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Mind Games 。An Audio Experience

Mind Games 。An Audio Experience

By grumps
A series of 8 episodes.
We walk you through a mind that suffers from mental illness that transcendentally heals by sound design.
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VII. 9:08 am
It is the last episode of the series, a concise summation of all 8. We go back to the day I was born and visit a mother’s perspective. We talk about karma and giving back. A simple end to this journey but filled with hope. Visuals on Instagram
November 21, 2020
VII. Love & Mental Illness
[maximize experience by listening with snug earphones] As we begin again, we should know self healing to be an integral part of the longevity of our relationships. Meeting myself halfway in every person I meet and or fall in love with. While both feet are on the ground I built for myself. Visuals on IG
November 15, 2020
VI. Beginning, Again
[maximize experience by listening with snug earphones] — Hope. Life. Thrill. Redefining moments in which new purpose is reborn.
October 21, 2020
V. Kamikaze Courage
congratulations, you’ve made it to volume 2 — healing. in this grumps transforms ill perspectives to harness strength.
October 14, 2020
IV. 5 Therapists 1 Lifetime
Sometimes it’s hard to find the ‘perfect’ match. Usually because of indifference and lack of human connection or rather - understanding. But therapists are mere guides like hiring a personal trainer for brain and heart. Healing is still our responsibility.
September 30, 2020
III. Sublime Encounters
[maximize experience by listening with snug earphones] it’s always often too late before we do decide to talk about suicide, so this one’s for the loved ones forever rooting for us.  relapse & friendship. angels & inner demons. the power of community encouraging healing. Volume 1: Trauma & Understanding Next EP: IV. 5 Therapists 1 Lifetime 30/9
September 23, 2020
II. Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away
[maximize experience by listening with snug earphones] we journey through old trauma and memories of a c-ptsd survivor  various nights of child abuse and event  that lead up to the need for healing this episode is extremely explicit and raw and was the hardest to record~ but this is the foundation and understanding of it all and the only way to self understanding Volume 1: Trauma & Understanding NEXT EP: III. Sublime Encounters 23/9
September 16, 2020
I. Solar Consciousness & Enlightenment
[maximize experience by listening with snug earphones] this is your walk through grumps' first encounter with death, what it felt like and the state of mind after one dance with it. self wonderment and existential crisis' at fifteen are analysed from the same eyes but with different perspective at twenty-one. inspired by half a year of being home again, the environment that made me sick it gets better. NEXT EP: II.  Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away  -  18/9 at 8PM ..... VIII.  09/09/1999 9:08AM  (The End)  -  30/10
September 9, 2020
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very short intro, audio from my animation on insta 。all rights reserved 。 Music: Soft serve Musician: Rook1e
September 7, 2020