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Mixing with Mani

Mixing with Mani

By Mixing with Mani
Welcome to my mixer! A black girl’s perspective on Bravo, pop culture, TV and more Bravo. I’m mixing up my opinions with something new every week so pour something and mix with me. Always shady never hate-y.
IG: @mixingwithmani
(For fun bravo news, memes, and fun things)
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So Trash It's Fun w/ Ryan Bailey from So Bad It’s Good
This week, Mani is talking all the wonderful things we shake our heads at about Bravo. She breaks down the Real Housewives of New York reunion part 3 and talks her future #RHONY predictions and the traditional cycle on that show that is hopefully (?) getting refreshed. She's then joined by So Bad it's Good with Ryan Bailey's host Ryan (@sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey) to discuss the insane hot topics that went down in a week of fast Bravo news. They also break down an epic episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac where the #RHOP ladies are holding down the fort for the last remaining franchise to air right now and they. are. delivering! All that and so much more! To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani Facebook: If you’d like to support Mani: PayPal: Cashapp:$mixingwithmani Venmo: Or, If you like her, just write her some nice words on Apple Podcasts for free! Thx pumpkin!
September 27, 2020
We Love Them Because They're Terrible w/ Hollywood Lian from Everyone is Terrible
This week, Mani is loud and proud and talking all the mess. She is joined by HollywoodLian (@hollywoodlian) from the Everyone is Terrible Podcast to discuss all the terrible things going on in Hot Topics of the Bravosphere and recap some terrible and not so terrible Real Housewives Episodes. Part 2 of the #RHOBH Reunion we don't quite remember but we have opinions on it even though nothing happened. We talked the things happening post this crazy season, the hidden footage of #RHONY we are finally seeing on their reunion (could this be the true origin of the Dorinda vs Tinsley war?), and of course POTOMAC! What made us so happy to watch #RHOP start to finish and how we are already at the epic fight? Breaking down all that and more! To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani Facebook: If you’d like to support Mani: PayPal: Cashapp:$mixingwithmani Venmo: Or, If you like her, just write her some nice words on Apple Podcasts for free! Thx pumpkin!
September 16, 2020
Back from Break to Break it Down w/ The Bravo Breakdown’s Sasha Morfaw
This episode is thick and juicy because Mani is BACK FROM BREAK! And breaking it all the way down from Hot Topics to #RHONY to #RHOP. she’s refreshed and renewed and had all the things to say about the finale of the Real Housewives of New York and how Real Housewives of Potomac has been quite the perfect combo of what makes a great housewives season. Then she is joined by her friend and breakdown expert Sasha Morfaw (@thebravobreakdown) for part 1 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and how the #RHOBH ladies disappointed in some ways and delivered in others. All that and so much more! To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani to join the Mixologists’ Mixer Facebook group Facebook: If you’d like to support Mani: PayPal: Cashapp:$mixingwithmani Venmo: Or, If you like her, just write her some nice words on Apple Podcasts for free! Thx pumpkin!
September 8, 2020
Buca di Baby Shower and Potomac Prenuptials w/ Theo & Janae from Planet Millennial Marriage
This week Mani is taking on Bravo hot topics, the latest episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, and the lemon room Dorit is so excited about on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then, Mani is joined by Theo and Janae Barbour, the hosts of Planet Millennial Marriage Podcast (@planetmillennialmarriage) to dissect new marriages, old marriages, questionable marriages on Potomac (55:45). It’s their first time watching HOUSEWIVES and Mani throws them into the deep end of #RHOP season 3 episode 13 (Mime Your Own Business) to get their take on Candiace loading marriage with Chris after hurtful text messages, Ashley’s plea for a baby with Michael through song, and why Chris and Monique are aspirational. She also asks them some #RHOBH based hypotheticals about Denise and Aaron and so much more! To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani Facebook: If you’d like to support Mani: PayPal: Cashapp:$mixingwithmani Venmo: Or, If you like her, just write her some nice words on Apple Podcasts for free! Thx pumpkin!
August 25, 2020
But What Actually Happened? W/ Raven from @MainlyBravo and Bitch is Better Podcast
This week, RAVEN IS BACK! Mani and Raven haven’t recorded since the beginning of the quarantine and they had much to catch up on! From Black Excellence, to hot topics, to their revised podcasts in the wake of “listening and learning,” the two mention it all and then dive deep into the woes of housewives. They break down #RHOP, try to figure out what went on on #RHOBH, and jet to New York to giggle with #RHONY. So much other fun talk and exciting announcements to get into too! To follow Raven: @mainlybravo (IG & Twitter) and @BitchIsBetterPodcast (IG) To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani Facebook: — — If you’d like to support Mani: PayPal: Cashapp:$mixingwithmani Venmo: Or, If you like her, just write her some nice words on Apple Podcasts for free! Thx pumpkin!
August 19, 2020
Blackouts, Brandi, and Booty Botox w/ @OhNoBravo #RHONY// #RHOBH// #RHOP
This week Mani is back with a thicc episode to catch up on all things #RHONY. The dynamics of the women, the redundancy of the arguments, and the weird effect it has on sobriety? Then she is joined by her friend from The hilarious and brilliant IG page: @OhNoBravo. The two break down the plunge into the drama on episode 2 of Real Housewives of Potomac, the storylines and production of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and whose side we are on! One of us is even a Candiace apologist! One of us is stuck in a turning lane afraid to pick a side on BH and both of us think Rinna needs to be addressed. To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani Facebook: If you’d like to support Mani: PayPal: Cashapp:$mixingwithmani Venmo: Or, If you like her, just write her some nice words on Apple Podcasts for free! Thx pumpkin!
August 12, 2020
It’s a Cute House! #RHOBH// #RHOP premiere//#ShahsofSunset reunion w/Stephanie Mocha Minutes pod
This week Mani dives in to the housewives! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are traveling to Rome and there is where you will find Mani’s grievances and praises for this first part of the cast trip, the ladies fashion choices, who is the biggest hater and what’s really to be thought of with the Denise and Brandi affair saga brought up at that wretched dinner. Then, you can feel the excitement as Mani gets to talk about the premiere episode of Real Housewives of Potomac (FINALLY!). She gives a breakdown of home values, individual storylines, ratings, and things that are already making this season feel like a cold glass of water on the hottest day. Lastly, she is joined by Stephanie from the Mocha Minutes podcast (@mochaminutes) to recap part 1 and part 2 of the insane Shahs of Sunset Reunion! To follow Mani on Instagram and Twitter: @mixingwithmani and search Mixing with Mani on Facebook to join the Mixologists’ Mixer FB group! If you’d like to help support Mani: PayPal- Venmo- Cashapp-$mixingwithmani
August 5, 2020
Reinstall Reality into our TV with Sasha from The Bravo Breakdown // #RHONY // #RHOBH
This week Mani is getting heated in the kitchen and Ramona’s living room (that no one really goes to). She is joined by the lovely and talented Sasha from hit IGTV show The Bravo Breakdown (@thebravobreakdown) and the two dive deep into the woes of RHONY, the retraction of reality from reality tv in the future, sex lies and text messages, and quitting shows you don’t control. All the things that got you going when watching RHOBH and RHONY and so much more, they cover it all! To follow Mani on IG & Twitter: @mixingwithmani and join Mani’s Mixologists’ Mixer Facebook group:
July 30, 2020
Dragged through the Faces of Housewives w/ Stephen @FacesByBravo // HOT TOPICS// RHOBH // RHONY
This week Mani is joined by Stephen from the popular Instagram page Faces By Bravo (@facesbybravo). The two break down hot topics, personal connections to shows and Bravo gossip, and of course, Housewives! He has a connection to this week’s episode of RHOBH that’ll make you soften towards any bleh feeling you have towards this season... hopefully. There’s a lot of secret sharing and tv show swapping and so much more! To follow Mani on Twitter and Instagram: @mixingwithmani. Song of the week: Drag Queens by Hazel Aka Monique Samuels (@mrsmoniquesamuels) Black excellence this week: Frères Branchiaux Candle Company
July 21, 2020
One Judgey Mixer w/ Courtney Frain from Two Judgey Girls
This week Mani is BACK in the mixer, pumpkin! It’s a thicc episode filled with content you crave from tv right now. She’s diving into some much needed black excellence and then is joined by Courtney (from LA) from popular podcast and Instagram page Two Judgey Girls (@twojudgeygirls). Together the ladies talk hot topics of all kinds: Bravo, Will and Jada, and pay tribute to Naya Rivera and more. They get into the filming strategies for your favorite housewives franchises then break down all the goods (and bads) of the comeback episodes of RHONY and RHOBH. For more memes, fun things, and Mani follow on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani
July 14, 2020
So Good it’s Good Mixer w/ Ryan Bailey on #VanderpumpRules // #RHONY //#RHOBH
This week, Mani mixes with Ryan Bailey from the hit podcast, So Bad it’s Good with Ryan Bailey. The two go down a few rabbit holes of general discussions of what it means to put on quarantine pounds, try to live normally during a global pandemic, and how being a Taurus is a blessing and a curse. Then, of course, they get right into the mess of Vanderpump Rules from the perspective of someone who has done great VPR adjacent interviews. Then they talk RHONY, his affinity for Leah McSweeney, and the terror of the Singer Stingers. Ending with RHOBH, what works and what doesn’t, and what we look forward to on Bravo and how we rebuild it all to be fun again. That and obviously so much more. To connect with Ryan Bailey on IG: @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey on Twitter: @ryanbailey25 and to mix with Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani
June 28, 2020
Fires (or fired?) Everywhere w/ Kara Berry from Everyone’s Business but Mine
Bravo is still on hiatus but somehow Mani and guest Kara Berry (@everyonesbusinessbutmine) are able to talk way too much. They break down the current Bravo hot topics, give hot takes, and, of course, their perspective on everything going on including answering the question: where does Bravo go from here. To follow Kara on Instagram— @everyonesbusinessbutmine on Twitter— @EBBMpodcast and to follow Mani on Twitter and Instagram— @mixingwithmani
June 21, 2020
Is Bravo a PR Dream or Nightmare? W/ publicist Donovan Mack
This week, Mani is joined by good friend and PR king Donovan Mack (@iamthedonmack). He is well versed in the areas of crisis management, public relations, and recovering what’s recoverable. Together, they work through Bravo’s stances and initiatives, Bravolebs apologies and statements, and past Bravo controversies. He gives insight on how he would’ve done things, what went right or wrong, and what to look for with our faves during a time of skepticism that they’re all being genuine. His professional advice for Andy, Bravo, and who he would fire as clients are all juicy and you don’t want to miss it. To follow his PR Co— IG: @mackandcreative his podcast—IG: @strategiesfortheculture and himself—IG: @iamthedonmack. You can follow Mani on Twitter and Instagram: @mixingwithmani
June 13, 2020
What it means to Mix with Mani
This week, Mani has a message. It needs to be said and needs to be addressed. There is discussion of bravo and housewives breakdowns simply because it was the only joy brought this week. But it is important and if Mixing with Mani is your podcast of choice, this message is for you and you should know how we are proceeding from now on. All my love - Mani
May 30, 2020
This is Bravo, B*tch! W/@HollywoodLian // #RHONY // #RHOBH // #RHOA
This week, Mani is sassy and it’s no one’s fault but Quarantine’s... and the various bravolebs that make her eyes roll every day. Luckily she is joined by a true Housewives connoisseur, expert, and fellow podcaster Hollywood Lian (@hollywoodlian) from the It’s Bravo, Betch! Podcast. Together they work through this week’s housewives starting with memory lane and wild events on Real Housewives of New York, dinner party attacks gone wrong on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and successful virtual rezoomions on Real Housewives of Atlanta. That plus Mani’s rundown of what’s going on in the Bravosphere and you’ll get why the sass is thicker than the episode! To follow Lian: @hollywoodlian @itsbravobetchpodcast (IG & Twitter) to follow Mani: @mixingwithmani (IG & Twitter)
May 13, 2020
It’s here and it’s thicc! Mani has @ohnobravo from Instagram on and This long af episode tries to chaotically tackle it all. We invite ourselves to dinner parties with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fashion shows with the Housewives of New York and into the engagement of Stassi Schroeder and the VPR gang’s dynamics ahead of reunion. Mani even had time to squeeze in a review of Scheana Marie’s new music video, talk some Summer House and hot topics. Mix it up with them over all things Bravo!
May 6, 2020
Bravo, Bravo, f*cking Bravo #RHOBH #RHONY #VPR #HOTTOPICS W/Ryan Bailey
*please excuse the technical difficulties! The sound this week is ratchet due to tech issues but still wanted to put out the episode! Sorry!* This week, Mani gets lost in the greatness that is Housewives and is joined by Ryan Bailey (@ryanbailey25) from the So Bad It’s Good podcast. They dive deep into the crazy (but fun af) episode of Real Housewives of New York, the realness of Beverly Hills (?) and what they’re pushing to expose, how Vanderpump Rules is falling and all the current Bravo hot topics. Shout outs are made to the finale of RHOA and the latest episode of Shahs Of Sunset, and of course, so much more. For more info on Ryan follow him on IG & Twitter @sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey and @ryanbailey25 and follow Mani @mixingwithmani everywhere
April 27, 2020
Respect for RHONY Bonus w/ Jess (@blonde_unfiltered)
This bonus comes fresh off a new episode since Mani completely forgot to include RHONY. She knows she has sinned and turned all her attention to giving the Real Housewives of New York the total attention it deserves. Join her and podcaster Jess (@blonde_unfiltered) on their journey through a crazy episode 2 of the new season! Follow Mani on IG and Twitter @mixingwithmani.
April 19, 2020
Bravo Drunk on #Shahs, #RHOA, #RHOBH, #FamilyKarma w/Megan (@bravohappyhour)
This week, Megan from @bravohappyhour podcast is back to tackle a full docket with Mani. The two discuss the men on Real Housewives of Atlanta, the awkwardness on Shahs of Sunset, overstepping on Family Karma, and the potentiality of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Megan tries to convince Mani on if she should return to Vanderpump Rules and Mani makes a Summer House announcement! To follow Megan: @BravoHappyHour. For more about Mani: @MixingWithMani
April 17, 2020
Ranting bout #RHONY w/ Grant Rutter (@itsgrantsrants)
Mani is finally back from being on the (Rona) Run and she is giving it her all. She combines a fun bonus episode all about RHONY with coverage of her regularly scheduled Bravo intake. First up, she talks all things feuds on Shahs of Sunset, spouse support and inappropriate shade on Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the need for further investigation on Family Karma. Then she is joined by podcaster Grant Rutter (Grants Rants Hollywood Talk) to dive into one of the most iconic episodes of Real Housewives of New York of all time—Scary Island (S3 Ep12) and, of course, breakdown what they loved and are looking forward to after watching the latest premiere of the new RHONY season. They get into some gossip, make comparisons, and *rant* about so much more. To follow Grant: @itsgrantsrants on IG and Twitter. To follow Mani: @mixingwithmani everywhere.
April 8, 2020
Between a RHONY and a Hardplace w/Anthony Lario
Mani brings a special bonus episode covering season 2 epicness of Real Housewives of New York with an expert, Anthony Lario from Tony’s Tea Corner and the Instagram stage. First they talk the new POTOMAC TRAILER. Then, they get into the introduction of Kelly Killoren Bensimon, the dynamic of Luann, Jill, and Ramona, Bethenny as a lackey, and he reveals some unpopular opinions about some RHONY fights and alums! Plus, on the heels of her VPR discussion on So Bad It’s Good with Ryan Bailey, Mani went live with @OhNoBravo on Instagram to give her hot takes from the perspective of a retired PumpRules lover and a snippet of that Live audio is here! To follow Anthony: @anthonylario to follow Chelsea: @ohnobravo to follow mani: @mixingwithmani (IG & Twitter) and to listen to Mani on So Bad It’s Good:
March 29, 2020
A Happy (Bravo) Hour w/ Megan (@bravohappyhour)
This week, Mani is joined by Megan from the Bravo Happy Hour podcast for her regular recap of all things Bravo Tv this week! Megan leads the recap of the wedding (finally!) on Vanderpump Rules. The two talk the final part in the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and what they thought of this crazy finale. They move through friendships and dynamics on Shahs of Sunset through these epic fights, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Nene’s reign possibly being ended by producers (?), and convince you the friendships on Family Karma are worth watching while they’re still in tact! They also shout out some of their favorite shows to binge while in quarantine and so many more announcements. Mani also has some thank you’s to give out! To follow Megan: @bravohappyhour. To follow Mani everywhere: @mixingwithmani
March 25, 2020
The Good Ole RHOA Days w/ Raven (@mainlybravo)
Mani is coming at you with a special bonus episode with a friend of the pod, Raven from @MainlyBravo on the internet and the hit podcast Bitch Is Better! They dig into quarantine breaking news and hot topics from the Bravosphere and then recap a few episodes from one of the best seasons of any franchise, Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3! They talk the dynamics of the likes of Kim, Phaedra and Sheree and the good ole days of Bravo and it will send you straight into a binge hole! To follow Raven: @mainlybravo everywhere and to follow Mani: @mixingwithmani
March 21, 2020
Pandemlit, quarantinis, and Bravooomg! W/ Zac (@bravooomg)
This week, Mani let her episode come off the diet because #whatElseWeGotToDo?! She dives deep into this week in Bravo shows and announcements with Zac from the hilarious Bravo meme account @Bravooomg! They talk #Shahs, #RHONJ, #RHOA, #Pumprules, and #FamilyKarma plus some off season hw shows, ratings, gossip and so much more! Plus, She offers a couple resources to homeschooling parents who need them from her little army of educators—all available on her Instagram! You don’t want to miss this episode because seriously what else is there to do? To follow Zac on Ig and Twitter: @Bravooomg. To follow Mani on Ig and Twitter: @mixingwithmani ! Stay clean and healthy!
March 17, 2020
We’re All Andy’s Girls in Andy’s World w/ Sarah Galli
This week, Mani is joined by *the incomparable* Sarah Galli from the hit podcast “Andy’s Girls”! Together they break down part 1 of Jersey, talk everything real housewives, have random differing housewives and Bravo opinions, RHOBH talk, and, of course RHOA! That and so so much more. To follow Sara on Twitter: @sarahgalli and on IG: @damegalli. And of course to follow Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani
March 10, 2020
So Bad it’s... Bad? #VPR, #RHONJ, and #RHOA w/ Ryan Bailey
This week, Mani is joined by Ryan Bailey (@sobaditsgoodwithryanbailey —IG and title of podcast) to talk your favorite Bravo shows, if they’re delivering, the good ole days of Bravo, and where we’re headed. They also have different opinions about the RHONJ finale and discuss the structure and this Italy trip that was tossed in. Mani makes a special VPR announcement and the two discuss the important question of is this truly Kenya’s karma on RHOA? All that and more! To follow Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani
March 3, 2020
Bravo Owes Our Blood Pressure w/ Raven (@mainlybravo)
This week, Mani finally has her show on a diet and it’s called preschoolers. Try it! She’s also joined by Raven from @MainlyBravo and the Bitch is Better podcast to discuss ALL things Bravo this week. They talk the men on #RHOA, the crying Destiny on #ShahsofSunset, the homophobia and childish behavior on #PumpRules and the fate of Teresa’s organs after being thrown under a bus by D*nielle the whackadoo. Plus, Mani tries to convince Raven On a LOT of hot takes including why The Bachelor can be (is?) better than Bravo (gasp!!). To further join the fun, follow Raven on Twitter and IG @mainlybravo and Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani
February 29, 2020
BONUS: The Bachelor S22 Hometowns w/ Ryan Bailey!
Mani brings to you a special bonus episode (no finale spoilers, only predictions) featuring the one and only Ryan Bailey from So Bad it’s Good with Ryan Bailey, a pop culture and reality tv breakdown podcast she likes to call her church. Together, they talk the hot garbage that is this Bachelor season, the controversies on and Off Screen, the direction the Bachelor is going, Hometown dates, and why you should care. They also mix in quite a bit of Vanderpump Rules recap because all the monsters are the same it seems. Find out why they have high blood pressure and why you should join them in their sickness as this Bachelor season comes to a slow... glacial... end.
February 21, 2020
Bravo needs a nap and so do I; #VPR #SHAHS #RHOA #RHONJ
This week, Mani was exhausted from being riveted by Sunday night Bravo with RHOA and Shahs. Then she is joined by Hannah Brown (@hannahabrown) from the hit Brown Eyed Jewnicorn podcast to talk all things RHONJ and Vanderpump Rules. She knows some friends who knows some friends. She’s done some interviews. She watches her Bravo very seriously and she is with Mani to break it all down. Ariana working at Sur to offset depression? JV squad does Pride (thanks Raven). And how they cried real Nonno tears when Gia went to Prom. Mani is also talking Fomo and QTNA! To follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani
February 17, 2020
The Bar is still on the Floor!
Updated! Thanks for the patience. Mani is coming at you early this week with her new release day of Monday! She talks #RHONJ; the family dynamic with Jackie, the produced storylines with Melissa and Teresa, and Marge’s big party! And after 2 weeks, she finally was able to talk #RHOA and ALL the drama with Kenya and these cookies, these questionable men, and where the line should be drawn with kids. Also, she is joined by Jess from the Blonde Unfiltered podcast to talk the Shahs premiere with someone who would know best! To keep up with Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani. To follow Jess: @blonde_unfiltered.
February 11, 2020
Oh No Brittany, Dont Do It- Vanderpump Rules Bonus
This week, Mani is joined by @OhNoBravo for a special bonus episode talking all things Vanderpump Rules most recent episode. What did they think of Stassi Katie and Kristen’s fights? Is Brittany really as confused and innocent as she lets us believe she is? They were on different sides for many of the feuds and even talk some conspiracies that OhNoBravo has predicted that have already come true! Mani will be releasing switching a regular episode starting this upcoming Monday to cover RHOA, RHONJ, Shahs or Sunset and other segments! To follow on IG: @ohnobravo and to follow Mani on Twitter and IG: @MixingWithMani
February 7, 2020
Sipping and Mixing Tea w/ #rhonj, #pumprules, and hot #rhoc topics
This week, Mani goes deep into Vanderpump Rules, does it deserve a time out (hi RMOB!)? And where she stands with Jersey and all the new dynamics. Also, with no Atlanta (Grammys all around!), Mani talks the Orange County shakeups and rumors with Anthony Lario from Tony’s Tea Corner: what she found out, what he knows, and how Bravo is handling all their rapid controversies. Plus ratings and more! To follow Anthony: @anthonylario on IG. To follow Mani on Twitter and Ig: @mixingwithmani and for exclusive content and more great fun, join her patreon now!
January 30, 2020
Socially mixing with #RHOA, #VPR, James & LaLa jams, & #RHONJ
This week, Mani talks Bravo latest hot topics like Dj James Kennedy and Lala Kent’s new song (?), RHOC cast shake ups, and then is joined by Samantha from the Socially Drinking Podcast! They talk Real Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta, Vanderpump Rules and the epic (staged?) fight, and so much more! To follow Samantha on IG: @samanthadrinking and @sociallydrinking. To follow Mani on IG AND TWITTER: @mixingwithmani ! Mani is now on Patreon! To join for all additional segments, bonus content, and to guest on the show:
January 29, 2020
Adjust the diet w/ #VPR, #rhonj, #rhoa, and Hot Topics
Mani slowly getting her podcast back on a diet but this week in Bravo was just TOO great! She talks Real Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta, and is also joined by Megan O’Donnell from Bravo Happy Hour Podcast to talk Hot Topics in the Bravosphere and Vanderpump Rules second episode! To follow Megan on IG: @bravohappyhour and to follow your girl Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani
January 21, 2020
Just Raise Your Glasses High w/ #RHOA, #RHONJ, #VPR, and #RHOD
This week mani dives in deep with a thicc (but on a diet) episode. She breaks down Real Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey, and Dallas, and is also joined by Abby and Vanessa from the Real Moms of Bravo Podcast to talk the return and premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules (22:40). She picks their brain about BravoCon, seeing the premiere there, they dissect the episode and play a couple games! She then finishes up with breaking down Dallas and introducing two new segments, FOMO and QTNA! As she figures out the flow, she publishes her last thicc episode before starting school and putting her episodes on a (loose) diet. To follow Abby and Vanessa on IG: @realmomsofbravo. To follow Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani
January 10, 2020
#Rhoc, #Rhonj & others got us SPEECHLESS!
IT’S A NEW YEAR! And no new friends (yet) as Raven from @mainlybravo (Unfriendly Black Hottie) is BACK for an especially thick episode. She and Mani talk the OC reunion rollercoaster, the craziness of the New Jersey ladies’ fights a little Married to Medicine and SO MUCH MORE. Of course they go on appropriate (and not) tangents about everything about Bravo and then some. To follow Raven: @mainlybravo everywhere and to follow Mani everywhere: @mixingwithmani
January 3, 2020
Bonus: Mixing it with D’Andra Simmons of #RHOD
Mani got to do something really special and talk with D’Andra Simmons of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas. She got to ask her about the season, if she regrets anything, her relationship with her mother, the cast, how she got involved with the show (you won’t believe that story!), and, of course: her opinions on Leeanne and her comments. She mentions it ALL! For more about Mani, shady memes and other fun things, follow her on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani
December 20, 2019
A Year in Bravo Review & #Rhoc #rhonj and #Rhoa recap
Its the holidays! Although Mani is getting ready to GRADUATE and celebrate the season, It’s time to talk about the year in Bravoland. This week, Mani is joined by Raven (aka Unfriendly Black Hottie) to y’all about ALL the gifts we’ve been given by Bravo this year and what we will be given next year. They talk about what were the dress socks from an auntie type gifts and what were on the top of the list to Santa. They also talk some rumors, news, and recap this week’s shows. Happy holidays and let this get you through each family gathering. To Follow Raven: @mainlybravo on Ig and Twitter. Follow Mani on IG and Twitter: @mixingwithmani
December 17, 2019
Let’s get REAL (housewives) w/ #rhod #rhoc #rhonj #rhoa
This week, Mani talks Thanksgiving and the holidays! She reviews Dallas, OC, RHONJ and RHOA (in that order) and, oh yes, she mentions it ALL. Follow Mani on Twitter and IG: @mixingwithmani
December 6, 2019
Happy Bravodays!
Mani checks in with some of the Breaking Bravo news that just couldn’t wait, wished everyone happy holidays and updates some of her views and opinions after interacting with other Mixers on Twitter and Instagram! Hear it all and spread the cheer by inviting other friends into the mix! To follow Mani on Twitter and Instagram: @mixingwithmani
November 28, 2019
Let’s Talk Bravo(Con)! #RHOD #RHOC #RHOA #Bravocon #RHONJ
I got the BravoCon Tea! This week Mani talks the very buzzy Real Housewives of Dallas episode of the week and shares her thoughts on the bubbling controversy as well as thoughts on RHOA, RHONJ, and RHOC. Mani is also joined by Eliza who has a Bravo IG Account and also WENT TO BRAVOCON!!! She spills ALL the tea from her 3 day weekend there including who she met, interacting with other accounts, what did and didn’t work and her least favorite things and was it even worth the money? How did she get tickets? How did she survive? All that and more at around 15mins in. Follow her @facereality16 on IG and follow me on IG AND Twitter: @mixingwithmani. Since I did two this week, I will not be publishing a new episode for Thanksgiving week, ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY!
November 22, 2019
No Con But Still Bravo: #RHOA #RHOD #RHONJ #RHOC
*there are some skips due to tech glitches. So sorry!* This week, Mani is joined by fellow BravoCon Absentee and fellow podcaster Kara Berry of the @everyonesbusinessbut podcast. Mani talks the BREAKING NEWS from BravoCon, new franchises and spin offs, and talks with Kara about everything that went down this week in housewives! For more information about Mani, Bravo News, and pop culture, follow Mani on TWITTER and IG: @mixingwithmani
November 20, 2019
Most WONDERFUL time of the year! #Rhod #Rhoa #RHONJ #RHOC #pumprules &more!
This week, Mani only has one way to reach the people and it’s the podcast. Join her as she recaps (and judges) Real Housewives of Orange County and Dallas, and the premieres of New Jersey and Atlanta. Plus some hot topics and Bravo news and her thoughts on the new Vanderpump Rules trailer. To mix it with Mani some more follow her on TWITTER (and Instagram): @mixingwithmani
November 9, 2019
Train through Bravoland’s Hot topics, OC & RHOD
Season 2 and it’s big. This week, Mani talks ALL the big Hot Topics in bravoland lately and is joined by Tabitha, the Pop Culture Dweeb for the ride through the mess. They go through the OC drama on screen and off, talk Dallas news, RHONY news/rumors, RHONJ interviews, premieres, and, of course, episode breakdowns. It was a lot to get through but they don’t skip a single topic. Mani will be back to recap more after a week of bravo premieres next week. To follow Mani on IG: @mixingwithmani. Tabitha: @thepopculturedweeb
November 2, 2019
#VPR & #Married2Med Bonus Happy Hour
This week, Bravo Happy Hour boat Megan O’Donell joins Mani for some much needed coverage of all that is going on in the Vanderpump Rules world even though there’s not enough info on the new season. They also get into the current season of Married to Medicine and how GOOD the obscure Bravo shows can be! Let them convince we are in and entering in to a good time on Bravo. Mani will be back with an all new season of Mixing With Mani 11/1! To follow Mani on IG: @mixingwithmani
October 25, 2019
Bravo Hot Mess Express w/ #BelowDeck #RHOC #RHOD & Bravo News
This week, Mani talks All the news going on in Bravoland recently and Below Deck so far. She is joined by Kirsten from Reality TV and Me the podcast, to talk Dallas and Orange County and it got nuts and Mani got a little shadier than usual! Follow Mani on IG: @mixingwithmani and Kirsten at @realitytvandme. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review! Hearts all around.
October 19, 2019
Getting crazy with #RHOC, #RHOD, & #BelowDeck
This week Mani talks sex and marriage in the housewives’ world, the new season of Below Deck, breaks down the fights and dynamics on Dallas, and teases some new projects you’ll love! As promised, back under an hour but still all the good and shady! For more about Mani, Bravo, and pop culture, follow her on IG: @mixingwithmani
October 11, 2019
Let’s Face the Reality of #RHOP, #RHOD, #RHOC, and #BelowDeck
This week Mani is talking the whole Bravo line up with Eliza from the Bravo IG fan account @FaceReality16. They both love all things Bravo and discuss the finale (and some exclusive info) of Below Deck Med, the new season in Thailand, RHOC, and the fun in RHOD. Mani also covers this week’s hot topics and Bravo news and the final reunion part of RHOP! Let’s mix it up! I’ll be back to under an hour soon, these are just special.
October 4, 2019
Bravo Overload of News, #RHOP, and #RHOC
Mani (@mixingwithmani) brings you this especially long episode that is a 2 in 1. She discusses Bravo News and RHOP reunion pt 2 first, then is joined by Jess from The Realhousewife of the Westside podcast to deep dive into OC! She then heads over to Jess’s podcast to talk one of her favorite’s, RHOD! ( So many things so much to discuss. Back to an hour or less next week!
September 28, 2019
Getting Hot&Bravo’d w/RHOP, RHOC, RHOD
This week Mani (@mixingwithmani) is joined by Eddie Estrada, host of Hot & Bravo’d, a Round up of all bravo news each week. We talk all the gasps, yawns, and eye rolls of Potomac’s part 1 reunion, OC’s wellness trip from Hell, and Dallas’s stairs to tv heaven. You will love! Follow Mani on IG: @mixingwithmani Follow Eddie: @hotnbravod @eddie_estrada
September 19, 2019
Keeping it simple w/ #BIP, #RHOP, #RHOC, #RHOD
It’s just Mani this week mixing some hot topics, Bach in Paradise and LOTS of bravo in with some shade, opinions and declarations. Short(er) and sweet so you can get to your weekend. Watch some tv and mix it up! Follow on IG: @mixingwithmani and catch Mani on Is This Real Life Podcast @itrl_podcast this weekend! I went over there and shared too much but it’s fine!
September 13, 2019
A Trip Around the Housewives feat. Kirsten Moore (RHOC, RHOP, RHOD)
I’m back! In this episode, Mani (@mixingwithmani) is back to talking ALL about hot topics, tv, and the good and bad of Bravo. She gets into all the things going on in pop culture with the bachelorette’s Tyler C, some music news, fashion news, and more. Then, of course, she goes deep into her DVR to discuss all things Bravo that she missed. Throwing it back to some old episodes and some other franchises for comparison she talks RHOC, RHOP, and chats with Kirsten Moore (@realitytvandme) about all the beauty and goodness that is RHOD’s premiere! They mix predictions, some shade, ideas and opinions into a really diverse episode. Go on a ride with them through Bravoland; You will laugh and have a good time!
September 6, 2019
Breaking News Bonus Ep!
SOUND UP (sorry)! This was a spur of the moment episode to address the big RHOBH news that has me so invested in the new season again! Listen to my thoughts—on high volume! Sorry it’s low, I didnt expect to record. I’ll be back next week with an ALL NEW HUGE episode for all the latest Bravo and TV news. Have a great weekend! For the story/quote and some new memes and other Bravo news, follow me on IG: @mixingwithmani
August 29, 2019
Bravo's Bringing it All Feat. Katie Kirckof Speer
This week I get into the craziness of Bravo TV! From an epic RHOP, to the final moments of Below Deck Med leading to Chef Ben's possible return, and then the epic first part of the Southern Charm: Charleston Reunion! I get a little personal with my connection to new housewife Braunwyn's family stories (so please be nice). Then I go into the inevitable deep dive of the roller coaster that is RHOC with an amazing guest, influencer, wife and mom boss, Katie Kirckof Speer. We talk all things RHOC, this episode, the franchise in general, her connection to some bravolebs and even what it would be like to have a Midwestern franchise of RH! Mixing a little shade, a little empathy, and a lot of unwaranted opinions, and I hope you enjoy. 5 Stars please or come talk to me! To do that, follow me on IG: @mixingwithmani For more info on Katie, her brand, and her services as a social media stylist, her IG: @thatglammom
August 22, 2019
Bonus: Watching What Happens with Mimosas Mamas and Paradise
Bonus episode where I discuss 50 Cent on Watch What Happens Live, Fofty Gate, and why Kate Upton is my queen. Also, As promised, the second part of my discussion about Bachelor in Paradise with the Mimosa Mamas, Erika and Erin! To follow us on IG: @mixingwithmani for me! @mimosamamaspodcast for Erika and Erin! 5 stars only please! Review me, I love you!
August 19, 2019
Mixing Mimosas and Paradise with some Mamas! Feat. Erika and Erin
This week, I’m covering Below Deck Med, RHOP, RHOC, Southern Charm Finales (Nola and Charleston) and more Bravo! Also, hot topics! I discuss in depth the Chrisley Knows Best legal drama, and explain exactly what a Hot Girl Summer is and where it came from. Also, I do my first ever bachelor nation deep dive with Erin and Erika from the Mingling with the Mimosa Mamas podcast. We talk all things Bachelor in Paradise! Stay tuned for the bonus episode of more with them about this season! Don’t forget to subscribe and rate/review! Follow on IG: @mixingwithmani Erin and Erika: @mimosamamaspodcast
August 15, 2019
Mixing Tea with Mani and Toni feat. Anthony Lario
A deep dive into the reality world of The Bachelorette and Bravo with Anthony Lario (starting at 26:01). We mix both worlds together and talk theories for the ending of Bachelorette, the current drama surrounding the show, some history of the franchise and potential castings and expectations for the Bachelor. Then of course we head over to OC for some RHOC premiere discussions! What housewives we'd bring back and why, who our dream cast would be and why this show needs a total revamp. We keep the fun going and discuss these same ideas in other cities like RHONJ, discuss the breakout season of RHOP and the news of BRAVOCON!!! Who we want to see, concept ideas, whether or not we'll attend, etc. And, of course, we spill a LOT of tea. Plus, there's an exclusive announcement from Tony about a special project he's working on! Check it out! I also separately discuss Below Deck Med and Southern Charm Charleston and NOLA! Don't forget to subscribe, rate 5 stars, and leave a review! I love you for listening. IG:  Tony- @anthonylario Me- @mixingwithmani Gina, his awesome mom- @cookinwitgina Always keep it shady, not hate-y.
August 14, 2019
Voiceless and Opinionated feat. The Real Mom’s of Bravo’s Abby and Vanessa
I am thrilled to have had The Real Moms of Bravo on my podcast this week! Fresh off the high of being congratulated by many of IG and Bravo royalty for joining the ranks and reaching 10k followers, and fresh from under the low of Housewives seasons ending, Abby and Vanessa chatted with me about all things Bravo. We get into: Pump Rules, RHOD, RHOC, RHOP (a little, they’re getting on board though) and the reunions of RHONY and, of course, the never ending RHOBH. We also play fun Bravo casting games (Like what a Bravo Big Brother would look like), expectations for new seasons, and get into some rumors and some tea! It was great talking to them about their show and all their social media growth and connecting with other women. If you’re in a hurry, Their convo time is marked! Engage with us on IG! Me!- @mixingwithmani RMOB- @realmomsofbravo Podcast episode markers: Hot topics/bravo news- :48 Dipping into my DVR bachelorette-24:00 Bravo talk with the RMOB- 34:43 *Politics will resume soon. Needed a mental break and will be back to discuss the dem debate and what you need to take from it next week! Have a great weekend!
August 1, 2019
Pinkslips and Paddles Pt. 2 feat. Melissa Ribeiro
All bravo this week! Bonus ep to complete my epic convo with Melissa. Regular programming to return soon! This week I Dip into my DVR with a bravo super fan and blogger, Melissa from Wine over Wisdom! We discuss current seasons and expectations on #SouthernCharm #Rhony #PumpRules #RHOD #RHOC and #RHOP and SO much more. We get into some conspiracies, some tea about casts, and even her perception watching these shows as an empath. As a newlywed, Melissa talks about why Pump Rules going through their changes is even more relatable than ever and I get into all the rumors I’ve heard about their cast and more! We dive deep! Part 2 will air next week with additional content! Follow Melissa @wineoverwisdom on IG and follow me @mixingwithmani ! Love this ep? Rate 5 stars and review please! DMs always open.
July 30, 2019
Pinkslips and Paddles Pt. 1 feat. Melissa Ribeiro
This week I Dip into my DVR with a bravo super fan and blogger, Melissa from Wine over Wisdom! We discuss current seasons and expectations on #SouthernCharm #Rhony #PumpRules #RHOD #RHOC and #RHOP and SO much more. We get into some conspiracies, some tea about casts, and even her perception watching these shows as an empath. As a newlywed, Melissa talks about why Pump Rules going through their changes is even more relatable than ever and I get into all the rumors I’ve heard about their cast and more! We dive deep! Part 2 will air next week with additional content! Follow Melissa @wineoverwisdom on IG and follow me @mixingwithmani ! Love this ep? Rate 5 stars and review please! DMs always open. Episode markers: Politics and Hot Topics- 4:05 Bachelorette-29:15 Bravo-40:55
July 26, 2019
Mixing Cough Syrup and Opinions
Disclaimer: I was sick and tried to avoid coughing as much as possible! Totally restructured to be half tv and half politics/pop culture. Let me know what you think in my DMs! @mixingwithmani tv covered: bachelorette, Bravo: Below Deck, Southern Charm, RHO-BH, D, P, NY. Markers Politics/hot topics-2:19 Bachelorette-29:01 Bravo-38:30
July 26, 2019
Bonus: Wtf Did We Watch This Season of BH? ft. The Real Housewife of The Westside
If RHOBH was hard for you to get through this season for whatever reason, we probably have the same opinions. I decided to consult with an expert who doesn’t just know Housewives, she knows their world and a FEW personal things about THEM! Jess from TRHOTW and I deep dive into what went wrong with storylines, casting, and editing, and even get into the serious topic of Bravo changing its tone disordered eating with the cast people are most concerned about. Did it work? We discuss that, housewives past, why no one talked about their actual drama, if Kitson is really a thing and she even spills some MAJOR tea about former housewives that she has actually worked with or knows! We get into it ALL so have fun and tell us what you think! Follow Jess on IG @therealhousewifeofthewestside and follow me at @mixingwithmani! Feel free to rate us on this episode on both our Apple podcasts accounts and leave a review, we’d love to hear from you! Any 1-star complaints or suggestions? Bring it to our dms!
July 11, 2019
What’s adult? Never heard of it.
Get into some politics, some hot topics, and some tv all featuring adults messing up and not really know what they’re doing! This week I review #netflix shows and departures and decisions. New obsessions on Hulu and what America needs to do to make tv better. I talk laws and what will be a big factor with candidates as of this week. Aziz ansari is back... oh boy is he. Let’s talk about. Bachelorette of COURSE and why that and this season of Southern Charm has been a disappointment. Why I was not an adult this week and it’s only Tuesday. You ever just not an adult? All subjects are brief so just listen through! Made it shorter just for you. Have a great week! Follow on IG: @mixingwithmani
July 9, 2019
The Flow has been Found
Divided up for your needs but expose yourself to new things! It won’t hurt. Looking for show recommendations and people who want to cover them on an episode with me! Follow and dm me @mixingwithmani on IG or Twitter! Episode highlights Hot Politops- 10:05 All #realitytv/#bravo #bravonews/#euphoria/#netflixshows to binge- 46:08 #RHOP-58:58 #theBachelorette-1:13:36 Young #adulting complaints-1:29:54
July 2, 2019
Bonus: Dear #RHOBH producers, F You.
Bonus episode on why bravo and rhobh producers let us down, why the wrong women are holding diamonds, and why it’s not cool to fake rich. Probably some unpopular opinions but Do better Bravo! Also, a small rant on why me and Kate Hudson need to have a talk about Fabletics for thick people. #housewives #bravo #RHOBH
June 26, 2019
Welcome to the Mixer
This inaugural ep showcases my thoughts and opinions on shows ranging from the bachelorette, to Bravo, to the mtv awards for reality royalty. I quirkily discuss target demos and why networks won’t integrate casts when clearly lots of us are watching the same thing! Mainly I’m all over the place so come along.
June 25, 2019