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The Minimalist Lady

The Minimalist Lady

By Camille Taboulot
Welcome, productive Ladies. This podcast is dedicated to women who spend their life doing a million things a day. I am here to help you slow down and enjoy the road to get wherever you want to be. When I say "productive", I am not only talking to my career women out there, homemakers and stay-at-home moms are so welcome as well. I want to show you that productivity can be paired with balance. There is so much slow-living, minimalism and culture can do for us to achieve that goal. Let's be elegant, healthy, productive & happy. Yes, it is possible, and easier than you think. Camille. ♡
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30 Things You Can Declutter TODAY (you probably thought you could not) ♡ Minimalism.
When people think about minimalism, they usually think about decluttering first. Even though decluttering is only a very first step, I would love to share with you today a list of 30 things you can declutter. These things are often quite controversial as I truly think that decluttering should be about YOU & not about what is socially seen as "necessary".  If that is something you are interested in, feel free to listen and to read these blog posts:  7 Mistakes of Beginner-Minimalists you Must Avoid. 4 reasons why becoming a minimalist will instantly turn you into a more productive person. I wish you the best of all days,  Camille ♡
September 3, 2020
Productivity & Slow living, Interconnected Principles. ♡
In today's episode, we discuss the effect slow living has on productivity, & how you can use the relationship between these two principles in order to live a more balanced life.  Posts referred to in the episode: ♡ Why Is Minimalism So Popular? ♡ 4 reasons why becoming a minimalist will instantly turn you into a more productive person.
August 28, 2020
7 Fast & Easy Ways To Live A Slower Life Today. ♡
In today's episode, you will learn in a short amount of time how you can live a slower life without adding any overwhelming new habit to your already busy schedule.  Let's get started!
August 26, 2020