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Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour

Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour

By Samuel Ibrahim
You are able to create your life!

The Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour, hosted by Samuel Ibrahim, is 30 minutes of laughter, light, and love as I share how to apply metaphysics to your life.

No topic is off limits. You’re guaranteed at least 3 heartfelt laughs and possibly a few spirit inspiring moments that make the time go by like two good fiends at happy hour.

Listen in and we’ll co-create a beautiful life experience.
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Performing Old Testament Miracles in Modern Times.
Creation encouraged me to dig a trench 48 hours ago. Today, the sky opened, and the rain continues to pour.
August 19, 2022
Rejecting the Slavery of Jesus.
Why would I AM THAT I AM require a man to subject his soul in slavery to another?
August 18, 2022
The Metaphysical Solution to Begin Healing Any Country's Drought Condition.
See title description. Share with your neighbor and you shall witness an Old Testament miracle everywhere except the United States of America.
August 16, 2022
The Devil Desires His Freedom.
I am Samuel Ibrahim, a Messenger of I AM THAT I AM, the Messenger succeeding the Prophet Muhammad. Has I AM THAT I AM made anything unclean? Satan asks for your help, Planet Earth. #mindoftheprophet
August 13, 2022
God's Warning to Descendants of Former Slaves in the United States of America.
All Messengers were ignored by the people they were sent to. Ignore this message at your own peril.
August 08, 2022
Black People the Creator Says Get Courageous or Die.
The title is self-explanatory.
August 07, 2022
All Black People Owe Colin Kaepernick Money. .
The title is self-explanatory.
August 04, 2022
The Prayer for Reparations for Black People in America.
The title says enough. For an electronic copy of the prayer, send an email to
August 04, 2022
I Am Greater than the Prophet Jesus and I'm Red Hot About It.
Jesus told me I was able to be greater than him, and I had the audacity to believe him.
August 03, 2022
Why Creation Rewards Active Shooters in the United States.
The Creator judges. Creation does not. And as a result, the righteous active shooter who applies the spiritual principle discussed in this episode shall always be successful.
August 02, 2022
A Coward Shot Me in the Back of the Head Last Tuesday.
I AM THAT I AM ordered me to deliver hard messages and I didn't; and as a result, the blood was literally on my hands. Never again.
August 01, 2022
Do You Want Your Golden Sheep?
Jesus said I preached his parable better than him. Listen and decide for yourself. Thank you, sponsors! Podcast episodes like this are possible because of your investment in me.
June 18, 2022
My Prophet Ezekiel-esque Life and Story.
This morning, I finally became aware of prophetic words spoken over me 13 years ago, and I am thankful. If you’re aware of the Prophet Ezekiel’s life, you are also aware of his unusual prophetic assignment. My life has resembled his. Listen in to understand why. Thank you to the prophet who delivered the message. #mindoftheprophet
June 16, 2022
Yes, I Received a Vision from God. No, I’m Not Insane.
Listen in if you want to hear what I AM THAT I AM has to say.
June 13, 2022
Metaphysics, Morning Sex, and Mother Nature.
The title let’s you know how good my morning was. Listen. Spice up your sex life. Enjoy!
June 13, 2022
I Color Coded My Synchronicity with Creation!!!
I AM THAT I AM gave me a great new toy. You really have to see it in person to believe it. Listen in to find out why, and hear how I made history again today by color coding my synchronicity with Creation. Thank you, my noble investors for your belief in my work! I AM THAT I AM gave me a great new toy. You really have to see it in person to believe it.
June 13, 2022
Chelsea Handler is the White Solution to Global Warming.
Listen in to find out why, and begin to see that I AM THAT I AM’s Messenger gets what We want. Without exception.
June 11, 2022
God and Chelsea Handler’s Boobs.
Listen for yourself. Enjoy!
June 11, 2022
The Metaphysical Mr. Rogers.
Good day, my powerful and magnetic friends. I am Samuel Ibrahim, and I love performing metaphysical experiments. If Mr. Rogers were black, and understood the mechanics of Creation, that would be me. I realized I made history, and now, I’m sharing with others steps within the journey. Enjoy!
June 10, 2022
We Made History Today!
Welcome to Season 5 of the Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour! Creation and I made a historic discovery today! Today, I realized that I have lived the words in my first two books, “The Mind of The Prophet - The Diary of a Curious Mind,” volumes I and II, and I am overjoyed of my awareness of this fact, and overjoyed about what this means for my future work! My words became flesh.
June 09, 2022
I Made Bricks Without Straw!
I’ll insert a better episode description after I walk off this burst of energy. Whoo!
June 04, 2022
Predicting the Fall of Tesla and SpaceX.
Pull your money out of Tesla and SpaceX! Elon Musk is not a Level 5 leader, and as a result, his companies are not built to last. #mindoftheprophet
June 03, 2022
The 6 Minute Solution to US Transgender Sports.
The title is self-explanatory. I AM THAT I AM, shall I receive the Nobel Prize for organizing the first ever Transgender Olympics? I’d organize it even if I don’t. It sounds like fun.
June 03, 2022
De-Mystifying Stillness in Meditation
The silence of meditation often deters people from the practice. However, meditating in active imagination is a fun exercise that yields good results. Todays episode explains what happens subconsciously when you actively imagine a future reality in imagination.
May 25, 2022
How to De-Program White Supremacy from Your Subconscious Mind.
Is your life entangled in the scourge of global white supremacy? If you answered yes, this episode provides the perfect subconscious program to untangle and disinfect your life from an age old problem.
May 24, 2022
The All Curses Broken Experiment.
The scripture, “the sins of the father are visited upon the son,” led me to make a bold declaration over my life in 2020. I declared, “All curses broken!” …and then all hell seemed to break loose while I AM THAT I AM began answering my prayer. Nevertheless, the journey into the unseen to understand why was worth the experience. This episode shares a life changing experiment that yields a good return for all.
May 20, 2022
The Uncanny Shall Experiment
How often do you use the word, “will,” over the course of a day? Some time in 2021, I began intentionally using the word, “shall,” instead of the word, “will.” Shall implies completion and good completion is important to place within any goal-oriented affirmation. And like magic, making this small change in daily conversations resulted in accelerated goal completion. Today’s experiment challenges the listener to begin using “shall” in daily conversations. It may sound weird but that may be because the results are supernatural or uncanny.
May 18, 2022
Performing Miracles for Beginners
Who wants to be a miracle worker? I do, and I am! This episode explains how you (as in you the person reading this) are able to re-create the Sermon on the Mount miracle from the Bible in your life. Enjoy. Break bread. Feed many.
May 14, 2022
The End of Life Anchor Experiment
A subconscious mind without direction is a ship unable to stop drifting. Creating an end of life statement provides your subconscious mind with clear direction and anchors you to the accomplishment of a definite end. Allow me 20 minutes of your time to explain why and to help you stop drifting.
May 13, 2022
How to Create Subconscious Compound Interest and Become an Interesting Person.
Compound interest is the magic of investment for the diligent saver. For those without money, your words and a few notecards are able to act as good subconscious money that yields a good subconscious return. This episode explains the science of how to create good compound interest within your subconscious mind. Enjoy!
May 11, 2022
A Magic Experiment to Open Your Soul’s Door.
Why am I here? We’ve all asked ourselves that question. Your soul is able to perform magic no other soul is able to. Today’s experiment explains a simple way to discover your soul’s magic by saying a short phrase written by Napoleon Hill, author of, “Think and Grow Rich.” Listen. Have fun. Enjoy responsibly.
May 10, 2022
The Powerful and Magnetic Brute Force Hack for your Subconscious Mind
Each person’s subconscious mind is programmable. The May 7th editions of the Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour gives the listener the ability to hack into their subconscious mind by repeatedly inserting the same event into your consciousness daily living. Over time, the event multiplies and occupies a portion of your unlimited subconscious real estate and builds a house, or program, that becomes automatic and self-sustaining. Listen. Enjoy. Congratulations!🎉
May 07, 2022
The Questioning God Experiment
Your soul has questions. This podcast has answers. Listen. Enjoy. Ask away!
May 05, 2022
The “I AM” Sales Experiment
One of my favorite personal affirmations is, “The Salesman’s Prayer Before the Hunt.” The original version of the affirmation resulted in a 150% increase in my sales within 7-10 days. I believe one small word change shall result in a greater result. Listen. Enjoy. Get Money. Here is a link to the affirmation:
May 04, 2022
The Super Villain Experiment
Which supervillain do you most relate to? Have you ever been able to see yourself as that person? The experiment shared in this episode exposes your super villain ability for you to see, use, and do noble things with. Listen. Enjoy. Keep your plans a secret. Good luck!
May 03, 2022
The Apocalypse Experiment
Does your soul feel caged in? The experiment shared in this episode is a radical way to gain your soul’s freedom.
May 01, 2022
An Easy Experiment to Beat Procrastination
Procrastination is the enemy of great, and is able to be defeated in an unconventional way. Adding a few simple statements to my affirmations, and demonstrating my faith in easy ways have manifested good results. Listen in to find out what I added to my prayers, and how this experiment is able to work for you.
May 01, 2022
The Curious Case of Aidan Hutchison
Aidan Hutchison, the second pick of the NFL draft, has an interesting practice that helped him become who he is. He journals his desired life and has since he was four years old. As a result, Aidan was second in Heisman Trophy voting and drafted second by the Detroit Lions last night. This episode talks about Aidan and offers him a suggestion to increase his chances of manifestation.
April 29, 2022
A Magic Experiment with Mother Nature.
Do you believe in magic? Would you believe me if I told you completion of this experiment results in the ability to live an enchanting life experience? Listen in. Attempt the experiment. Prepare for wonder and magic. Here’s a link to the affirmation discussed in the episode.
April 28, 2022
An Experiment to Break Bad Cycles in Your Life.
Welcome, good citizens of Creation, to the 7th episode for The Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour Season 4! This episode explains another metaphysical magic trick to illuminate your daily dance with Creation. If you are currently experiencing recurring negative cycles, this is the perfect episode for you. Listen in. Apply. Enjoy! To listen to previous Season 4 episodes and experiments, follow The Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour on any major podcast platform. A video version of this episode is on YouTube.
April 28, 2022
An Experiment to Cure the Monday Blues.
Are you already dreading work in the morning? If you answered yes to the question, this is the right episode for you. Enjoy.
April 25, 2022
The Enchanting Life Experiment.
Do you believe in magic? Would you believe me if I told you completion of this experiment results in an enchanting life experience? Listen in. Attempt the experiment. Prepare for wonder.
April 24, 2022
A Money Experiment to Find Your Soul’s Purpose​.
Why am I here? It’s the question every soul has asked. This experiment closes the wrong doors, and opens the good way for your soul to find its answer.
April 22, 2022
The 8 Day Sabbath Experiment
Good morning, Creation. For those who are unaware, I am Creation’s Chief Metaphysician. As such, I possess the good fortune to experiment with metaphysical principles and document the test results. The 8 Day Sabbath experiment is one that did not begin as an experiment. It began as a journey to possess a mindset, which has achieved good completion. Once I began to see the patterns of manifestation from possessing the mindset, I started consciously testing the principle on a weekly basis. Listen. Experiment. Enjoy!
April 18, 2022
Imagining Yourself as Moses
Imagine walking your neighborhood alone in the warm sunset’s cool breeze, and a bush spontaneously combusts before you, and then calls you by name. How do you respond? One who has ears to hear, let them hear.
March 20, 2022
Create an Alliance with Mother Nature
Mother Nature knows I am a curious man and live to learn new mysteries of Creation. As the sun rose today, she whispered something new and gave me permission to share. You must say the spell aloud for the words to work.
March 18, 2022
A Prayer for a Divorce Proof Marriage. Part 2.
See previous episode about the divorce proof prayer.
March 15, 2022
A Prayer for a Divorce Proof Marriage
Listen to either find a spouse, or see if you are with the right spouse. Results are guaranteed. The affirmation can be found on my website:
March 15, 2022
A Kind Message for Transgender Children
Equality exists for you within Creation, transgender children.
March 11, 2022
Learn How to Talk to Bees in Twenty-Two Minutes
The title means exactly what it says.
March 11, 2022
The Moment Putin’s Subconscious Mind Outwitted Him
Vladimir Putin, once a master strategist, was outwitted by his subconscious mind and publicly telegraphed Russia’s certain defeat in the Ukraine. I explain how in less than six minutes. Take that CNN!
March 10, 2022
A Metaphysical Suggestion for Ukraine War Volunteers
God bless every soul volunteering themselves in pursuit of the Ukraine’s defense of its freedom. This is a war worth its price in blood. Freedom to be is worth the cost, without exception. Fight hard. Fight bravely. Then come home.
March 06, 2022
Putin Meet Karma
Karma is having itself a tasty time with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as the seeds of civil war he attempted to brew within the United States are beginning to take root in Mother Russia. As Russians with financial means flee the country to escape financial strain and soldiers continue laying down arms, Putin now has to invoke martial law to maintain order within Russian borders. The January 6th rioters don’t have anything against a truly oppressed and hungry people. A Russian revolt is imminent.
March 04, 2022
Imagine Your Rich Future. Part 2
Suze Orman, I challenge thee to a retirement planning dual!
March 04, 2022
Imagine Your Rich Future. Part 1.
Metaphysical results guaranteed.
March 04, 2022
100% of Episode Proceeds Dedicated to the Ukraine
Good morning, my friends. When good messages drop in, it is my good pleasure to pour them out. Freedom is worth sacrificing your life for. God bless you all on your journey with Creation.
March 02, 2022
I practiced dying today. Part 2.
I just made history…again.
March 02, 2022
I Wrote the Best Prayer of All Time
I could explain why this episode’s affirmation may be the best prayer of all time but I’ll allow the results to speak for themselves in due season. Enjoy!
February 28, 2022
I practiced dying this morning.
Soon come.
February 26, 2022
I am ready to die. Part 2
See previous episode.
February 25, 2022
I am ready to die. Part 1
I have overcome my fear of death. How did I achieve this noble and rare accomplishment? I imagined my last moments of life as wonderful, surrounded by love, and walking within my wish fulfilled. Now, Creation is obligated to give me what I wished for because I’ve already connected to the imagined moment emotionally. My last days are a metaphysical certainty. Listen to this episode to understand how you are able to do the same. No one likes to talk about death or imagine the moment. Perception creates all reality. Once you make peace with death, death becomes your friend. And now, death are I are planning amazing parties together and enjoying my life together as we walk back to my final moment.
February 25, 2022
7 Satisfying Questions for the Infinite Spirit
Good morning, Creation! Today’s episode marks the completion of my first goal for 2022. I completed 30 sexy podcasts within 30 sexy days! Yes, each episode released in 2022 is sexy and informative, with the ability to transform your life with each word affirmed. Today’s affirmation is a beautiful one, and prayerfully, it is beautifully explained for the listener. Enjoy! Books: The Diary of a Curious Mind - Volumes I and II
February 24, 2022
A Sexy Competitive Advantage for Lawyers and Law Students
I once practiced law in the State of Texas. As such, I am aware of the challenges lawyers and law student overcome daily to walk out their wish fulfilled. The affirmations in this episode have the ability to make your life more satisfying. Enjoy! Listen until the end to here about my special offer for South Texas College of Law - Houston students. The affirmations discussed in this episode can be found here:
February 24, 2022
Why I Benched Bill Belichick During a Recent Board of Directors Meeting
Bill’s a great coach and mentor for me when I meet with my imagined board members. If you are in business for yourself or in sales, and you haven’t convened an imaginary board meeting, you are neglecting two great competitive advantages: your imagination and your subconscious mind’s metaphysical effect on the manifestation of your result. Listen in to learn why. Books: The Diary of a Curious Mind - Volumes I and II
February 24, 2022
A Metaphysical Day of Good Completion
Each day, I speak the words, “Today is an able day of able god completion,” with the expectation of witnessing Creation complete affairs for me in a marvelous way, and Creation obliges. The metaphysical principle applied to engage Creation’s assistance with the outcome I expect is easily incorporated into your daily affairs. Listen in and learn how. This practice has the ability to change your life in good ways.
February 23, 2022
Metaphysics and Mental Well-Being
Who else’s therapist has given them the mantra, “Put your oxygen mask on first?” Intentional application of the principle when your mental well-being needs air signals Creation to reward you with more moments to give yourself a breather. Listen in to learn how to apply the principle, and what should be the expected outcome.
February 22, 2022
Transmuting your cross into something better to carry.
For anyone decoupling from organized religion, or one seeking a better understanding of the cross, this episode shares a metaphysical secret to make your life more enjoyable.
February 22, 2022
If you hate your job, you’ll love this episode.
Good morning, Creation. If you sit at a desk performing work that leaves your spirit dull, this is the perfect episode for you. I explain a magic trick easily performed at your desk able to help you land the wonderful career of your dreams.
February 22, 2022
An Abstract Metaphysical Experiment with Your Phone
Metaphysical science is easily applied in daily life. Learn how to use your phone in a metaphysical experiment to experience Creation in a metaphysical way to experience new good things in your life.
February 22, 2022
Wonderful Fill in the Blank Affirmations
Engaging your imagination into your affirmations accelerates manifestation. One easy way to engage your imagination and subconscious mind is to ask it a provoking question. The affirmations narrated in this episode are questions that you can fill in the blank for, or, ask the Infinite Spirit to fill in the blanks with the right answer. In my experience, the latter engineers a more graceful dance with Creation. Affirm your favorites over yourself for 30 days prior to sleep, upon waking, and as needed throughout the day.
February 22, 2022
The Benefits of Keeping Prayers a Secret
Every man and woman alive has an unfulfilled fantasy. Whether it is the deferred realization of professional achievement or an unquenched personal desire, each breathing soul has a desire to taste good new things. This episode explains the metaphysical principle of keeping your heart’s desire a secret while Creation engineers your life’s masterpiece.
February 20, 2022
How to Manifest More Cash
I actively apply the metaphysical principle of, “to one who has, more shall be given,” in my daily life where I am able. Recently, I started purchasing items in cash with the expectation that Creation would send me more cash to spend based upon this principle. Creation has responded in beautiful ways. I share with the world and imagine you all with backpacks stuffed full of cash enjoying your able lives. Enjoy the affirmation! AFFIRMATION: The more I am able to buy things with cash, the more Creation makes me able to buy things with cash in larger quantities. Thank you, Infinite Creator, for these words now manifesting under grace in perfect ways. So mote it be. Amen. #mindoftheprophet
February 19, 2022
Why Mid-Twentieth Century Affirmations are Superior
Good morning, Creation! I am in mediation while cooking dinner for breakfast, and a more clear understanding of why the older affirmations are superior in their assistance of manifestation. Listen in and I believe this shall enhance your manifestations.
February 18, 2022
Subconscious Defense and the Movie Inception
What kind of questions do you ask your subconscious mind? Go to sleep asking your subconscious mind the question, “Isn’t it wonderful?” What your subconscious mind is fed while unconscious shall be accepted literally, and without subconscious objection. Listen in to understand why I believe asking this question leads to many beautiful conversations within your subconscious mind while sleeping. Follow my blog at Brian Scott’s, “Isn’t it Wonderful,” guided sleep meditation is found here:
February 17, 2022
Over $1,000 Manifested in 3 Weeks
Good morning, Creation! The rain is soon to pour where I am and I am asking Creation to make it rain MONEY!!! The affirmation in this episode has manifested over $1,000 in less than 3 weeks. It works. Listen. Get money. Have fun! The affirmation is the last entry on my blog,
February 17, 2022
8 Manifestations for Business Owners (Especially Cash Businesses)
The “8 Manifestations for Business Owners,” manifests eight bold statements the speaker calls forward to bless themselves and their business(es). The affirmation is less than 24 hours old and has already manifested much of what’s written. Listen in. Speak out the words. Watch your words manifest into things you are able to touch. The affirmation is on my blog Enjoy!
February 16, 2022
An Affirmation to Manifest Forgiveness
Forgiveness flows freely wherever my feet walk. I forgive myself for any area where unforgiveness remains in my heart and release unforgiveness into the wind for Creation to cleanse and transmute into an avalanche of good karma that blesses me and the souls I must forgive, and I forgive them. Forgiveness is at work whenever my feet walk. I am no longer bound to the consequences of past misfortune, and walk confidently within my promised land under grace where joyous resolutions to past trauma are abundant and ever present with the sun’s rays and the moon’s light. I thank the Infinite Creator for these words now manifesting under grace in perfect ways. So mote it be. Amen.
February 15, 2022
Seven Saging Manifestations for Your Home
Who else loves saging their home as much as I do?!? I love the smell and smoke sage emits and the clean feeling left in every room afterwards. When I began saging, I used gospel music as part of the ritual. Now I use my own words and share seven of them below. Say them all or pick a favorite. Enjoy! 1. The Infinite Creator blesses this house and the souls resting herein. 2. My soul is free to live here. My soul is free to cleanse here. My soul is free to be quenched here. My soul is free to be satisfied here. My soul is free to be made manifest here. My soul is free to create here. My soul has freedom of self-expression here. 3. Wonders are abundant where my feet walk. Grace is abundant where my feet walk. Love is abundant where my feet walk. Creativity is abundant where my feet walk. Peace is abundant where my feet walk. Forgiveness is abundant where my feet walk. Money is abundant where my feet walk. This is an excellent one to affirm daily. 4. Now I shall sleep in peace. I am divinely expressed and have a wonderful income. 5. In my home, forgiveness flows freely and ably. 6. The marriage made in heaven for me is now made manifest upon the earth. Two became one now, and for all eternity. (Florence Scovel Shinn) If you’re single, say this one anyway. It calls forward your heaven made spouse if you desire marriage. 7. My home is a safe place. My needs are met here. My soul is comforted as it walks here. May these words now manifest under grace. So mote it be. Amen. Books: Mind of the Prophet – The Diary of a Curious Mind, Volumes I and II.
February 14, 2022
Why Forgiveness Accelerates Manifestation in 7 Minutes
Good morning, Creation! If affirmation manifestation seems delayed, add forgiveness. Forgiveness provides your affirmation with a boost from Creation. This affirmation written by Florence Scovel Shinn and uploaded to the Nevillution YouTube channel has helped me tremendously and I’ve seen more prayers be answered since affirming.
February 11, 2022
A Manifestation of Release
Affirm over yourself for 30 days. This affirmation enables Creation to help you fulfill promises made under duress and grace is needed. Infinite Creator, forgive me for any promises made while under duress and release me. Enable Creation to fulfill my oaths in a perfect way under grace. Today is an able day full of able completion. May these words now manifest under grace in perfect ways. So mote it be. Amen. #mindoftheprophet Books: The Mind of the Prophet – The Diary of a Curious Mind
February 10, 2022
The Limitless Pill Manifestation
Who has seen the movie, “Limitless,” with Bradley Cooper? I love the idea and concept of your mental capacity erupting in good ways to enjoy living a good life. The affirmation discussed in this episode, originally recorded on February 9, 2022, unlocks your brains ability to perform in the same way. I know because I’m living the effects of the affirmation. Your subconscious mind, your soul, and Creation shall thank you for listening and affirming. Books: The Mind of the Prophet - The Diary of a Curious Mind - Volumes I and II
February 10, 2022
A 30 Day Test of Subliminal Subconscious Programming
Creation and I have an experiment we would like you to try. Listen in. Tell us what you think. Experiment. Share your results with us.
February 09, 2022
Re-Framing Jesus into Any Man
Good morning, Creation! Today feels like an able good day full of able good completion. I pray we agree. Today’s episode reframes the image of Jesus Christ into one that any person is able to fit. Enjoy!
February 09, 2022
Re-examining Elijah’s Miracle with the Widow
In the Old Testament, the prophet Elijah performed a miracle for a widow on the verge of homelessness. This episode provides a metaphysical understanding of that passage of scripture and gives an everyday application for the average person. Enjoy!
February 09, 2022
An Able Blessing for your Food
Infinite Creator, bless the food I eat and drink I consume, for the nourishment of the Creator within, and my body. May each bite and swallow bring health, and wealth, to the Creator within, my body, and Creation. For today is an able day full of able good completion. So mote it be. Amen. #mindoftheprophet Podcast: Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour
February 07, 2022
Gain a Subconscious Competitive Advantage with Subconscious Acceleration Manifestations
The need to eat drives most throughout the course of a normal day. What kind of food is on your plate right now? Is it wonderful food you soul loves? What kind of food do you feed your subconscious mind? Your subconscious mind loves good food, too! The best foods are life, Creation inciting words that provoke Creation to partner with you to achieve your personal goals. The affirmations in this episode, with a regimented program of subconscious ingestion, are able to clear trauma and bad habits from the course of your day. Books: The Diary of a Curious Mind - Volumes I and II
February 05, 2022
A Manifestation for a Dream Vacation [Fill in the Blank]
I am free from the borders of _____________. My love is free from the borders of ____________. My feet are free from the borders of ______________. Thank you, Infinite Creator. May these words now manifest under grace in perfect ways. So mote it be. Amen. #mindoftheprophet
February 04, 2022
A Manifestation to Heal Parent and Children Relationships
Good afternoon, Creation! I pray you are having an able day filled with many able moments. A beautiful new affirmation just landed in my lap during meditation and I happily share this with the world to facilitate the healing of parent child relationships. This affirmation also provides a fertile environment for a child’s genius to come forth and give itself expression. I am a witness.
February 04, 2022
A Metaphysical Way to Overcome Spiritual Warfare
If you are Christian, and believe you are under spiritual attack, this affirmation shall help you by removing people, and energy, close to you unable to see you as prosperous. Which subsequently protects you from non-prosperous thinking and speech. If you are not Christian and are living through a revolving life circumstance, the words in the affirmation clear energy from around you that does not see you as prosperous. You’ll love this affirmation, and the way it opens doors for your divine gift’s self-expression. Enjoy!
February 04, 2022
A Manifestation of Overcoming Depression
Depression sucks. Affirmations ably assist the man or woman pushing their way through unimaginable pain by enlisting Creation to send you the right help you need in the right way. If you are in the middle of a depressive episode, ALWAYS PUT YOUR OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST, no matter what or who disagrees. You can’t save anyone if you are unable to save yourself first.
February 02, 2022
Twenty Manifestation of Prosperity and Able Good Luck
Affirmations work best when repeated daily over a period of time. Frequent repetition impresses upon the subconscious mind the words of the affirmation, and thus reprogram how your eyes are able to see and experience life. This episode contains 20 affirmations fueled by words able to infect your life experience with prosperity and able good luck.
January 31, 2022
2 Big Egos
Raise your hand if you started a liquor company at 26 years old? Now raise your hand if you were the first Black woman in your state to do it? Meet Rikki Kelly, the 26 year old phenom who quit her job on a Friday and founded Ego Tequila the following Monday. She’s also the first Black woman in the State of Texas to accomplish such an amazing feat. Rikki is courage personified and an inspiration to every entrepreneur.
August 22, 2021
2 Spirit Guides
I meditated with Thunder Walker, Founder of 'Breathe - The Meditation Bar,' and the Earth moved!  First of all, what a name! Imagine answering a phone call from Thunder. I did and I feel like King Midas touched me. The woman is a walking personification of money and prosperity. Whew! She also manages Breathe Capital Group and is a Partner of Women Pushing Dirt. Somebody get me a bag so I can follow her around and collect the gold coins bursting through the seams of her purse. Thunder shared experiences with The Prophet she's never said before. The Universe and I are thankful for her transparency, and the life of inspiration she boldly walks the earth teaching others without fear. Follow Thunder Walker on Instagram: iamthunderwalker.
August 18, 2021
What is a Spiritual Awakening?
The easy answer is, something that wakes you up at 0000 and says make a video.    Actually, there’s no defined term for what a spiritual awakening is that could fully explain the experience. You see some definitions with fancy words like ego and universe and interconnectedness, but the experience is far beyond that.    Imagine yourself reborn as an adult, with new eyes and new legs, and your experience of life changes almost overnight.   During the transition, you see the mechanics of the world around you in a different way.  Coincidences become a thing of the past. You feel an overwhelming sense of confidence to follow your heart, even if it leads you through a raging inferno, because you tangibly feel The Universe guiding you and going before you.    For most along this journey, because its contrary in appearance to most theology or dogma, it’s a lonely experience where you feel misunderstood and begin to question yourself.   I can go on and on trying to define or describe an awakened experience.  No words can completely describe what it feels like.   The Prophet is a friend to all along their road to enlightenment and gladly share what helped me, so you feel less crazy and alone.    Love and Light. Peace and Blessings.
August 03, 2021
Spiritual Awakening Support Group
Few experiences in life are as frightening as following your heart towards becoming the most divine manifestation of yourself.    Anyone who’s undergone or in the process of a spiritual awakening understands the loneliness of the journey, especially in the Black community.   I offer myself as a system of support for those in transition so the experience feels less frightening, and to offer any guidance that may be helpful for you throughout your journey.   In this episode, I explain who Samuel Ibrahim is, who Samuel Wesley was, and the first book to help me not feel afraid of the man I was becoming.    My books, The Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind Volumes I and II can be purchased on Amazon and Amazon Audible.    Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind - Volume I  Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind Volume II  Mind of the Prophet Black Bullet Journal: The Diary of a Curious Mind (Mind of the Prophet Journal Series)
August 02, 2021
2 Alter Egos
The energy on the planet is giving me chills right now.    Mattie J., the Vibe Curator of JoCannectar Events (formerly SoLit Events) went all Steph Curry on me and shot 4 for 4 from The Deep during my tarot card reading. Mattie’s alter ego, Ruby Rayne, also does these at many of the cannabis parties she hosts.    If you know me personally, especially the last year of my life, you may want to rethink any tarot card biases you may harbor.    We had the most A-MA-ZING moment in meditation. Who knew a living weed tasting among friends would grow into SoLit Events.   Entrepreneurs find the most creative ways to make money. Mattie J’s journey was fun and inspiring to listen about.    Find out more about Mattie J and Ruby Rayne by clicking the link below:  Also, download Volumes I and II of Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind, or purchase a journal from the Mind of the Prophet Journal Series on Amazon.   Follow me on IG: iam.samuelibrahim or mindoftheprophet_2x.   Love. Light. Laughter. Live.
July 23, 2021
2 Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
The Prophet sits in meditation with The Llama Mack Daddy, Randy Lee Jones, and we’re gonna talk about whatever comes to mind this awesome Sunday Funday. Randy’s one of those guys you can invite to the cookout. That’s coded language that only Black people understand. Listen in. Enjoy. Leave Randy a message on the Anchor app. Also, download Volumes I and II of Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind, or purchase a journal from the Mind of the Prophet Journal Series on Amazon.
July 18, 2021
2 Money Movers
Devon Calhoun, a financial planner with New York life and PVAMU grad, sat in meditation with The Prophet and we discussed a taboo subject within the Black community.....MONEY!  Cha Ching!   Devon loosened his tie for an hour and shared his journey to becoming a financial planner and the basic foundation of any family financial plan.  Listen. Enjoy. Put into action! Also, download Volumes I and II of Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind, or purchase a journal from the Mind of the Prophet Journal Series on Amazon.
July 16, 2021
2 Super Men
There’s much I could say about Douglas Turner, who also doubles as a Black Clark Kent without the glasses. Besides being a man of high integrity, Doug’s also a sneaky big/sneaky strong personal trainer in the Houston area. The first time I saw Doug lift weights I thought my eyes lied to me. 😂 Your ears will enjoy this episode. Tune in. Today’s show was a good time with two old friends catching up. Also, download Volumes I and II of Mind of the Prophet: The Diary of a Curious Mind, or purchase a journal from the Mind of the Prophet Journal Series on Amazon.
July 15, 2021
3 Forces of Nature
What was supposed to be a 60 minute video evolved into 2 hours of sharing light and love. Ixchel and Assad are my favorite husband wife team, even more than Barack and Michelle. You’d never know by their laughter how they thugged it out for 4 years in a tent to launch Mujeres Valley Campground into the safe place for BIPOC it is today. End your day with a little laughter and a lot of inspiration by listening to this episode.
July 13, 2021
2 Underground Kingz
The Prophet and Kendrick Thomas talked about teachers going wild in the summer time, Lizzo, and something about a new Ted Talk he’s releasing soon.  It’s always a good vibe on the Mind of the Prophet Meditation Hour. Tune in. Leave us a comment through the Anchor app.
July 12, 2021
2 Soul Survivors
On April 21, 1983, age 22 years of age, Archie Williams was convicted of the rape and attempted murder of a white woman in Louisiana. His conviction came after a trial in which fingerprints from the crime scene were proven not to be his, and in which sworn testimony from three individuals affirmed that he was home asleep at the time. It came despite an investigation in which evidence was tampered with, evidence was withheld, and evidence was outright fabricated. After 37 years of being falsely imprisoned, Mr. Williams was released from prison by the grace of God and hardworking legal advocates. Archie is sitting down with the Prophet today and I know this episode will be life changing for all who listen.
June 26, 2021
2 Monarch Butterflies
One of my favorite people on the planet, hair guru, and fellow mastermind, Monique Jené Smith, joined the show last Thursday. We bonded over alcohol in South Beach 10 years ago and have been saying ridiculous things to each other ever since. I guarantee a funny show from a superhero stylist who likes to stand on couches as much as I do.
June 26, 2021
2 Bearded Dragons
Hugh Arrington hung out with the Prophet today. We drank scotch and started planning a guy’s trip. Hugh’s just gonna have to get over the fact that he doesn’t like fishing because we’re going. Hugh tells us about starting BRĀV (his grooming products company), breaking his neck, and his fantasy about Rihanna. We had a great conversation if you can’t tell already. You don’t want to miss this episode.
June 15, 2021
2 Living Air Benders
World meet my work wife, Jeanette Villafane. She surprised me with flowers on today’s episode. I surprised her with a surprise visit from a friend. This is the Prophet’s favorite episode, by far.
June 13, 2021
2 Sexy Doctors
The Prophet is graced by Dr. Fatima Moody, who wrote her dissertation on the effects of parental alienation on African-American fathers in Tarrant County, Texas. What an informative episode! Doctor Moody is also super cute and talks about her fitness journey, short hair journey, and why she loves being a godmother to four children. This episode definitely goes down as one of my favorites.
June 11, 2021
2 American Rebels
Guest host, Kimi-Lynn Reed, an advocate for parents suffering through parental alienation, and the Prophet fire the first shot in the war against parental alienation in this episode. Kimi, expertly explains what parental alienation is, how it damages children, and how it can be abolished nationwide. Buckle up. This promises to be one of the Prophet’s best episodes.
June 08, 2021
The Black American’s Right to Remain Silent
***IF YOU ARE HERE, SKIP TO SEASON 4*** Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of the world. More specifically, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of African-American children who worry about their children making it home safely for all the reasons our children may not. A special, special Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of our fallen soldiers and revolutionaries. Your sacrifice was not in vain.
May 09, 2021