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The Minimalist Lady

The Minimalist Lady

By Camille Taboulot
Welcome, productive Ladies. My name is Camille and I run the blog called The English-speaking Frenchie (link in the description). As a French book reviewer and blogger, my mission is to help women learn to balance productivity and slow living. To me, living more minimalist and elegant life are necessary steps towards that goal, and reading books and going to the museum will help. Does it all sound weird? Maybe, but is not life weird, anyway?

Camille. ♡
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7 Fast & Easy Ways To Live A Slower Life Today. ♡

The Minimalist Lady

Overcoming limiting beliefs. ♡
Have you ever felt as if you were blocked from doing something because of an invisible force inside you? This is a sign that you may suffer, just like millions of other people, from a limiting belief. What is a limiting belief? How can we acknowledge them and where do they come from? More importantly, how can we get rid of them? Here is what we discuss in today's podcast. ♡ Blogmas 2020, one post every other day to live a happier Christmas: 
December 5, 2020
The best habit for 2021: learning everyday ♡
If you are looking for THE best habit for your 2021 goals-list, do not look further: you have found it. In today's episode, we will see:  Why learning is for EVERYONE (you included!) How learning improves your everyday life How you can find the right topic to study How you can create your PERFECT study routine Download my free eBook about language-learning: 
November 28, 2020
A balanced life in lockdown in 7 tips. ♡
If lockdown frightens you, and all of these people baking cookies on Instagram while they are writing the next bestseller are even more frightening to you, take a minute, a deep breath, and listen to today's episode. ♡
November 21, 2020
The Productivity Myth. ♡
Here is finally a podcast episode where I define productivity and debunk the main misconceptions around it. You will also have access to five tips/exercises that will (hopefully) improve the quality of your life and help you reach balance if you are, like me, a nautrally-born productive (aka workaholic) Posts mentioned in the episode: A complete guide to combining work and a healthy romantic relationship A complete guide to an organized and balanced life. 4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Turn Your Passion Into a Side-Hustle. ♡ Do Not Monetize Your Whole Life. Breaking News: You Can Love Books & Not Read 50+ Books A Year.
November 14, 2020
Becoming a good listener. ♡
Have you ever tried to listen to someone mindfully, but could not? If yes, welcome to the human world. Listening can be so hard as we tend to constantly think about our answer and not really focus on what is being said. If you want to change that or to see if that is something that may be interesting for you, let's talk about it together.  Episode plan: I) Reasons why you need to become a better listening II) 5 ways you can become a better listener Enjoy,  Camille ♡
November 7, 2020
Books make you more elegant. ♡
What if a book made you more elegant? In today's episode, we see how both the object and the act of reading can have a positive effect on your level of elegance! ♡ If you want to learn more about that topic, feel free to read my post all about it: Reasons why you should read books and be proud.
October 31, 2020
30 Things You Can Declutter TODAY (you probably thought you could not) ♡ Minimalism.
When people think about minimalism, they usually think about decluttering first. Even though decluttering is only a very first step, I would love to share with you today a list of 30 things you can declutter. These things are often quite controversial as I truly think that decluttering should be about YOU & not about what is socially seen as "necessary".  If that is something you are interested in, feel free to listen and to read these blog posts:  7 Mistakes of Beginner-Minimalists you Must Avoid. 4 reasons why becoming a minimalist will instantly turn you into a more productive person. I wish you the best of all days,  Camille ♡
September 3, 2020
Productivity & Slow living, Interconnected Principles. ♡
In today's episode, we discuss the effect slow living has on productivity, & how you can use the relationship between these two principles in order to live a more balanced life.  Posts referred to in the episode: ♡ Why Is Minimalism So Popular? ♡ 4 reasons why becoming a minimalist will instantly turn you into a more productive person.
August 28, 2020
7 Fast & Easy Ways To Live A Slower Life Today. ♡
In today's episode, you will learn in a short amount of time how you can live a slower life without adding any overwhelming new habit to your already busy schedule.  Let's get started!
August 26, 2020