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The Mind Of Khan Podcast

The Mind Of Khan Podcast

By Mind of Khan Studios
Join us in Stories to Get Lost in and Learn From. This podcast from the Mind of Khan Studios is where you can expect a unique blend that combines fantasy, science fiction, and business related topics with immersive experiences for your listening pleasure!
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The Race That Keeps On Giving (Short Science Fiction Story)

The Mind Of Khan Podcast

Cyborg Awakening A Short Science Fiction Story
Todd believes he is a normal human child who finds himself in the middle of an alien abduction when he has to fight for his life and his mothers. Nothing can prepare him for the world he is about to enter as the youngest living Cyborg.   Read the story and more like this on my website,  Read more stories in fantasy and science fiction here,  If you would like to donate a coffee to me for producing these stories, you can make a donation here,
April 05, 2022
The Curse of Magic - A Short Fantasy Story (Audio Narration)
Princess Bella is a young girl with the power to make things float with just her fingers. Her mother does not want her powers to harm Bella, but Bella wants more opportunities for discovery.   Check out Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories Volume 1 for more stories like this,
March 14, 2022
The Scorched Minds - A Fantasy Story
The god of a distant universe felt his time in this place was ending and he wanted only the best for his subjects. For aeons, he had been looking over them, teaching them the ways of this universe and providing them with an appreciation of all the elements within it. It was his greatest desire to see them grow in the best of ways.   Check out the full story written here,   Join my mailing list for more stories at,
January 30, 2022
The Race That Keeps On Giving (Short Science Fiction Story)
It was the last race of the night. The sky was pitch black, lit by thousands of stars. The tall buildings in the distance were only barely visible, but their luminescence shone brighter than any other point on this planet. I felt my heart beat faster with every moment that passed underneath the unknown below me. By the time I reached the region I heard about, I could hardly breathe. It’s not that fear overwhelmed me - in fact, it’s just the opposite. But this wasn’t a normal race; it was to save my life, and I needed to win.   Get more stories like this by joining my mailing list  If you like Holiday based stories, you can get a copy of 'Holiday Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories' to get 20 stories as exciting as this as a gift for yourself and fans of the genre, get your copy here,
January 09, 2022
Aizumi and the Garden Spirits (A Short Fantasy Story)
Aizumi's spirit is stolen, so she cannot enjoy her cherry blossom garden.  She journeys within its wonders to claim it from those who took it from her.   Listen to the entire story here on YouTube or read it on my website at,   You can also sign up for more stories every month and a FREE story right away on my mailing list at,
November 27, 2021
For A Million Stars - A Science Fiction Short Story
Marnus' mother has died and he is meeting with her lawyers to claim a million stars.  He asks his friend Tern what he should do with it, but nobody can seem to answer him properly as everyone wants this from Marnus now more than ever!  With a bounty on his head, will his inheritance be enough protection?   Read the full story and more on my website, Join my mailing list and get new stories every month,
November 10, 2021
The God King Of Felinhand (A Short Fantasy Story)
The King of Felinhand is warned by Vakixos, a demigod, that the god of the earth will soon unleash his wrath.  Vakixos helped the king win his wars and now wants to take his son as payment due.   Listen to the entire story here on YouTube or read it on my website at, You can also sign up for more stories every month and a FREE story right away on my mailing list at,
November 06, 2021
Audric and The Deep Sea God - A Short Fantasy Story
Explorers Audric and Giordan find a mysterious object that appears in a desolate location at sea and they are blown away by the discovery. They use their magic to figure out its purpose and its origins.   Listen to the entire story here on YouTube or read it on my website at, You can also sign up for more stories every month and a FREE story right away on my mailing list at,
November 01, 2021
SkyLine - The Dragon Commander (Audiobook Preview)
Science Fiction doesn't get more action-packed than this!   Experience the exciting, page-turning adrenaline rush of SkyLine - The Dragon Commander from bestselling science-fiction novelist Kennedy King. Christopher tries to forget the horrors of his military past, with his new life on track... until the new threats appear with shadows of yesteryear. One. Last. Mission.  Is all they ask of him. Freeing him of the binds of duty.    He can't help but hear the whisper in his ear, almost as if otherworldly, taunting him,   "...You cannot shoot a thought..."   He is willing to do anything for his new life, but will the sacrifice be worth what happens next?    Grab the SkyLine Science Fiction Story today for what readers call an exciting military science fiction rollercoaster of action, genre-smashing and twists they never experienced before!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Download and Purchase today from your favourite platform:   𝗔𝗨𝗧𝗛𝗢𝗥 𝗣𝗔𝗚𝗘: Get the eBook, Paperback and Hardcover Editions here  𝗔𝗨𝗗𝗜𝗢𝗕𝗢𝗢𝗞: Get the Audiobook from several retailers here
October 29, 2021
The Enixar - The Sorcerer's Conquest (Audiobook Preview)
A sorcerer king, his wise advisor, and a young sorceress hiding her growing powers race to find an ancient power once thought lost.  Giving the wielder the power to control the universe... or to destroy it.   Gudrunn, entrusted with one of three magical artifacts, amplifies his terrifying power and quickly elevates to become the sorcerer king of the planet Gramadon. He seeks a rarity still protected by its people, even from him: an unhatched Dragon egg just waiting for the next dragonrider.   Meriaus, native to the planet Gramadon, believes he can guide the sorcerer king to make the universe a better place. Yet, the power of the Enixar soon twists his master’s mind. No one can stop him... no one except his trusted advisor.   Amadalia loves her grandfather, the sorcerer king who believes in her and understands her true potential: the potential to inherit his throne. Training in secret proves to be her best weapon in the battles to come.   The Enixar - The Sorcerer's Conquest is a dynamic introduction to an epic fantasy series you won’t be able to put down! Complete with a strong female protagonist, Sorcerer King, complex characters and political intrigue, this series dives into the core of Epic Fantasy and Science Fantasy that readers will love.   If you are a fan of John Flanagan's The Ranger's Apprentice, Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom, or Kim Harrison's The Hollows, then this is for you.   ***   Get The Entire Audiobook at Select Audiobook Sellers: Visit the Author's Page for Other Fantasy and Science Fiction Stories at: Facebook: Instagram:
October 24, 2021