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DJ's Dungeon Podcast

DJ's Dungeon Podcast

By Mistress DJ
A glance into the world of a Pro-Dominatrix and my love of the BDSM community. I currently am on Niteflirt and other clip sites.
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Summertime Madness

DJ's Dungeon Podcast

Fall has fell!
In this episode you'll find three different audios, the first is about Suka (bitch in Russian) and her attending finishing school -- this sissy goes through a lot to be pleasing to Natasha (played by me in a Russian accent) Then, you'll find out if you're the cookie or the crumb...there are many twists and turns along the way.  Finally, the sorority and I use and abuse the new pet (you)...will you be able to hang? You can find audios like this and more at: My Goody Store on Niteflirt or on I Want Clips and I'm on  Clips 4 Sale You can also find me on my website:  and my blog
September 24, 2022
Summertime Madness
Three shorter mp3's - one with degradation, one as a Russian Mistress who is feminizing her sissymaid and a stocking tease for those with stocking/hosiery fetish.
August 08, 2022
Super Bowl / Valentines Celebration?
Three very different, fairly unusual roleplays/mp3's. Not my normal repetoire. Sit back and enjoy and if you like what you hear or want a custom of your own find me on Niteflirt or Iwantclips. Buckle up, this one's a little different. Swats, Mistress DJ
February 14, 2022
ahhhh, the curated archives of Moi
So as you may know, or maybe not, I Want Clips, another site that I haunt, went through a curation and archival. Hey DJ, what does that mean? Well, basically that there's some clips that you can't get there (for now at least) if you want copies of these you can find them on Niteflirt. However since these two were interesting and different moods--I thought I'd share, so enjoy!
October 13, 2021
Mistress DJ with Masturbation Month Madness
These are three varied mp3s that I have made recently; all showing some of my variation in my content. The first are mantras designed by me, Mistress DJ, to get you to not snack, but instead to focus on me, the second is what happens when you ogle a co-workers feet and the third is my Russian accent playing a Russian Dominatrix. you can find Mistress DJ on Niteflirt   or on
May 20, 2021
Some random fun with Mistress DJ, these are some recordings I had a great time making. Enjoy. These are the places that you can find my recordings. On niteflirt look for goodies... On my website there are other ways to reach me.
April 13, 2021
Happy Halloween - a Spoopy Spectacular!
Hello ghouls, goblins and things that hump their hand in the night! I'm your host...Mistress DJ...welcome to my....dungeon... Let's share some frightful fun together, shall we??
October 05, 2020
ASMR and some loopy / gooning examples
for those curious as to what I offer, here is an ASMR Joi segment with a countdown and a loopy gooning daydream of pussy clip. I do a variety of fetishes/kinks and love making customs.
July 12, 2020
Mistress DJ's Weekly Podcast
A sampling of what I do. Like what you hear? or
May 05, 2020
The Sissy Spectacular
Here is a sampling of some of the Feminization/Sissy tales I enjoy recording. You can find them for sale at or Sit back and enjoy a day with your Mistress. (buy more feminization goodies!) and, you can call me here: to discuss it further
April 19, 2020
It's raining on Mistress DJ
Rain makes Mistress DJ sleepy and cranky. Born in the summer, she likes bright sunny days. But, the rain does bring out the Dark side of her. Enjoy this "Walk in the rain mp3" and an original Domme Poem by yours truly!
December 04, 2019
Introduction to Mistress DJ
I'm an experienced Pro-Domme of 20+ years. I now have translated this to online. I've been on phone exclusively at Niteflirt ( for 13 years and on other clips sites for a year or so. If you have a particular fetish you can either call me and talk about it, or I can create a custom mp3 for you.
October 22, 2019