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By Shayna Canty
A verbal diary from a girl just trying to help others, and figure life out in the process. Enjoy the stories and don't forget #keepon___ !!

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*MAJOR* Unpopular Opinion from An Anime-Only Watcher: Light Yagami is Innocent. Change my mind? 😈
Hey hey! It’s been a while but I thought I would go back to my anime roots and discuss a fandom that never died, even after we wrote their name down: Death Note! Want more me? Check out my website: 🤟🏽
January 23, 2022
What I Did in October-You Won't Believe It!
Thanks so much for listening! Want more me? Check out my milkshake for more! The link is here: #keeponpodcasting
November 13, 2021
She’s Been Busy! She Has Been!
Check out what I’ve been up to… Sort of. It’s been a crazy one but hopefully we’ll get back into the swing of things next week. If you like my content, be sure to like, comment and follow the podcast. If you want more me, check out
September 16, 2021
Are We Losing You Again?! No, I’m Just More Sociable!
Here’s why I missed updating last Saturday, and preview for what’s to come next Saturday. Want more me? Check out my milkshake here: (#keeponpodcasting)
August 21, 2021
Why Didn’t I Post on Saturday & Unsolicited Life Advice for The Soul or Something
Hey hey! Check out this bonus episode about my Saturday and other tips from the soul searcher! #keeponpodcasting Want more me? Check out my website here:
August 08, 2021
Perfectionism, Writing Research Papers and Credit Cards; What Happened in July?!
Hey hey! Welcome back everyone, happy new season, and please enjoy this latest episode where I review what happened in my July. Thanks for listening and #keeponpodcasting! Want more me? Check out my website here:
August 08, 2021
Soap Operas, Gay Pride and Justin Bieber’s First Haircut; What Happened in My June/Pride Month!
Hey hey! Welcome to my podcast, thanks for listening! For more me, check out the link here:
July 31, 2021
Healthcare, Women, Pride and Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks: What Happened in My May?!
Hey hey! I’m back with how my May went. Don’t forget to follow, like and subscribe to the podcast and check out my website; for more me! Stay safe and as always, #keeponpodcasting!
July 24, 2021
OH MY Gayness! Unions, Spirits, and What Happened in April?
Welcome to #keeponpodcasting! Today I discuss what happened in my April break as well as, unions and my stance on “Defund the Police”, my college life and much more! Want more me? Subscribe to the podcast, leave me a voice message and check me out my website for more: and as always, #keepon! 🤟🏽
July 17, 2021
Hi Everyone, I’m Back with a Short Story in the Segments! Let Me Know What You Think!
Hi everyone, it’s been a minute! Here’s how my March was. Want more me? Check out my website; 👍🏽
July 10, 2021
Oh. My. Hero Academia... And How I Break Down My Writing Schedule Today
Thanks for joining me! Welcome to the #kopfam and the mind of me! In this bonus ep, I talk about how my writing schedule has changed, what sties I’m on, my opinion on anime and me arguing with my inner voice aka, boat loads of fun! Want more me? Check out my website:
February 06, 2021
I Had Panic Attack, Here’s What I Learned
Hi everyone! Mental health is important and knowing yourself is even more so important now than ever. One thing I feel that needs more content is anxiety and the many faces it can have. And I’m one of them. And the first step to healing is acknowledging that you have a problem/inconvenience that needs addressing. So I hope you take lessons from this and share this with your circles and maybe, save a life. Or at least make one better. Want more me? Check out my website: 👍🏽
February 05, 2021
I Got a New iPhone and Tip Off Internet Addiction!
Hey everyone! Short episode here (lots of interruptions from my family, sorry) but I update you on the week and give some tips on how to beat a form of internet addiction; fomo! Want more me? Check out my website: 👍🏽
January 10, 2021
Digital Nomad Visas and Where to Find Them!
I'm a digital Nomad. Apparently. So why would I want to nomad in PA when there's a whole world out there? Turns out... The world agrees?! Here are 16 countries where you can now get a, "digital Nomad visa". This is content from Matt Karsten, owner of !! Take a read and tell him I sent you! Want more me, check out my website: 👍🏽
January 04, 2021