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Missionary Podcast

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We are infatuated with sex. We are fascinated by religion. And we’re here to talk about where the two intersect. Sadie was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and is only recently sexually active. Maddie is a Jewish girl who strives to be a beacon of sex positivity. Welcome to our Mission.
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(Wo)Man with a (Family) Plan(B)

Missionary Podcast

Ward Conference: You Asked. We Answer!
In our first ever Ward Conference, the gals gather to answer some of your burning questions about religion, sex, and everything in between. Do you think it's ok to have sex with a dog in the room? Will you teach your kids about heaven, or are you more of a "dirt guy"? And most importantly, are the men ready for a fully vaccinated, post-Saturn return lady to be unleashed in these streets!? There's only one way to find out...
July 30, 2021
Seal the Deal: Marriage & Weddings
You’ve taken space from the f^ck boys, you found the dry humping partner of your dreams, and you’re ready to get sealed! In this ep the girls chat all things marriage and weddings, from civil ceremonies to temple garments to destination extravaganzas. And even though Sadie is the one with extensive wedding planning experience, Maddie’s shockingly elaborate plans for her “Big Day” may end up on your vision board!
July 22, 2021
The First Discussion: An Interview Ep!
For our first ever interview episode, the gals are chatting with an anonymous guest about his experience growing up LGBTQ and LDS. This conversation runs the gamut from school dances to musical theatre and, of course, medical drawings of male anatomy. We hope you enjoy hearing this open and honest conversation as much as we enjoyed having it!
May 21, 2021
(Wo)Man with a (Family) Plan(B)
Join the Missionaries on a stroll down the Family Planning Aisle! You may be the type of person who takes "The Pill" at the same time every single day down to the second, or maybe Plan B is your Plan A... Regardless, if you're sick of the burden of contraception always falling on the shoulders of the person with a uterus, Sadie and Maddie have your back. Plus, the new game that's sweeping the nation: Truth or Milk?!
May 1, 2021
Keeping it Casual: NCMO & F^ck Buddies
The #1 rule for finding the ideal NCMO (non-committal make-out) or your perfect f^ck buddy are one in the same: keep it outside of your Ward!! (Or your restaurant staff) Whether you’re searching for a cuddle buddy or a friend with...more extensive benefits...this ep on all things casual sex is for you!
April 15, 2021
Sex, Drugs, and...Rocky Road?!
Have you ever chugged a Big Gulp of Diet Coke in a fit of post-dessert party mania?! Are you a Milk Pong Master? Maybe you're just super into mushrooms? As Sadie teaches Maddie about the MANY forbidden beverages of her LDS youth, Maddie regales us with tales of afterparty shenanigans. *Disclaimer: despite strong evidence to the contrary, we assure you this episode was recorded when both missionaries were sober.*
April 1, 2021
Modesty vs. Nudity
Did you wear t-shirts under your spaghetti strap Gap dresses? Or do you think we should be naked at all times? Get ready for a deep-dive into Modesty: a "cornerstone" of Mormon culture. The missionaries talk Garments, Bermuda shorts, and two-piece bathing suits, and how modesty functions in secular society (shocking twist- it's an agent of the patriarchy!). 
March 25, 2021
Salt Lake Swingers: Polygamy to Polyamory
Polygamy, Polyamory, Polygyny, Polyandry...things are getting crowded this week as the girls talk group sex, plural marriages, and the VIBRANT Salt Lake City Swingers Scene.  Come for the spin the bottle stories, stay for the Joseph Smith f*ck boy antics. 
March 18, 2021
Ditch the V-Card: Reclaiming Your Sexual Debut
Sadie and Maddie are BACK and ready to leave all things 2020 firmly in the past, including outdated notions about virginity. Instead of getting hung up on losing your virginity, your two favorite missionaries are here to encourage you to embrace the concept of making your sexual debut. If you're ready to leave the land of heavy petting behind you, make a quick stop at the BYU Health Clinic to stock up on the Mormon penetration starter pack: lube, vaginal dilators, and helpful info about pre-heating your "oven."
March 11, 2021
The Pornpisode: Sex Tapes, Porn Phones, and PG-13 Love Scenes
Sadie and Maddie are ready to talk about all things Porn. They bust out some fun facts about porn usage in religious communities and give you the low down on which celeb sex tapes are worth your time (and which one is boring). Does having a separate cell phone dedicated to porn usage mean you’re a sex addict? Does it count as swearing if you say Flip with all the conviction of uttering f^ck? Answers to these pressing queries and so much more...
October 28, 2020
Love Languages, Crystals, and Mid-Church Back Rubs
After a brief hiatus (did you miss us?!) Maddie and Sadie are back to dish on the love languages, and the spicier alternative: the turn on trigger. Plus astrology, crystals, and the ultimate Mormon erogenous zone. Also, you may want to take notes on this one...because Sadie drops the Secret to Relationships...and to LIFE?! Seriously, you don't want to miss this.
October 21, 2020
Episode 3: Mormon Sex Swings, Light Spanking, & Smelly Shoes
Your favorite missionaries are back and ready to talk all things kink, fetish and fantasy. Maddie plunges into the deep end with her experiences, while Sadie dips a toe into sharing her spiciest story thus far... before going back to talking about Twilight. Plus, some (not so scandalous) UNguilty Pleasures, tips on selling your shoes on eBay, dirty talk that would scandalize your bishop, and MUCH more.
September 30, 2020
Episode Two: Sluts They Are Both?
Sadie and Maddie dig into Mormon dating, glow in the dark fun-tivities, and misadventures in Snapchat sexting. Plus, a discussion of the lies we were taught by Disney Channel Original Movies and a lengthy chat about the extended MacDonald fam (Norm, Ronald and...Old?). Tune in for all the dirty deets on durfing!
September 22, 2020
Welcome to Our Mission
Did your sex talk involve an in-depth analysis of the lyrics to a Meat Loaf song? Did you tithe your way through college for the benefit of your ward? Do you have any idea what we’re talking about?! Sadie and Maddie are here to chat about sex, religion, and where these two hot topics intersect. Join the Mission.
September 15, 2020