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MisterE’s exploring Multiversal Life

MisterE’s exploring Multiversal Life

By Karl Edie
Talking about life, and the movies and TV that become our culture's MYTHS and FABLES - and Maybe Learning to be human in this crazy world!
- Chill discussion and cool hang with teacher principal writer and father MISTER E - and all his cool friends - let’s learn together!
Cover art photo provided by JFL on Unsplash:
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Sn 1 Ep 23 BONUS Character Cliff-notes LOKI
Do you wish you had those inside knowing looks your friends have when they watch a Marvel movie and know something you don't about what happens in the comic books? Mister E and Brother Keith sit down to dissect the comics books origins, metamorphoses, and iterations of the character LOKI as related to the Marvel Comics - no real MCU or cinematic spoilers, but definitely a lot of background knowledge!   But if you don't like knowing things, move along on this one :)
June 15, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 22 Loki Episode 1 Reactions
Mister E and Mrs. K talk the first episode of the first season of LOKI! PLUS - Top THREE Animal Prints, ANGRY OLD MAN, and more of the GREATEST COMIC IN THE WORLD!
June 12, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 21 SECRET WARS Comics Event Excavation!
Mister E and Brother Keith sit down to talk the 1984 Comic Series from Marvel SECRET WARS!  The original gigantic Marvel Mini Series, this one had it all.  Love Triangles.  God like beings.  And The Lizard.  Check it out! Event Excavations!  Where we take a comic event and dig it up from the archeological remains of comic book series past and dust it off, looking at it from new light.  And who knows, you might see them in the cinemas some day soon???? Spoilers for a comic made over 30 years ago. :)
June 08, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 20 The BEST Comic in the World
Mister E and Mrs. K sit down to write the BEST COMIC in the world!!!  ITS EPIC!!! Also including - Top Three WORST 80s and 90s horror movies, and What are you watching this week? Spoilers at the end for the first few episodes of SHADOW AND BONE (Fyi)
June 03, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 19 - Comics Event Excavation! The ORIGINAL Crisis on Infinite Earths!
Mister E and Brother Keith sit down for the first in a series - The two EDIOTAS EVENT EXCAVATION!  Unearthing Comic History and Archaeology of GREAT EVENTS in Comics History! This Week - Crisis on Infinite Earths!  The great DC Comics Event from 1985 that changed the DC Universe Forever (or until they did another Crisis Later :) *** SPOILERS FOR CRISIS!  (What does Ediotas mean?  Two Edies.  Two Idiots.  The Edie Brothers .... Ediots!). Dos Ediotas!
May 25, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 18 Top 3 Pulp Horror Movies
Mister E and Mrs. K sit down and talk TOP THREE!  Its a new segment to our show - TOP THREE - and today we talk TOP THREE PULP HORROR MOVIES from the 80s and 90s!  (also featured: top Three NUTS.) Also debuting this week : Christina tells a story What annoys Mister E Political Debate??? (probably not) and What are you watching???
May 18, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 17 Comic Collecting Origins
Mister E sits down with BROTHER KEITH to talk their childhood, and specifically what it was like growing up comic geeks in a not so comic friendly rural community, how that shaped our careers and thought process, and how much better brother Keith is than Mrs. K (in his own mind).  We talk about our parents and their influence, and we break down our recurring "awesome comic runs from the past" upcoming segment!  If you remember classic X-men stories like INFERNO or FALL OF THE MUTANTS this is your wheelhouse right here!  ALSO *** SPOILERS for Falcon and Winter Soldier because brother Keith couldn't help talking about it.
May 11, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 16 Falcon and Winter Soldier
Mister E and Mrs. K talk about ** SPOILERS ** the whole season of THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (Season 1) and our hopes and dreams for the upcoming LOKI series on Disney Plus!
May 04, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 15 PADDLE TALK! With Mrs. K Episode ONE!
It's a Mrs. K takeover as she launches her own podcast!  Paddle Talk Episode ONE!  All things Paddling!  (Mostly Stand Up Paddle Board Talk, as Mister E attempts to become a master paddler)
April 06, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 14 Would You Rather?
Mr. E and Mrs. K play "would you rather?"
March 17, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 13 Guilty Pleasure Movies (aka Two Rolls Jeffrey LOVES the movie SAFE HAVEN !!!!!????
Mister E, Two Rolls Jeffrey, and Mrs. K Talk about GUILTY PLEASURE MOVIES - aka movies that we love but are a little embarrassed that we love them.  What's your Guilty Pleasure Movie?
March 02, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 12 Wandavision predictions AFTER Sn1 Ep7
Mister Edie and Mister Edie (the brother) sit down and talk comics, Wandavision, and who is the BIG BAD????? Spoilers Wandavision up to Season 1 Episode 7!
February 25, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 11 Politics Feb 2 2021
Our Goal?  To talk about Politics from a purely bi or tri partisan perspective - from a HUMAN perspective - and leave party politics out of it.  We probably failed. These questions were sent to Mrs. K and Two rolls Jeffrey a week beforehand to prepare: 1 - Civil unrest, Civil Disobedience, Rioting, Overthrowing the Government : When and if is there a RIGHT TIME or even a MORAL IMPERATIVE for each, and how do you know it when it is there? 2 - How should we help the unfortunate in our society? (There were three more questions, but we didn't get that far!) AAAAAND... We solved all the problems!  Yay!
February 02, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 10 Giant Sand Dunes in Colorado???
Mrs. K and Two Rolls Jeffrey sit down to talk Weird world stuff - Wandavision first two episodes of season 1 (spoilers), sand dunes you can surf on in colorado, and the earth MIGHT have once had TWO MOONS????  Timecodes below. 3:00 - Two Rolls Jeffrey talks about the Dunes of Colorado 7:55 - Mrs. K brings up a "science" based theory that the earth once had two moons, and does it so quiet you can hardly hear it - I rebut that all science is not fact 9:30 - We discuss "thinking man's sci fi" vs "action mans sci fi" - Why does George Cloony keep doing those? 12:00 Science is testing of theories and based on current knowledge, not ALL knowledge 18:45 - Wandavision sn 1 episodes 1 and 2 discussion (spoilers) 25:10 - Grogu love - we should get a Grogu series! 27:30 - Next time - POLITICS :)
January 26, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 9 Who ARE You ?!?
Mister E's BROTHER, Keith Edie, stops by for a chat!  Have you every struggled with the question - "WHAT DO YOU DO?"  Mister E and his brother Keith Edie struggle with the concept of what makes a person, how to identify yourself, and look deep within to find out "WHO WE ARE" and WHAT DO WE DO???????
January 15, 2021
Sn 1 Ep 8 Hiking with Mrs. K part 1
Mister E with Mrs. K talk a little mando, and a lot about hiking.  SPOILERS for season 2 up to Episode 7 for THE MANDALORIAN.  This is the First episode of a series on hiking tips, tricks, and funny stories.  Also featuring special guest - TWO ROLLS JEFFREY!!! Timecodes - at about... 1:45 We are talking Mandalorian Spoilers 6:30 Two rolls Jeffrey stops by, and we start talking HIKING Hope you enjoy the episode! Please give us a like and or a review - it helps my self esteem :)
December 22, 2020
Sn 1 Episode 7 - Mandalorian Chapter 12 The Seige - Reaction Video
Spoilers for Sn 2 Ep 4 - Mister E and Mrs. K sit down and watch an ep together!  Hear all the fun squeals of joy as our favorite Djin Djarin and young green jedi attack an Empire vocanic based military installation!  Fun for all!  
December 15, 2020
Sn 1 Ep 6 The Darkest Timeline
Mister E sits down with Mrs. K and special Guest McClelland to talk Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 (SPOILERS),  and who would YOU be in your default infinite timeline???
November 08, 2020
Sn 1 Ep 5 THE MANDALORIAN Season 1 Recap
Mrs. K and Mister E break down all their favorite things from Season 1 of Mandalorian before the Premiere of SEASON 2!  Clone Wars Connections, Baby Yoda magnetism, and the logistics of fighting with a baby are discussed! What was YOUR favorite part of season 1?
November 01, 2020
S1 E4 Teachine in Quarantine
Mister E talks with Mrs. K about the struggles of learning over a video screen - anyone else struggling with this??? Also talk about new Mandalorian season coming up, and what is a BUFF?!
October 24, 2020
Season 1 Episode 3 - Reading Pete the cat I love my White Shoes!
Mrs. K and Mr. E barely keep it together reading a great book by James Dean and Eric Litwin - Pete the cat i love my white shoes!
October 17, 2020
Who is Mr. E?
Everyone has their own unique story. I want to hear about yours, and so i guess i better start that by telling MY story.
November 09, 2019
Intro To Weird
Just getting warmed up - trying this bad boy out - who i am and what the hell im doing
August 14, 2019