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Mindfulness Monday

Mindfulness Monday

By Ora Nadrich
Mindfulness Monday is hosted by author Ora Nadrich, founder and president of The Institute For Transformational Thinking. Ora interviews best selling authors, and thought leaders in the areas of Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, health, addiction, education, business, leadership and more. Listeners will not only get the expertise each guest brings to the conversation, but also personal stories as to how these experts got to the top of their fields.
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Episode 10: Unlearning Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Joe Luciani

Mindfulness Monday

Episode 31: Lisa Tahir, The Chiron Effect and All Things Therapy
In this final episode of the Mindfulness Monday series, Ora Nadrich shares a discussion with Lisa Tahir, the host of All Things Therapy Podcast by Author Lisa Tahir. About Lisa Tahir: Lisa Tahir is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in both California and Louisiana, with private practice office locations and residences in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Lisa is passionately committed to working with people to heal through all of the senses of the body by utilizing: intuition, therapy, energy healing, meditation, Reiki healing, crystal healing, nutrition, sound frequencies, yoga, exercise, podcasting, writing, teaching, and speaking on topics related to psychoastrology, spirituality, emotional health, and mental well-being. She has done this work professionally since 1998. Lisa enjoys maintaining fitness through many self-care practices and activities that range from meditation, reading, writing, glass art, running, indoor rock climbing, yoga, surfing, traveling, spending time with family, and loved ones. She is certified in EMDR Level I, Reiki Level II, and as a Thought Coach through The Institute For Transformational Thinking. Lisa hosts the popular weekly podcast, “All Things Therapy” found on LA Talk Radio, iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRADIO, Stitcher, YouTube, and other places where podcasts are found. She is a member of the United States Press Agency with credential #US8-DEP36535. Lisa was voted “Top Woman in Business” by New Orleans City Business. She has been published as “Top Person to Watch” by New Orleans Magazine. Tahir was published in New Orleans City Business “Paths To Excellence” for the US Patent she holds for her invention of “The CHAIR-iot,” a modified workbench for people with disabilities to blow and cast glass safely from their wheelchairs at glass studios worldwide. Lisa is a member of Toastmasters International in Los Angeles, and has received numerous “Best Speaker” awards. Learn more:
February 03, 2021
Episode 30: Leaping into Creativity with Natalie Nixon
This episode of Mindfulness Monday with Ora Nadrich features Natalie Nixon!  Natalie Nixon, PhD changes lives through ideas. She is a creativity strategist who happily integrates wonder and rigor into her life and work. She converted a 16-year career as a professor into a successful consulting practice. At Figure 8 Thinking, she emboldens leaders and organizations to apply creativity & foresight for transformative business results.  Clients have included Comcast, Bloomberg, Vanguard and Living Cities. Natalie incorporates her background in anthropology and fashion, as well as her experiences living in Brazil, Israel, Germany, Sri Lanka, and Portugal to help her clients become more dynamic versions of themselves. She is a global speaker and the author of The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation and Intuition at Work; the editor of Strategic Design Thinking: Innovation in Products, Services, Experiences, and Beyond; and a regular contributor to Inc. magazine on creativity, design thinking and the future of work. Natalie’s board experience includes: Trustee of Vassar College; The Philadelphia Art Commission; the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce; and The Charter High School for Architecture & Design (CHAD). Natalie earned a BA (honors) in Anthropology and Africana Studies from Vassar College; an MS in Global Textile Marketing from Thomas Jefferson University; and a PhD in Design Management from the University of Westminster in London. She is also certified as a Foresight Practitioner by the Institute for the Future. When she’s not dancing up a storm in hip-hop class, she’s fine-tuning her foxtrot, salsa, and tango on the ballroom floor. She lives in her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her husband, John Nixon, and is the proud stepmother of Sydney. Learn more:
February 03, 2021
Episode 29: Mindfulness and Motherhood with Hunter Clarke-Fields
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a conversation with Hunter Clarke-Fields. Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, is a mindfulness mentor, coach, host of the Mindful Mama podcast, and creator of the Mindful Parenting online course. She coaches moms on how to cultivate mindfulness in their daily lives. Learn more:
February 03, 2021
Episode 28: Justin Michael Williams and The Intersection of Social Justice and Mindfulness
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a powerful discussion with Justin Michael Williams. Justin Michael Williams works at the intersection of social justice, mindfulness, and personal growth—with a touch of music that brings it all to life. Whether it’s a workshop, keynote speech, podcast, concert, or panel discussion, Justin will wow your audience and give them practical tools to transform their lives. Learn more:
January 25, 2021
Episode 27: Michelle Silverthorn and How to Change the Workplace For Good with Authentic Diversity
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich and Michelle Silverthorn, author of the groundbreaking book: Authentic Diversity- How To Change The Workplace For Good, discuss how to stay authentic in today's challenging times. Michelle Silverthorn is a diversity and inclusion consultant who delivers trainings about antiracism, bias, equity, and inclusion for organizations. Learn more:
January 13, 2021
Episode 26: Exploring The Point After with Sean Conley
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a discussion with Sean Conley, author of The Point After - How One Resilient Kicker Learned There Was More To Live Than The NFL. A native of Erie, Pennsylvania, Sean Conley fell in love with kicking at age eight. After playing college football at the University of Pittsburgh, he began a dramatic, abbreviated NFL career, playing for the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, and finally for the Scottish Claymores in Europe. That journey came with a price. As a result of overtraining, Sean suffered career-ending injuries. As part of his rehabilitation and regrouping, Sean became a dedicated yoga practitioner at the suggestion of his wife, Karen, a yoga instructor. He eventually embraced the mindfulness, meditation, and philosophy of yoga as a new life direction, and became a yoga teacher himself. He and his wife now own Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with three locations. Sean is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Amazing Yoga (Autumn House Press, 2010)and lives in Pittsburgh with Karen and their four children. He’s the author of The Point After: How One Resilient Kicker Learned there was More to Life than the NFL. Sean has written for numerous publications including The Daily Cup of Yoga, The Change Blog, DoYouYoga, and Elephant Journal. He recently gave a Ted Talk about pursing dreams, resilience, reinvention, and gratitude. Sean has been teaching for over 18 years. He leads yoga trainings and retreats all over the world. He has shared his love of yoga with lawyers, Hollywood actors, doctors, and people from all walks of life. He has worked with professional sports teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Penguins, and The University of Pittsburgh basketball team. Learn more:
January 11, 2021
Episode 25: All The Brains In The Business - The Engendered Brain In The 21st Century Organisation with Kate Lanz
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a discussion with Kate Lanz, coauthor (Paul Brown) of the revolutionary book; All The Brains In The Business - The Engendered Brain In The 21st Century Organisation. The two discuss the fascinating exploration of gender diversity in the brain (and workplace) and how to look deeper into the mind, and come into a new relationship with how the brain works. ABOUT: The power of gender difference, not gender equality, is a secret source for success. Some smart businesses are starting to wake up to this fact. This book explores why and how. Properly valuing brain gender diversity in the workplace is one of the biggest and largely untapped sources of competitive advantage for modern businesses. Recent advances in neuroscience provide the key to unlocking it. Modern research shows that there are gender-based differences in the brain – it’s just not as simple as a binary between a ‘male brain’ and ‘female brain’. In fact, our brains are like a mosaic where many of the tiles are available in thousands of shades on a spectrum between pink and blue. The problem is that our workplaces tend to be governed by structures, processes and cultures that are practically pure blue. All the brains in the business that are elsewhere on the spectrum cannot thrive as they might, so sources of productivity, creativity and agility go untapped. Anyone who manages people needs to understand how the brain works and the impact it has on how people work together as teams. Anyone who wants to unlock the talent and productivity of all of their people needs to understand how recent findings around male- and female-type brains should shape the way they manage. Leading applied neuroscientists and international corporate coaches Kate Lanz and Paul Brown show you why and how to access all the brains in your business. Learn more:
January 04, 2021
Episode 24: The Labyrinth Influence with PJ Jackson
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a discussion with PJ Jackson, author of The Labyrinth Influence: Awaken the Wisdom Within. The two discuss turning pain into power, and how to triumph by connecting to the wisdom that exists within. About: If just one step could change your life, would you take it? In The Labyrinth Influence: Awaken The Wisdom Within, we meet a woman searching for answers. After overcoming myriad challenges in work and life—a round of layoffs, her husband’s serious illness, and health issues of her own—the Woman finds herself at the mouth of a labyrinth, unsure of her next move. Should she pursue the road less traveled and the potential to make a difference, or stick with the safety of what she has always known? Before she can find her path, she must let go of it all—her social conditioning, her definition of success, and even her concept of herself. Thus, the Woman sets off on her journey, learning to trust herself in the labyrinth and beyond. Along the way, she encounters setbacks and challenges that make her question everything. But ultimately, she realizes that she has had the answers all along—she just had to figure out how to access them. In this moving business fable based on author PJ Jackson’s transformative experiences as an applied scientist and authority on women in business, the reader travels with the Woman as she uncovers seven universal wisdoms and cultivates grace, power, and ease on the route to personal fulfillment. If you are ready to tap into your inner wisdom, identify your true purpose, and embrace your own unique value, then PJ Jackson—and The Labyrinth Influence: Awaken the Wisdom Within—is your guide. Learn more:
January 04, 2021
Episode 23: Creating Life on Your Own Terms with Paul Napper
Today's episode of Mindfulness Monday features a conversation between Ora Nadrich and Paul Napper, co-author (Anthony Rao) of the deeply insightful book; The Power of Agency - The 7 Principles to Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions, and Create a Life on Your Own Terms. Dr. Paul Napper provides consultation and coaching to business leaders to help them sharpen and strengthen their leadership efforts. His professional background includes extensive experience in assessment and the application of psychological principles to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. His client list includes Fortune 500 companies, universities, start-ups and non-profits. Dr. Napper launched his career as a Wall Street analyst, first with J.P. Morgan Investment Management in New York and, following that, with Crowell, Weedon and Company in Los Angeles. During his tenure as a securities analyst, he was responsible for following several major industries, including banking, insurance, and media. He subsequently launched the management psychology practice, Performance Psychology Consulting, with two partners in 1998, where he advises a broad array of organizations and industries. Dr. Napper earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania in International Relations and pursued his master’s degree in the same field at the University of Chicago. He received his doctorate from William James College, one of the nation's preeminent colleges of applied professional psychology. He completed an advanced fellowship in psychological testing and assessment during a three-year academic appointment at Harvard Medical School. He authored a book on psychological agency and the realization of human potential published by St. Martin's Press in 2019. Learn more:
December 21, 2020
Episode 22: Put Your Money Where Your Life is with Michael Shuman
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a discussion with Michael Shuman, author of Put Your Money Where Your Life is: How To Invest Locally Using Self-Directed IRA's and Solo 401(k)s. Michael H. Shuman is an economist, attorney, author, and entrepreneur, and a leading visionary on community economics.  He’s Director of Local Economy Programs for Neighborhood Associates Corporation, and an Adjunct Professor at Bard Business School in New York City.  He is also a Senior Researcher for Council Fire and Local Analytics, where he performed economic-development analyses for states, local governments, and businesses around North America. He is credited with being one of the architects of the 2012 JOBS Act and dozens of state laws overhauling securities regulation of crowdfunding.  He has authored, coauthored, or edited ten books.  His three most recent books are Put Your Money Where Your Life Is:  How to Invest Locally Using Solo 401ks and Self-Directed IRAs; The Local Economy Solution:  How Innovative, Self-Financing Pollinator Enterprises Can Grow Jobs and Prosperity; and Local Dollars, Local Sense:  How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street. One of his previous books, The Small Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition (Berrett-Koehler, 2006), received as bronze prize from the Independent Publishers Association for best business book of 2006. A prolific speaker, Shuman has given an average of more than one invited talk per week, mostly to local governments and universities, for the past 30 years in nearly every U.S. state and more than a dozen countries. Learn more:
December 14, 2020
Episode 21: Kevin Vallely Teaches Us What We Can Learn from Extreme Adventures
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a conversation with Kevin Vallely about how adventure can be a tool for transformation and living an unconventional life. Kevin Vallely juggles his life as a registered architect, leadership mentor, author, keynote speaker and father, while also becoming an internationally recognized explorer.  Their new book is Wild Success: 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventures (McGraw Hill, March 10, 2020).  Learn more at
December 07, 2020
Episode 20: Exploring Dangerous Love with Chad Ford
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich and Chad Ford discuss "Dangerous Love" and how to transform fear into power. Chad Ford is a professor of Intercultural Peacebuilding at BYU-Hawaii. He has worked as conflict mediator, facilitator and consultant for governments, NGOs and corporations around the world. He previously was a senior editor/writer at ESPN. His new book, Dangerous Love: Transforming Fear and Conflict at Home, at Work, and in the World (BK Publishers, June 23, 2020) is a personal exploration of how we transform fear and conflict.  Learn more at
November 30, 2020
Episode 19: Self-Care and Spirituality with Dr. Ro
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich discusses self-care and spirituality with Dr. Ro.  Dr. Ro has been a leading nutrition coach for over 2 decades and was named one of the nation’s top 5 nutritionists by More Magazine and Shop Smart (The quick & easy guide from Consumer Reports). She penned a health column “America’s Nutrition Coach,” for the National Newspaper Publishers Association, distributed to 200 African American newspapers nationwide. Dr. Ro has served as the resident nutritionist and blogger for, the leading health source for women and families online, and joins First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey on the Ebony Power 100 List of the Most Influential African Americans in the U.S. (2010 and 2011). She is the Dr. Oz Show Nutrition Coach who helped over a half-million Americans lose more than 5 million pounds and served on the Medical Advisory Board for the Dr. Oz Show for 7 seasons. She recently joined the Advisory Board at Family Circle Magazine and is columnist to Ebony Magazine’s “Get Fit” and “Health and Wellness” columns. Dr. Ro also served as nutrition coach to the Meredith Vieira Show and has held the same post on The View, helping Sherri Shepherd lose weight for her infamous on-camera swimsuit reveal. She contributed to “Anderson Live,” Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show where she helped obese teenagers and families lose weight to gain their lives back. Dr. Ro has contributed to national news outlets such as NBC’s Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Good Morning America, CNN, HLN, and to National Public Radio, where she also had a weekly segment. She served as lead nutrition coach, to TV-One’s Makeover Manor where she also hosted Livin’ Healthy with Dr. Ro and was the Medical Correspondent to BET News and host of Heart and Soul, the network’s first ever national health magazine show for women of Color. As the go-to nutrition coach to real people and celebrities nationwide, Dr. Ro has been featured in O Magazine, Quick & Simple, Self, Ebony, Essence, Family Circle, The Dallas Morning News, Memphis Commercial Appeal and numerous national publications. Her recent book, Lose Your Final 15, has been the cover story in Woman’s World Magazine and her first book Dr. Ro’s Ten Secrets To Livin’ Healthy was recommended by USA Today and New York Daily News as a “must-have” to slim down. Lear more:
November 23, 2020
Episode 18: A Conversation with Johnnie Calloway and Jason Holzer, Graduates of The IFTT
Mindfulness Monday is hosted by author Ora Nadrich, founder and president of The Institute For Transformational Thinking. Ora interviews best selling authors, and thought leaders in the areas of Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, health, addiction, education, business and leadership. Listeners will not only get the expertise each guest brings to the conversation, but also personal stories as to how these experts got to the top of their fields.    ABOUT Johnnie Calloway  Johnnie Calloway, has written three books, Dragons to Butterflies, The Bridge and Taming the Dragon. Johnnie hosts the podcast Morph Into A New You, where he focuses on the power of and the importance of thought management. Johnnie is a Certified Thought Coach and Thought Coach trainer.  He has over thirty years of Twelve Step Recovery and over thirty years of A Course in Miracles training. Using the spiritual principals of these two powerful pathways he has learned to navigate through his adversities; living with substance abuse disorder, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Clinical Depression and being an abused child, to living with a reasonable peace of mind. Johnnie has now devoted his life to helping others navigate the turbulent waters of mental health and find their own peace of mind by teaching them to manage their own thoughts.  ABOUT Jason Holzer  Jason a certified teacher and thought coach, accomplished basketball coach and Elite Skills trainer, Amazon Best Selling author and transformational storyteller/speaker.    His dedication to positively impacting the lives of those around him inspired the hashtag #ACT2IMPACT which serves as a reminder that we all can make a difference. He is a Missouri State alum with a Master’s in Sports Management, who is dedicated to being a loving husband and father. He strives to help others overcome the lasting effects of losing a loved one to suicide. He currently on the board for the USSI (United Suicide Survivors International) alongside world-renowned entrepreneur and innovator in social change and suicide prevention, Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas. Along with others around the world. They are raising awareness that suicide doesn’t stop life from getting worse, it eliminates it from ever getting better.
November 17, 2020
Episode 17: Exploring New Roads to the New World with Luthern Williams
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has an illuminating conversation with Luthern Williams. Luthern Williams, a visionary educational leader, is the Head of School at New Roads School in Santa Monica, California. He holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an Ed.M. in School Leadership from Harvard University. Previously, Luthern was the Assistant Head of School for Program and Middle School Director at New Roads School. Luthern has over twenty-five years of experience as an administrator and English teacher in independent schools in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles. He served as the Director of College Preparation and College Admissions at College Launch, an educational consulting company; the Director of Studies at the Oakwood School in North Hollywood, California; the Upper School Director at Beaver Country Day School in Boston, Massachusetts; and the Director of Diversity at the Winsor School in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his career, he has drawn on his extensive knowledge of education to align schools’ programs with their missions and to build educational models where all children thrive; learn love, respect, empathy, and compassion; and develop the tools to create a world based on the inherent dignity and worth of each individual. To prepare teachers to educate for this “New World,” Luthern has contributed to the design, redesign, and development of one of the premier teacher induction and professional development programs for independent schools in the nation as well as created professional development processes in many independent schools. In addition, Luthern has trained teachers to devise strategies and assessments for students with various learning styles as well as culturally sensitive teaching methods and curricula. He has done talks, interviews, presentations and workshops on the local, state, national, and international level. He has consulted nationally on education, and he has written articles in this field. In addition, he has served as Board Chair and Board member on nonprofit boards. Luthern is deeply committed to democratizing meaningful access to high quality education for socio-economically disadvantaged students and developing schools, built on wellbeing, that are catalysts for societal transformation. Are you enjoying the Mindfulness Monday podcast? Please be sure to leave us a review on iTunes!
November 09, 2020
Episode 16: The Subtle Acts of Exclusion with Dr. Michael Baran
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has a discussion with Dr. Michael Baran about The Subtle Acts of Exclusion. DR. MICHAEL BARAN is a social scientist, senior partner and digital solutions lead at inQUEST Consulting. He has taught at Harvard University and worked as a principal researcher at the American Institutes for Research. Their new book, Subtle Acts of Exclusion: How to Understand, Identify and Stop Microaggressions (BK, March 10, 2020), offers a pathway to a more inclusive, respectful society.  Learn more at
October 29, 2020
Episode 15: Honoring Your Spirit with Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares an illuminating conversation with Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW. Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a Columbia University trained psychotherapist, energy healer and practicing intuitive. She has been licensed in NY, NJ and CA as a psychotherapist. She volunteered for six years at UCLA as an energy healer working with the Complementary Alternative Medicine team for the Pediatric Pain Clinic under a Pediatrician.  She has appeared on CNN and also Chrisley Knows Best.  She has worked in mental health for 25 years teaching, spiritual wisdom Mindfulness and energy awareness in a major HMO.  She has written three books, Honor Your Spirit, How to work with the Universe, and Soul Wisdom, Inspirations for Living a Spiritual Life. She is a spiritual wisdom teacher at the Den Meditation Center in Los Angeles, Ca. and has a spiritual healing, reading and counseling practice in Los Angeles.     Instagram  intuitive_Soulutions   Facebook group How to work with the Universe.
October 19, 2020
Episode 14: Transcending Everyday Bias with Howard J. Ross
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has a discussion with Howard J. Ross about how we can transcend, overcome and become aware of the everyday bias we subconsciously emit, and repeat in our daily lives. Howard J. Ross is a lifelong social justice advocate and a principle in Udarta Consulting. He was previously the founding partner of Cook Ross, Inc. He’s considered one of the world’s seminal thought leaders on identifying and addressing unconscious bias. He authored the bestseller, Everyday Bias: Identifying and Navigating Unconscious Judgments in Our Daily Lives , also Reinventing Diversity: Transforming Organizational Community to Strengthen People, Purpose, and Performance and, Our Search for Belonging: How the Need for Connection Is Tearing Our Culture Apart, describes how to bridge the divide in our increasingly polarized society. Learn more at
October 12, 2020
Episode 13: Center into Mindful Living with Elisha Goldstein, PhD
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has a conversation about uncovering happiness, Mindful living and the power of NOW with Elisha Goldstein, PhD. Elisha Goldstein, PhD is founder of The Mindful Living Collective - the central online mindful space to find the teachings, practices and tribe to up-level your mind, your life and business. He is also the co-founder of The Center for Mindful Living in Los Angeles and creator of the 6-month online coaching program, A Course in Mindful Living. His books include Uncovering Happiness and The Now Effect, A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook (2nd edition) and MBSR Everyday.  In an increasingly fragmented society, he is working to bring people together so they may motivate and inspire one another in far-reaching ways.
October 05, 2020
Episode 12: Off the Mat and Into the World with Seane Corn
In this latest episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has a discussion about Mindfulness and today's times with Seane Corn. SEANE CORN is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and public speaker known for her social activism, impassioned style of teaching, and raw, honest and inspired self-expression. Over her 25-year teaching career, Seane has created many instructional DVDs, including her groundbreaking series The Yoga of Awakening with Sounds True. Featured on over 40 magazine covers and countless media outlets, Seane has chosen to use her platform to bring awareness to global issues including social justice, sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS awareness, generational poverty, and animal rights. In 2005, she was named “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS, and in 2013 received both the Global Green International Environmental Leadership Award and the Humanitarian Award by the Smithsonian Institute. Since 2007, she has been training leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®. Seane also co-founded the Global Seva Challenge, which has raised over $3.5 million by activating communities of yoga and wellness in fund and awareness raising efforts. Her first book Revolution of the Soul was published in Fall 2019.
September 28, 2020
Episode 11: Think Act and Be with Seth J. Gillihan, PhD
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has an intriguing conversation with Seth J. Gillihan, PhD! The two discuss overcoming anxiety, and stress using mindfulness and finding a connection to the sacredness within everyday life. Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and host of the weekly Think Act Be podcast. He is co-author with Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh of A Mindful Year: 365 Ways to Find Connection and the Sacred in Everyday Life, and author of The CBT Deck for Anxiety, Rumination, & Worry, Retrain Your Brain, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple. Dr. Gillihan teaches online courses in mindfulness-centered cognitive behavioral therapy, and provides resources for managing stress, anxiety, and other conditions on the Think Act Be website. Learn more:
September 22, 2020
Episode 10: Unlearning Anxiety and Depression with Dr. Joe Luciani
Today's episode of Mindfulness Monday features a conversation between Ora Nadrich and Dr. Joe Luciani. The two discuss mental health, mindfulness and the sacred art of "unlearning." About Dr. Joe Luciani: Dr. Joe Luciani has been a practicing clinical psychologist for more than 40 years. He’s the internationally bestselling author of the Self-Coaching series of books, now published in 10 languages. His latest book is, Unlearning Anxiety & Depression: The 4-Step Self-Coaching Program to Reclaim Your Life (Goodman Beck, April 28, 2020). He appears frequently on national TV, radio and online, and has been featured in numerous national media sites.  Learn more at
September 14, 2020
Episode 9: Living an Extraordinary Life with Darren Gold
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has a discussion with Darren Gold. The two discuss the art, science and wisdom of leading an extraordinary life - and how to make YOUR life extraordinary. About Darren Gold: Darren Gold is a managing partner at The Trium Group, where he advises and coaches CEOs and leadership teams at many of the world’s most innovative companies, including Roche, Dropbox, Lululemon, Sephora, Cisco, eBay, Activision, and Warner Bros. He is the author of the new book Master Your Code: The Art, Wisdom, and Science of Leading an Extraordinary Life.  Learn more at
September 07, 2020
Episode 8: Calling in the One and Finding Wholeness with Katherine Woodward Thomas
In this new episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a conversation with Katherine Woodward Thomas. Katherine Woodward Thomas, M.A., MFT is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After, which was nominated for a Books for a Better Life Award, and the national bestseller, Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist and teacher to thousands from all corners of the world in her virtual and in-person learning communities. Learn more:
September 01, 2020
Episode 7: Jennifer Kahnweiler and The Introverted Leader
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich shares a discussion with Jennifer Kahnweiler on the virtues of being an introvert, and how you can channel that super-power into a leadership role. About Jennifer B. Kahnweiler: Jennifer B. Kahnweiler PhD, Certified Speaking Professional, is an author and one of the top global leadership speakers on introverts. She is hailed as a “champion for introverts.” Her bestselling books, The Introverted Leader: 2nd Edition, Quiet Influence, and The Genius of Opposites have been translated into 17 languages. Jennifer helps organizations harness the power of introverts. She has been a learning and development professional and leadership speaker at leading organizations like Merck, NASA, Bosch, The American Chemical Society, Freddie Mac, the US Centers for Disease Control, the American Management Association, and TEDX Centennial Park Women.
August 24, 2020
Episode 6: Knocking Out Abuse with Jill Sorenson
In this latest episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich interviews Jill Sorenson. Jill Sorensen is a model, interior designer, producer, writer, women’s activist & single mom who truly changes people’s lives. Jill worked for several years as a top model with Elite Models, The Ford Modeling Agency & made numerous appearances on national TV shows & independent films.  Other than her incredible son Luke, her greatest achievement was co-founding, “Knock Out Abuse,” a non-profit organization that for more than two and a half decades, has raised awareness & funds for victims of domestic violence. Jill & her dear friend/fellow Co-Founder Cheryl Masri teamed up in 1993 to create a Washington, DC based charity, “Knock Out Abuse” in an effort to help battered women rebuild their lives. Cheryl Masri currently runs the day to day operations of Knock Out Abuse in DC  In DC, “Knock Out Abuse” raised over $12 million dollars to provide transitional support to more than 35,000 women and children. Proceeds go directly to organizations offering counseling, long and short-term housing, legal assistance, financial education, job training & the necessary resources to realize a new beginning for these extremely deserving families.  Jill is involved in organizing fundraisers & the spectacular Knock Out Abuse Gala, which has become a “must attend” event in Washington, DC. For all top business and political leaders, philanthropists and celebrities, it is the must attend event of the year. It is an evening of incredible entertainment, inspiration and most importantly, fundraising for a very special cause. Two years in a row it was voted the Number 1 event in DC , beating the White House Correspondence Dinner. The Knock Out Abuse Gala has been attended by countless stars: Hillary Clinton, Wolf Blitzer, Lenny Kravitz, Kathleen Turner, Senator Kristen Gillibrand among many others.  Knock Out Abuse is a powerful platform for women to help each other. It focuses on offering transitional support to those whose lives have been impacted by poverty, abuse and a lack of safe shelter. It’s about helping women find their voice again. Jill believes in true equality between men and women and really strives to make a difference in the quality of women’s lives. Her non-profit does just that, by empowering women to stand up for themselves and be heard. In 2006, Jill was the recipient of The Salvation Army Compassionate Citizen Award.  In 2018, Jill founded Knock Out Abuse West in Los Angeles, California. Jill works with Knock Out Abuse West‘s director Barbara Chinlund (also an ex-model.) Susan Pfeiffer holds the position of Treasurer. With annual fundraisers, a speaker series and other fund raising initiatives KOAW raises funds that go to direct service providers, that offer counseling, long & short term housing, legal assistance & absolutely necessary resources to help victims of domestic violence. If that’s not enough, Jill wrote, produced and starred in a movie called “Marmalade.” A comedy, about a fashion model being put out to pasture that drew attention to ageism in the fashion industry. Jill won “Best Actress” at The California Film Festival.   Knock Out Abuse West branched out with a salon series called, Lived & Learned. Evenings where trailblazers and women we all admire share their challenges, triumphs, and wisdom. After they do a Q&A with the audience.  Jill also has a hugely successful design company and home decor brand, Jill Sorensen Inc, ( designing residences all over the world, with her colorful, bold take on interiors. Her designs have been featured in House Beautiful, HGTV, Coastal Living, Luxe Magazine, The Washington Post, LA Times, The Washingtonian, Trad Home, DC Magazine among many others. Jill is has appeared been featured as a top designer on The Nate Berkus Show.
August 17, 2020
Episode 5: Living a Clean Life and Finding Clarity with Dr. Alejandro Junger
In this new episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich has a conversation with Dr. Alejandro Junger. The two discuss healthy habits, finding clarity, and living a clean lifestyle. About Dr. Alejandro Junger: Founder of the Clean Program and bestselling author of Clean (among other essential health manuals), LA-based cardiologist Alejandro Junger, MD, graduated from medical school in Uruguay, where he was born. He completed his postgraduate training in internal medicine at NYU Downtown Hospital and a fellowship in cardiovascular diseases at Lenox Hill Hospital before studying Eastern medicine in India. An adrenal fatigue expert, Dr. Junger developed the goop vitamin and supplement protocol Why Am I So Effing Tired?, designed to help rebalance an overtaxed system. His new book, Clean7, is out in December. Learn more:
August 10, 2020
Episode 4: The Art of Being with Dennis Merritt Jones
Today's episode of Mindfulness Monday features Ora Nadrich interviewing Dennis Merritt Jones, author of The Art of Being: 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life, and The Art of Uncertainty: How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It.  About Dennis Merritt Jones:  Throughout his lifetime, Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His personal vision is to guide people to their purpose, knowing that when one fully awakens to who they are and why they are on the planet, they begin to naturally share their gift with humankind and, in the process, create an enriching life for themselves and the world around them. Dennis’ most recent book, The Art of Abundance ~ Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life was released in July 2018 by Tarcher/Perigee/Penguin/Random House. In addition, a Discussion Guide for the book is available as a free download at In 2017 Spiritual Living Press published Dennis’ book Encouraging Words ~ Articles & Essays That Prove Who You Are Matters. His prior releases under the Tarcher/Penguin imprint are: Your (Re)Defining Moments ~ Becoming Who You Were Born To Be; The Art of Uncertainty ~ How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It; and, The Art of Being~ 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life. Both The Art of Uncertainty and The Art of Being have been recipients of Nautilus Awards which highlight books that offer new ideas and options for a better world for everyone. In addition, both writings have received Books for a Better Life Award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Art of Uncertainty was also the 1st runner-up in the 2012 Books for Conscious Living. Study Guides are available for both books as a free download at In addition to his books, Dennis is a columnist for the Huffington Post and Science of Mind magazine. Dennis believes we each have the capacity and, ultimately, the responsibility to contribute something positive to this world, leaving it a better place than it was when we arrived. His teachings promote a contemporary, life affirming, spiritually logical and positive outlook on life, which are reflected in his writings. Dennis is a universal speaker who is equally comfortable speaking to an audience seeking spiritual inspiration or to those seeking a purely secular motivational message. He uses his understanding of universal principles to draw upon wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. He believes that there is a deeper consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence rising in humankind where the value of all life, regardless of ethnicity, geography, culture or sexual orientation, is considered sacred. He believes this consciousness of unity, cooperation and reverence for life and the planet will be one of the most significant influences upon society as we approach the challenges of 21st century living. For more information, please contact This episode originally was broadcast LIVE on June 15, 2020 at
August 03, 2020
Episode 3: Meditation and the Divine Feminine with Camille Maurine
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich interviews Camille Maurine. Ora and Camille discuss meditation, the divine feminine, loving awareness and how to tap into enlightened awareness even in trying times. ABOUT CAMILLE MAURINE is the author of the groundbreaking book, Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace, as well as Meditation 24/7: Practices to Enlighten Every Moment of the Day, both written with her husband, Dr. Lorin Roche. She gives global teleseminars and teacher trainings, with a specialty in women's spiritual empowerment and embodiment, and travels worldwide to give performances, workshops, and retreats. Camille Maurine is on the faculty of Esalen Institute, 1440 Multiversity, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, SAND Science and Nonduality, and The Shift Network. She gives online courses on meditation and intimacy such as "Love Wisdom Power" and “Living in Love’s Body.” Camille is also the creator of Moving Theater of the Soul, a transformational creative process. Camille is an intrepid traveler on the path of embodiment, venturing high and low into the world of energy and love. Her work is an intimate fusion of meditation, movement, and expression, with a keen passion for women's spiritual empowerment. Renowned for her scintillating embodiments of feminine energy, Camille often performs excerpts from The Radiance Sutras: The Yoga of Wonder and Delight, Lorin Roche’s translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, an ancient meditation text. Camille Maurine is the President of Syzygy Creations, Inc. Camille and Lorin lead a dynamic meditation teacher training and travel widely to give presentations, workshops, and retreats. Sharing her journey of over four decades of teaching and thirty-five years of intimate relationship, Camille invites us into the mystery of being alive.
July 27, 2020
Episode 2: Radiance and Presence with Lorin Roche
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich interviews Lorin Roche. This discussion revolves around a multitude of subject matter relating to mindfulness, radiance, presence and spirituality. About Lorin Roche, PhD: "Now 66, Lorin has been meditating since age 18, when he signed up to be part of a research project on the physiology of meditation. He was a control subject, and received no instructions whatsoever – they paid him to just sit in a totally dark, soundproofed room in the lab for two hours a day for several weeks, and measure his brain waves. With no instructions, and never having heard of meditation, Lorin just attended to the total silence and darkness, and spontaneously entered entered a state of intense alertness. A few months later, someone handed him a little book describing 112 meditation practices. When he looked at the first page of the book, Lorin felt a huge flash of light and delight as he realized that he had experienced some of these meditations while sitting in the lab. This experience made it clear that meditation is a spontaneous and natural human experience, and that there are many doorways into meditation. The book contained the first English translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, an ancient yoga text. After the experiment was over, the researchers began asking Lorin to teach simple meditation practices as part of the scientific studies. Then students at the university asked him to share the techniques he was exploring, and this led to teaching meditation in academic classes. Thus it was that with no training whatsoever, Lorin wound up teaching meditation. This was 1968, and Lorin was one of the few people who wasn't taking drugs. One thing led to another, and soon Lorin was running his own Experimental College, which went by the name, Esalen at Irvine: Experiential Workshops. He invited teachers from Esalen to come to Irvine and offer workshops in meditation, yoga, dance, Tai Chi, Structural Integration Movement Awareness, Art Meditation, and Gestalt Body Awareness. Each of the Esalen teachers taught Lorin an important component of what later became his own approach to meditation, which combines body awareness, movement, spontaneous gestures or mudra, mantras, visualizations, and above all, individuality. Individuality is the appreciation that each of us is different, and have unique pathways into our inner worlds. Lorin was born in 1949 and grew up in Southern California, in little beach towns such as Ventura, Malibu and Dana Point, which in the 1950's, 60's and 70's were middle-class and unpretentious. Both his parents were surfers and members of the San Onofre Surfing Club from the 1940's on, and took him into the ocean before he could walk. With his wife, Camille Maurine, Lorin is the author of Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7: Practices to Enlighten Every Moment of the Day. He is also the author of Meditation Made Easy, Breath Taking, and Whole Body Meditations, and The Radiance Sutras..." Learn more:
July 20, 2020
Episode 1: Mindfulness and Flow States with Dr. Ron Alexander
In this episode of Mindfulness Monday, Ora Nadrich interviews Dr. Ron Alexander. The two discuss mindfulness, flow states, peak performance and creativity in this illuminating conversation. Ronald A. Alexander, PhD, MFT, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) is a psychotherapist, leadership coach, and clinical trainer in the fields of Somatic Trauma Healing Therapies, Mindfulness Meditation, Transformational Leadership and Core Creativity. As the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training® Institute he draws upon his extensive, pioneering background in Holistic Health, Behavioral Medicine, Creative and Self Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Ericksonian Mind-Body Healing Therapies and Eastern Wisdom Traditions. Alexander has been conducting national &  international  workshops and professional clinical trainings that support strategies of personal, clinical and corporate excellence in the USA, Europe, Canada, Russia, Asia & Australia since 1972. Learn more:
July 13, 2020