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By Minda Harts
Hear stories of everyday women of color as they lean into a workforce that isn't always invested in their success. How do they do it? Join us as we dig deep and learn how to #SECURETHESEAT
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Burnout is Real!


Burnout is Real!


You Are More Than Magic
On this week's episode of Secure The Seat--I discuss my latest book for Young Adults, called You Are More Than Magic: The Black and Brown Girls' Guide To Finding Your Voice. My brother Mike Harts ( interviewed me about the book. You can purchase here: Or please help us donate 500 books to Black and Brown Girls here: link will be live until April 29th to donate. 
April 21, 2022
Using Inclusive Language with special guest Dr. Tiffany Jana
Today's guest is  Dr. Tiffany Jana. Dr. Jana is an Author, Founder & CEO of TMI Portfolio. Dr. Jana is an acclaimed international speaker who enjoys helping people see each other more fully and more clearly.   We will discuss why using Inclusive Language is important in the workplace.   Dr. Tiffany Jana (they/them/hers) is the founder and CEO of TMI’s Portfolio companies, now celebrating 19 years championing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). Dr. Jana spearheaded the TMI Consulting Inc.’s transition into the world’s first Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp) with a diversity accountability focus. Dr. Jana was awarded the B Corp community’s highest honor, the Tal Haussig Award, for blazing a path towards JEDI values in action. Connect with Dr. Jana, go to You can watch the live episode here: And for the book sweepstakes: Lastly, if you would like to help with 25, 50, or 100 pre-orders email 
September 08, 2021
Friendship In The Age Of Loneliness w/ special guest Adam Smiley Poswolsky.
Today's guest is Adam Smiley Poswolsky. Adam is the author of Friendship in the Age of Loneliness, an International keynote speaker, and a Millennial workplace expert.   We will discuss How To Create Friendship In The Age Of Loneliness Within The Workplace. Connect with Smiley and purchase his new book, go to AND you can watch the live episode here:
August 25, 2021
Creating Boundaries in the workplace w/ special guest Dr. Erin L. Thomas
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Dr. Erin L. Thomas. Dr. Thomas is the Head of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging & Access at Upwork. We will discuss Creating Boundaries in the Workplace. She brings a distinctive mix of research and practitioner expertise to this role, which includes leading diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIBs) strategy, implementation, and coaching. Prior to Upwork, Erin was a Managing Director at Paradigm, a diversity and inclusion strategy firm, where she partnered with companies to embed DIBs into their organizations through culture transformation and people development. Prior to Paradigm, Erin held positions at Grant Thornton LLP and Argonne National Laboratory developing D&I strategies, programming, and metrics. Her work has been featured in Fast Company and the New York Times and recognized by Forbes, Human Rights Campaign, the National Association for Female Executives, and Equal Opportunity Magazine. She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology; a Master of Philosophy in social psychology; a Master of Science in social psychology; and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and international studies from Yale University. Connect with Dr. Thomas on Twitter @ErinLThomasPhD and Watch the live episode at The Writing Retreat and code STS2021
June 16, 2021
Creating The Life You Want with special guest Denitra Ross
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Denitra Ross. Denitra is a Coach, Speaker, and Master Storyteller. We will discuss how to create the life you want.  Denitra Ross is guided by a heart for helping people to transform their lives, Denitra Ross helps her clients to create a story that empowers them to reach their goals. Whether in her role in IT leadership, her recovery journey, or as a mother to an amazing teenage daughter, she believes one thing is radically clear – the story we tell ourselves about ourselves will ALWAYS show up in our lives. Leveraging the power of storytelling, Denitra developed the “Change Your Story, Change Your Life,” coaching methodology. With it, clients examine their personal stories with compassion, courage, and clarity. Through experience, exercises, and examples, Denitra helps them to write a new story that aligns with their desired life. In addition to working one on one with clients, Denitra also has more than 20 years of experience in service-based roles across many different industries. Currently, she serves as a Senior IT Operations Director for a Fortune 100 company. You can follow and hire Denitra on IG and Facebook @tftbn To watch the live show of this episode:
April 14, 2021
Racial Justice with Rachel J. Robasciotti
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Rachel J. Robasciotti. Rachel is the Founder and CEO at Adasina Social Capital. We discuss racial justice and our wealth. She graduated from high school at 15 years-old and ultimately attended the University of California, Berkeley where she studied economics. After working at large financial firms learning what they do well and what she wanted to do differently, in 2004 at the age 25, she founded Robasciotti & Philipson – a firm dedicated to transforming wealth into a tool that supports the well-being of people and the planet.  In 2018, Rachel launched the firm’s Social Justice Investing strategy which would become Adasina Social Capital. This strategy has positioned her as a leader in the financial industry for integrating issues of racial, gender, economic, and climate justice into investment portfolios. Connect with Rachel on Twitter @rrobasciotti and Watch the live episode at
March 31, 2021
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace with special guest Adrienne Lawrence
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Adrienne Lawrence. We discuss sexual harassment in the workplace. Adrienne is an award-winning on-air commentator and diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate, Adrienne does more than just talk. In fact, she does a lot of everything—and she does it well. The former “big law” litigator is passionate about reaching minds and audiences through informative, thought-provoking conversation—particularly on matters impacting women and people of color in their professional lives. Find out more about Adrienne at   And purchase her new book: Staying In The Game here. 
March 03, 2021
Becoming a Global Leader and Citizen with Appreccia D. Faulkner
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Appreccia D. Faulkner; we discuss what it means to lead globally as a woman of color.  Appreccia is the Founder & CEO of Global Strategists Association. Global Strategists Association is an international nonprofit organization working to increase global engagement among the African Diaspora. Connect with Appreccia at and on Twitter at Catch the live version of this episode on YouTube.
February 24, 2021
Building Your Brand Inside The Workplace with special guest Stephen A. Hart
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I have my brother from another mother, Stephen A. Hart; discussing how to build your brand inside of the workplace. Stephen is a proud husband of 12 years to Kristin and strives to be the #bestdadever to their two crumb snatchers (his words). Stephen is a marketer, podcaster, and brand strategist. Connect with Stephen at and sign up for his upcoming Branding Bootcamp at coupon code sts200 Catch the live version of this episode on YouTube. 
February 17, 2021
Building Your Table with special guest Shannon Cohen
This week I chat with Shannon Cohen. We discuss how to build your own table. You can also watch the live episode here: Shannon is an author, podcaster, and owner of an inspirational product line called Tough Skin, Soft Heart. Her Tough Skin, Soft Heart products are available at retailers across the country. Her podcast reaches subscribers nationally and globally with weekly grab-and-go encouragement for difference makers. Her 2nd book, “It’s Normal to Shake as You Soar” was released in October 2020. In February 2021, Shannon’s signature brand of greeting cards will debut at Target stores nationwide via a partnership with American Greetings. Shannon Cohen is the founder and CEO of Shannon Cohen, Inc. -- a boutique firm with a mighty imprint and reputation for excellence. Shannon specializes in developing customized emotional intelligence, equity, and wellness colloquia for organizations across diverse sectors and industries. Support Shannon today:
February 03, 2021
Vote For You with Special Guest Kanika Tolver
Happy New Year and welcome to Secure The Seat. This week I chat with a friend of the podcast, Kanika Tolver. We discuss how to shift your mindset and vote for a better life. You can also watch the live episode here: Kanika is no ordinary “social-preneur”.  She is a highly decorated information technology Federal Government professional, rebel entrepreneur, and Certified Professional Coach. Not to mention, the CEO and Founder of Career Rehab, LLC in Washington, DC. Career Rehab focuses on assisting career transformations for students, professionals and retirees. Her company provides career coaching programs, events, webinars, and digital resources to help people reach their career goals. Kanika is the author of the acclaimed title, Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work.  Make sure to buy her book and follow her on social media:
January 13, 2021
Can't Give Up Now
Minda serves us this week with a hart to hart--She is standing in solidarity during the election results. Go to for more.
November 04, 2020
The Power of Empathy and Community
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Chief Impact Office at The Luminary in NYC, and Adjunct Professor at NYU Wagner Surabhi Lal. We discuss how empathy and community building are essential for the future of work.  Surabhi works with organizations and uses empathy, strategy, and transparency to create cultures where individuals and teams thrive. Learn more about Surabhi's work at and Also, join The Memo Book Tour starting on 9/15 (virtual)
August 26, 2020
All Is Not Lost
Minda serves us this week with a hart to hart and reflects on how all is not lost during the quarantine. Go to for more.
August 05, 2020
Your Competitive Edge with Harvard Professor Laura Huang
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Harvard Business School Professor and Author, Laura Huang. We discuss how to use your competitive advantage in the workplace. Laura's research has been featured in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Nature, and she was named one of the 40 Best Business School Professors Under the Age of 40 by Poets & Quants. She has a new book called Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage. You can buy the book here: . Connect with Laura at and on Twitter
July 01, 2020
You Can't Stand There and Do Nothing with Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., MBA
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Kelly Charles-Collins. We discuss the importance of bystander intervention and how everyone can play a role in and outside of the workplace.   Kelly Charles-Collins is an employment law attorney, award-winning TEDx speaker, and the CEO of HR Legally Speaking, LLC, a professional speaking, training, coaching, and consulting firm. An Unconscious Bias, Bystander Intervention, and Workplace Investigations expert, Kelly empowers smart organizations and leaders to stay on the right side of the next #hashtag movement. Kelly is the founder of Ladies Who Leverage, a global community for high-achieving women. She is also the author of ACE Your Workplace Investigations: A Step-by-Step Guide for Avoiding Friction, Covering Your Assets, and Earning Employee Trust. Learn more at Connect with Kelly on Twitter
June 10, 2020
More Than Ready with Cecilia Muñoz
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Cecilia Muñoz the author of the new book More Than Ready. We discuss how women of color are more than ready to lead.   Cecilia Muñoz served for eight years on President Obama’s senior staff, first as director of intergovernmental affairs and then as director of the Domestic Policy Council. She has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, PBS NewsHour, Dateline, the O’Reilly Factor, CNN’s Situation Room, and NPR. She lives in Washington, DC.  Please connect with Cecilia at and on Twitter And don't forget to purchase her new book More Than Ready. 
June 03, 2020
You Can't Save Your Way To Wealth with Deborah Owens
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Deborah Owens, America's Wealth Coach. We discuss how to build your wealth as a woman of color. Deborah Owens is America's Wealth Coach™ and is on a mission to help women overcome their fear of investing through coaching, accountability, and support. She is the founder of WealthyU: A Financial Wellness company that has a proven track record of helping thousands of women transform from cautious savers into confident investors. After spending two decades in the investment industry Deborah has authored three critically acclaimed books; A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security, published by Simon and Schuster, Nickel, and Dime Your Way to Wealth and Confident Investing. Deborah created WealthyU to give women access to the information that could only be obtained through private wealth managers. She is a 20-year financial services industry veteran and former vice president with Fidelity Investments. Ms. Owens founded WealthyU to create customized training and coaching for companies and individuals. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Loyola University of Maryland. Connect with Deborah at and on Twitter
May 20, 2020
Real Friends
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about what it means to be a real friend--how does friendship show up in the workplace? And join the virtual book club at
May 06, 2020
Resumes Matter with Latesha Byrd
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Latesha Byrd. We discuss the importance of keeping your Resume up-to-date and ways to enhance it during COVID 19.  Latesha Byrd’s work is centered at the intersection of self-discovery, career empowerment, and life visioning. She is the founder of Byrd Career Consulting, a 100% women employed consulting agency based in Charlotte, NC, which has provided career development coaching and resources to 900+ professionals in over 30 industries within the US and internationally. Her clients have increased their salaries combined over $3 million, landing jobs at top companies such as LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, KPMG, E&Y, Salesforce, Department of Homeland Security and more. Latesha is also an Adjunct Faculty at the North Carolina A&T State University, and a Certified Life and Career Coach. If she’s not coaching or speaking, she’s recording her weekly career advice podcast with Living Corporate, The Link Up With Latesha. Website:
April 22, 2020
What You Talkin' About Willis with Kishau Rogers
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Kishau Smith Rogers. We discuss how Artificial intelligence works and how women of color can use it to secure a seat at the table.    Kishau Rogers is a seasoned engineer and data scientist with over 23 years of experience focused in work with healthcare organizations helping tackle data management and automation challenges. As an active & awarded technology leader, Kishau is featured in many national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise, and NFIB. In her commitment to STEM and leveraging technology for social good, she also serves as an advisor to organizations like Think Of Us, WAAW Foundation, VCU Department of Computer Science, the first U.S. White House Hackathon for Foster Care and SheHacks Africa, a software engineering intensive providing training to women & girls in over three African nations. In 2020, she is scheduled to release her first book covering the intersection of system thinking, machine intelligence, and human intelligence. She is the Founder & CEO of Time Study, Inc., a high-growth startup offering solutions for using machine learning, advanced natural language processing, and data science to automatically tell a story of how enterprise employees spend their time. The Time Study platform already serves some of the largest health organizations in the US. Time Study recently closed a $1.2M seed round and is backed by Hearst, Newark Venture Partners, Pipeline Angels, and 37 Angels. Kishau grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Kishau splits her time between Richmond, VA and New York, NY with her husband Bernard and their two kids and two dogs. Follow her updates on Twitter at @kishau or subscribe to
April 08, 2020
Secure Your Seat From The House
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about Securing Your Seat From The House. Connect with us at 
April 01, 2020
Pet To Threat With Erika Stallings
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Erika Stallings. We discuss the Pet to Threat phenom that many black women and women of color face in the workplace. This episode is based on her viral article  When Black Women Go From Office Pet to Office Threat  Erika Stallings is a music industry attorney, health advocate, and writer. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR,  and O Magazine. She is also a frequent speaker on issues relating to intellectual property law, women’s health and the experience of black women in the workplace. Connect with Erika at and on Twitter Article:
March 25, 2020
The Seat Creator with Special Guest Theia Smith
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Theia Smith. We discuss how to creat seats for other women in part 2 of Leading While Black. Theia is a graduate of Spelman Collge with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.  As the founder of the nation’s first city-funded business incubator for ventures that are 100% women-owned and women-led, Theia Smith champions for equal access to economic self-sufficiency for women and girls, particularly those whose talent is often overlooked and underestimated. Theia is a member of the 2018 class of Leadership Atlanta. Her media recognition includes being named one of Atlanta’s 2017 ‘40 Under 40’ by The Atlanta Business Chronicle, one of Inc. Magazine’s ‘17 Inspiring Women to Watch in 2017’, featured as a ‘2017 Superwoman’ by Atlanta Tribune Magazine and ‘One of 13 Successful Spelman Alumnae to Watch’ by Walker’s Legacy. She is the recipient of the 2019 Women’s Empowerment Ministry Raising the Profile Award and the League of Black Women’s 2018 ‘Black Rose’ award, for championing for minority women’s empowerment and economic prosperity. She has been featured in a portfolio of media outlets, on the topics of gender inclusion, entrepreneurship and economic advancement for women of color, including The Atlantic, Inc. Magazine, Access + Opportunity Podcast with Carla Harris and TV One. Connect with Theia at
March 18, 2020
Refresh and Release with special guest Ekene Onu
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Ekene Onu. We discuss how to refresh and release your iconic self.  Ekene is a graduate of Georgetown University and studied Organizational and Change leadership.  Ekene is certified as a social and emotional intelligence coach and as a Diversity and Inclusion trainer at Cornell University.  She is an executive coach, speaker, trainer and hosts extraordinary experiences and Iconic Woman Masterminds to elevate and transform women.  Join her next retreat November 12-15 in Atlanta
February 19, 2020
More Life
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about maximizing your career life. 
January 29, 2020
Career Rehab with Kanika Tolver
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Kanika Tolver. We discuss how to rehab your career and her new book Career Rehab: Rebuild Your Personal Brand and Rethink the Way You Work. It's a new year and you might need to rethink your next ten years. Kanika Tolver is the CEO and Founder of Career Rehab, LLC in Washington, DC. Career Rehab focuses on assisting career transformations for students, professionals, and retirees. Her company provides career coaching programs, events, webinars, and digital resources to help people reach their career goals. Tolver is an in-demand coach, consultant, speaker and thought leader who's often tapped as an expert source for the media, having been featured on CNN, CNBC, CBS Radio, Black Enterprise, Yahoo, Glassdoor, Entrepreneur, the Washington Post and in a variety of radio interviews and podcasts. Pre-order her new book which hits the shelves on January 21st.  Connect with Kanika at
January 15, 2020
Talk That Talk with Rhonda Khan
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Rhonda Khan. We discuss how to improve your public speaking and secure your voice at work.  Rhonda Khan is a public speaking coach, speech therapist, speaker, and solo performer that specializes in empowering women speakers. As the founder of Simply Speech Solutions, Rhonda gives women the tools to amplify their voices, move through fear, and own the room. Rhonda's intuitive and energetic approach has ignited her clients to score multiple speaking engagements, deliver winning pitches, advance in their careers, and publish and promote bestselling books. Rhonda and her clients have owned rooms at Google, CNN, TEDx, PayPal, and INBOUND to name a few. When she’s not coaching or speaking, she’s snuggling with her three-year-old son. Connect with Rhonda at  and on Twitter at
January 08, 2020
Blue Collar, White Collar, New Collar with Tonya M. Evans, Esq.
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Tonya M. Evans, Esq. We finish this series on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.  We discuss how we are moving into more "new" collar jobs via blockchain.  Tonya M. Evans, Esquire, is Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law. She created and directs the school’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Law online professional certificate program and developed its world-class instructor pool and curriculum. She is also the former Chair of the Intellectual Property & Technology Online Programs. Dean Evans has expertise in the areas of intellectual property, new technologies (including blockchain and distributed ledger technology), entrepreneurship & innovation (including advisor to startups), entertainment law, trusts & estates, and municipal finance. She writes, speaks, and teaches primarily about the intersections of copyright and new technologies, blockchain and the law, and trusts and estates. Dean Evans attended Northwestern University on a four-year tennis scholarship, and thereafter she competed on the women’s professional tennis circuit and played most notably in the US Open, Virginia Slims of Philadelphia, and Lipton in 1993. She is licensed to practice law in PA, NJ, NY and DC, an author of several books and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Social media assets: Twitter/IG/FB @IPProfEvans and connect with her at, and 
December 18, 2019
Equality at Work with Chana Ewing
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, we have a special December Holiday Edition of the podcast.  I interview Chana Ewing about Equality in the workplace.  Chana Ginelle Ewing is the founder and CEO at GEENIE, a self-development platform centering on Black women. She is the author of the children’s book, An ABC of Equality, illustrated by Paulina Morgan (Lincoln Children’s Books, Sept 2019).  Chana’s interests lie at the intersection of innovation, women’s leadership, intersectionality, and storytelling. She and her projects have been featured in Blavity, ESSENCE, FORBES, MadameNoire,, BlackEnterprise and UPTOWN. She frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and empowering women leaders and has participated on panels/talks at The Wing, Social Media Week, Civic Hall, The Andrew Goodman Foundation National Civic Leadership Training Summit, Pipeline Fellowship Conference, Firelight Media Documentary Lab, The Blackhouse Fellowship Panel, and 3 Day Startup. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Chana lives and makes magic from Brooklyn, NY. Find out more about Chana at and purchase her new book An ABC of Equality, here.  Also, pick up the limited Geeniebox curated by Minda Harts for December at 
December 04, 2019
Be Kind To Yourself
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about being kind to yourself in the last 30+ days of this decade. 
November 27, 2019
We Got Next with Anne T. Griffin
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I am doing part two on the world of cryptocurrency. I interview Anne Griffin. We discuss the technology behind bitcoin--blockchain. This is a complimentary piece to last week's Crypto 101.  Anne is a product professional that built her product management career working with organizations such as Microsoft, Comcast, Mercedes-Benz, and Priceline. She is currently at Priceline, and also serves as the Chief Product and Curriculum Officer for Tech 2025. Anne's technical foundation stems from her engineering degree from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about the practical human aspects of technology and building products with emerging and disruptive technologies, such as AI and blockchain, rooted in the realities of the human experience. Additionally, she serves on the Advisory Board for the Rutgers University Big Data Certificate program and has guest lectured at Columbia University, Morgan State University and the University of Montreal on blockchain. She teaches her own course on Business Applications of Blockchain through O'Reilly Media. Outside of her work, Anne is a voracious learner, frequent traveler, and seriously committed to her self-care. Additionally, here are some amazing women of color in blockchain people should follow: Saritta Hines, CEO of Trustabit, automating airline refunds via smart contracts (great for customers and also helps airlines comply with laws) Lindsay Ladd, CEO of EmpirEqual, using blockchain to promote and maintain diversity and inclusion in companies Cleve Mesidor, CEO of LOGOS, a blockchain-based social network (also co-organizer of the Women of Color Blockchain Congressional Briefing) Theresa Hoang, CEO of Women's Crypto Playground, site that features and promotes women in crypto and blockchain (also co-organizer of the Women of Color Blockchain Congressional Briefing) Genevieve Leveille, CEO of AgriLedger, agriculture supply chain using blockchain Tonya Evans, Associate Dean of the University of New Hampshire Law School, Creator/architect of their Blockchain Online Professional Certificate (I think you know her) Maureen Murat, Adjunct Professor as part of the University of New Hampshire Law School's Blockchain Online Professional Certificate, Senior Partner at Axes & Eggs  Connect with Anne on Twitter @annetgriffin and 
November 20, 2019
It's Not Fake Money w/ Emilie Jerard
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Emilie Jerard on why Cryptocurrency might help women of color secure our seat at the table. Emilie Jerard is best known for her diverse experiences. Being a creative director of her own YouTube channel, she readily invests her money in a variety of ways to build her net worth and boost the return rate on her money. Her primary goal is to create long-lasting assets in a battle to become financially secure and help others to achieve their financial goals. Indeed her YouTube Channel is geared up with several practical plans to stabilize one’s income and savings. Connect with Emilie at and on Twitter @emiliejerard
November 06, 2019
Activating Your Voice with Dr. Blackstock
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Dr. Blackstock. We discuss how to activate your activism with your voice.  Dr. Uché Blackstock is the CEO and Founder of Advancing Health Equity, which partners with healthcare institutions and organizations to address the critical factors that contribute to health inequity, through talks, educational training, and racial equity culture analytics. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at NYU School of Medicine and the Faculty Director for Recruitment, Retention, and Inclusion in the school's Office of Diversity Affairs. Dr. Blackstock received both her undergraduate and medical degrees from Harvard University. In December, she will be leaving NYU School of Medicine after almost 10 years on faculty and academic medicine to focus on her company!  Connect with Dr. Uché Blackstock at and on Twitter @dr_uche_bee
October 23, 2019
Success Partners
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about being a Success Partner. For more go to 
October 17, 2019
Leading While Black with Consul General Nadia Theodore
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I chat with my special guest, Consul General Nadia Theodore about Leading While Black and the responsibilities of stepping into our leadership as a woman of color. Nadia Theodore joined the Canadian civil service in 2000. She has made her career in the Trade Agreement and Negotiations Branch of Global Affairs, holding leadership positions on several recent and major trade initiatives of Global Affairs Canada, including serving as one of the two Deputy Chief Negotiators for the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and as the Executive Director of Canada’s Secretariat for the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. Consul General Theodore previously served at Canada's Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organization and at Canada's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, in Geneva Switzerland. Directly prior to being named Consul General for the US Southeast, in August 2017, she served in Ottawa as Chief of Staff and Executive Director to Canada’s Deputy Minister for International Trade. With over 10 years of trade policy experience, Ms. Theodore’s appointment came as Canada, Mexico and the United States launched negotiations to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). As part of Canada’s international trade negotiating team, Ms. Theodore built a reputation for forging strong partnerships with government and business leaders and managing complex, priority trade initiatives.  You can connect with Nadia on Twitter @theodore_nadia and Instagram @cgtheodore  
October 02, 2019
Jump Off The Roof
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart to kick off a brand new season of Secure The Seat.. Welcome to  Season 4. Join our community at 
September 18, 2019
The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know The Book Edition
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart and finishes out Season 3. Get the inside scoop to the debut book The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table--The Book Edition.  Pre-order now before 8/20. And join the virtual book club at 
August 14, 2019
The Warning Signs with Sarah Morgan
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Sarah Morgan.  We discuss how to identify the warning signs of a toxic work environment. Sarah Morgan has been a practicing HR Executive for 20 years. She is currently the Chief Excellence Officer of BuzzARooney LLC, where she provides consulting and coaching surrounding organizational culture, comprehensive health & total wellness benefits, and executive leadership. Sarah still also serves as an active HR practitioner as the Director of Human Resources for a national retail service organization headquartered outside Raleigh NC. In 2011, Sarah burst on the social media scene under the pen name “Buzz Rooney,” with her blog, The Buzz on HR. 8 years later, the pen name is gone -- but her blog is going strong with over 10,000 readers each month.  Sarah is the creator and curator of the #BlackBlogsMatter and #BlackPodsMatter challenge. She is also the creator and host of the Leading in Color podcast, a show centering on cultivating positive workplace experiences thru diversity, inclusion and social consciousness. She has amassed more than 20,000 followers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And Sarah has been named to the Best HR Practitioner Blogs, the Top Women in HR Tech and the Global Voices of HR lists for consecutive years.  Connect with Sarah at
August 07, 2019
Finding and Mobilizing Your Allies
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Jhaymee Tynan.  We discuss how to find and mobilize your allies at work. Jhaymee Tynan, MS, MBA, PMP®, PfMP®, FACHE® is Director, Strategy at Atrium Health, Charlotte, N.C. In her current role, Ms. Tynan is a leader in the system’s Integration Management Office (IMO), which provides day-to-day operations and strategy leadership for post-merger integration activities with current and new partners. During her tenure at Atrium Health, she has led several high impact strategy projects, including the development of world-class growth plans for oncology and pediatrics service lines.  Connect with Jhaymee on Twitter @Jhaymee and Linkedin. 
July 24, 2019
Your Narrative
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about rewriting your narrative. Connect at 
July 18, 2019
Nothing Compares
This week on Secure The Seat, Minda has a Hart to Hart about not comparing your career path and wins to others. Comparison is the thief of joy. Connect at 
June 19, 2019
Never Settle
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Ebony Joyce.  We discuss how to never settle during your next salary negotiation. Ebony Joyce is an entrepreneur, speaker, Certified Career and Interview Coach. Her professional development company, Next Level Career Services, LLC, provides in-person and virtual workshops, trainings, and coaching to professionals looking for tools and strategies they need to finally take their careers to the next level. She has held various leadership positions at fortune 500 organizations for over a decade. She is also an Adjunct Professor for the School of Business, Logistics and Supply Chain at Ivy Tech Community College.  Connect with Ebony at
June 12, 2019
A Gift To You
A behind the scene sneak peek into one of my book's chapters: The Ugly Truth. Pre-order available at wherever you like to buy your books. 
May 22, 2019
Who's The Boss
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Dr. Diana Burley.  We discuss how being the boss—doesn’t make you a leader. Diana L. Burley, Ph.D., is executive director and chair of the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) and full professor of human & organizational learning at The George Washington University (GW). Named one of SC Magazine’s Eight Women in IT Security to Watch in 2017 and the 2017 SC Magazine ReBoot awardee for educational leadership in IT security, Dr. Burley is a global cybersecurity expert who regularly advises enterprises on strengthening their cybersecurity posture, managing cybersecurity risk, assessing human factors in the threat environment, and developing a robust cybersecurity workforce.  Connect with Dr. Burley at
May 15, 2019
Through The Fire
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Kandia Johnson.  We discuss how to get through your work fires and come out on the other side. Kandia Johnson transformed her life from working as a corporate communications consultant for a Fortune 500 company to founder of a communications consulting and training company.  Beyond being featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and more, Kandia has delivered presentations on stages throughout the United States and Africa.  Leveraging her 15 years of experience working with senior leaders and employees from companies such as Deloitte Consulting, Johnson & Johnson, and The U.S. Navy, Kandia started her own company to teach people how to become confident influential leaders in their fields.  Connect with Kandia at
May 08, 2019
Our Ugly Truths
Minda serves us this week with a hart to hart and reflects on the power of vulnerability. Go to for more. 
May 01, 2019
Planning With Purpose
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Sharnikya Howard.  We discuss how to plan for your maternity leave and planning for your unexpected purpose. Sharnikya is a Purpose and Career Coach at Life Abundantly Coaching.  Sharnikya’s outstanding contributions have resulted in recognition from some of the most notable societies for women in the industry. She is a recipient of the Women of Color in Technology (WOC) - All Star Award, an award reserved for accomplished women of color at an advanced stage of their careers that have demonstrated excellence in the workplace and in their communities.  Connect with Sharnikya at
April 24, 2019
The Comfort Zone
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Dr. Alicia Makaye.  We discuss how to get out of our comfort zone and own it. Dr. Makaye is the Co-Founder of GXA in Dallas, Texas.  In  2019, Dr. Makaye received the Minority Business Leader Award  by the Dallas Business Journal. She is also a philanthropist. You can find out more about her work at and connect with Alicia on Instagram.
April 17, 2019
Birthday Behavior
Minda has a hart to hart and reflects on the lessons learned as she celebrates another year of life and podcasting. 
April 10, 2019
All About The Benjamins
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Jacquette Timmons.  We discuss how to improve our relationship with money.  Jacquette is the author of "Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate" and the creator of The Comfort CircleTM dinner series, where she talks about money, business and life over food and wine - and “In the Zone: How to Price Your Genius” - a one-day retreat for entrepreneurs and business owners who find pricing hard and want a better way...along with better results. She has been featured on "Good Morning America,", CNN, HLN, FOX, Black Enterprise, NPR,, Wall Street Journal and Family Circle.  Connect with Jacquette at
April 03, 2019
Employment Contracts Matter with Mike Coles
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Mike Coles.  We discuss why employment contracts should matter to women of color. Mike Coles is an attorney with The Coles Firm, based in Dallas, Texas.  He has over 20 years of experience representing employees and employers in a wide variety of employment law and business matters.  He received his Bachelor’s and law degrees from Duke University before moving to Dallas to begin his legal career.  In addition to representing employers and employees he also is a certified mediator and is regularly appointed by the judges of Dallas County to mediate cases. Go to and if you want more information on employment contracts go to
March 27, 2019
Owning Your Growth
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Kristin Jones.  We discuss learning how to own your growth as you build your career. Kristin spent seven and a half years working alongside former First Lady Michelle Obama as special assistant and director of special projects. Over the course of her tenure at the White House, her projects and responsibilities ranged from planning international travel and domestic events in service of the First Lady's priorities and cultural vision, to developing creative content and campaigns for Michelle Obama's signature initiatives: Let's Move!; Joining Forces; Reach Higher, and Let Girls Learn. In this capacity, she has developed an expertise in identifying how the intersections of branding, policy, and creative strategy can be used as a means to create cultural shifts in society. In 2018, she co-founded the strategic brand firm, Inside Projects with a client roster that includes Mrs. Obama and The Wing amongst many others.  Connect with Kristin at
March 13, 2019
Quantifying Your Worth
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Veronica Armstrong.  We discuss learning how to quantify your worth. Veronica is a marketing executive with deep expertise in customer acquisition and product growth. She most recently led Lovepop’s Wedding business line as General Manager. Together with a team of twenty-five that spanned software development, UI/UX, design, product management, and international operations, the Lovepop Wedding team delivered the most exciting entrant into the wedding stationery space to date.   Connect with Veronica on Twitter @Veronicatheblog
March 06, 2019
For Us By Us
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Sherrell Dorsey. She is Data Journalist. Entrepreneur. Inclusive Ecosystem and Smart Cities Strategist.  Sherrell runs BLKTECH Interactive—North Carolina’s first hub supporting over 2,000 entrepreneurs and technologists of color across three cities.  She is also the founder of daily tech newsletter, ThePLUG, covering founders and innovators of color.  Her work has been featured in Inc., Bloomberg, VICE, The Root, and other notable publications.   Connect with Sherrell at
February 27, 2019
Sally in HR
On this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Kelechi Okafor  aka Kelechnekoff. She is an actor, director and dance innovator who facilitates self-actualization through dance. Kelechi created the character #SallyInHR as a way to address the micro and macro aggressions faced by marginalized communities in the workplace. We even chat with Sally in this episode.  Connect with Kelechi at
February 20, 2019
Generational Diversity
In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I chat with my special guest, Dorinda Walker about the importance of generational diversity.  Dorinda is an award winning multicultural marketer, having earned numerous honors and recognition for leadership, impact, community advocacy and empowering women and diverse communities. To find out more go to
February 13, 2019
What We're Leaving Behind
What are the things we are leaving behind so we can be great this year in the workplace? Learn from my guests Ashley and Marcy from the Schoolin Life Podcast.  Schoolin Life is a weekly podcast about life, love & (occasionally) libations hosted by Ashley & Marcy and extends the standard "girlfriend" conversations through impactful and affirming conversations with women all over the world. Connect with them on all platforms @schoolinlifepod
February 06, 2019
The Intersection of Identity and Love.
In the season 3  opener of Secure The Seat, I chat with my special guest, Jodie Patterson about her new book The Bold World. Jodie Patterson is a mother of five and an active LGBTQI ally who has been recognized for her activism by Hillary Clinton, The Advocate, GLAAD, Family Circle magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine among others.  You can purchase her new book The Bold World at
January 30, 2019
Bonus Episode The Playlist
I curated a playlist based off conversation from Season 1 and 2 of Secure The Seat. Go to to listen. 
January 09, 2019
The Climb
In the season 2 finale of Secure The Seat, I chat with my special guest, Michelle Gadsen-Williams about her CLIMB as a Woman of Color in Corporate America. MICHELLE GADSDEN-WILLIAMS is an award-winning global diversity expert, activist, philanthropist, and the managing director and North American inclusion and diversity lead at Accenture. Purchase her book Climb where ever books are sold. 
January 02, 2019
Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Stephanie Ghoston. We discuss the facts and fiction of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Stephanie is a recovering attorney turned life coach. To connect with her go to
December 26, 2018
Commit To You
When was the last time you made a commitment to yourself? What people, places, or things are not serving you going into the new year? This week Minda has a hart to hart on committing to yourself. Securing your seat will require a strong commitment to self.
December 19, 2018
Owning Your Career
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Simone Morris. We discuss how you can get in the driver’s seat and take control of your career. Simone spent two decades in Corporate America and in the last few years started her own company; where she is the CEO at Simone Morris LLC. Simone is an Educator, Author, and Diversity Expert. Purchase her new book The Power of Owning Your Career. Connect with her at
December 12, 2018
Culturally Conscious
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Valencia D. Clay. We discuss what it means to be culturally conscious in the classroom to the boardroom. Valencia is an Educator, Author, and Change Agent in Baltimore, Maryland. Find out more about Valencia at
November 28, 2018
Life Can Be A Waiting List
Life can be one big “Waiting List” when you are at the intersection of your purpose and the pop off! Hold tight, and be ready when it’s your turn. This week Minda has a hart to hart on dealing with waiting on your goals to manifest. Secure your Seat as if it has already happened!
November 21, 2018
Working With Millennials
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss the biases that Millennials face in the workplace and how we need to foster better working relationships—across generations; with my special guest, HR Professional Jazmine Wilkes. She is also the creator of the popular blog HRJazzy. Find out more at
November 14, 2018
Intersectionality and Allyship
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss Intersectionality and Allyship with Natalie Gillard, the creator of FACTUALITY. Natalie is the creator of FACTUALITY, a facilitated dialogue, crash course, and board game, all in one, that explores structural inequality based on national statistics, in America. Learn more by going to
November 07, 2018
A Full Body Experience
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss why Securing your Seat is a full body experience with my special guest Joanna Clinton. Securing your seat isn’t just about your skill set; Your health plays an important role as well. Joanna Clinton is the founder and Instructor at
October 31, 2018
Your Vote Is Your Voice
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss why voting matters with my special guest Senator-Elect Katrina Robinson of Tennessee. To support her campaign go to
October 24, 2018
Finding Your Who
Are you more concerned with WHO isn’t supporting you versus those WHO are? Minda has a hart to hart sharing her 3 tips on how to shift your focus to those who are supporting you and letting go of those who aren’t there for you. Focus on your WHO! It will make securing your seat that much easier!
October 17, 2018
Mentorship Matters
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss why mentorship matters with my special guest Brit Fitzpatrick. Brit Fitzpatrick is a tech entrepreneur and ecosystem builder. In 2013, she founded HELM (formerly MentorMe), an enterprise knowledge sharing platform for small business advice and mentoring. In 2018, Brit became Program Manager for the Hillman Accelerator, the Midwest’s first accelerator for tech companies led by underrepresented founders. Find her online at and on Twitter @BritFitzpatrick
October 10, 2018
Don't Stop Believing
Is your self belief system shaky? Minda has a hart to hart on some winning combinations to Secure Your Seat on the inside. Don’t forget to feed your inner self on the way to your seat.  
October 03, 2018
Owning Your Voice
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss owning your voice as a woman of color with my special guest Minda Honey. Minda Honey is a full-time freelance writer with bylines at Teen Vogue, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Oxford American, Longreads and she writes a bi-weekly relationship advice column. She also does content writing for startups and leads creative writing workshops. Find her online at
September 26, 2018
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss what it means to “Have It All” as a working mother with Cheronda Everett. Cheronda is Founder and CEO of Cheronda Marie Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in project management and strategic planning.  In addition to providing direct services to clients, she also provides training and support.  Go to
September 19, 2018
The Women of Color Equity Initiative
I created The Women of Color Equity Initiative to help close the gap between women of color and those who identify as women of color and the roles that we aren't actively recruited to occupy and secure. To join go to
September 12, 2018
Creating Your Own Seat
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss what it means to create your own seat with Brittney Oliver.  Brittney Oliver is a marketing communications professional. Over the past two years, Brittney has built her platform Lemons 2 Lemonade to help Millennials turn life’s obstacles around. Her platform is known for it’s networking mixers which has brought over 600 young professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives together to turn life’s lemons into lemonade in NYC, Nashville and Atlanta. Her mixers have been supported by BuzzFeed, Bumble, Giphy, Jopwell, Jack Daniel’s and Ciroc. While building Lemons 2 Lemonade, Brittney is a contributing writer for Fast Company and ESSENCE. To connect with Brittney go to
September 05, 2018
Imposter Syndrome
On today's episode of Secure The Seat, I chat Imposter Syndrome with Jaya Saxena. Jaya Saxena is a diversity and inclusion strategist, career development professional, and social justice advocate. After having spent almost 20 years navigating a career in the legal and nonprofit sectors, she has developed a strong commitment to helping individuals find authentic fulfillment, both personally and professionally.  Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.
August 29, 2018
Navigating The Table
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Jabulile (Jabu) Dayton. We discuss how to navigate the workplace (the table). Jabu Dayton is the straight-talking Chief Officer of People and Inclusion at Abstract, as well as the CEO of her own consulting business, Jabu HR Inc. Connect with Jabu on LinkedIn or visit her personal website at
August 22, 2018
For The Culture
In this week's episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Alex Wolf. We discuss everything from social capital to innovation. To find out more about Alex go to and purchase her new book Resonate. RESONATE is Wolf’s informative and occasionally hilarious look at the intersection of human nature, technology, and how understanding both can help anyone creative build a following of their own.
August 15, 2018
Put Some Respect On My Check
On this bonus episode of Secure The Seat, I discuss Black Women's Equal Pay Day (8/7) with Tanya Tarr. Tanya Tarr is Vice President for the North American region for AdvantageSRING, a global commercial negotiation consultancy based in the United Kingdom. Tanya delivers world-class training and development to corporations and organizations in the United States and Canada.  Tanya is also a negotiation executive coach and writer. Since 2016, she has been a regular contributor to Forbes. Find more of Tanya's writing at
August 06, 2018
Burnout is Real!
Burnout is real, but it doesn't mean you have to start from scratch.  Learn from RM Harrison, Business Strategist and Pivot Consultant on how to foster sustainable success and how to position yourself for life after burnout. To find out how to connect with RM Harrison go to and purchase her book The Pivot Map on Amazon. 
July 25, 2018
Empire State of Mind
What is it going to take to get you to your win by the end of this year? Minda has a hart to hart on some winning combinations on how to Secure Your Seat before the end of 2018.
July 18, 2018
Access and Egos
Are social media influencers the new celebrity and do you need them to secure your seat?  Learn from my guest Lenora Houseworth, Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketer, and Creator of DareMeBeautiful. To find out how to connect with Lenora go to and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @lenorashewrote
July 11, 2018
Finding Your Inner Boss
How do you find the inner boss that leads you to find who you are at the core? How do you focus on yourself and not what others say about you? Essentially, how do you become free to focus on you! Learn from my guest Martha Ramos, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach. To find out how to connect with Martha go to and follow her on Instagram @mramosofficial and on Facebook.
July 04, 2018
By 35 I Should (Career Edition)
What are those things we should stop doing by the time we are 35; that are no longer serving us in our careers? Learn from my guests Ashley and Marcy from the Schoolin Life Podcast. Schoolin Life is a weekly podcast about life, love & (occasionally) libations hosted by Ashley & Marcy and extends the standard "girlfriend" conversations through impactful and affirming conversations with women all over the world. Get ready to listen, laugh and learn as Ashley and Marcy are both Ph.D's (Higher Education Administration and Clinical Psychology, respectively) and bring their educational and professional lived experience into this hilarious and heartfelt show, teaching you how to "school life". Connect with them @schoolinlifepod and Follow Ashley (@AsShire) and Marcy (@be_self_ish). Also join their one-year anniversary live show at :
June 27, 2018
Get Up Stand Up
What does it mean to find your voice and use it in every room you enter? Learn from my guest Angelina Darrisaw Cheeks, Social Entrepreneur and Google Digital Coach. To find out how to connect with Angelina, go to Also, check out her personal website at
June 20, 2018
Being Right Within
On the latest episode of #SECURETHESEAT we discuss mental health. Depression and Anxiety are real, and to secure our seat, we need to be right within. Minda takes time to share ways we can support each other and be there for one another. To learn more about my work go
June 13, 2018
Can I Live
It can be draining playing a character at work. How can women of color show up as themselves in a workplace that sometimes doesn't value authenticity? Learn from my guest Tiffany F. Southerland, Career Coach and Change Maker at Four Corners Coaching on how to be authentic at work. To find out how to connect with Tiffany, go to Also, check out her podcast at
June 06, 2018
Whistle While You Work
Have you ever been embarrassed about having a day job while you build your business? STOP IT! There is no shame in being your first investor. Knowing when it's time to transition from your 9 to 5 is critical. Learn tips on figuring out when it's time to leave your 9 to 5 and knowing it's okay to work while you build. I interview Regina Gwynn, Co-Founder, and CEO at TresseNoire about when she knew it was the right time.. To learn more about Regina and her company go to
May 30, 2018
Working Day and Night
Do you hold multiple career titles? Learn how to navigate multiple titles while staying true to your brand. Learn how Lauren Bealore navigates politics, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.  Lauren is a Political Savant and Entrepreneurial Opportunity Maker.  Learn more about the organization she Co-founded Y.A.B.
May 23, 2018
A Brand New Kinda Me
What do people say about you when you're not in the room? Learn how to perfect your PRESENCE! Today's guest is Kailei Carr. Kailei is the CEO of The Asbury Group LLC and is passionate about helping high-powered women “show up” in a way that is authentic to who they are! Also, check out her podcast Beyond The Business Suit.
May 16, 2018
The Gig Economy
Learn how the Gig Economy is important for the employer and the creative.  Today's guest is Elena Valentine. Elena is the CEO of Skill Scout and is passionate about Skill Scout because she believes job seekers need another way to tell their story and show what they can do.  Also, check out Mezcla Media Collective a hub for diverse boss women behind the camera. Go to for the show notes.
May 09, 2018
I'm Focused, Man!
Stay focused on your WHY and don't worry about what the next person is doing! Save that energy and stay prepared for when your seat opens up! To learn more about my work go to
May 02, 2018
Walk It Like I Talk It (Authentic Leadership)
Learn how you can be an effective and authentic leader on your way to securing your seat at the table.  Today's guest is Arquella Hargrove. Arquella brings a successful 20-year track record of creating and implementing productivity-inducing practices through the application of strategic planning and organization development in both the public and the private sector. She has supported both established organizations and entrepreneurial ventures advising them through their stages of creation, growth, and stabilization. To learn more about her work go to
April 25, 2018
The Other F-Word
If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Failure is the other F-word, but how do you bounce back? Today's guest is Kanika Tolver. Kanika is no ordinary “social-preneur.” This former highly decorated government employee turned rebel entrepreneur and Certified Professional Coach is a serial innovator who’s fueled by an extraordinary commitment to social change and to helping others create their own “epic lives.” To learn more about her work go to and purchase her book Life Rehab.
April 19, 2018
Nice For What? Networking!
Why do we have to network? Networking for what? Networking is a skill set and takes practice. Today's guest is Veleisa Patton Burrell, founder, and CEO at Narrative Evolution. Veleisa gives us tips on how to network and why it's important for our careers. To learn more about her work go to #securetheseat
April 11, 2018
"Get Money" with guest Jamie Lee, Negotiation and Leadership Coach
Equal Pay Day is April 10, 2018, and it's important we have the tools and resources we need to make the ask! Today's guest is Jamie Lee, Negotiation and Leadership Coach. Jamie gives us tips on how to make "the ask" and dispels the myths around Salary Negotiation. To learn more about her work go to
April 04, 2018
Let Me Re-introduce Myself
Learn more about your host of Secure The Seat, Minda Harts.
March 31, 2018
Episode 1
Welcome to #SECURETHESEAT a weekly podcast to help women of color advance in the workplace.
March 27, 2018