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Mind Your Biz w/ Evan "The Biz"

Mind Your Biz w/ Evan "The Biz"

By Evan "The Biz"
Evan "The Biz" is a self-made successful entrepreneur that has embraced his "New York City hustle" & out-of-the-box thinking to become a business mogul in various fields, including: e-commerce, digital marketing (branding/advertising), real estate (flipping/developing), manufacturing, inventing/patents, film/TV/music & business consulting. His podcast "Mind Your Biz" features A-list celebrity guests, Fortune 500 CEOs & experts in all industries. He also invites the audience to do one-on-one consults for startups & businesses of all sizes, delivering his message "SUCCESS w/o BS".
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Isabelle Donola (fashion designer, @isabelledonola)

Mind Your Biz w/ Evan "The Biz"

Isabelle Donola (fashion designer, @isabelledonola)

Mind Your Biz w/ Evan "The Biz"

Saajida O'Quinn (eyebrow expert/model/singer, @saajidabrows/@organiccurves_)
Saajida O'Quinn (aka "Brow Boss", aka "Organica La Reina") joins Evan The Biz to talk eyebrows, celebrity clients, and sustaining a business during the pandemic. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
March 2, 2021
Matt Aponte (empowerment coach/author, @themattaponte)
Evan speaks with Matt Aponte about the future of digital marketing and his various entrepreneur hats.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 25, 2021
Kevin Nealon (comedian/actor/artist, @kevinnealon)
Evan chats with "legendary" Kevin Nealon (of Saturday Night Live, Weeds, other shows) about his new project "Hiking with Kevin" and work as a  caricature artist. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 19, 2021
Nitin Bhardwaj (digital marketer, @howlingnitin)
Nitin Bhardwaj sits with Evan to discuss his experience with Facebook ads & digital marketing. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 17, 2021
Cydonie Brown (U.S. Navy veteran, YouTube personality)
Cydonie Brown of the Japan hit "Foodots" ( talks about her life as a foodie and gets a little advice from Evan on how to leverage her professional eating endeavors. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 17, 2021
Paul Getter (marketing consultant, @paul)
Evan is joined by Paul Getter, the "internet marketing nerd"... and man who owns the efficient handle @Paul on Instagram. He talks about his digital marketing experiences and drops some advice. Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
February 9, 2021
Nelita Villezon (martial artist/actress, @nelita_v)
Evan talks with Nelita Villezon about her many professional talents, combat sports, and the beautiful country of Dubai.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
January 28, 2021
Isabelle Donola (fashion designer, @isabelledonola)
"Project Runway" couture designer, Isabelle Donola talks with Evan about fashion and some ideas for a new designing reality game show series.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
January 5, 2021
Margaret Cho (comic/activist, @margaret_cho)
Evan The Biz chats briefly with Margaret Cho about her life during the pandemic and how she's been pushing for social equality.  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz
December 28, 2020
George Lopez (comic/actor, @georgelopez)
Evan The Biz speaks with George about the biz of comedy and acting, plus they do some biz live on air!  Follow Evan on Instagram at @evanthebiz 
December 21, 2020