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Minority Mindset 101

Minority Mindset 101

By Jere'My (Jer-Ruh-My) Rankins
A podcast on winning in the unfair game of life. We should form our own views and opinions and maintain our own values while accepting and seeking understanding from others. Listen to understand. Minor to Major, helping people turn their "Minor setbacks into Major comebacks."
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#13 The black community values sports more than education
Trigger Warning!!!!!! This is just a friendly reminder that the views and opinions on these episodes are my own. Changing the mindset of minorities across the world is a priority for me. When you think of cultural values, think of mindset. The values influence our mindsets. I challenge both of those assets in each episode. Enjoy. M2M
September 10, 2021
#12 Four ways to improve your mood and feelings
Most people who are feeling anxious or easily irritated could use an emotional revamp.  In order to feel better you must change your habits. Change your routine and watch how the quality of your life improves.  This may not solve all your problems, but one thing remains constant... If you work on these four areas in your life, there will be positive change.  IG @minortomajortx visit the website 
September 3, 2021
#11 Coping With Life
Two basic needs that every human must have to remain mentally stable whenever going through the valley. Find out what they are in this episode of Minority Mindset 101. Follow me on IG @minortomajortx you can also get connected with me at
August 21, 2021
#10 It takes a Village
For those who are spiritual and believe in a superior power in who I come to believe is God, this episode is for you. Luke 12:48, To whom much is given, much is required. What does that mean to you? We need to focus on what you can do for other people first, and the blessings will be returned. With this mindset, we will increase our wealth while helping others in return. learning how to delay immediate self-gratification is a skill set that we must learn to master.  Follow me on IG @minortomajortx learn how I turned my Minor setback into a Major comeback and how you can as well. Download my eBook or purchase the hardcopy. Both links are available on M2M website at 
August 14, 2021
#9 Screen Time Addiction
In this day and age our kids are becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices. Jere'My talks about ways parents can prevent the addictive behaviors while maintaining order and structure in the home. Childhood development does not have to look like going through a phase of social media addiction.  Social Media Addiction becomes a life long habit. Nip it in the bud!!!! Follow me on Instagram @minortomajortx and @Twitter My dm's stay open for feedback and collabs. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions, please dm your inquiries. Always feel free to visit my website and see what's happening next with Minor to Major LLC and if you haven't downloaded your copy of my book please do so today. Read it and let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment on one of my posts or feel free to leave a review on Amazon. 
July 29, 2021
#8 How to improve the quality of life in the black community
To be clear, these are not the only actions we can take to change the dynamics for our community, but this is a good start.   #1 Education goals and expectations #2 Train dedicated and specifically recruited youth to go into politics and activism #3 The fathers role in the life of his biological children visit my website and download my book @ and learn how you can help stop the pipeline from schools to prison and decrease the number of youth who fall through the cracks. 
July 23, 2021
*Bonus* Public Vulnerability
This is really behind the scenes vulnerable content for the listeners who want the tea. If you want more content like this subscribe to my Patreon membership account and support support support. I don't forget.
July 17, 2021
#7 Ranting about college degrees in lower income America
In episode 8 you will hear how I rant and rave about how western culture teaches our kids to earn good grades in school go to college and get a degree in whatever they are interested in.  Stop stop stop!!! I discuss a strategic plan on how we should change our way of thinking about higher education and college degrees. Listen and let me know your thoughts.  3:30 Not going to college to study crap 5:30 Kinesiology Majors 8:26 Asian cultures and how they train their kids to go into studies that offer higher earning careers 11:45am Changing the culture in black America 14:44 Money can't buy you happiness? 
July 16, 2021
#6 High Value Men
Is this really a thing? #kevinsamuels has been trending a bit in my community so I setout to learn more about his content and this is what I discovered. Checkout my article or listen to the podcast where I discuss this more in depth. Follow my hashtag #minortomajor and stay up to day on the latest I'm doing. Trying to build a community and can call my own. I want you to be apart of it. Connect with me on IG: @MINORTOMAJORTX SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE.
July 6, 2021
#5 My First Race Riot in Prison
Parental Advisory: I'm not proud of the fact that I went to prison, but I did have some life lessons that I will never forget.  My first race riot was one of the most impactful and memorable experiences that I took away from prison.  Nobody fights fair.  So what are you going to do about it? I teach people to find a way to win despite being the underdog.  Minor to Major: Helping people "Turn their Minor setbacks into Major comebacks." Follow me on Intagram
July 2, 2021
#4 Lazy Therapy
In this episode you will learn exactly how I feel about the new practices of virtual appointments for healthcare. The views and opinions of the content on this platform are of the author and presenter. Jere'My reserves the right to alter his views and opinions at any given time.  These views and opinions are not to be taken as medical or mental health consultations or advice and bare no grounds for recommendations to listeners.  If you haven't already please connect with me on all social media platforms to remain plugged-in on what is dropping next.  I have some really great things coming up and want to build a tribe and a community who I can remember started from the beginning with the journey.  I would love to get to know you and hear your thoughts.  Instagram Twitter Facebook
July 1, 2021
#3 How can black men get the job they want? Here’s how I did it.
Here in this episode of Winning you will get the know-how and the inside scoop on how I managed to nail the jobs I wasn't "All the way Qualified" for.  Check out how I play the game and win every. Single. Day. Connect with me on Social Media. I would love to hear from you.  See you on the other side.  Follow me on IG Twitter:  Facebook:
June 22, 2021
#2 Book Reading
In this episode you will get to listen to the first few pages of me reading my publication Minor to Major, Turning Minor Setbacks into Major Comebacks. This book was written over several years, but was self-published through Amazon KDP in 2020.  Everyone has a story, what you choose to do with your story is what makes it impactful, it's not the actual events that occurred in your experiences. This book is available on Amazon at the link below. Copy and paste this link in your browser. Contact JereMy Rankins on Instagram or Twitter @minortomajortx and definitely connect with him on LinkedIn @Jere'My Rankins MA  He loves to hear about others' journeys to success.  
May 19, 2021
#1 Mental Health in the Black Community
Yolanda Turner visits with Jere'My at his main headquarters in Houston, Texas to discuss mental health.  This broadcast was recorded during the month of May which is recognized by so many to bring Mental Health Awareness to all communities.  Both Yolanda and Jere'My share an interest and passion in mental health and encourage you to listen to the content in its entirety.  Please feel free to contact either Jere'My at any of social media platforms to connect with him and ask questions.  Always open to comments and critique.   Guest Yolanda Turner Jere'My Rankins MA LPC Facebook Instagram Twitter Find me on Club House where the networking really begins @minortomajor LinkedIn
May 17, 2021