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Mind Your Biz w/ Evan "The Biz"

Mind Your Biz w/ Evan "The Biz"

By Evan "The Biz"
Evan "The Biz" is a self-made successful entrepreneur that has embraced his "New York City hustle" & out-of-the-box thinking to become a business mogul in various fields, including: e-commerce, digital marketing (branding/advertising), real estate (flipping/developing), manufacturing, inventing/patents, film/TV/music & business consulting. His podcast "Mind Your Biz" features A-list celebrity guests, Fortune 500 CEOs & experts in all industries. He also invites the audience to do one-on-one consultations for startups & businesses of all sizes, delivering his message "SUCCESS w/o BS".
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How to increase your book readership [author consulting]
Evan hosts Nassim Odin to provide insight on his book trilogy series "Sphere of Destiny". Purchase the book at Follow Quentin on Instagram at @_nassimodin Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz --- Support this podcast:
February 18, 2022
Puppy biz
Evan speaks with Jacqueline Harrington, owner of Yorkies of Austin, a compassionate company in Austin, Texas that gives therapy, love, and support via breeding purebred puppies. Their mission is to raise healthy, exotic and affordable dogs along with providing effective dog services and dog-related products to clients. Find out more at Follow Jacqueline at Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
November 13, 2021
Keeping your biz healthy
Evan talks immune system with Robert Gauthier, President/CEO of Cymcorp International inc. Robert's company is a formulator and patent holder for Viprox, a nontoxic, noninvasive, and clinically proven therapy for the treatment of various immune system-related diseases. He is also the host of an educational/wellness podcast entitled "Good Solid Health Podcast". Follow Robert: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
October 30, 2021
Storing your biz, whatever it is
Evan is joined by Kenneth DeAngelis, CEO of McMurray Stern, a business storage solutions company that helps companies across the country deal with the labor shortage epidemic by automating their storage. Learn more at Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
October 29, 2021
Mind your memorabilia
Mike Parker of the online Pro Wrestling Museum tells Evan about his virtual endeavor of sharing memorabilia. Mike has amassed a collection over decades featuring some rare and exclusive wrestling merch.   Visit the museum at Follow Mike: Facebook/Instagram: @pwmuseum Twitter: @pwmuseum1 Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
October 24, 2021
The biz of protecting biz
Ron Sharon joins Evan to talk cybersecurity. Ron is an IT executive and cybersecurity expert with over 15 of years experience delivering innovative security solutions and threat mitigation.    Learn more at  Connect with Ron: LinkedIn: @ron-sharon  Twitter: @RealRonSharon Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
October 24, 2021
Ready, set, ReadyCloud Suite!
Evan is joined by Michael Lazar (Director of Growth) and Chris Dunn (Director of Business Development) to discuss their software suite for ecommerce called ReadyCloud Suite. The versatile software is a CRM, customer service, growth marketing, shipping and returns suite for online retailers.   Learn more at  Follow on social media:  Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
October 10, 2021
Dealing with mayoral biz
Wade Delbert Anthony joins Evan to talk campaigning for mayor and improving taxes. Wade is the mayoral candidate of Dacula, a city in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Wade vows to work with Gwinnett County to stabilize property taxes for all Dacula residents the same way he's worked with the County to stabilize his own property taxes. Donate/Support Wade: Follow Wade's movement: Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
October 07, 2021
A platform where it pays to speak freely
Gary Brookes talks with Evan about responding to Big Tech and the censorship of various platforms. He has created a podcast to help people unhook from these platforms and move to decentralized systems that not only are censorship-resistant, but also pay users (in cryptocurrency) for using them. Check out The DecentralizeMe Podcast: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
September 16, 2021
Bringing the radio biz back
Evan talks to Frans Rehl, who has created a promising music platform for NFTs and music artists. Radion allows musicians from all over the world to be able to upload their music and receive payment directly to their crypto wallets via blockchain technology. Check it out! Follow Frans: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
September 15, 2021
Therapy minus the noise
Clinical psychologist Dr. Andrew Ward talks with Evan to promote his podcast and therapy philosophy. Dr. Ward has a no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to therapy. "Into the Fix" is a podcast that cuts through the noise and provides insight you can really use... presented in only 15 minutes or less. Listen to "Into the Fix": Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
September 11, 2021
Blood is thicker than money
Jason Bradley drops by Mind Your Biz to promote his two recently published children's books, "Mom's Voice" and "His Hands". He discusses with Evan the importance of fatherhood, using his own unified and athletic family as reference. Follow Jason: Facebook: Jason O. Bradley Instagram: @bradleyspartyof5 Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
September 03, 2021
Transforming HR communication
President/CEO of Evive, Dr. Prashant Srivastava, joins Evan on "Mind Your Biz". Evive changes the way companies communicate. Dr. Prashant Srivastava co-founded Evive after recognizing that healthcare was moving toward a consumer model, yet there was nothing consumer-friendly about the healthcare benefits industry.  For more info, visit Follow Prashant on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram at @goevive Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
September 01, 2021
One hat isn't enough in today's biz
Evan chats with Nick Ivey, who is a versatile software developer, author, musician, and overall producer. He's got a hand in many bags and shares his entrepreneurial story. Follow Nick on Instagram at @nickiveyprod and Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
August 30, 2021
Mingle & make money
Evan and Rick Sutton discuss the business of masks. Rick is the creator/owner of the Mingle Mask. It covers the full face and nose without hindering breathing, talking, or anybody's health. Check out the Mingle Mask: Follow Rick on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook at @minglemask Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
August 28, 2021
Tragedy don't stop triumph
Book author James Ruvalcaba tells Evan his story of triumph through tragedy. Cancer got in the way of James and the love of his life Anabel, yet James has pushed through and is now helping to motivate others. Follow James and his story: Instagram & Twitter: @JamesMruvalcaba Facebook: James Ruvalcaba Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
August 27, 2021
Hyphenation creates separation
Evan is joined by Nicole Draffen, author of "Hyphened-Nation". She shares how she grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer she lived overseas, particularly how The US is one of the only, if not the only country, that hyphenates its citizens by ethnicity before nationality. Nicole's book sparked a social movement, "Don't Check the Box", that encourages Americans to address why we are allowing ourselves to be defined by the boxes we are forced to check, and how it limits self definition. Follow and support Nicole at: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
August 26, 2021
Making crypto ideas make money
William Wang meets with Evan to promote his movement, Idea Factory, which helps companies, corporations, and start-ups to issue/launch their own cryptocurrencies... providing technical support, consultation, and marketing. Idea Factory is a full-Service ICO, STO, IEO, and NFT creation and consulting company. Find out more at: Follow William at: & Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
August 25, 2021
Changing wages
Larry Pinson Sr. joins Evan to discuss his book "Clockable Hours Application Process and Pay System". The book offers a simplified pay system crafted for the postal payroll system. After a thorough study of the postal service pay system, Larry Pinson, Sr. recommends that this modernized system can be applicable to other government agencies, as well. Learn more here: Buy the book here: Follow Larry on Facebook: @LarryPinsonSr   Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evthebiz
August 21, 2021
The biz of live streaming
Evan talks with Alan Barber, who is launching a new live video platform. "See Me". The platform provides users with true live streaming independence. Check out the new endeavor at  Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evthebiz
August 18, 2021
Size doesn't matter
Evan speaks with growth specialist Rahim "Ryan" Azizzi about the prevalent misconception that a business can be "too small" to go public. Rahim does a deep dive on the concept of going public and encourages those who are ready for the next stage to check out his service, Grow Public. Visit for more info Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
August 05, 2021
Mini guy, big moves
Evan talks with Mini Mike, a 13 year old with his own blossoming Youtube channel and professional website. He's into politics and has a dream to be a politician when he grows up. Check out Mini Mike's Youtube channel, Mike Lindell Official: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 30, 2021
Biz in the bathroom
Bluewind Medical CEO Dan Lemaitre shares the innovation behind his company's product, the RENOVA iStim, and their efforts to help people suffering from overactive bladder. Check out what Bluewind has to offer, here: Follow Bluewind on Instagram and Facebook (@Bluewindmedical) as well as Twitter (@Bluewindinc). Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 29, 2021
To the moon... Supermoon!
Evan has a group talk with Captain Moon (CEO of Supermoon) and his crypto crew to talk about the current cryptocurrency landscape and their own token, Supermoon. Supermoon is a frictionless, yield-generating BEP-20 token.  Learn more at Follow Supermoon at: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 28, 2021
Making up a pretty biz
Evan chats with Christina Flach, CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is a celebrity makeup artist, sepsis awareness advocate, and grief expert. Follow Christina: Instagram: @prettygirlmkup & @christinaflachmakeup Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 27, 2021
When a cause is your biz
Evan is joined by multi-book author Dawn Airhart Witte. She runs as well as a fragrance line. She discusses her goal to spread love and joy to those who need it and to help children in Africa. Her mission: to inspire others to find their purpose and live it. She is also a certified life coach, speaker and the founder of the Desire to Inspire Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to break cycles of extreme poverty.  Support Dawn's movement: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 26, 2021
David & David: 2 Goliaths of film/acting
Evan talks with actors/writers/producers David Wenzel and David Vando to discuss their award-winning film "Hamlet/Horatio", which has been released to Amazon Prime, itunes, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube PPV, with Vudu and AMC to follow. Both men have collectively worked with names such as Brad Pitt, Allen Pakula, Scott Rudin, and Fisher Stevens. Check out them and their work: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 23, 2021
Creative marketing & the biz of jokes
Evan chops it up with Charlie Mac to talk comedy and the marketing behind it. Charlie is a stand up comedian hailing from Chicago, IL currently living in Austin, TX. Stay tuned for his show dates! Follow Bryan on: YouTube - Charlie Mac Instagram - @funnycharliemac Twitter - @funnycharliemac TikTok - @imcharliemac Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 20, 2021
The biz behind beards
Bryan Godfrey sits with Evan to educate about the grooming industry. Bryan is the Founder and CEO of Bold Grooming, which offers an effective 3-step solution for successfully maintaining beards. Find your solution at Follow Bryan on Instagram and Facebook, @boldgrooming Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 19, 2021
The Leaving Day
Evan talks with Ruwaida Abd about her book, "The Leaving Day". The book reflects on those who are "suffering" due to love and dealing with situations such as breakups.   Follow Ruwaida on Instagram @ruwaida.abd  Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 14, 2021
Disabled & BIZ-abled
Evan talks with disabled advocate, cerebral palsy thriver and podcast host Wayed Kabir, aka "The Ability Beast". Wayed's podcast showcases stories of overcoming struggles with positive affirmation, from people of all walks of life. His podcast "Ability Beast Talk" is available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and his website Follow Wayed on Instagram @abilitybeasttalk Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 08, 2021
Turning down Shark Tank, turning up check-in speed
Derek Pacqué talks to Evan about his revolutionary company and turning down what was the most lucrative offer in Shark Tank history. Derek is the founder of Chexology, a company helping to automate the luggage check-in process within the hospitality industry. Learn more at  Follow Derek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @chexology  Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
July 01, 2021
Mixing biz w/ entertainment
Evan sits with music artist and film producer, Levi Lobo to talk about his latest single, "Home Again", album "Nowadays", and production company Era Cinema. He also discusses overcoming homelessness and what he terms as "fatherlessness" to successfully complete his endeavors.  Find Levi at Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
June 30, 2021
1...2...3... CBD! (by E1011)
Mackenzie Whalen talks with Evan about her company E1011 Labs, which is on a mission to provide safe, convenient and affordable access to cannabinoid wellness. Mackenzie highlights the CBD industry and her experience with launching a CBD company right before the pandemic (February 2020). Learn more about her company at Follow Mackenzie's movement at Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz    
June 16, 2021
The next big social networking platform
Evan is joined by Theo Doussineau to promote a new social networking platform called ReDesign Hub, which is dedicated to interior design, real estate and construction. It's a compact social media platform geared towards construction professionals. Learn more/try it at Follow Theo: Translate to English Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz  
June 15, 2021
Using NFTs in EVERY way possible
Evan is joined by the eclectic Pandu Sastrowardoyo (aka "Decentricity"). Pandu is the NFT curator for, a network of NFT marketplaces. She is also the cofounder of the Decentralized Bio Network (, which is creating bioinformatics NFTs. Her network contains an art marketplace (, an NSFW marketplace (, and a photography marketplace ( (sovereignly-owned NFTs of your genome and medical history) helps reduce data privacy risks that are inherent in the personal genetic testing industry. Its goal is to ensure that your genetic and medical data are owned and monetizable only by you. Follow Pandu: Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz  
June 10, 2021
Getting coached by an "UnGuru"
CityGal Melanie (PhD in Sociology and Geopolitics) joins Evan to discuss the launch of "UnGuru", an apolitical movement that strives to become the consumer protector. She discusses teaching people how to vote with their dollar, how communities really operate, and more "behind the biz" topics. Learn more about CityGal Melanie's endeavor at,,, Follow Evan "The Biz" on Instagram at @evanthebiz
May 31, 2021
How to protect & maximize your money
Morgan Irvin, Co-founder and Managing Director of Park City Family Office, talks with Evan about wealth management. Morgan's company consists of consultants and strategists that focus on not only money and finances, but their clients' values and prospective legacy. See more of Morgan's endeavor at Follow Morgan on IG at @pcfamilyoffice and Facebook/YouTube at ParkCityFamilyOffice Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
May 20, 2021
AI meets farming
The trio Tim, Fraser, and Steven of Martins Software & Automation, Inc join Evan to discuss Martins (an acronym for Mobile Automated Robotic Technology Integrated Network Systems), blockchain, farming, and more. View their endeavors at Follow the Martins movement on Instagram at @martinstechnology Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
May 11, 2021
The gift of animal gab
Animal communicator, psychic medium and occasional animal finder, Nancy Mello, joins Evan to detail her adventures. Nancy discusses how, from pups to fish, our animal friends have something to say, and she has the special ability to help connect us with them. She's been featured in publications such as The Washington Post and Cosmopolitan UK, Yahoo Finance and Scary Mommy. Nancy has also helped find 36 lost pets in places such as Athens, Greece, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, and Vancouver, B.C.  If you want any more information ask Nancy at Follow her on Instagram at: @nancy.mello.psychic.medium  On Facebook at On Tik Tok at: @nancy.mello Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
May 10, 2021
Teaching teachers how to teach
Evan talks with Wesley Glosson about his business,, which allows teachers to teach other teachers and help with professional development. The platform's goal is to allow more collaboration in education, extra income for teachers, and spreading the best educational practices throughout the nation. Follow Wesley on Twitter: @teachthisteach & IG: @teach_thisteacher Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
May 03, 2021
Banking on crypto banking
Evan hosts Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra/Abra Borrow, internet pioneer, and Bitcoin expert. Bill had the foresight to predict the rise of Bitcoin at TED 2012. Today, his goal is for Abra to be the wallet of choice to buy, sell and borrow cryptocurrency.   For more details, visit Follow the movement on Twitter at @AbraGlobal Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 20, 2021
Real deep in real estate
Brian Alejandre is a savvy real estate wholesaler with a long streak of opening doors and closing deals. Know someone in the market for a home? Somebody you know looking to let go of some property? Reach out... Brian's your guy! Follow Brian on IG at @brian.alejandre   Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 14, 2021
Never too early to build an empire
At 18, Chris Faison was introduced to the business world via mentorship and has never looked back. He rode (and continues to ride) on a path to entrepreneurial sufficiency... everything from buying/re-selling sneakers to building/selling e-commerce stores. He would eventually capitalize on the AirBnB industry renting living space and mentoring aspiring property owners. Follow Chris at and on Instagram at  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 13, 2021
How to be a biz-minded music artist
Amarrai Cabell is a genre-less artist whose last single "Mean a Thing" was the #4 trending song on Twitter in Africa and was performed on over ten radio stations. He has three Soundcloud number one songs and more than 16 million Soundcloud plays. He is now promoting his song "Male Privilege" with the eccentric pop star Willow Smith.  Follow Amarrai at Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 08, 2021
Unblocking innovation w/ blockchain
Tomas Svoboda is a revolutionary software engineer from the Czech Republic. He believes his disruptive technology will change the way we currently work, shop, play and live overall. For starters, Tomas has been using crypto tokens as a data carrier as well as a store of value.  Find out more about Tomas and his blockchain partner, Neblio at and follow Tomas on Twitter at Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 08, 2021
The next big NFT, CryptoCardz
Evan is joined by Daniel Corona to promote the launch of his NFT, CryptoCardz. They are reportedly the first complete set of special edition NFTs listed on OpenSea, Rarible and Satoshi.Art. Purchase and learn more at Follow Daniel at drtravel_official and @cryptocardzofficial on IG as well as @cryptocardzz on Twitter.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 07, 2021
Crypto Cop: from $1K to $4 Mil
Evan sits with Michael Kelley who is a former police officer and current crypto strategist. Michael touches on some heavy discussion, particularly about the dark side of law enforcement. Follow Michael at @AuthorMKelley on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 07, 2021
It's all about copy, write?
Margo White is an expert in providing copywriting services and consulting for entrepreneurs. Her portfolio includes companies like, Microsoft, 4Over4, AppSmart, Adobe, Heads Up Adviser and others.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 05, 2021
Who coaches the coaches?
Evan talks coaching with the coach who coaches coaches, Carlo Parsons. Check out his e-book "The Book Yourself Solid Cheat Sheet for Coaches". Our listeners get a free download at Find Carlo at &  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
April 03, 2021
Angel investors are in your backyard
Evan hosts Paul Hickey, co-founder & president of PuraVita Medical. Paul discusses how to raise money for your business, particularly a startup. He's raised 22 rounds of funding for his own startups, taking one from startup to IPO, plus he's co-founded an investment bank.  Find Paul on Twitter (@puravitamedical) and Facebook (  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 29, 2021
5 biz's, 3 kids, 1 living room
Fashion mogul Jackie Bertolette sits with Evan the Biz to talk about her intensive, entrepreneurial grind. Find out even more at Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 25, 2021
From NBA to HBCU humanitarian
Evan chats with Ex-NBA player/Clark Atlanta head basketball coach George Lynch & marketing CEO Tracey Pennywell. Follow their journey at  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 19, 2021
How do you trust NFTs?
Yervand Setoyan (NFT minter/distributor) shares education on NFTs and gives insight into the current cryptocurrency trend. Follow his endeavor at Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 13, 2021
Hypnotize your wallet, dog, etc
Maja Brexel (clinical hypnotherapist/psychotherapist/occupational therapist) changes Evan's perspective on the science and benefits of hypnosis, including hypnotizing animals. See more of Maja at Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 11, 2021
Real estate w/ 2 handsome guys
Evan chats with Charles Weinraub (real estate investor) about real estate along with its myths and misconceptions. See more Charles at  @handsome_homebuyer Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 11, 2021
The biz of celebrity eyebrows
Saajida O'Quinn (eyebrow expert/model/singer, aka "The Brow Boss", aka "Organica La Reina") joins Evan The Biz to talk eyebrows, celebrity clients, and sustaining a business during the pandemic. See more Saajida at @saajidabrows and @organiccurves_ Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 02, 2021
The future of digital marketing
Evan speaks with Matt Aponte (empowerment coach/author) about the future of digital marketing and his various entrepreneur hats. Check Matt at @themattaponte. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 25, 2021
Biz after "SNL", "Weeds" & other "legendary" shows
Evan chats with "legendary" Kevin Nealon (comedian/actor/artist) about his new project "Hiking with Kevin" and work as a caricature artist. Follow Kevin at @kevinnealon Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 19, 2021
Don't underestimate social media ads
Nitin Bhardwaj (digital marketer) sits with Evan to discuss his experience with Facebook ads & digital marketing. More Nitin at @howlingnitin Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 17, 2021
Serving a plate of biz w/a vet who served her country
Cydonie Brown (U.S. Navy veteran, YouTube personality) of the Japan hit "Foodots" ( talks about her life as a foodie and gets a little advice from Evan on how to leverage her professional eating endeavors. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 17, 2021
Handling the biz of the handle @paul
Evan is joined by Paul Getter (marketing consultant), the "internet marketing nerd"... and man who owns the efficient handle @Paul on Instagram. He talks about his digital marketing experiences and drops some advice. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 09, 2021
Making money w/martial arts (while making it look hot!)
Evan talks with Nelita Villezon (martial artist/actress) about her many professional talents, combat sports, and the beautiful country of Dubai.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
January 28, 2021
Biz talk w/ a "Project Runway" star
"Project Runway" couture fashion designer, Isabelle Donola talks with Evan about fashion and some ideas for a new designing reality game show series. Follow Isabelle at @isabelledonola Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
January 05, 2021
From "30 Rock" to 30 biz hats
Evan chats a bit with Margaret Cho (stand-up comedian, actress, musician, fashion designer, author, and activist) about her life during the pandemic and how she's been pushing for social equality. Check her out at @margaret_cho Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
December 28, 2020
Evan makes a deal w/ George Lopez (live, on air)
Evan The Biz speaks with George (comic/actor) about the biz of comedy and acting, plus they do some biz live on air! Follow George at @georgelopez Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz 
December 21, 2020