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Mistral Spirit Snapshot

Mistral Spirit Snapshot

By Ioana Pitu

A podcast series brought to you by Ioana from Mistral Spirit with the goal of sharing a wide range of ideas: from thought-provoking essays and creative inspiration to organization tips and learning strategies.
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a journal entry about journal entries, and how i take notes to have better conversations || S1 E7
a journal entry about journal entries, and how i take notes to have better conversations || S1 E7
The focus of this episode is on 4 tips to improve your relationships, conversations and meetings using your bullet journal, but I also steered into some personal growth territory! It's really just a long heart-to-heart chat and journal entry mixed into one (which you can now listen to as a podcast!). I chat about something I've been thinking about lately regarding different types of growth we go through, my very inward-focused, psychology growth phase three years ago, and why I'm grateful to have blogs and journals to look back on. Speaking of which, I really should start journaling again... I chat about how you can start your own podcast, and why everyone should write a blog. And I chat about stressful jobs, resilience, some video interviews I've been watching lately and learning a lot from, and the board game Catan. Enjoy! ••••• TIMESTAMPS •••• 00:00 mistral spirit snapshot is now a podcast! 2:21 on different types of growth and journaling 4:35 4 note-taking tips to improve your relationships & conversations 11:39  what I've been doing 12:49 on looking through old blogs & journal entries 15:14 what I've learned & resilience under stress 18:17 what I wonder 18:28 what I'm currently loving
October 30, 2020