guest Madeleine Black who shares with us an incredible, yet harrowing story which led to huge repercussions in her life. Madeleine is a speaker, activist psychotherapist and the author of the renowned book Unbroken. She was the victim of a sexual crime that left her silent for many years, but has now found her voice and uses it as a motivational speaker and for so many who can’t find theirs yet. It's a subject that is extremely difficult to talk about but she hopes that by speaking out and writing about it, she can help to combat it by reducing the stigma and help other victims of sexual violence, crime, PTSD, and anyone who has struggled with forgiveness. Madeleine travels worldwide to spread her message: It’s not what happens to us that is important, but what we do with what happens to us and if we choose to, we can get past anything that happens to us in life. A story of huge courage and hope that shows us that we are more than anything we could ever face.
May 22, 2020
The Search For The Meaning Of Love With Mimi Novic
The language of the heart is universal and timeless. There is nothing quite like it that can bring people together, into the realms of compassion, it is the magical ingredient that is able to make everything ethereal, with just one whisper of our name. Love is the the life force that makes the universe exist and gives meaning to each breath. If it were not for this ethereal phenomena, there would be no reason for anything to exist. Divine love is what binds our souls together. One of the greatest secrets, is the call of the heart and the realisation that every stage we pass through on the path of love, is needed for the soul to find its way back home.
May 20, 2020
How To Be Pain Free With Expert and Founder Of A Pain Plan Sharon Smith
In today’s episode I talk with the founder of “A Pain Plan”, Sharon Smith. She is well known for her work as an Emotional Freedom Technique therapist , otherwise known as EFT.She’s an expert in her field and has many different areas of expertise, that help people find pain relief, whether that be emotional or physical. Sharon also works as a psychic and clairvoyant and she uses these tools to help people worldwide. Her self help videos can be found on You Tube as well as her website and they have helped thousands of people gain freedom from pain. Her knowledge is fascinating and she reveals how simple tapping methods can allow the body and mind to release pain in a simple and natural way. She explains the relationship between mind, body and spirit and how in order to heal we must look deeper within ourselves.
May 20, 2020
Finding Out Who We Really Are With Artist&Poet Stephen Paul Wilson
In this delightful episode I talk with Artist, Poet and Author Stephen Paul Wilson. His journey begins with an early childhood awareness and a deep knowing that he was different to others. Being extremely sensitive, he withstood bullying from a young age and having to hide his spiritual openness throughout his life, until he experienced an awakening that changed his life forever. Stephen talks openly and candidly about his struggles, fears and crisis moments and how he managed to survive extreme difficulties by finding and following the path of love.
May 16, 2020
Magic Of Each Moment With Mimi Novic
In this episode I explore the wonder and magic of the present moment and how it is important to find the beauty of now. It is pointless to waste time through despair on what was once and what could be, everything that passes never returns. We do not even own our own breath. For every breath we take, we give one back. Put your hand on your heart and honour your heartbeats. It is through this connection that we enter the gateway to remembering that our life has a purpose.
May 15, 2020
What Makes Love Last With Renowned Relationship Expert Brad Robinson
In today’s episode I have the company of renowned relationship expert Brad Robinson and founder of Healing Broken Trust. He has helped people worldwide to heal broken trust, through his expertise and he specialises in helping make relationships stable and healthy. Brad has travelled all over North America speaking and training with the best experts in marriage and family therapy. He is also a Tedex Speaker and talks about how to achieve lasting love and committed relationships. Brad talks openly about his difficult childhood with his parents divorce and the impact it has had in forming his experiences and relationships growing up and in adult life. He shares how his early life led him to find his soul propose and that the greatest gift we can give each other is always the power of love.
May 13, 2020
Overcoming Your Fears With Stammering Activist Callum Schofield
In today’s episode I talk with Stammering Activist Callum Schofield. In a story filled with suffering yet incredible courage, Callum talks about how he has suffered with a stammer his whole life, until the age of 18, when he had an epiphany moment that was to change his life forever. Now working hard to raise awareness for stammering across the world, he is also the Host of The Schofield Stories Podcast. He is already well known as a stammering activist and as a result of this, he now has embarked on a career as a Mindset & Confidence Coach. By gaining his own voice, he now has embarked upon his life mission to helps others find their voice.
May 10, 2020
From Darkness To Light With Apex Conversations Founder Giampiero Scattolon
In today’s episode I talk with Giampiero Scatollon founder of Apex Conversations and a motivational listener/speaker. He shares his often traumatic story that led him from the depths of despair to the awakening moments that gave him the reason to live again. In 2014 he was diagnosed with PTSD after he had served in combat as a US soldier in Afghanistan in 2010. After having been through an earth shattering war, seeing the worst of humanity and the fragility of life, he speaks about the after effects and how it has impacted his life and how he has overcome all of this to try and rebuild his life and help others. His goal is to spread the message that everyone needs to be heard through genuine conversations, and that an individual can potentially release years of emotional pain through this method of healing. An example of how we are all walking the tightrope between dark and light and it’s up to us how we decide to use that power.
May 10, 2020
Voice Of The Silent Ones With Leading Campaigner Tony Stowell
In today’s episode I talk with leading campaigner Tony Stowell who is heading a major campaign for the rights of people in care homes. Tony has a successful career in the entertainment industry, which has led to a life filled with interesting twists and turns. He went from being a top professional model, working in Los Angeles as a double for Tom Cruise, to being offered to be in Take That at the beginning of their stardom. He is a familiar figure among celebrities and many of them are now helping him to raise awareness of his campaign. A testimony to the power of his campaign, is that he has the backing of a leading London solicitors which is recognised by the Legal 500 as one of the top tier legal firms in the UK, Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors. He is campaigning to raise standards in care homes and that anyone wishing to have cctv in their rooms in a care home by law is allowed to do so, for peace of mind and the assurance that protection and safety is always adhered to. He talks with determination and honesty about his courageous and extraordinarily difficult battle to raise awareness of the plight of the vulnerable and how his mission has taken him on the journey of making history. His story has made it into the mainstream media and reached parliament. Every person has the right to be safe and treated with dignity and respect, and Tony’s campaign #supportTonystowell is leading the way to giving a voice to the silent ones.
May 8, 2020
The Ultimate Guide To Self Publishing A Book With Andy Bromley From Ingram Content
In today’s episode I have the privilege to have Andy Bromley on the show. He’s the Head Marketing Manager at Ingram Content Group and is responsible for the marketing in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom. Andy is also part of IngramSpark and helps indie authors get their print books out through the Ingram network. This episode is for everyone who is interested in publishing a book, who has a story to share with the world. Andy gives some invaluable tips to budding authors and authorpreneurs. From start to finish he gives superb advice from publishing your book with Ingrams to making it available worldwide and how to achieve success holistically in all spheres to become a published author. A true expert in his field, Andy makes the process simple and concise and inspires everyone who has every had the dream to write a book to making it into a reality.
May 6, 2020
Letting Go Of Fear With Rest Easy Method Founder Emily Gearing
In this episode I talk with the inspiring Emily Gearing. She is a Life Coach & Mental Health Campaigner, Podcaster and Founder of the REST EASY Method. Emily talks openly about her battle with PTSD and other personal issues that led her to have low self esteem. Despite all of this she faced her fears and developed a successful career in wellbeing as well as developing a method that is a self-help tool that teaches people how to manage emotions, build resilience, develop self-awareness and grow empathy. An honest and deeply personal insight into the world of fear and anxiety and the journey back to an uplifting and successful life.
May 5, 2020
In Search Of Dreams With Singer/Songwriter Lily James
In this episode I talk with Lily James an award nominated Country/Folk Singer Songwriter. She was amongst the Best of Irish and English songs of 2017. She talks about her highs and lows in her journey as a singer and how she made a life changing decision to leave Los Angeles where she had set up her life and career to having to come back to the UK to look after her father who had developed dementia. Her story shows the delicate line between love and duty and the balance needed to remain positive despite the adversities that life may throw at us.
May 5, 2020
Courage To Live Again With Victoria English Martin
In this episode I talk with the inspirational Victoria English Martin Integrative Nutrition Coach, Pilates Instructor,Legislative Ambassador,Podcaster. Two years ago she faced the battle of a lifetime that saw her go from strength to weakness from a life threatening illness. She tells us about her crisis and the road to recovery of her physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Victoria is the host of the successful podcast After The Crisis which she started after her own life changing challenges and coming through the biggest test of her life, to now bringing healing and joy to others. In this sad yet uplifting and incredible life story of a lady who was kissing the doors of heaven, and then was brought back to life miraculously, so that she could live the life of her soul purpose and transform the life of others.
May 4, 2020
Strength Of The Human Spirit With Lord Chalkwell aka Nick Payne
In this heartfelt episode I talk with the ever eccentric Lord Chalkwell, otherwise known Nick Payne. A successful entrepreneur, film maker and business guru, he tells the story of his success, struggles with mental illness, and his recovery to regain his life again after losing everything. His raw honesty captures the delicate and fragile state of what it is to be human, and how the lowest point in his life led to a turning point that changed his life forever. He rebuilt his business empire and embraced his true self through the power of self belief and an awakening into the spiritual realms that helped him embrace the joy of living once again. A story of courage and survival that shows us the immense power of the human spirit.
May 3, 2020
The Extraordinary Mystery Of Friendship With Mimi Novic
In this episode I gently touch upon the meaning of true friendship and it’s importance in our lives. Friendship to this day remains one of the greatest mysteries in this universe. It is one of the most beautiful gifts, that we can be bestowed with and it’s sacredness is precious and noble. If it touches our lives we are truly honoured and blessed. A true friend is rare, it is someone who understands our silence, sings our music, wipes our sorrows and makes the road ahead be filled with ease and adventure. It still is one of the most profound treasures of our lifetime. Whatever relationships we have in our life right now at this precise moment is what we have drawn to us energetically. The people we meet are exactly the ones we need at any given moment and whose meaning and reason may be hidden, yet all events arise from this hidden meaning, for our greater growth and spiritual expansion.
May 3, 2020
How To Achieve Consistency In Personal Fitness With Kellie Ewington
In this episode I talk with Personal Trainer Kellie Ewington who left a high profile career in the private airline industry to follow her dream of establishing her own successful business as a personal trainer. We talk about the difficulties people’s face in these times of remaining consistent with their health and well-being and what steps are needed to achieve gradual but long term success in their personal fitness. Kellie discusses the importance of mental health and how a regular fitness programme can help overall health.
May 2, 2020
Using Discipline For Achieving Success with International Sports Therapist John Baker
In this motivational episode, I talk with international sports therapist John Baker. John is a former royal engineer in the British Army and after leaving the army he trained to become a sports therapist and a soft tissue expert. He now works internationally for the famous Iron Man events and elite sports teams, such as the British Bobsleigh team, Argentinian Rugby Team and the Jacksonville Jaguars which is an American football team, amongst many other leading sports teams around the world. John shares his motivation for life and talks about how achieving his own personal goals come through discipline and a positive mindset and this is something that he passes on to his clients through his work. It is a testimony that with determination and hard work, without losing sight of your goals, you can achieve anything if you put your whole being into realising your aspirations.
April 28, 2020
How Hope Changes Lives With Steve Lindsay MBE Prince’s Trust
In today’s episode I talk to Steve Lindsay MBE from the Prince’s Trust about his superb work within the Trust and beyond. He was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty the Queen for his superb charity work and selfless efforts in helping so many youngsters out of incredibly difficult lives. Having worked with the Prince’s Trust for over forty years, since His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales set it up, Steve was one of the first people to be involved in setting the charity up. He shares his stories of how he has managed to help young people achieve a new life, mostly out of great adversity, by guiding them through the process of hope and the ability to change their lives forever. He also shares stories of encouragement and personal experiences of great achievement. He is a wonderful example of how human compassion can literally change the world, one person, one soul at a time.
April 28, 2020
How To Accept Ourselves With Mimi Novic
Every moment is crucial and the decision always rests in our hands how we live, that is our infinite power. In the opening episode I discuss the topic of How To Accept Ourselves. I look into both the physical and spiritual ways of how to conquer the adversity of the struggle to truly love ourselves and how to stop comparing ourselves to others. We are all at the brink of a new chapter of self realisation and together we can bring a huge change in the world by celebrating our differences for a global healing. Whatever happens to us it is essential that we do not give up the hope to live, to love, to hold on to the faith of a better tomorrow, knowing with certainty that this moment can bring a change so profound, that the next hour, the next day can be transformed from despair to hope. This episode brings a certainty of spirit and encourages us to keep walking and keep discovering the power of us.
April 22, 2020
The Hidden Power Of Music With Mimi Novic
In this episode I share with you how music has a tremendous affect on us and how we can harness its power by understanding our own relationship with it. Whatever our beliefs, we all share one fundamental truth that’s undeniable, that each of us has a special and secret relationship with music. The unfathomable mystery that seems unsolvable, is how can something without form be felt with our feelings and evoke such strong emotions that pictures and paintings can be seen with our soul just through the magic of sound.
April 19, 2020