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Missing the Joke

Missing the Joke

By Jasper Reddin
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Corporations For President 2020

Missing the Joke

Corporations For President 2020
We've cracked the code. We've unveiled the huge conspiracy. And you've heard it here first, folks. Corporations suck. In this episode we make fun of Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Joe Biden. Then we go on to realize why the NYT doesn't care about us, why Apple don't care about us, and why Verizon doesn't care about us. Check out our stickers or join us on Patreon at
September 9, 2020
*Exhausted Sigh*
We announce a few major life changes and give their opinions on Elon Musk, the episode of Gordon Ramsey's TV Show "24 Hours to Hell and Back" that took place in our hometown, and the latest Star Wars shows. Also, we're really frickin tired of coronavirus. Get your stickers now at Send us a voicemail at 501-291-2218
May 29, 2020
Cult Leader
Get your stickers now at  While on this podcast we usually like to talk about the topics that don't matter, for one episode we talk about topics that actually DO matter. And we're only doing thing because we finally have the one guest we've been meaning to have on since the beginning. He's called in, left voicemails, and engaged in all the ways possible. You know him, you may or may not love him, he's a cult leader... please welcome Josiah Dickens to the third microphone. What did we discuss? Who knows, but this was on the agenda: * Kobe Bryant * COVID-19 (at the time of this recording it was definitely not as bad in the US as it is now lol) * The governmental ideas of a Libertarian * Marijuana * And some theology might have slipped in... Don't forget to send us a text or voicemail at (501) 291-2218 or email us at
March 22, 2020
#StarWarsIsOverParty #CancelCulture
We told you we were going to do this. So we did. Here's our take on Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Warning; Spoilers. Email us, text or call us us, hit us up on Instagram and let us know what you think about the movie. 501-291-2218 @missingthejoke
December 25, 2019
Rise of the Jokes
Star Wars episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker is right around the corner as we discuss the Kenobi show, the Mandalorian show, and make predictions for the final installment of the Kylo Ren trilogy. Email us at Text or call us at (501) 291-2218
December 2, 2019
We have a three hour long episode packed with topics such as Stranger Things, Chick-Fil-A's new Mac and Cheese, more UCA campus drama, and being homeschooled. We welcome our next guest Kevin Urdaneta in the fifteenth episode of Missing the Joke. Join us on Patreon: We need ONE MORE patron so we can start selling stickers! Call or text us if you have anything to add while you are listening to this episode: (501) 291-2218
September 21, 2019
Florida man calls Missing the Joke
With the last episode being over three hours long, we decided to go shorter with this episode. We discuss the new Apple products and the Stephen Crowder controversy on Youtube. And we get a few calls. Become a Joker! Exclusive podcast discussions and video, plus free stickers! Or, get on the podcast by calling in at 501-291-2218
June 23, 2019
In the Endgame
With the release of the recent and final installment of the current age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we discuss all this, the new Star Wars Trailer, and more. Needless to say, there are Endgame Spoilers in this episode. Send an email to missingthejoke@gmail.comor send your voicemails to (501) 291-2218. Become a Joker and get early access and exclusive discussions at Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer Redesign: UCA Bear on Donaghey Hall:
May 17, 2019
Disney or Datney?
It's mostly Disney in our focus this episode as we cover the Captain Marvel controversy, the Fox acquisition, Star Wars, and Marvel. We are joined by our first recurring guest, Jordan. Don't forget to call us at (501) 291 - 2218 or email us at Become a joker at Companies that Disney owns:
April 6, 2019
The January Show Except it's a Month Late
In the first episode of the year we are not joined by any special guest but we do have some interesting topics as we cover Marvel, Netflix, Disney, Youtube, the Super Bowl, and so much more. Send us an email at or send us a text or voicemail at 501-291-2218 You can follow us on instagram @missingthejoke. Reference picture to the UCA Bear, AKA "Otis" on Donaghey Hall - 
February 17, 2019
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Micah and Jasper are joined with Jordan to discuss their favorite LEGO Star Wars sets and the new Star Wars TV show announced. Be sure to leave a voicemail at (501) 291-2218 to send feedback, or send us an email at Join our Patreon at Follow our Instagram @missingthejoke
December 12, 2018
Let's Open the Phone Lines, What Could Go Wrong?
Today we are joined with our fourth Joker, Dillon. We talk about the new Star Wars Mandalorian show, the Shane Dawson documentary on Jake Paul, BetterHelp, and James Gunn (again). Plus, Jokers get an exclusive conversation involving crappy math computations. Join the Joker community by going to
November 14, 2018
Burn Your Shoes
In this episode of Missing the Joke, we are joined by our third Joker as we discuss the absurdity of the Nike boycotts, as well as the memes that have surfaced from it. We discuss Star Wars memes, the next biggest Youtube channel T-Series, as well as the definitive films of the current film era. If you are a Joker, you can listen to over half an hour of bonus discussion about Elon Musk and Louis CK at Please send us your comments, questions, and suggestions to our email, or by phone at 501-291-2218. — Links. Nike Controversy: Nike Memes: T-Series:
October 4, 2018
Destroy the Child
Alex Jones and Info Wars have been removed from most media platforms including Youtube and iTunes podcasts just like that. Was banning the conspiracy nut a good move for all platforms involved? What about our rights to free speech? Plus, discussion on the firing of James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. Micah and Jasper, joined with another special guest, are finally getting to the heart of internet controversy, as literally everyone on the internet is Missing the Joke. Support us on Patreon! Members get exclusive behind the scenes content, and episodes come a week early. Patreon: Email: Phone: (501) 291-2218 --- Sources: Alex Jones:
September 12, 2018
Theories, Theories, Theories
Spoiler alert: All Marvel films (except for Ant-Man and the Wasp) and all Star Wars films (except for Solo). The nerds are back with discussions and theories on the two biggest franchises owned by Disney: Marvel and, yes, Star Wars again. This is, what, the third episode during which we’ve covered Star Wars? And if you are a Joker, you have exclusive 45 minute segment on some of the juiciest conspiracy theories to date. This and more in this episode of Missing the Joke. Patreon: Email: Send your thoughts to (501) 291-2218 --- Sources: Stan Lee: Rian Johnson “apologizing” for The Last Jedi: Mark HamilL supports Kelly Marie Tran:
August 11, 2018
Don't Quote Me on That
Twitter, Instagram TV, Youtube, Soccer, and more. Support us on Patreon! Members get exclusive behind the scenes content, and episodes a week early. Patreon: Email: --- Sources: Russia Doping: Instagram TV: Youtube Adpocalypse: EU’s Article’s 11 & 13:
July 21, 2018
Space Force
What is the new Space Force all about? Why are members of the Star Wars fandom hating on the creators so much? Should Californal split up into three states? We discuss these and more on this episode of Missing the Joke. Support us on Patreon! Members get exclusive behind the scenes content, and episodes a week early. Plus, our first Patron will be brought on as a special guest. Patreon: Email: --- Sources: Space Force: Kelly Marie Tran Controversy: Chuck Wendig’s Reaction: Additional Star Wars Fandom Drama reading: California Splitting Up:
June 29, 2018
AI is the Next Joke
In this episode of Missing the Joke, we have our first special guest. With him, we dive into the solution to traffic, self driving cars, and robots. We also discuss Roseanne because it was trending two or three weeks ago. And finally, Bethesda’s new release of Fallout. Please let us know what you think by sending us an email at or on Anchor at You can also subscribe to our Patreon to listen to episodes a week before they come out: ~~~ Show Notes CGP Grey - A Simple Solution to Traffic: CGP Grey - Human’s Need Not Apply: Roseanne’s Tweet: iOS 12: Fallout 76 Anti-Griefing Measures GameSpot Article:
June 23, 2018
A Solo Joke
We comment on the new Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Obligatory Spoiler Alert: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Tell us your opinions on or email us at
May 30, 2018
The First Joke
Sarcasm doesn't travel well over the Internet. Here we introduce ourselves and dive into our first topic: social media usage. What do you think about the use of social media? Send us your thoughts on or emailing us at
May 24, 2018