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The Mindful Tea Queen

The Mindful Tea Queen

By The Mindful Tea Queen
The Mindful Tea Queen is a new podcast exploring the joys of having a daily loose leaf tea practice, simple living, wellness, and seeing beauty everywhere. Hosted by Tami Kowal, loose leaf tea lover, mom, vegan, and queen of the tea in her pantry.
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Grandpa Style Tea Brewing Isn’t Just For Grandpas! It’s For Everyone!
Learn about the EASIEST way to brew and enjoy loose leaf tea! It’s also a fabulous way to learn more about loose leaf tea and to practice mindfulness. I’m telling you all about it in today’s episode! Join me!
January 23, 2022
Tea During Life Transitions
This is a highly personal episode of the Mindful Tea Queen podcast! I’ve been missing from my podcast for quite a while and I go into the reasons why in this episode. I had a major life transition and tea was right there by my side during at all. If you enjoy today’s episode, please subscribe so you won’t miss the next one! Looking forward to chatting over tea with you again soon! :)
January 14, 2022
The Best Way to Learn to Make Tea is to Just Make Tea!
Perfectionism can stop us from trying a lot of new things, including learning to make looseleaf tea. In this episode I offer some guidelines for making tea and a healthy scoop of encouragement!
May 12, 2020
Tea as Ritual
Having a daily tea practice can be like having a calming anchor in our lives, especially if we are mindful as we make and sip our tea , engaging our five senses. This tea practice can then flow into our daily lives, allowing us to be more awake, not just from the caffeine, (haha!) but to all the beauty around us! In every episode, I have an offering called “My Cuppa Tea” where I share a special find with you! Today’s find is organic elderberries which you can use to make your own elderberry syrup to support your wellness each day! Find them at: and be sure to use the code TAMIK10 for a discount!
April 05, 2020