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Checking In with the Minot-Sleeper Library

Checking In with the Minot-Sleeper Library

By Minot-Sleeper Library
Monthly check-ins with the Minot-Sleeper Library and a guest teen to talk about new books, activities, and events for teens!
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Checking in with the Minot-Sleeper Library August 2021
Hello, listeners! This episode recaps where and why our libary opperates as well as informs our listeners of the upcomming events for the month of August. Learn about the summer intern, get book suggestions, learn new things about our library, and enjoy the activities that we offer! 
August 11, 2021
Checking in with The Minot-Sleeper Library, July
In this episode Librarian Paula will tell you a bit about herself and the library she works at. Then she will Inform you of the young adult/adult activities for the month of July. After that she will move on to meet this month’s Teen Speaker, Melany, and interview them. When she is done she will move on to book suggestions and new releases. Lastly it will close out with the library's hours of operation. Don't miss out of the first episode of this new podcast!
July 7, 2021