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Breaking the paradigms - Defeating the inner critic!

Breaking the paradigms - Defeating the inner critic!

By Mark Csabai
Breaking the paradigms are short but powerful insights for shifting your mindset into a more resourceful state. Almost every result we get in life, whether good or bad, results from the state we are in at that moment.

Being aware of your present thinking can help you immediately identify and eliminate any self-sabotaging thoughts. Your mindset and beliefs about your abilities play a crucial role in fueling or dampening your success.

Our minds are malleable and able to change and evolve through new experiences.
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Can Bad Habits Be Good for You? The creation of habits number 1

Breaking the paradigms - Defeating the inner critic!

Commit to Good Habits – Lose Bad Habits! The creation of habits number 2
Very seldom do we commit to a bad habit to keep it going. Those bad habits seem to follow us no matter how much we want to stop. Good habits, however, take time and commitment to form and stick to continually.
July 19, 2022
Can Bad Habits Be Good for You? The creation of habits number 1
Some bad habits can make you stronger. If you’ve been a person who finds it difficult to express anger, developing a habit of expressing it in a good way can help clear your mind and make better decisions. It’s been found that expressing anger prompts the brain to release less of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is linked to such problems as heart disease and obesity.
July 19, 2022
5 Barriers to Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is essential to using your overall experience, background, common sense and other attributes to become more aware of how your efforts for success are being spent. However, when you have barriers to the critical thinking process, it can seriously harm your ability to move forward. When you’re aware of these barriers, you can better overcome them and focus your thinking on what’s going to move you forward rather than getting stuck behind a barrier – unable to move forward.
July 06, 2022
Five Questions To Determine If You Are In Control Of Your Life!
Gaining control over your life can be a challenging feat. So often, it can be easy to allow the opinions of others or even life responsibilities to cloud your true happiness. Gaining control over your life will not only make you happier but will also boost your self-worth. This is because you will be able to make decisions that serve your soul instead of pleasing others. By asking yourself these critical questions and making the necessary changes, you will be well on your way to mastering the art of control.
May 07, 2022
Fear of taking action
No matter how much you work on it, you'll never be able to get rid of fear altogether. So instead, it would help if you made it your ally. Picture yourself reaching your goal, whatever it is. Imagine the worst-case scenario and then come up with a backup plan. Ask yourself: what are the facts? Am I making assumptions? What's the best thing that can happen? Who can I call for help? Use your fears as a source of guidance. Assess your inner concerns and seek to find potential solutions. Using my example above and your everyday work, you might start a web design side hustle. If your business fails, you're still going to have an income. If it continues to grow, turn it into a full-time job. With this approach, you will do what you want and minimise the risk.
May 05, 2022
Are you feeling stuck?
If you find yourself stuck, perhaps it's time to explore why. With some simple self-exploration, you can pinpoint the areas of your life that require change. It may require you to leave your comfort zone, but in the end, you'll likely find that it was all worth it!
May 05, 2022
Reduce Stress with These Mindfulness Techniques
These three techniques can be used one at a time or together to help your stress levels. You can adjust them or change them as you need to, and your stress levels rise or fall.
May 05, 2022
10 Reasons to have a life coach
Whether you’ve heard of life coaching before or not, it’s certainly worth a look. You may think life coaching is for other people. Or, life coaching doesn’t really work. Whatever your belief, life coaching is here to stay and is growing in popularity.
September 16, 2020
EPS1 Conquering your fears by taking action
The easiest way to conquer your fears is to use it as a source of guidance.
September 08, 2020