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Mix Minus - A Gay / LGBTQ Experience

Mix Minus - A Gay / LGBTQ Experience

By Adam Burns & Daniel Brewer
What do you get when two gay friends who love audio, love tech, love talk radio, and love podcasting get together to live stream once a week. You get a podcast with witty banter, quizzes, tech talk, pop culture, and more. Add an LGBT spin and you get Mix Minus Podcast.
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068 - Oh My God! I'm Hearing the Old Person One!
Adam struggles with many things, not the least of which is the perception that he might be getting older. Although it has not been suggested to him on the show that he paints a detailed portrait of himself and hides it in the attic, I would not be surprised if the thought has not crossed his mind. Perhaps this has been covered on one of his many other podcasts? Email: Voice: OR 707-61-DEATH
January 25, 2022
067 - I Don't Know Broadway Actor Names
Adam reveals that he hates musical theater and vows to never return to New York City, in fact he hints strongly that he has come up with an evil spit-valve company plan to remove New York from the continent making it impossible for anyone to get there without traveling over water which we all know is corrosive and deadly. Email: Voice: OR 707-61-DEATH
January 19, 2022
066 - Look at That! Another Premonition!
Daniel had COVID and it was awful so you should forgive him for the random cough or less than 100% energy level in this episode. Adam doesn't have the same excuse, so feel free to judge him in any way that you choose. Email: Voice: OR 707-61-DEATH
January 12, 2022
065 - They Will Make a Courtesy Reservation
I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Things got a bit lax in the Mix Minus editing bay over the weekend and it took until Monday evening to get the show posted. This happened because we forgot to sterilize the studio after Adam was sick for a week.  Email: Voice: OR 707-61-DEATH
December 27, 2021
064 - I am Admittedly Very Ignorant About This
Welcome back crime-fighters! It is yet another episode of The Mix where Adam and Daniel talk about things that don't matter. This episode is unique in that I believe it is the first time in over a year that the show (as published) is less than 65 minutes. There was a big technical snafu during the live recording that shall ever remain a secret to only those lucky few people in the chat room to know. I mean, you might be able to bribe one of them into telling you or you can just listen to Adam's daily show "The Geeky Gay" because he blabs about everything on that show. Email: Voice: OR 707-61-DEATH
December 21, 2021
063 - You Always Have to Wait, No Matter What.
Guess who is back from their break? I'm going to guess that you said Adam and Daniel because quite frankly any other answer to that question posed in the episode notes would be silly. So, congratulations you are correct! Adam and Daniel are back and ready to go, except that Adam couldn't be bothered to record from his studio and instead fled to another state to hole up in a seedy motel to do his recording. Thankfully, he was not shot and the internet connection held for the duration of the recording.  Email: Voice: OR 707-61-DEATH
December 13, 2021
062 - This Isn't Not New
This show was recorded in early November before Adam went on vacation to New York and Daniel headed to Arkansas.  Email: Voice: 707-61-DEATH
December 04, 2021
061 - Three's Company (ft. Auntie Scott)
This is a little show that was originally recorded for our behind-the-scenes club "Level 13". Once we realized we were going to be away from podcasting for almost a month, we bumped it up to the main feed so that you could enjoy it.  Email: Voice: (707) 61 DEATH
November 30, 2021
060 - They Are Somewhat Vetted
November is hitting us hard, we are going to be on a two-week schedule for the remainder of the month and even then it will be several pre-recorded shows. Ironically, this has very little to do with Thanksgiving and much more to do with the weather being really nice and trips being taken. I guess I am supposed to tell you what is in the show that you just downloaded, but who remembers what we said when we said it - just listen to it already and stop worrying about it. Email: Voice:
November 09, 2021
059 - How Drunk Do You Have To Be?
Adam and Daniel are back after another week-off and just to give you a heads up on the situation, they will probably be on a every-other-week schedule as we head into the Holiday season. I would say Christmas season but I believe we are currently engaged in a war on saying the word Christmas so I don't want to mess that up.  Email: Voice:
October 25, 2021
058 - Professional Spoonist
In this episode we go a bit long because we were out last week.  We talk about our online ordering habits and Adam's excessive amount of peroxide.  We also talk about gummies, walking bingo and Weight Watchers.  Daniel fills us in on his latest Disney adventures, and of course we have the standard contact, news, and weekly update segments as well. We will be off this coming week, so we will see you back on 10/22. Email: Voice:
October 12, 2021
057 - Have You Heard of the 3/3/3 Rule?
This week's episode is late because it sat in the editing queue for a while before I realized that it had not been posted. This episode will have to last you for two weeks since there will not be one next week - so perhaps I was doing you a favor by delaying the posting of it? If I had posted it "on time" on Monday you would be much further away from the next new show than you are today. That is how time works. You're welcome! Email: Voice:
September 29, 2021
056 - I Don't Know What I Think
Adam and Daniel are back for another week of fun and hilarity. Oh shit, my autocorrect just corrected my spelling of "hilarity"; wait a second I was trying to spell it wrong again in the quotes but it corrected me again. I guess I will have to just explain that I thought hilarity was spelled with two l's - of course now that I have typed that it occurs to me that the lower case l looks a lot like a capital I and I certainly don't want you to think that I thought hilarity had two I's in it - well I mean there are two I's in it but not together and the l's that I thought were in it were definitely neighbors.   Email: Voice:
September 19, 2021
055 - Daniel, You Are Second Best
Adam and Daniel are back again with the white Vans! And much like the relevance of the opening sentence of this description, the things they talk about are behind the times. Something about a house-warming party and snacks? Did they talk about snacks or I am just hungry while I am writing this? A snack does sound delicious.  Email: Voice:
September 14, 2021
054 - Here Little Boy, I'll Give You A Quarter
Adam and Daniel talk about their weeks. Adam was reacquainted with an ill-gotten treasure from his past that he must decide how to handle in the present day. Daniel dropped his phone while wandering through the grape fields and had to get a replacement. The news game was played, and despite Daniel briefly turning into a robot he still showed more humanity than Adam when it comes to old ladies in grocery stores. Email: Voice:
September 06, 2021
053 - Three Olives on a Six Inch
Adam has a new booze machine and he mixes two or five cocktails for the show. Daniel mainly complains about things that Adam said on another podcast. Voicemails are played, news quizzes are administered, and apparently, Bob is now your uncle? Email: Voice:
August 31, 2021
052 - Listening to Lindsey Sterling Strangle a Cat
Adam and Daniel are back after a two-week break and they are tanned and ready to rumble! Adam had a birthday and bought himself some presents, Daniel went camping and discovered Camp Mars near Venus. Voicemails were played, news games were won and Bob's your uncle.  Email: Voice:
August 23, 2021
051 - It Looked Like Most of the Coral Was Dead
Adam and Daniel sneak in a post-Pride48 show before taking off a couple of weeks. Daniel believes that Adam owes Simone Biles an apology - Adam believes that Daniel is wrong. Other things happened, and a voicemail was played.  Email: Voice:
August 03, 2021
050 - Pride48 Live-Streaming Weekend Show
Adam and Daniel participated in the 12th annual Pride48 live streaming weekend. Check out the entire weekend's worth of shows on the Pride48 YouTube channel: July 2021 Live Streaming Event - YouTube Email: Voice:
July 28, 2021
049 - I Really Do Struggle Saying No
Adam and Daniel talk about the upcoming Live-Streaming weekend event on They also briefly talk about Adam's trip, Daniel's camper, and drastically different views of their parents. Voicemails are played, news games are played, and National corn fritter day is celebrated. Email: Voice:
July 19, 2021
048 - You Shouldn't Be Scared Of Drinking Rainwater
Adam and Daniel record a non-streamed episode catching you up on their busy lives before the upcoming Pride48 live streaming weekend. Email: Voice:
July 12, 2021
047 - Just Go Find A Mall
Adam and Daniel talk more about Daniel's RV and camping, Adam's lack of Covid antibodies, and where to eat at Epcot.  Email: Voice:
June 27, 2021
046 - Oh My God! I Would Love to Have You
Adam and Daniel talk about RVs, Whataburger, Auto-tuning and more! They also reveal the winners of the Satyr69 raffle.  Email: Voice:
June 21, 2021
045 - Seriously, It Drives Itself!
Adam and Daniel talk about Daniel's new truck! There were other things that were talked about but honestly, the most important thing to take away from this episode is that it is an awesome truck and it needs a name.  Contact: Voice:
June 14, 2021
044 - I'm Going To Continue Having Them
This week Adam and Daniel talk about their feud with "She's Not Doing So Well", Dental Drama, Purchasing a camper, and other things.  Email: Voice:
June 06, 2021
043 - This Feud is Going Very Well
Adam and Daniel talk about Adam's recent road-trip, Daniel's recent camping trip, and check in on the feud that is happening with "She's Not Doing So Well". Of course the News Game is played, as well as voicemail and emails. Email: Voice:
May 30, 2021
042 - Clippity Clop
This week Adam and Daniel are on vacation. Not to worry, we have some great clips from previous pre/post shows ready to go.  Email: Voice:
May 22, 2021
041 - A Lighthearted Podcast
Adam and Daniel talk about a range of strange topics.  Email: Voice:
May 17, 2021
040 - All About Scott
Adam and Daniel cede partial control of the show to Auntie Scott for his birthday. It is a trainwreck. Email: Voice:
May 08, 2021
039 - We Should Map His User Journey
Adam and Daniel talk about the upcoming Pride48 Live Streaming weekend, the recent Apple event, cleaning ladies, and something or other about Tom Lycas. Voicemails and news games are played.  Email: Voice:
April 25, 2021
038 - Banned from the Apple Store
Adam and Daniel talk about the new Discord controversy, Daniel's trip to Disney, Adam's very long short story, and more! Email: Voice:
April 18, 2021
037 - They Are Trying To Hide It With The Makeup
Adam and Daniel talk about getting a second Covid shot, a dicey post from a listener, Iain Armitage's growth spurt and more! Email: Voice:
April 10, 2021
036 - Just Get One Of Those Dongles
Adam and Daniel talk about Adam's new Tablo DVR, and how they will take trips once they are fully vaccinated.  Email: Voice:
April 06, 2021
035 - Happy Birthday Daniel!
Adam and Daniel talk about some things, but who can remember what it was after listening to 19 amazing phone calls from you guys! Email: Voice:
March 28, 2021
034 - Maybe Its Dead or Outdated
Adam is playing with his new toy while Daniel ponders how long adaptive cruise control has existed. Other things were said but I can't remember what they were. You will just have to listen to find out.  Email: Voice:
March 21, 2021
033 - Defending Your Life Was an Excellent Movie
Adam is back from his vacation and we get to hear all about it. Daniel thinks that Prince Harry is a bad husband. The Strawberry Festival didn't handle Covid preparations very well (at least not compared to Disney), and Adam has a new tech-toy to play with.  Email: Voice:
March 14, 2021
032 - I Can Only Eat for Two Hours
This week, Daniel is joined by two internet celebrities; John Ong ( and Archer ( to fill in for the vacationing Adam. They talk about Rodecaster Pros, Apple gadgets, IF and Keto diets, as well as listen to voicemails and play the news game. Email: Voicemail:
March 08, 2021
031 - A Tanzanite Credit Card
Adam and Daniel talk about bonus structures, evaluations, credit card points, and more. They also play the News Game and voicemail. Email: Voicemail:
March 01, 2021
030 - Dwell is a Very Popular Word in the Bible
Adam and Daniel talk about Adam needing to hire an assistant, the Cadbury egg commercial, new smartphones, and  Walmart increasing their minimum wage. Voicemails are played and the News Game is played. Email: Voicemail:
February 21, 2021
029 - The Sub of Podcasting
Joe Betance of Afterthought media joins Adam tonight.  Joe and Adam talk about RuPaul's Drag Race, Politics, making gay friends, and more. Email: Voicemail:
February 14, 2021
028 - Maybe Its Not a Thing
Adam and Daniel talk about an Anniversary, WandaVision, Star Trek: Discovery, and whether or not the "Tweet of the Week" is a thing or not.  Email: Voicemail:
February 07, 2021
027 - We're Cookin' With Gas Here
Adam and Daniel talk about the inauguration, QAnon, Adam's new home gym, Adam's stubborn dog, and Daniel's new Rocketbook.  Email: Voicemail:
January 24, 2021
026 - The Birth of Auntie Scott
Adam and Daniel talk about Disneyland Annual Passes, Bumpers, Standing Desks, and muting Daniel's brother. Email:  Voice:
January 17, 2021
025 - That Was Always My Ritual
Adam and Daniel talk a little bit about the craziness of the week, installing permanent Christmas lights, Buying silly tools, Checking in on the elderly, and the proper way to remove the pee smell from a shower.  Email: Voicemail:
January 09, 2021
024 - A Particular Node
Adam and Daniel talk about Christmas and New Year, Gay Jake from State Farm, Scientology, and who told the New York Times they could take two weeks off with the news quiz? Email: Voicemail:
January 02, 2021
023 - Holly Jolly Up in Here
It is our very first Christmas show - which has nothing to do with Christmas. We throw together 4 clips from previous Pre & Post shows for this Christmas special. Email: Voicemail:
December 28, 2020
022 - They Call It Mount EPCOT
On the last show for the year, Adam and Daniel talk about Christmas at Disney, the cold-case file of Missy Witt, and troubles with Adam's smarthome set-up. Email: Voicemail:
December 19, 2020
021 - I Make Such A Big Production
Adam and Daniel talk about dirty keto, network attached storage, and a magical pill that will reverse your eyesight problems.  Email: Voicemail:
December 13, 2020
020 - There's a Lot of Flavor in the Bone
Adam and Daniel are back after a week off and have completely forgotten how to talk. They talk about Adam's Thanksgiving meal and how the new World of Warcraft expansion is designed for old people who like to power walk.  EMail: Voicemail:
December 05, 2020
019 - Run, Don't Walk To The Strawberry Cobbler Stand
Fast food drive-throughs, tacos for life, and clipboards are but a few of the things discussed on this episode. There is a switcheroo on the News Game which turns it into a music game for the week.  EMail: Voicemail:
November 21, 2020
018 - A Very Republican Sounding Name
Adam and Daniel talk about Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and how much Adam hates his new work-out routine. After a voicemail, they play the "News Game" and wrap the show up by talking about Glenn Beck.  EMail: Voicemail:
November 15, 2020
017 - Stall Adam, Stall
Coming off of listening to President-Elect Joseph Robinette Biden speaking, this show was recorded before the election of the president was officially called. That doesn't stop Adam and Daniel from speculating wildly that Biden would indeed win - something that actually came to pass during the editing process. They also play the "News Game" and talk about camping at gay campgrounds.  EMail: Voicemail:
November 07, 2020
016 - What Are My Choices?
Adam and Daniel talk about the pitfalls of co-hosts on podcasts, million-dollar product ideas featuring the Grindr sound, "Nessa & Adam Day" on Facebook, and "The Trial of the Chicago 7". They play some voicemails and try their darndest to not use the word "Like" while speaking.  EMail: Voicemail:
October 31, 2020
015 - They Don't Last Any Longer Than The Cheap Ones
Adam and Daniel talk about their voting experiences and how Daniel was completely right about Quibi failing HARD. Voicemails are played and emails are responded to. Daniel wonders about things that Adam could easily search for on the internet and then goes on to score a perfect score in the News Quiz.  EMail: Voicemail:
October 24, 2020
014 - She's Handmaid's Tale
Adam and Daniel talk about lots of different TV shows that they are watching or contemplating watching. They address a scathing email from a listener and play the news game. EMail: Voicemail:
October 17, 2020
013 - Evangelize Your Product
Today Adam and Daniel talk about Adam's coming out story and how he will go on to produce the most popular podcast on the company intraweb. They wonder out loud just what is television and does it matter if you were the first? There is some more conversation about Vitamix and they play the news quiz. EMail: Voicemail:
October 10, 2020
012 - Priming the Schema
Today Adam and Daniel talk about hiring someone on fiverr to write and opening script for the show, and they briefly contemplate hiring Coco Peru to do it for them. Adam invests more money into his Surface Pro Duo and Daniel wonders how friction can heat up soup.  EMail: Voicemail:  
October 04, 2020
011 - I Don't Say Water Burger
It is our first Friday night show on Pride48 and we attempt to adjust to the energy-level of a weeknight. We talk about Adam's week and how Daniel's contest idea is falling flat.  Email: Voice:
September 26, 2020
010 - Totally Not a Clip Show
We have the week off due to a Pride48 event that is happening, but we still have some material that is new to most of you - so we are putting it out.  Email: Voicemail:
September 20, 2020
009 - A Bougie Way To Say Bacon
On this episode, we are joined by the boys of "She's Not Doing So Well" who put up with our shenanigans long enough to answer a few questions about their podcast. Adam talks about quitting Words with Friends, while Daniel thinks about starting a QAnon podcast on the side.  EMail: Voice:
September 13, 2020
008: A Catfish Could Suck My Toe
Adam ponders about his Hot Tub dilemma while Daniel gushes over his new piece of technology. Please visit immediately if not sooner if you are not registered to vote yet.  Email: Voice:
September 06, 2020
007: I Even Reached out to Archerr!
OH Kids! Do we have a doozy of a MacGuffin filled hootenanny for you today! (BTW, did you know that both the word "MacGuffin" and "hootenanny" are in the dictionary on my computer and I was spell-corrected on both?). We talk about new toys, white privilege, and our search for better podcasts. Email: Voice:
August 30, 2020
006: Experts at Baiting
Today we cover how watching too much TV can KILL YOU. A documentary about vaping says that it can KILL YOU. Adam talks about glide and the difficult pool decisions that he will have to make. Daniel wonders just how far Julie Chen will push the ending to Big Brother. If you want to be entered into the contest to win something that Adam cooked, make sure to comment on our YouTube video or send us an email saying that you want to enter. Email: YouTube:
August 23, 2020
LD-002: Star Trek Lower Decks Recap Episode Two
Adam and Daniel talk about the new series Star Trek: Lower Decks and give their impressions about the second episode "Envoy". Watch the YouTube version of this podcast here: Email:
August 19, 2020
005: A Scone is not a Biscuit!
This week we are joined by Scottye Moore as he attempts to break the world record for being on the most episodes of podcasts in a single year. In theory, this show marks his 198th appearance this year. Of course, there is the usual shit & shenanigans that you have come to expect. Email:
August 16, 2020
LD-001: Star Trek Lower Decks Recap Episode One
Adam and Daniel talk about the new series Star Trek: Lower Decks and give their impressions about the premiere episode. Watch the YouTube version of this podcast here: Email:
August 12, 2020
004: What Do You Think It Is?
Welcome back, dear listeners. Today we cover Adam setting up his new camera equipment in the studio, and how we feel about teachers being asked to go back to work in the midst of Covid-19. We also need to find out if Adam is in fact a good cook, or if his boyfriend is just being really nice about eating his food.  If you want to be entered into the contest to win something that Adam cooked, make sure to send us a voicemail either via our website or by emailing us a recording. The deadline to enter is 10 pm ET August 15th.  Email: 
August 09, 2020
003: Fireworks on the Weekend
It is another episode of fun for your earholes. In this episode we talk about being a Product Owner, and words that rhyme with Chism.  EMail us:
August 03, 2020
002: Nessa's 12 Incher
This show was recorded immediately following the Pride48 cocktail hour on July 25th. We talked about: home automation, a trip to Disney World, Sex dolls, and recovering audacity files. Send us an email:
July 26, 2020
001: I Second Lamont
In our inaugural episode we talked about Going to Disney, Drugs for elderly podcasters, Jeffery Eppstein, and Home automation software. Of course, we still had our news quiz and contact segments.  Join us every Saturday night at 10pm ET on to catch the live show recording. Contact us:
July 19, 2020
Mix Minus Episode 0: Workshopping a New Podcast
Call this episode zero of our new podcast.  This isn't an actual episode, but a working session that we did live with our chatroom over at  We made some decisions about our new show.  This episode will give you a bit of an idea of what it will be.
July 13, 2020