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The Thankful Revolution: C.P.R. + N.O.W.

The Thankful Revolution: C.P.R. + N.O.W.

By Miriam Smith Stevens
C.P.R. + N.O.W. = Crisis, Pivot, and Rebirth PLUS New-Beginnings is OUR Witness!

Time to shift into focus and realize our best life ever here on Earth as it is in Heaven. HOW?

Let’s start a conversation so we can all move into the next level of an abundant life’s journey! Introduction of N.O.W. Speaks from The Thankful Revolution. Visit us at our website to learn more. Also, please subscribe, bookmark, like, comment, share and start conversations. We all need to achieve our BEST LIVES EVER! So, what better way than to come together and talk about it.
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Part 3 Abigail's Story: She Understood the Assignment

The Thankful Revolution: C.P.R. + N.O.W.

Part 3 Abigail's Story: She Understood the Assignment

The Thankful Revolution: C.P.R. + N.O.W.

Abigail's Story 1 From the PITTS to the Palace Presented by The Thankful Revolution
This episode is also available as a blog post: 911 What’s your emergency? We are in a Code Blue situation – Abigail and all of her household is about to be slaughtered because of her husband Nabal’s foolishness! This message will share lesson One in some of what I have acquired from my study about Abigail who is a person that encountered a Cold Blue scenario which required C.P.R. intervention. Abigail exuded wisdom, courage, and tact when she encountered her 911 Code Blue situation that required C.P.R. Thank you for spending some time visiting The Thankful Revolution. Please come again soon. Also, don't forget to join/sign up to learn more about our N.O.W. Speaks Conversations. Time to start launching the N.O.W. Speaks Conversations even if don’t have all the equipment and technical knowledge; not moving forward is NOT an Option. Please take a moment to invite someone else to our next N.O.W. Speaks Conversations and Subscribe, Like, Share, Bookmark, and Comment on our Social Media Platforms. Just click on the links below. The Thankful Revolution (Website)    YouTube   Facebook  LinkedIn   MsStevensPR Twitter  EssenceofMyrrh Twitter  Instagram   The Thankful Revolution and Todah Praise Channel Facebook
March 15, 2022
New Beginnings start with prayer!
This episode is also available as a blog post: The Thankful Revolution is here to promote the Good News message of peace, hope, and love globally for all mankind. #BringBackGodsGoodNewsMessage2HumanitySoul #LightandSaltIsWhoWeARE Please do keep in touch and do one or all of the following:  Tweet, Share, Like, Follow, Subscribe, Comment, and Bookmark The Thankful Revolution C.P.R. + N.O.W. = CRISIS PIVOT REBIRTH LEADS TO NEW-BEGINNINGS IS OUR WITNESS #THETHANKFULREVOLUTION @ThankfulRevolt @EssenceofMyrrh
March 01, 2022
For the full blog, post message please do go visit The Thankful Revolution website. Also, before you leave the website do share, like, bookmark, provide feedback, subscribe, and leave a comment. Link: HOW Can? U.N.L.E.S.S. Romans 10:14 “Contemporary English Version How can people have faith in the Lord and ask him to save them, if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear, unless someone tells them?” Is there something gnawing at your heart? Well, I think as I grow older this constant twinge in my heart is a reminder that time on this planet is a designated period. Then we aren’t. Now, the pain may not be very sharp like a knife or cut; but it is present and a consistent reminder that I must continue to be intentional, present, vocal, and representative of HIM. I fail quite a bit, but I am determined to keep pressing onward. Regardless to continue on in the press tried like a diamond in the fires that after it hits the right temperature it can be of GREAT Value once it is shined off and the light can go through it clearly to reflect the quality of this precious jewel. Yes, we are lights, and even greater we should be the medicine in this pandemic – a global pandemic that is crying out for answers, solutions, and deliverance. That’s where salt comes into play because without preservative, seasoning, and medicine is null and void. So, again I ask….HOW CAN? U.N.L.E.S.S.
February 07, 2022
Abigail's Story Part 4 With only a few seconds left can you change the narrative of your story? (Contemporary comparison of The Chiefs and Abigail of the Bible)
PLEASE NOTE: Part of this broadcast sound is missing from 7:40 to 14:23. This was supposed to be the audio version of Chief's QB Patrick Mahomes Press Conference. You can go here (click on the link: Do Subscribe, visit, comment, like, provide feedback, bookmark, and share The Thankful Revolution (Click on the Link: Okay, here is the scenario: Your team is facing the end of their chances to keep hope alive for getting into the Super Bowl. Why? It is the 4th quarter, the opposing team is ahead by 3 points, and there are only 13 seconds left. TIME to change the channel and suck it up to they had a good run while it lasted! OH NO wait a minute don’t change the channel the Swan Song has been canceled. What do you mean in 10 seconds your team got all the way down to a manageable field goal opportunity. And just like that, we are in OT. Facing Fate you did not flinch, you did not flee, you did not fear! What you did was WIN in Overtime. So, I ask you the question, if you only had a few seconds to live or die, to win or lose, to course-correct; HOW WOULD YOU CHANGE THE NARRATIVE OF YOUR STORY? There will be opportunities for us to see what kind of stuff we are made of when faced with similar challenges.  The question we must ask now is are we prepared to M.O.V.E.? M = Make a decision quickly O = Organize your thoughts calmly V = Vie for the favorable Vision you want as your outcome E = Enable Success I suggest the above word to just M.O.V.E. can position you and me into a place where the narrative of our story can change.
January 29, 2022
Part 3 Abigail's Story: She Understood the Assignment
Text: I Samuel Chapter 25  Previously Posted on The Thankful Revolution site about Abigail’s Story (Please click on the links, review, listen, marinate on the messages. Also, I am asking that you “Like, Share, Subscribe, Sign-up for Email Alerts, Bookmark, COMMENT, and continue to support The Thankful Revolution by letting your voice of gratitude be known visibly to all you encounter on a daily basis.” Website Link: Abigail’s Story Part 1 - From the PITTS to the Palace (Study Blog Post) Link: The last we broached the story of Abigail, it was determined, it is important to first identify your assignment and then secondly align with your assignment so that you could provide your receipts for accomplishing your assignment’s life journey purpose. Building upon that foundation, it is remarkable that when dissecting Abigail’s C. P. R. + N. O.W. moment she truly met the challenge and “Understood her Assignment.” The slang interpretation of “Understood the Assignment” basically means the following: Someone who rises to the occasion and does an exceptional job displaying knowledge of how to present, act, or demonstrate excellence in a given scenario is my take on "Understanding the Assignment." I uncovered a few key points of interest as indicated below. Key Points to focus upon: 1. Anointed for the Assignment 2. Acknowledge the Assignment Crisis 3. Answered the Assignment Call 4. Aligned with the Assignment Directive 5. Ambassador to carry out the Assignment 6. Absolved once actively fulfilled the Assignment 7. Awarded & Ascended into the “More Abundant Life” all because Abigail attended to her Assignment As we wrap up, I would ask all of us to dig deeper and ask ourselves: What is my motive and purpose for existing? Do I understand my unique assignment? Who am I most aligned with Abigail, Nabal, or David in this scenario and why? If I want to truly show forth some receipts of obtaining my calling then where are my own receipts? Finally, and most importantly, in order for me to obtain Life and that Life more abundantly, do I know Jesus Christ as Lord for myself and if I don't ascribe to Christ to be the Redeemer then why not ask Him to prove Himself personally to you - provide His own receipts.  Please take a moment to invite someone else to our next N.O.W. Speaks Conversations and Subscribe, Like, Share, Bookmark, and Comment on our Social Media Platforms. Just click on the links below. If you have any further questions or would like to lead in one of the upcoming N.O.W. Speaks Conversations where you are impressed by a subject matter, a lesson you studied, or like to just talk about something important maybe needing some clarity and wise counsel – PLEASE reach out to me at The Thankful Revolution and Leave a comment on the Feedback Form located on The Thankful Revolution’s website: Looking forward to talking with you again real soon as we navigate through this journey called Life.
January 22, 2022
Part 2 Abigail's story & where are my receipts?
Part 2 Abigail's story & where are my receipts? Before you listen to this message, I encourage you to review the story of Abigail in the Bilbe.  So, please review Part 1 of Abigail's story "From the Pitts to the Palace" by clicking on this link: Please note in this lessons we explore what I mean by Abigail P.R.A.A.Y.S. P. =Pivot R. = Resiliency A. = Adaptability A. = Agility Y. = Yield S. = So Be it! Selah & Shalom Additionally, as we progress with achieving our personal goals, let us get honest and real with actively putting in the work to show forth the evidence of our growth. Time to not just talk about it BUT more importantly BE About IT!  We must definitely pray at all times in any and every situation so that we can all obtain our personal N.O.W. moment.  N.O.W. equals New-Beginnings is Our Witness! Let us all be healthier & happier in 2022. We can all begin anew with an active commitment to say YES to ourselves and no to all that would deter, distract, and delay our realization of life and that life more abundant this year.  Love you much and thank you for taking the time to listen about Part 2 of Abigails story where we can all learn the importance to P.R.A.A.Y.S. and produce our personal receipts (evidence of the new-beginnings becoming and being a reality for our lives). P.S. Remember, to help us navigate through this life and enjoy a new life that one being eternal with God our Father; we have to make a decision N.O.W. = New Beginnings is our Witness. Below provides a prayer that you can ask the Lord to become your Redeemer, Healer, Savior, your everything to help you on your personal life’s journey – even though it may be bitter sometimes with God He always sweetens your steps. Love you always! Miriam aka Essence of Myrrh Proverbs 3:5-8. HERE I AM LORD, HELP ME TO CHANGE INTO THE PERSON YOU BIRTHED ME INTO EXISTENCE TO BECOME. ALLOW MY PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE (OUTLOOK AND THOUGHTS) BECOME NEW. LET ME KNOW IN MY HEART THAT YOU ARE GOD AND IF I TRULY TRUST YOU THEN I CAN BE LIBERATED – BASICALLY SET FREE TO LIVE A LIFE HERE ON EARTH LIKE YOU DESIRE ME TO EXIST FOR AN ETERNITY WITH YOU IN HEAVEN. HELP ME TO VIEW YOU CLEARLY WITH A STEADFAST FOCUS! I ASK THAT ANY OBSTACLE THAT HAS HINDERED ME BEFORE OR IN MY FUTURE BE REMOVED SO THAT I CAN OBTAIN THE WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE FOR ME TO LIVE IN PEACE, LOVE, STRENGTH, POWER, AND FEARLESSLY. THANK YOU FOR EQUIPPING ME WITH ALL THAT I NEED (HOLY SPIRIT AND JESUS AS MY SAVIOR) TO SUCCESSFULLY NAVIGATE THIS LIFE’S JOURNEY. I AM GRATEFUL, HUMBLED, AND WILLING TO BE YOUR FAITHFUL SERVANT. I AM HERE AND ASK FOR YOUR HELP EVERY SINGLE DAY. THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME AND PROVIDING ALL THAT I HAVE NEED FOR ACCORDING TO YOUR RICHES IN HEAVEN. AMEN (SO BE IT)!
January 17, 2022
Who, Why, What, and Hoped for… N.O.W. The Thankful Revolution!
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This episode is also available as a blog post: Let’s Chat Hi, I am Miriam S. Stevens, founder, and initiator of The Thankful Revolution. This movement came about after I had a traumatic life experience in October 2008. After I had hit rock bottom – job loss, income loss, and barely existing – I had an epiphany of sorts. God through the prayer of my son and a “cup of soup” allowed me to somehow get out of my funk and into a new way of thinking. Thus, The Thankful Revolution was birthed! Visit, Subscribe, Like, Bookmark, Save to your favorites, Comment on-site, and Share The Thankful Revolution at  Also, let's connect on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Visit me under the name: The Thankful Revolution.  Blessings to all! Peace, Miriam 
July 21, 2021