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Mind Kink - Really Good Sex and Erotic Hypnosis

Mind Kink - Really Good Sex and Erotic Hypnosis

By The Wordsmith
Better Sex and Better Relationships. More Free Resources at I’ll show you entirely new evolutions of tools, techniques and how to connect in a raw, unfiltered way. I'll also discuss Erotic Hypnosis, Submissive Training and D/s relationships.
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056 - Anal Sex Training Improved
A difficult area for many, I present radical improvements with a view to empowering receptive partners and gifting them something intimate and fun they can enjoy and offer joyfully to their partners. Find more resources at The Wordsmith Speaks
April 03, 2022
055 - How To Find Hypnokink Partners And Connect With Them
A simple, practical system for connecting with potential Hypnokink Partners. Find more resources at
April 03, 2022
054 - Basics Of International Scheduling And Communications
Show notes are HERE I discuss the specific tools and techniques I use to arrange international communications in my relationships. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
053 - How To Create Psychological Safety For Extremely Deep Intimate Connections
Show notes are HERE An extremely important and widely applicable episode where I discuss the exact techniques to create extremely deep and emotionally intense connections. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
052 - The 3 Minute Game + Getting To No + Training Game - Powerful Techniques For Building Connections
Show notes are HERE Part of the Rapid Connections Toolkit, a concept that I've been developing lately to help people to connect deeply and meaningfully with others. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
051 - Enthusiasm Is The Hottest Thing And It Is What You Should Be Training For
Show notes are HERE There is a critical distinction to make between training for a behaviour and training for WANTING that behaviour, here is why you should be doing the second thing. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
050 - Extreme Basics Of Ds Dynamic And Relationship Design - Initial Version
Show notes are HERE This is a deep and complex topic, so I help you to make sense of it. This is a really important episode which pretty much applies to everybody. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
049 - Mindblowingly Intense - The Cardboard Tube As The Best Sex Toy For Hypnotists
Show notes are HERE This is a real hidden gem, the use of the cardboard tube to create super intense ASMR tingles. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
048 - The Neccessity Of Training And Difference Between Specialised And General Training
Show notes are HERE There is a difference between general baseline training and specialised training for a particular purpose, we'll discuss this and how to do it. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
047 - Basic Communications Security - Share This
Show notes are HERE An extremely important episode, I outline a secure stack for kinksters to keep your communications private. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
046 - Creation And Timing Of Effective Brainwashing Material
Show notes are HERE I discuss a crucial and often overlooked aspect of effectively creating and using hypnotic audios. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
044 - Presenting A Radical Hypnokink Education Initiative
Show notes are HERE Hypnokink Education is fundamentally broken, I present the nature of the problem and several effective solutions. Find more resources at
September 26, 2021
043 - Making and Publishing a Podcast - For Content Creators
Show notes are HERE I cover the software and processes for publishing your own podcast on Hypnokink or on any topic. Find more resources at
August 28, 2021
042 - Building a Website + Resources Folder + Mailing List + Store - For Content Creators
Show notes are HERE A surprisingly thorough look at building a Static Site, or a Wordpress Site, along with how to put together all the components of what I've built and possible alternatives. A particularly good Episode. Find more resources at
August 19, 2021
041 - Behavioral Modification - Creating Vastly Superior Conditioned Reinforcers for Training
Show notes are HERE A massive improvement to conventional conditioned reinforcers. Find more resources at
June 17, 2021
040 - The Submissive Operators Manual
Show notes are HERE A simple, printable guide to how to drive and use your submissive for mutual pleasure, as well as an explanation on how to use it but it's pretty self explanatory. Find more resources at
June 17, 2021
039 - A Radical Rethinking Of Both Submissives And Slaves
Show notes are HERE How to change submissives into slaves, and slaves into submissives and the higher forms of both that evolve when this is done. A structural rethinking of fundamental concepts of service and servitude. Find more resources at
June 04, 2021
038 - Personal - What Is It That I Actually Do - Part 1 - Love
Show notes are HEREMore of a look into me as a person than anything else. A episode that I recorded a few months ago as part of an experimental introspection exercise I've developed. Part of a multi-part series around why I actually produce all of this content. Find more resources at
May 23, 2021
037 - The Book Of Praise
Show notes are HERE A concept very similar to the Book of Proof, but a little more worked through and with more detail around it. Similar intentions. Find more resources at
May 23, 2021
036 - Bracketing - A Highly Effective Brainwashing Protocol
Show notes are HERE. I outline a simple, highly effective daily brainwashing routine that can be easily adapted to yourself, or to instruct and teach a partner, either in-person or at a distance. I'll also describe content, suggest some resources and highlight the principles behind it's effective design. Find more resources at
May 23, 2021
035 - The Slavery Equation
Show notes are HERE A way of describing the Ideal Slavegirl in a single sentence that is simple, elegant, and actionable. Find more resources at
May 23, 2021
34 - Intention and Fear - A Two Step Process for Creation and Connection
Show notes are HERE. An extremely simple discussion about a technique I've been suing a lot to rapidly build connections and accomplish goals. I use this pretty much every hour of every day. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
33 - Slave Skills - Cleaning a Hotel Room
Show notes are HERE. I talk about why Hotels are great for training submissives, and present a simple process for cleaning a Hotel room when you leave. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
32 - A Simple Security Stack for Kinksters to Help Protect Your Identity
Show notes are HERE. I will present a simple set of security software, some social rules,and a process for protecting your personal information. I'll also discuss a little about how the HypnoKink "Community" here in Australia completely fails to fulfill any of the basic requirements of being a functional community and why some of these social rules came about. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
31 - Technique - A Super Simple Tool for Assessing the Health of Your Relationship
Show notes are HERE. I talk about two simple criteria for assessing the health of your relationship, and discuss some of my criticism around how the Erotic Hypnosis "Community" handles Education and how that marginalises people worldwide. Some of my criticisms. I have many, many more. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
30 - PDL + The Strategic and Tactical Usage of Bells
Show notes are HERE. I'll discuss the usage of bells and auditory stimuli in the effective training of submissives. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
29 - Validation vs The Act vs What It Means - A Critical Distinction
Show notes are HERE. In this lesson I will examine a very critical distinction that is often overlooked and is the cause of very much pain and dysfunctional behavior. I will also present a simple solution to the problem of validation involving time specific blanket consent. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
28 - Technique - Renaming
Show notes are HERE. I talk about how to use renaming to help to create change within a submissive (can also be applied to a Dominant). I'll talk about the very dangers of a technique called the Global Suggestion and of Parts in general. I talk about the dangers of feminism in a relationship, the dangers of techniques that imply or create alternate "parts" and about the critical importance of Integration and the necessity of long term planning when designing changes. Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
27 - Technique - Third Person Speech Control and Usage of Disassociation
Show notes are HERE. I talk about the usage and optimization of third person speech for the intended disassociation of your submissive partner in order to assist with moving them through difficult or challenging training exercises, or simply for fun or as a core part of your relationship.Find more resources at
May 16, 2021
Core Beliefs - Why they Matter, How they are Formed and How to Effectively Restructure Them in the Training of Yourself and your Submissive
Show notes are HERE. I talk about the critical and understated importance of core belief systems, and present an effective mechanism for rewriting them for both Dominants and Submissives. Find more resources at
May 14, 2021
Technique - The Things I Like List
Show notes are HERE. A very simple, easy to use technique for defining how your submissive can give some value back into your relationship and how you as a dominant can better communicate your needs. Find more resources at
March 03, 2021
BDSM / Kink Contracts 2.0
Show notes are HERE. BDSM Contracts fucking suck. They are utterly unfit for purpose, and needed to be completely overhauled in order to facilitate the creation of deeper, more intense, more compatible relationships. So I did. Find more resources at
March 03, 2021
Creation and Power
Show notes are HERE. What is the difference between being a Good Dom, and being Good at being Dominant? (there is a MASSIVE difference). What does it mean to be create, and how does philosophy and intention affect that? This is more of a meta-episode, I discuss some recent thoughts and about a dozen different topics in no particular order. Find more resources at
February 26, 2021
Poly - Effective Techniques for Dealing With Jealousy
Show notes are HERE. I present several unconventional and highly effective techniques for managing jealousy. Find more resources at
February 22, 2021
Technique - The Book of Master
Show notes are HERE. A simple and powerful template for making casual play sessions more meaningful, as well as deepening the intimacy of a longer term relationship and as a template and self examination exercise for discovering more about yourself in a simple and fun way. Find more resources at
February 22, 2021
Technique - The Book of Proof
Show notes are HERE. An extremely simple and powerful technique to aid in the conscious empowerment of an individual through raising their self-esteem and sense of deservedness. Find more resources at
February 22, 2021
You Must Allow Them to Give Back
Show notes are HERE. When will you choose to accept a gift? What kinds of problems can happen when the D is not able to allow themselves to receive? I examine a recent relationship of mine and talk about some of the reasons why it ended, and set up a step by step process for D and S types to go through to build their ability to receive and accept themselves, their deeper nature and their ability to give while maintaining a healthy relationship. Find more resources at
January 04, 2021
Hour Long Orgasms or Orgasms are a State of Mind
Show notes are HERE. Who doesn't like more satisfying orgasms? Shouldn't your release into bliss mean something to your partner? A step-by-step, super easy process to follow to extend the female orgasm (or a male hypnotically-induced orgasm) out to an hour and then as long as you want it, while intensifying the intensity and level of pleasure. Also some thoughts on my philosophy around orgasms. Find more resources at
January 04, 2021
The Three Levels of Difficulty in Training a Submissive
Show notes are HERE. How do you know which techniques to use, and in what order? I'll outline that here, and give clarity on how to scale up training processes to deal with multiple submissives. Find more resources at
November 17, 2020
How to create Recordings
Show notes are HERE. Instructions on creating hypnotic audio files as a gift to your lovers, your partners and to practice and improve your skills as a hypnotist. Find more resources at
November 13, 2020
The Making Friends Kit - UPDATED
UPDATED AND EXPANDED. Show notes are HERE. Some simple and valuable tools for making friends in any place, with anyone. Find more resources at
November 10, 2020
Three Core Tools
Show notes are HERE. The best tools for mastering Erotic Hypnosis, Operant Conditioning, and Sex - The HLSS Cards, The Training Game and The 3 Minute Game. I'll discuss these in detail and share some thoughts on Kink, Mistakes to Avoid and what can be done to improve the state of the world. Find more resources at
October 17, 2020
Two Phrases for Better Sex + Communicating Fantasies
Show notes are HERE. There are twelve distinct types of female orgasmic response. "More" and "You're so good at that" - two phrases that work wonders, as well as a simple three-step-process for learning to communicate fluidly and easily about your deeper desires to your partner. Thorough and engaging. Find more resources at
September 01, 2020
Female Orgasm - The 12 Types
Show notes are HERE. There are twelve distinct types of female orgasmic response. Here I will cover them all, in detail including how to give them, the order and process to use and how to overcome pitfalls and work with your partner to make the sex fantastic. I also mention the Betty Martin 3 Minute Game, cover troubleshooting and a bunch of other stuff. Find more resources at
August 27, 2020
Structural Enhancements to Trigger Methodology
Show notes are HERE. Some subtle and powerful enhancements to Trigger Creation and use in Training. Find more resources at
August 05, 2020
The Use of Mirrors
Show notes are HERE. Powerful, evocative and deeply useful - I'll cover several techniques on using mirrors to aid brainwashing and create deeply powerful change. Find more resources at
July 29, 2020
Basics of Submissive Training
Show notes are HERE. I'll cover the basics of Submissive Training - Erotic Hypnosis, Operant Conditioning and Conscious Habit Techniques. Training your submissive is a complex process, if you'd like to do it - get in touch with me directly. This is an introduction to the philosophy, tools and a general outline of how to do it, incorporating a realistic, practical approach. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
Dirty Talking and Massive Orgasms
Show notes are HERE. With everyone stuck indoors, phone sex is making a huge comeback. A thorough explanation of the way I turn conversations sexual, and use trance to create connection, arousal and massive orgasms. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
Workshop - How to Train Your Submissive
Show notes are HERE. Theres a lot of printable handouts and templates that go with this, check the Downloads Folder on the Website. This is the full and complete recording of one of the in-person classes I've taught on the subject of Training Submissives. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
How to Learn Erotic Hypnosis
Show notes are HERE. This content is in need of a refresh, see the Website for an updated checklist. Probably the most common question asked, here I'll cover a very solid pathway to proficiency. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
Creating and Using Text Commands
Show notes are HERE. I'll cover a number of techniques and details, by the end you'll know how to create, use and enjoy text commands with your partner. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
How to Fix a Lowered Sense of Deservedness - Part 2
Show notes are HERE. I'll cover a number of techniques to help with a common problem - that of a Trainee self-sabotaging their progress through a lowered sense of deserveness. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
How to Fix a Lowered Sense of Deservedness - Part 1
Show notes are HERE. I'll cover a number of techniques to help with a common problem - that of a Trainee self-sabotaging their progress through a lowered sense of deserveness. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020
How to Improve Your Hypnotic Voice
Show notes are HERE. I'll cover a number of techniques to improve your hypnotic voice. Find more resources at
July 28, 2020