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The Collective Voice

The Collective Voice

By Jay Landskroener
Be Passionate. Be Loyal. Be Charlotte.

Bridging the gap from Mint City Collective members to the greater Charlotte region and people active within their communities.
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9: A Street Soccer Story - With Peter Fink
Peter Fink is the Director of Street Soccer for Soccer 658. Through the organization he has helped numerous refugees, underprivileged, and homeless through the sport of soccer and personal development. He was also (probably) the first person Charlotte FC called when they knew they would be building mini pitches throughout the Carolina's and wanted to implement progressive programming on them. He talks about Soccer 658, it's story, growth, and some of the plans for those mini pitches. 
June 21, 2021
8: A Sombrero Man with Hector Cortes
Hector is well known for being quite an enthusiastic Hornets fan. Well known not just by his passion, but the hat he wears to the matches. And the Sombrero Man is making his way from Spectrum Center to the Bank and bringing his joy for sports and the game of soccer with him and his hat. This conversation is about a man, and his journey and how he hopes Charlotte FC and Mint City Collective continue to move forward. And some songs. He want's all the songs. Enjoy!
March 29, 2021
7: A Prime Focus with Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller is not just a successful Goalkeeper. He is an Executive Committee Member for USL Black Players Alliance. He Owns Prime Focus Goalkeeping. He has his own blog. And along First XI Advisors he is launching an incredible platform for athletes called Prime Focus Athletes New Cerebral Training Program.  Brandon goes into great detail of what his program is, and how he gives back to the community beyond that.
March 8, 2021
6: A Mint City Vaughnstradamus with Vaughn Pollman
This song is about love of the league, soccer as a community, and great insight from Vaughn Pollman. He host's 9607MLSPOD and contributes to various platforms his knowledge and passion. Mentioned in the show: 25 Stories that Made MLS
February 24, 2021
5: A Charlotte FC President - with Nick Kelly
In December 2020 Nick Kelly was announced as President of Charlotte FC. We discuss his vision, community, and the importance of the relationship between the fans and the club.
February 8, 2021
4: A Mint City President - with David Gusler
David Gusler is the newly elected President of Mint City Collective. We discuss what he has done with MCC as a platform already, and where he would like to take things as we move onward to Charlotte FC's first season in 2022.
September 8, 2020
3: A Community Engagement - with Jorge Herrera
After 20+ years lighting up pitches in South America and for Charlotte USL clubs, Jorge Herrera is now the Community Engagement Manager for the Charlotte MLS club. Today we discuss bridging the gap in different communities in the region, and how the club may engage with the community for a very long time. For reference sake, Jorge recently spoke with Hugh Roberts about his career and more detail regarding his objectives on the Back Yard Footy podcast. I recommend checking it out, also.
March 30, 2020
2: A Mint City Branding - with Varsity Partners
Dive into the minds of the guys responsible for Mint City's branding, and how their concepts came to be what we know. Check out their work at
March 16, 2020
1: A Mint City Beginning - with Zack Luttrell
Mint City Collective officially launched in July 2019. This is the background of how the group came to be from one of the most influential people in Charlotte's sports fan culture, Roaring Riot founder Zack Luttrell. He goes over what RR is, and how ultimately the transition of ownership of the Panthers organization lead him to begin the creation of what is now Mint City Collective. This is the story of the ground of the foundation that the Charlotte Soccer Group was laid on.
February 23, 2020
Introducing The Collective Voice
Follow the show on Twitter @MintCityVoice
February 16, 2020