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Quick Bites by Mind Over Food, easy tips on healthy eating you can do today!

Quick Bites by Mind Over Food, easy tips on healthy eating you can do today!

By Mind Over Food
Want to learn some quick tips on healthy eating you can incorporate into your life right now? Changing your lifestyle to include healthier choices is all about changing your thinking. I’m Andi Freedman and I created my company Mind Over Food by combining my passion for health, nutrition and fitness with my cognitive behavioral therapy experience. My Quick Bites series offers tips and tricks in an easy, “chewable” format to help change your thinking about food and eating so making nourishing food choices comes naturally. Guest appearances, questions or comments welcome! Enjoy!
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Quick Bites S2 E1: Killing Calories for Good!
Andi discusses how balancing your meals, instead of restricting calories, is the best way to lose weight.  So, kill those calories FOR GOOD! insta: _mindoverfood_ Twitter: @mindoverfood1
September 17, 2020
Quick Bites 10: Celebrate Your Healthy Wins and Stop Focusing on the Losses
Andi explains why its so important to give yourself credit when you make a healthy choice and stop beating yourself up when you make an eating mistake. Insta: _mindoverfood_ Twitter: @MindOverFood1
August 5, 2020
Quick Bites 9: Meal Planning Makes Healthy Eating Easier, Not Harder
While many feel that meal planning is too hard or takes too much time, Andi explains how meal planning makes your life easier and is the key to making healthy food choices Insta: _mindoverfood_
July 12, 2020
Quick Bites 8: Guidelines for Healthy Choices as We Begin to Venture Out
Now that "Stay At Home" restrictions begin to relax, Andi suggests some guidelines for staying healthy all summer long.
June 22, 2020
Quick Bites 7: Managing Your Shopping Trips During a Health Crisis
Andi explains why it is so important not to neglect the produce section during the Covid-19 crisis.
May 13, 2020
Quick Bites 6: Coping with Covid-19
Andi provides some much needed strategies to stay in control with your eating and food choices during the Covid-19 crisis.
April 30, 2020
Quick Bites 5: Mindful Eating
Learn how to eat mindfully and give up multitasking while eating. Listen to all the Quick Bites in this playlist.
March 10, 2020
Quick Bites 4: Its Not About the Fork
Andi explains that its not about the fork, its about your THOUGHTS!
February 11, 2020
Quick Bites 3: New Year, New Approach to Thinking About Your Health
Don't bother with making New Year's Resolutions, they don't work! Andi talks about a new approach to Thinking about your health and losing weight.
January 1, 2020
Quick Bites 2: Healthy Holidays
Andi has some tools and tips to get you through the holiday season without gaining weight or compromising your health.
December 4, 2019
Quick Bites 1: Why Diets Fail
Andi answers the question "Why diets Fail!" in this 1st installment of the Quick Bites series from Mind Over Food.
October 24, 2019