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The Misfit Heroes Podcast

The Misfit Heroes Podcast

By Misfit Heroes
This podcast is about you. Our goal is to inspire you to change the world around you for the positive. Each episode, we’ll bring you guests that are changing the world around them via ministry and outreach. We’ll speak about how they did it, what they’re doing, issues they have to deal with and overcome, and how you can get involved. These people are everyday people like you and me. They were misfits. Now they are also heroes. Hope you enjoy the show.
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Kyria Whisenhunt - Paws4People - How can service dogs educate, empower, and transform lives?
Kyria Whisenhunt is the executive director of Paws4People, a North Carolina based nonprofit that aims to educate and empower people through the use of assistance dogs to transform people's lives.  The nonprofit was formed in 1999, when Kyria was just 12 years old, with the purpose of using dogs to help people.  Over the last 22 years, the organization has helped veterans, people with disabilities, and children and adolescents with physical, neurological, psychiatric, and/or emotional disabilities in 22 states, with placement nationwide. Kyria was a 2010 Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year finalist; the winner of the 2011 IKEA Life Improvement contest; the winner of WILMA Magazine’s Women to Watch in 2014; the National Points of Light award in 2015; and the 2017 Coastal Entrepreneur Award – Non-profit in 2017. Kyria was also a finalist for the YWCA Women of Achievement in the Non-Profit category in 2021.  Kyria serves as Executive Director of paws4people. She is the Program Director and Instructor of the University of North Carolina Wilmington Assistance Dog Training Minor, the first and only comprehensive Assistance Dog academic certificate program at a state university. She has also served as an adjunct faculty member of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. We discuss how she started the organization at just 12 years old, the surprising training program she coordinated using prison inmates to train support animals, the difference between a service dog and emotional support animal, and the use cases for service dogs you may not have known about. Paws4People can be found online at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Thanks for listening to the Misfit Heroes Podcast. More information can be found on our website at and
January 16, 2022
Robert Hayes - NC State University - Is Tribalism Limiting Us In Faith And Science?
Robert Hayes is a nuclear engineering professor at North Carolina State University, a certified health physicist, and a fellow of the American Physical Society. Robert was raised in Salt Lake City, UT by a single mother who had an atheist world view, and was exposed to Mormon religious beliefs through his father. Robert explains Nuclear Energy and Engineering. To many, that is a fairly difficult topic to digest, but he does so in a way that is fun and engaging via TikTok and social media channels, and has grown to over 41k followers during lockdown, bringing a new lease to people that may not have displayed an interest in Nuclear Science before. But it hasn’t come without its pitfalls. Rob is a devout Christian, and went viral in one of his tiktoks about being a Christian who also believes in science. We discuss the future of nuclear science, and why Americans have had trouble normalizing Nuclear Energy, His faith and how it has affected his interactions in the science community, and how tribalism is controlling narratives around the adoption of nuclear energy. Robert Can be found online at Tiktok: The Misfit Heroes Podcast can be found online at and
January 02, 2022
Mickey Desai - The Nonprofit Snapcast - The difference between a nonprofit and a not for profit business model
Mickey Desai is the host of the Nonprofit Snapcast, a weekly podcast about the issues and challenges affecting nonprofit businesses.    A car aficianado, he is also the host of The Thing About Cars podcast.   Mickey has recently created The Nonprofit Snapshot, a development and analytical toolset for nonprofit companies to examine where their business needs lie, and where they may be overlooking issues in their business operations.   He is currently developing a smartphone app for the Nonprofit Snapshot.   We discuss the differences between nonprofits, not for profits, and for profit business models, some effective leadership strategies for nonprofit startups, and how the nonprofit snapshot can help nonprofit small businesses grow.   Mickey can be found online at  The Nonprofit Snapcast is online at  The Misfit Heroes Podcast can be found online at and
December 19, 2021
Adthe Theo Trepca - Are You Happy? - One Filmmaker's Documentary Experiment Could Bring The World Together
Adthe Theo Trepca is the diretor of "Are You Happy?", a new docu-series that looks at people's relations with their happiness and what makes them happy.  The documentary has recently finished filming and is scheduled for release in early 2022.  Adthe travels the world and asks random people if they are happy, what the source of their happiness is, and if they had a message to the world, what that would be. The series has morphed from an idea Adthe proposed for a single story into a complex, growing storyline where there is no script, no actors, and the characters are all real people telling their own personal, very real stories. Adthe can be found online at and at the links below: Instagram: Tiktok: The Misfit Heroes Podcast can be found online at and
December 05, 2021
Jeremy Simon - E-nable- 3D printing prosthetics and the future of open source healthcare
Jeremy Simon is one of the cofounders of E-nable, an online community that connects those needing prosthetics with the 3D printing community.    The Enable3D community provides free 3D printed prosthetics and orthopedic devices for anyone who needs them, completely free of charge.   The files to download are available under a community creative license for anyone to download and print them, and volunteers are encouraged to create a friendly relationship with the recipients, bridging the gap between the healthcare profession and creating an open-source healthcare platform that allows for opportunities to those in lower income communities that might not be able to provide for them otherwise.   Jeremy can be found online at and   Facebook:  Twitter: @3dprintingisfun (  Instagram:  Blog:  3D Universe Untethered: (available on all major podcast platforms)   Check out the misfit heroes podcast online at and
November 21, 2021
Chris Randall - CrazyGodStory - How Seeing God in Everything Changed One Man's Life Forever
Chris Randall is a christian tiktok influencer who goes by the name CrazyGodStory.    In 2008, his life was changed when he decided to accept Jesus, and create Affordable Auto Repair, a mobile mechanic nonprofit, where he fixed people's cars for free.  His talent for fixing cars for the less fortunate led him to speak the gospel to many of the people he helped fix automobiles for, and he has some pretty crazy stories about it.   He has recently written a book, "CrazyGodStory: Faith Isn't Blind", and his tiktok account has grown to over 96,000 followers and nearly a million likes.   We discuss some of the stories from Chris’s book, how his journaling has helped him grow in his beliefs and document the amazing things god has shown him, and why the world needs more discipleship.   Chris's book can be purchased at  TIktok:
November 07, 2021
Rodney Smith Jr. Raising Men & Women Lawncare Service - Changing Kids Lives through Acts of Service
Rodney Smith jr. is the executive director of Raising Men & Women Lawncare Service, and creator of the 50 yard challenge, a campaign designed to get kids to inspire change in their communities by mowing the lawns of the elderly, veterans, law enforcement, and the disabled.   When kids mow 50 lawns in their community, Rodney personally delivers them a new lawnmower and lawncare equipment, and helps them mow a yard.   Rodney has had kids in all 50 states and 7 countries complete the challenge, and has been featured on ABC news, over 61,000 followers on instagram, and he has even been on a Lay's potato chip bag.   We discuss what inspired him to start raising men and women lawncare service, The path his life has taken from a computer science student to traveling across the country delivering lawnmowers, and how his faith has followed him throughout the entire path.   Rodney can be found online at www.raisingmenandwomenlawncare,com  Instagram:  Twitter:  Tiktok:
October 24, 2021
Stephanie Olson - The Set Me Free Project - Why we should educate younger kids about sex trafficking
Stephanie Olsen is the creator of the set me free project, an organization that educates students in as young as third grade about the dangers of sexual predators online and the ways that sex trafficking can happen.
October 10, 2021
Jen Yarbrough - The Grant Guru - Stopping the mistakes nonprofit startups make before they happen
Jen Yarbrough is a specialist in the nonprofit and not for profit work spaces, and has been affectionately referred to as “The Grant Guru” because her mission is toward all nonprofit leaders out there who have responded to their calling—to provide a solution to their community’s problem. Her mission is to help you turn your vision of helping others to a sustainable reality.  For over 30 years, she has worked with a variety of nonprofits as a grant writer, fundraiser, coach, strategic planner, program developer, organizational assessor, facilitator, trainer, and mentor, having held every position in the nonprofit workforce.  She has provided support and training to thousands of nonprofit staff, board members and volunteer leaders in 47 U.S. states, Thailand, and Canada. Her books "The Journey from nonprofit startup to sustainability", and "The Guide to Grant-writing Success" are available for purchase on amazon and at Recognized as a leading expert in her field, Jen has helped small and large nonprofits alike to raise hundreds of millions of dollars through major gift and capital campaigns, board development, annual fund campaigns, direct mail, and planned gift solicitations. So it's no surprise that I wanted to have her on to discuss the do's and don't of starting a nonprofit from scratch. If you're a nonprofit newbie, and don't know where to start, then this is the episode for you. Jen can be found online at  Facebook:
September 12, 2021
Terrance Wren - We Are Human - Everyone Deserves A Seat At The Table
Terrance Wren is the creator of We Are Human and United BBQ, a free and open to attend fellowship event that everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, political or religious views.    In June of 2020, during the height of the covid-19 pandemic, We Are Human began holding BBQ events across the United States Of America.   He started live streaming the events on TikTok, and has gained nearly 6 million likes and nearly half a million followers.    Terrance wants to grow these events in more locales around our country, and his goal of promoting positivity and unity amongst the citizens of the United States Of America has inspired a movement of positivity and true unity in a time period of the utmost division.   We discuss his experiences with the United BBQ events and how the idea came to him, How Social Media companies are curating what their users see and are manipulating real world actions via the content they promote, and what barbeque is best.   Terrance can be reached online at  Donate:
August 29, 2021
Don't Talk About It, Be About It - The Six Steps To Starting A Nonprofit
In this episode, Chris details the next steps in his journey. We're going to be starting a nonprofit, and I go over 6 steps to creating a non-profit.
August 15, 2021
Elizabeth Fisher Good - Have You Been Groomed For Success or Failure? How One Thought Has Saved Thousands of Women from the Sex Trade
Elizabeth Fisher Good is the co-founder and CEO of Selah Freedom and The Selah Way Foundation, an organization that helps free women from the sex trade and provide a safe housing environment for the victims of this life. Since 2010, Her work with the organization has freed over 10,000 women from sex work and prostitution, and has created demonstrable change in laws across the country, as well as around the world.  Nearly half a million children every year are sold into sex trafficking. 1 out of every 3 girls, and 1 out of every 5 boys will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime. Elizabeth is working to make that number zero. Through telling these womens' stories at their court hearings, and confronting the perpetrators of their abuse, the victims are able to overcome their past, and inspire others that may be in similar situations to have hope for the future.  Elizabeth has recently had a new book published through Harper Collins, "Groomed: Overcoming the Messages that Shaped Our Past and Limit Our Future", and has been an advocate, speaker, and leader in the field of sex trafficking awareness and prevention for over a decade. We discuss the surprising and unlikely themes of the book, which is less about sex trafficking, and more about the grooming by those around us, which can lead to the proclivity to create the trafficking trade itself.  We also discuss how the Selah Way Foundation was able to incorporate their programs into law enforcement agencies and enact real world policy changes in America, and the ways that people are groomed for appearance, invisibility, judgement, and finances. Elizabeth can be found online at and her book is available wherever fine books are sold. The Selah Way Foundation is online at Instagram: The Book: Website: Donate:
August 01, 2021
Jeff Deskovic - Redeemed through Grace, Falsely Imprisoned for Murder, and Helping Exonerate Innocent Prisoners
Jeff Deskovic is the creator of the Deskovic Foundation, an organization that works to exonerate people falsely accused and.convicted of crimes. At the age of 16, Jeff was tried and convicted of the rape and murder of one of his high school classmates, even though DNA evidence and proof of a coerced confession by police should have proclaimed his innocence. After serving 16 years in a maximum security prison, 7 failed appeal attempts, and teaching himself how to appeal his own defense in the prison's law library, the actual killer was confirmed via DNA evidence and confessed to the murder that Jeff was serving time for. Upon his release, Jeff created the Deskovic Foundation to prevent this from happening to other falsely accused individuals, and since 2011, has freed 11 exonerees from being falsely imprisoned.  website: Patreon: Amazon Smile Program for The Foundation: Recharge Beyond The Bars Re-Entry Game: Social media links: FB: Instagram: Linkedin: ***The Foundation is looking for 25,000 people who believe sacrificing $3 every month via a recurring donation in order to help free innocent people and prevent wrongful convictions. Please see to donate and for details on exactly how the money would be spent. If you feel comfortable, please encourage others to do so via social media and other means. If the company you work for donates to non-profits, we would appreciate if you could suggest that they consider us. You can also support us while shopping on Amazon through the Amazon Smile Program by which Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase to us, without increasing the cost to you. Click on this link to use: Note: We are a 501 C3.***
July 18, 2021
Rick Bateman - OBX Martial Arts - Serving Veterans Through the Controlled Chaos of Jiujitsu
Rick Bateman is the owner of Outer Banks Mixed Martial Arts, a combat sports gym in Nags Head, NC. He was recently ranked 18th in the international Brazilian jiu-jitsu foundation (IBJJF), and has been a martial artist for nine years, and was a combat veteran in the 101st airborne in the United States Army.  After being shot in a turret position during service in Afghanistan, he was awarded the purple heart medal for being wounded in service of his country.  Upon returning home, after an extended stay in a german hospital, he needed to make a decision as to what to do post military.  He discovered Jiujitsu, and used his passion for the martial arts to define his purpose and become a combat sports trainer.  His school now has over 160 students ranging from 3 years old up to seniors. In July of 2021, Rick and a student will be traveling to all 48 states to do free training and exhibitions to raise awareness and donations for Mission 22, an organization that seeks to decrease the number of veteran suicides in America. Every day, twenty two veterans take their life in America. That number is too high. Particularly for those who choose to defend the freedoms we all recieve. Check Rick out online at Mission 22 can be found online at Facebook: Instagram: Donate:
July 04, 2021
Sara Canizales - How One Woman Sharing God Brought a Town Together
Sara Canizales is a mother, a wife, and children's pastor at Coastal Family Church in Nags Head, NC.  Since 2008, she has created and led her passion project Children's Fest, a yearly celebration of Jesus on Halloween.  The event has grown from a small event on a street corner to a yearly celebration with over five thousand attendees.  We discuss how the event started, her passion for children that led to the creation fo this event, and how one person's passion.can create a massive impact on their community.  Coastal Family Church can be found online at Instagram:
June 20, 2021
Misfit heroes intro
This is a brief introduction to our program. Check us out!
June 19, 2021
Bilal Markis - How 46 blood donations turned tragedy into triumph
Bilal Markis is the creator of MCB, Miracle Come Back, a global nonprofit that holds blood drives across america and the entire world. As a single father, fearing his children’s entry into gang life, he moved to a new township. During the move, his son was run over on his bicycle by two SUVs. After surgery, a coma, and various injuries from the accident, Bilal’s son Rasheed was a stronger student, fully recovered, and inspires Bilal to start MCB and organize blood drives in over 30 countries.
June 06, 2021
Naomi Lambert - The Cool to Be Kind Project - How Kindness Without Expectations Inspires Change
Naomi Lambert is the creator of the cool to be kind project, a global social enterprise that uses kindness cards left in random spots to inspire acts of kindness in others and log them on a website to share with the world.  She is also an author, and her new children's book, "One Kind Day", is available wherever books are sold.  Her story leads her from being paralyzed from a spider bite to creating a global kindness initiative and pursuing her passions to instill kindness in everyone she meets.  We discuss the beginnings of the cool to be kind project, her goal in fighting cyber bullying, and how one person's idea has helped her organization to track over 10,000 acts of kindness around the world. Naomi has also agreed to give one lucky winner a gift pack with a pack of kindness cards, and a copy of her book, "One Kind Day." All you need to do to enter is: 1. Subscribe to this podcast. 2. Log your act of kindness on her website at 3. Share you act of kindness on instagram, tagging @thecooltobekindproject Naomi can be found onlline at and
May 23, 2021
Jenasa Staples - Create Your Earth Life Podcast - Chronicles of a Journey with Jesus
Jenasa Staples is the creator and host of the #createyourearthlife podcast, a Christian podcast that documents and chronicles jenasa’s journey with her walk in the Christian faith. She is a mother, a podcaster, and recently started a new blog of the same name. She speaks about her journey through being a surrogate mother to twin babies for a Singaporean couple during the COVID pandemic, and her journey that has led her from runes and tarot cards to the Christian faith, and how Christ has led her from promiscuity and anger to a new marriage and a new life. Jenasa can be found online at
May 09, 2021
Matt Wenger - How the church can end the stigmas around sex and porn addiction
Matt Wenger is lead therapist at the Begin Again Institute and Boulder Recovery in Boulder, Colorado. His office has released a new book, “TINSA: Trauma Induced Sex Addiction”, and he is leading the way in helping Christian men deal with sex and porn addictions and intimacy issues. We discuss sex and porn addiction and the stigmas surrounding them, how the adult entertainment industry is targeting younger and younger audiences through technology, hyper sexualization in the media, and how we as believers should address these issues in the future. Matt can be found online at
April 25, 2021
Donovan Brooks - The Building Stewards Podcast - Where faith and our finances meet
Donovan Brooks is host of The Building Stewards Podcast, a podcast about how our finances affect our faith walk. He is also an author, father, and a financial planner, and owner of storyline financial planning. He has been featured on investopedia, credit karma, bankrate, and the Wall Street journal. We discuss the Robinhood investment app debacle, GameStop and other meme stocks, and what it means to be a good steward both financially and in your family life. Donovan can be found online at
April 11, 2021
Shannon Bray - Leading with Character, Dignity, and Respect
Shannon Bray ran for senate in the 2020 election in North Carolina, and will be running again in 2022. With a campaign party consisting of himself and his wife, he received 3% of the popular vote in the state of North Carolina, and over 171,000 votes total. He is also a speaker, author of several books, free diver, and one of the top cyber security professionals in America. We discuss the need for cyber security in congress, his path through the 2020 election, and how he plans to change congress with a platform of personal freedom and less government Intrusion. Shannon can be found online at Twitter: Facebook:
March 28, 2021
Matt Hayes - Engiven - Cryptocurrency and the future of giving
Matt Hayes is the co-founder and COO of Engiven, a giving platform that allows cryptocurrency donors to donate different forms of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and ethereum to nonprofits and receive US dollars. As the former Chief Technology Officer (the “Pastor of Innovation”) of the Rock Church in San Diego, CA, he developed a passion for technology and his previous company, Mogiv, was the first to offer text-based (text to give) giving to churches. Matt speaks about blockchain, Bitcoin, tithing in crypto, and the future of giving. Engiven can be found online at
March 14, 2021
James Franchise - The Metal Worship Leader
James Franchise is the lead singer of This Surrender, a Christian Lifecore metal band from New York, NY. He has gained notoriety on TikTok as the metal worship leader, performing covers of modern worship songs and hymns with a hard rock theme. His band This Surrender is releasing their first full length album in March of 2021, and planning shows across the country later this year. We discuss the meaning and intent behind his music, the impact his songs have had on Christians and non-believers, and why metal needs Christ. Check James out on tiktok: Instagram: Facebook: Donate:
February 28, 2021
Ashley Henriott - Motherhood Unfiltered - Being an Imperfect Parent in a Perfect World
Ashley Henriott is an author, social media influencer, and a mom of 4 wonderful kids. She is also host of the Motherhood Unfiltered podcast about moms, parenting and the imperfect situations that arise in mom life. We discuss parenting your children during a pandemic, imperfection in a perfect social media world, and how creating tiktok videos has brought her family closer together. Ashley can be found online at:
February 14, 2021
Quincy Carr - Quality Comedy Series - Why the world needs clean comedy
Quincy Carr is a standup comedian and television personality from Virginia Beach, VA. He is the host of the Quality Comedy Series, a laugh-out-loud clean stand up comedy show, as well as an on-air personality for Mainstreet Living and Living 757, a nationally televised morning show. We speak about what it takes to be an entertainer in 2021, Free speech and cancel culture, and why the world needs clean comedy now more than ever. Quincy can be found online at
January 31, 2021
2021 - The State of the Podcast Address
In this episode, Chris details where the podcast has been, where the podcast is at, and where the podcast is going in the future. We discuss our successes and failures, the goals we have met, and the next accomplishments we want to strive for.
January 17, 2021
Jeff Thompson - Cross Trail Outfitters - Guiding the Next Generation to Christ Through the Outdoors
Jeff Thompson is the lead outfitter for the Outer Banks chapter of Cross Trail Outfitters.  Cross trail outfitters is a sportsman’s group whose goal is to lead the next generation to Christ through the outdoors.  We speak about what CTO does, the misconceptions around hunting and fishing, how a sportsman’s lifestyle affects a child’s mindset, and how social media is changing the way kids interact with the outdoors.  Cross Trail Outfitters can be found online at instagram: Facebook: donate to cto:
January 03, 2021
Delia D’Ambra - The Counter Clock Podcast
Delia D’Ambra is the creator and host of the true crime podcast, Counter Clock, which focuses on two murders that occurred on the outer banks of North Carolina over twenty years ago. A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, Delia has been a news correspondent in Fort Myers, Florida, and Charlottesville, Virginia, and she recently started an additional podcast, Park Predators, which revolves around crimes committed in our national parks. We discuss the cases of Counter Clock, police interactions in 2020, and how podcasting can make real world changes in people’s lives. Counter clock can be found at
December 20, 2020
Tracy Ryder - OBX Room In The Inn - Helping the Homeless on the Outer Banks
OBX Room in the Inn is an organization that helps the homeless population on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Tracy Ryder is the president of OBX Room in the Inn, and she directly helps people in need. We discuss homelessness, tent cities, and what you can do to help the homeless this holiday season. They can be found online at
December 06, 2020
Austin Canizales - Lizzy Voxel- Illustrating A Hero’s Identity
In this episode, Austin and Chris discuss the concept of identity. Austin speaks about his comic book character, Lizzy Voxel, and the guys talk about how identity plays a major role in how we perceive ourselves and others.
November 23, 2020
Skylor Bryant - Audaciously You - Fighting Human Trafficking With Christ-Centered Conversations
Skylor Bryant is the owner of Audacious You, an apparel company that offers products designed to inspire conversations about Christ. The company has recently released a product collection devoted to ending human trafficking, in which all product proceeds go directly to the organization Operation Underground Railroad, which fights for and rehabilitates victims of human trafficking. We discuss human trafficking signs, motherhood, and why Christians need to have hard conversations. Her website is and operation Underground Railroad can be found at
November 08, 2020
Michele Satterwhite- The Anniversary Episode
Chris brings his wife Michele on as a guest to talk about the trials and errors of their 16 years of marriage.
November 03, 2020
Maureen Swindell - The Art of Play - Why Adults Need to Play
Maureen Swindell is a local artist with Candle & Mirror Creative based out of Manteo, North Carolina. She has a local ministry called The Art of Play that helps people destress and decompress for their mental health while creating and enjoying art. She is also a mother of two children, and a blast to speak to. We discuss mental health, dealing with the issues that have arisen in 2020, and how art can help clear your headspace. 
October 17, 2020
What Is A Hero?
In this episode, Austin and Chris discuss the features and qualities that make a hero a hero. We speak about Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Deadpool, Anti-Heroes, Villains, and what would happen if Christopher Nolan directed a Klondike Bar commercial.
October 17, 2020
Jonny Waters - The Flip-Flop Cowboy - An Outer Banks Musician Brings Love Throughout COVID
Jonny Waters, AKA the flipflop cowboy, is a popular musician from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He has been playing with his band, Jonny Waters & Co., for over nine years. He is also a veteran of the Iraq war, a social studies teacher, and a great conversationalist. We speak about his time in the army, his interactions as a teacher and interactions with kids, and he even plays one of his favorite songs, "Caroline". The band recently released their latest live album in May 2020, and the latest single "Natural Beauty" is available to download now. 
October 17, 2020
Origin Issue
Every story has a beginning. Come along with us on this journey as we discuss the origins of the Misfit Heroes Podcast.
October 17, 2020