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Tea Time With Tech Marketing Leaders

Tea Time With Tech Marketing Leaders

By Kerry Guard
This podcast helps Marketing Leaders who work at Tech Companies get their brands found via transparent, measurable digital marketing. Tech Marketing leaders join our host Kerry Guard to discuss what challenges they're currently facing and the creative solutions they've found to solve them.

It's presented by MKG Marketing - a digital advertising agency of experts who specialize in SEO, Digital Advertising, and Analytics.

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#58: Marcus LaRobardiere
Marcus LaRobardiere joins to discuss the power of account based marketing (ABM).
April 5, 2021
#56: Lorena Morales
Lorena Morales, VP of Marketing at RevOps Executive, joins to discuss how she works directly with CEOs to help them grow their companies rapidly. She also advocates for building skills as a generalist. 
April 5, 2021
#55: Margy Feldhuhn
Margy Feldhuhn, CEO at InterviewConnections, joins to discuss how she helps marketers build personal brands and expansive networks through podcast appearances.
April 5, 2021
#54: Quincy Johnson
Quincy Johnson, Adjunct Social Media Marketing Professor at University of Texas Dallas, joins to discuss effectively leveraging various social media platforms.
April 5, 2021
#53: Meghan Nesta
Meghan Nesta, Senior Product Manager at AWeber, joins to discuss how she and her team help small businesses utilize email marketing.
April 5, 2021
#52: Max Borges
Max Borges joins to discuss running public relations agency and How To Be Fan-F*cking-Tastic!
April 5, 2021
#51: Shock Your Potential With Michael Sherlock
Michael Sherlock, Chief Potential Officer at Shock Your Potential, at joins to discuss how to effectively use the mirror test when determining if an employee is properly trained. 
April 5, 2021
#50: Larry Long Jr. - EPIC Values to Drive High Performing Sales Teams
On the Season 7 premiere, Larry Long Jr., Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamwork joins to discuss how his EPIC values (Entrepreneurial Spirit, Practice, Internal Drive, Communication) help lead high performing teams. 
April 5, 2021
#49: Paul Higgens PART II - A Sturdy Foundation For High Performance
In order to construct a high performing team, you have to ask during the hiring process - Would you enthusiastically re-employee the people on your team? Paul advocates utilizing the classic, Norton's balanced scorecard of company effectiveness as well as 9 key foundational elements to create a high-performing team. Check out Paul's Mentoring Website HERE  - And listen to his podcast Build, Live, Give HERE - Be our guest on Tea Time With Tech Marketing Leaders:
January 11, 2021
#48: Paul Higgens PART I - Talk Less, Do More
Originally from Australia, Paul Higgins is a business mentor, podcaster, and publisher who helps coaches and consultants to help build profitable and sustainable online businesses. He previously spent 18 years at the Coca Cola company, managing $700 million in marketing strategy across the world. This conversation shares insight into how set up effective processes to run a global remote team. Shifting away from his 12-14 hours of meetings per day at Coca Cola, Paul tries to keep the team to be as 'meeting free' as possible. They utilize Voxer, a voice chat platform that allows for instant communication across timezones. By utilizing this technology, Paul's team can effectively execute work 24 hours a day, from Melbourne to the Maldives to Colombia. Everyone will update a key focus, biggest win, and one area they need help. Every Friday, they update rewards summary. They utilize Asana for project management as a bible; every task done by team members is noted and can be set up as repeatable tasks in order to keep the business on track. Trying to use too many tools can lead to friction; by keeping the amount low, you can streamline tasks and never miss a project. Dub, like Loom, allows the recording and sharing of processes which makes training and sharing recordings of meetings easier.
January 11, 2021
#47: Gwen Lafage - Brand Marketing Generates Demand
Gwen Lafage, Manager at Sköna - European HQ, joins to discuss how they create impactful branding for B2B tech companies, marrying brand awareness and lead generation.  LinkedIn: Website: Apply to be on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders
January 11, 2021
#46: Alex Dunn - Help First, Sell Second
Alex Dunn, head of Levelset, joins to discuss the importance of building a content machine. Alex Dunn has been a friend of MKG for a long time. He is a results-oriented business development professional in B2B and B2C marketplaces; he specializes in driving traffic through content solutions Alex is the Head of Demand at Levelset, a payment solutions company for the construction industry. They’ve created a platform to alleviate roadblocks, get people paid. Alex started with video content creation while getting his MBA in Massachusetts, and went on to sell his production company in 2016. That venture primarily focused on video testimonials for B2B tech companies. He honed his craft and started to replicate the success using similar content creation patterns. As Ben Horowitz quoted in The Hard Thing About Hard Things, “There’s no silver bullet, there’s only a ton of lead bullets”. A new company must operate and define itself around a core philosophy. There’s not going to be one quick and easy solution for all problems; most of the time, the answer will be one specific solution replicated over and over. For Levelset, the mission and main question was ‘how do we drive the most traffic to our site?’ The solution that Alex found was to become a media company (within their niche). Levelset leverages data to create a news website for the construction industry- from news, payment disputes, trends, they seek to grow thought leadership. Rather than ABC, the sales team shifted their focus to providing quality service. Their mantra is ‘help first, sell second’; this multifaceted approach builds trust, brand recall, and expands inbound traffic. In addition to being a reliable helping hand, creating content demonstrates the human element and often forges a connection with the reader. Apply to be on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders
January 11, 2021
#45: Adam Mendler - We All Have Superpowers
Adam Mendler, host of the podcast Thirty Minute Mentors, joins to discuss the importance of understanding your superpower as early as possible.  From Los Angeles to Wall Street, Adam Mendler has learned some hard-earned lessons.  While earning an MBA at the Anderson School of Management (UCLA), Adam interned in entertainment (Universal). Upon graduation, he returned to finance and worked in large corporate firms. After nearly a decade, Mr. Mendler wanted to try something different, to build his own success. He founded the Velos Group in 2012 with his brother. They built three companies under the umbrella: Beverly Hills Chairs - the biggest refurbished furniture store in Los Angeles, a fully online cigar shop, and a life insurance software. He wanted to have more of an impact as it is nearly impossible to do so early on in career at older, bureaucratic companies. Adam wanted to contribute right away; building firms from scratch allowed Adam to build upon lessons from other companies. Apply to be on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders
January 11, 2021
#44: Marlo Oster - A Delicate Balancing Act
This week, Marlo Oster joins to discuss the delicate balancing act of project management. She is the entire marketing force at Work Patterns, an app that streamlines management best practices through templates and simplified user experience (UX). The firm is an extremely young, seed-funded startup (out of Beta in August 2020). While the company may be new, Marlo is a veteran of the industry, having spent ten years in client-facing roles at various martech and adtech startups. True to the fast nature of the industry, she rose from individual contributor to the executive-level in a matter of six years. Apply to be on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders
January 11, 2021
#43: Lawrence Elliot - Content That Creates Clients
Lawrence Elliot joins to discuss conversion copywriting. Conversion Copywriting Creating In-Depth, PILLAR Content that can be written in a way that both informs and persuades. The best copywriters pass what Lawrence calls the ‘barstool test’; in order to put the reader at ease, imagine as if you were sitting in a restaurant with the reader. By writing in a conversational tone, you invite the reader in and avoid confusing them with complicated industry jargon. To build this perfect storm of growth, you’ll need an irresistible offer, understanding of sales psychology that drives your ideal customers, and the writing chops to weave a story that engages that audience into making a direct response. By following three steps, companies are able to employ content as a method of lead generation. Providing valuable information Positioning product/service as an industry leader Drive engagement, (email opt-in, call to action) Headlines need a solid hook and a solid graphic because people see the image first then read headline. If you don’t position your business along the way, a call to action won’t hit home. By utilizing a CHALLENGE/SOLUTION framework, companies can structure their content efficiently. Apply to be on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders
January 11, 2021
#42: Aileen Horgan - Be Fearless in Content Creation
Aileen Horgan, VP Marketing at Gremlin, joins to discuss executing fearlessness in content creation and nurturing trust among team-members.  "People that work with you and for you don't have to like you, they just have to trust you." Apply to be on Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders
January 11, 2021
#41: Arel Moodie - Turning Likability Into Leads
Arel Moodie is a multi-talented professional speaker and bestselling author. He has spoken to over 650,000 people in 48 states and 5 countries. 

His podcast The Art of Likability was rated the Number 1 career podcast in iTunes and is listened to in 178 countries worldwide helping people build better relationships with people. Arel Moodie joins to discuss how public speaking can be utilized to generate leads and create demand. Apply to be a guest on Tea Time With Tech Marketing Leaders 
January 11, 2021
Season 6 Preview - Big Changes For 2021! FULL SEASON RELEASE MONDAY JAN. 11th
2021, finally!! We've got some fantastic changes coming to the podcast starting with a new name - Tea Time with Tech Marketing Leaders! We hope that this new name and format can better help our audience grow big, fast through meaningful, measurable marketing.  In addition, we're changing our release schedule and releasing all of Season 6 next Monday, January 11th! You can binge to your heart's content.  8 New Episodes to start off your new year right, coming 1/11/2021!
January 4, 2021
#40: Tom Martin - F*R*I*E*N*D*S
On the Season 5 Finale, Tom Martin joins to discuss how to "sell greatly" and bolster marketing efforts by making friends. The sales game has shifted; old models have faded into obscurity.  Success is more often achieved when representatives choose to "sell greatly" rather than to "always be closing", to nurture a relationship instead of extracting a prize. *Editor's Note- Thank you so much for tuning in this year! We have some exciting plans in store for Season 6, coming 2021! Have a wonderful and safe holiday season! -Kerry & Austin
November 23, 2020
#39: Renato Agrella - Partnerships and Precision Messaging
Renato Agrella, Founder of 2A Consulting, joins to discuss how he helps build partnerships and utilize storytelling to communicate highly technical messaging. His firm simplifies the complex stories in ways to make it easier for an unknowing audience member to just hop in and understand the key elements. Whether they've been aware of the offer for 5 years or 5 minutes, the content needs to create an intriguing story and communicate the potential value add.
November 16, 2020
#38: Tish Millsap - Scoring Leads & Closing Deals
This week, Tish Millsap joins to discuss how to directly connect marketing spend to revenue. For the past 6 years, she has helped dozens of companies implement and sustain effective demand-gen and revenue-boosting solutions. 
November 9, 2020
#37: Jonathan Pogact - Cutting Through The Static (of Cluttered Inboxes)
Jonathan Pogact is the VP of Marketing at Seamless.AI. He was the previous VP of Marketing for Drips, a text messaging software that helps brands deliver conversion results. He joins this week to discuss the power of text messaging in business development and solving the 'always on' problem.
November 2, 2020
#36: Tamsen Webster - Finding the Red Thread
Tamsen Webster joins to discuss, "The Red Thread", a method to help audiences, organizations, and individuals build and tell the story of their big ideas. The result? Real, transformative change. She works with individuals and organizations on how to talk about their ideas so that other people will act on them. "Your idea, business, product, or service is an answer. It is a new way to slay an old monster."
October 26, 2020
#35: Christopher Penn - Cooking Up Solutions With Machine Learning
Christopher S. Penn is the Chief Data Scientist/Co-founder of Trust Insights. He is an authority on analytics, digital marketing, marketing technology, data science, and machine learning. Too often, marketers get caught up in the heaps of data without coming to a viable conclusion. If a decision isn't reached, all the statistics and metrics are ultimately useless.  As he neatly puts, "analytics without action is a recipe you cook but never eat."
October 19, 2020
#34: Anna Hrach - Debunking Content Myths
On this week's podcast, Anna Hrach joins to debunk a few widely-believed myths surrounding content production. Content is a piece of the puzzle that stretches over the entire marketing ecosystem. It remains the primary way in which brands communicate with their audience.
October 12, 2020
#33: David Liljegren - Digital Marketing Gets Back To Basics
On the Season 5 Premiere, our guest is David Liljegren, the President & COO of ADK America. His mission is to aid brands in the complicated process of healthcare marketing. This particular industry requires marketers with a deft touch, who are able to concisely communicate their value propositions. To keep the focus, David encourages the team to keep these four core questions top of mind- What is the business goal? What is the right message? Who is the right audience? When is the right time to engage?
October 5, 2020
#32: Klyn Elsbury - Digital Marketing Meets Neurology & Unconscious Motivators
Klyn Elsbury is a keynote speaker, author, and executive trainer. Through her consulting and bestselling book, I Am___:The Untold Story of Success, she helps leaders identify their unconscious motivators and utilize them to grow both personally and professionally. Her podcast, Elevation Nation,  offers helpful insight and bite-sized pieces of wisdom from ordinary people who have overcome incredible odds.
August 24, 2020
#31: Kathleen Booth - Digital Marketing Meets The Keys to Inbound Success
Kathleen Booth is the VP Marketing for Attila Security. Her Mission - To help clients bolster inbound marketing utilizing fundamental tactics. By creating compelling content and cultivating community, brands are able to successfully grow. Her podcast Inbound Success helps marketers adjust their strategy and find the key niche for their development.
August 17, 2020
#30: Carolyn Lyden - Digital Marketing Meets Data Sharing Across Departments (SEO as a Foundation)
Carolyn Lyden is the President/Lead SEO of Search Hermit. Her goal is to help established women-owned businesses improve their online visibility through SEO and content strategy that drives sustainable growth and creates a more substantial online presence. 
August 10, 2020
#29: AJ Huisman - Digital Marketing Meets Executive Changemakers (Coaching for CMOs)
AJ Huisman is a coach for chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their teams on how to work better in an effort to generate better business outcomes. His Mission- to offer a fresh perspective and mediate between marketing teams and the CMOs. He pushes the executes to be the chief rainmakers or drivers of change within their organizations.
August 3, 2020
#28: Pam Didner - Digital Marketing Meets Sales Partnerships
Pam Didner is a passionate digital and tech marketer, speaker, and author who loves to bring alignment between sales & marketing. She is the author of The Modern AI Marketer and Effective Sales Enablement. Her mission- to help bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams so they can work efficiently and grow together.
July 27, 2020
#27: Sean Amster - Digital Marketing Meets The Customer Journey
Sean Amster is the Manager for Digital Content Solutions at The Hershey Company. He also teaches digital marketing as a comprehensive subject at Pennsylvania State University. His Mission: Oversee innovation and transformation processes to make data-driven decisions in demand generation and overall efficiency.
July 20, 2020
#26: Samantha Stone -- Digital Marketing Meets the Sales Funnel
Samantha Stone is the Founder/CMO of the Marketing Advisory Network and the author of Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook That Drives Sales. Her Mission: To unite marketing and sales teams around certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive revenue in the sales funnel. She notes 3 metrics that marketers should take ownership of: lead conversion, time spent in the 'buying' phase, and win-rate. 
July 13, 2020
#25 -- Maurina Venturelli and Kate Gigax - Leadership Coaching Unleashes New Potential
Maurina Venturelli is a Senior Director of Demand Generation at Sumo Logic and Kate Gigax is the Founder of Development Corps. Kate is Maurina's leadership coach with a mission to challenge and support high-achieving women in reaching their goals.
July 6, 2020
#24: Heather Seasholtz -- Digital Marketing Meets Virtual Events
Heather Seasholtz is the Director of Meeting and Event Management. Her mission is to aid organizations in shifting from live events to virtual meetings in response to the new world of COVID-19. From restructuring sponsorships to reformating content to coaching speakers on the chat function, Heather has helped clients adapt to our new circumstances.
June 8, 2020
#23: Lisa Farrow -- Digital Marketing Meets Agile Frameworks
The traditional 'waterfall' approach to project execution is outdated and no longer effective in these unprecedented times. Lisa Farrow is a marketing agilist encouraging teams to use Agile frameworks, such as Scrum and Kanban, to ensure that they meet and exceed customer expectations. By remaining nimble and iterating constantly, teams are able to deliver a product that is exactly what the client wants and within the means of the team's capabilities. 
June 1, 2020
#22: Latane Conant -- Account Based Marketing (ABM) Meets Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data
Latane Conant is the Chief Marketing Officer at 6sense, an A.I. powered Account-Based Marketing platform. Her mission is to utilize big data to personalize engagement with the coveted, in-market accounts that are most likely to purchase and succeed with a product.  
May 18, 2020
#21: Xenia Muntean -- Social Media Marketing Meets Streamlining
Social media marketing has expanded and grown in importance within the marketing mix. However, teams are consistently hindered by the lack of cohesion and clarity regarding workflow. Xenia Muntean is the CEO and co-founder of Planable, a social media tool that acts as a one-stop-shop for the entire creation process, from writing content to scheduling and distributing across a multitude of channels. 
May 11, 2020
#20: Scott Brinker -- Digital Marketing Meets Management & Technology (Martech At A Glance)
Scott Brinker is a Software Product Leader at HubSpot. He directs the company’s platform strategy, business programs, and tech partners. His mission is to offer guidance in the best practices to utilize evolving and expanding marketing technology ("Martech") to streamline and coordinate the various aspects of a project. 
May 4, 2020
#19: Ashley Cohen & Sabrina Galati -- Digital Marketing Meets The RFP Match Maker
Ashley Cohen and Sabrina Galati are marketing solutions architects with TenX4 (Ten by Four”) Their Mission- To help marketers be more effective and cost-efficient in the long-term by aiding the agency-client relationship from the start. TenX4’s goal is to ensure the best possible B2B partnership through intensive review, pain-point recognition, and client-agency matching.
April 27, 2020
#18: Roderick Jefferson -- Digital Marketing Meets The Sales Enabler
Roderick Jefferson is a Leading Sales Enablement Consultant who has worked with many innovative, category-leading companies (AT&T, eBay, Oracle, Marketo, and Paypal to name a few) His Mission- Drive growth in small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and Fortune 500 companies. He does this by coordinating and conducting multiple units (HR, Product, Marketing, and Sales) to ensure that the sales team receives the necessary support to effectively close deals. Resources Website: Twitter: @ThevoiceofRod Sales Coaching:
April 20, 2020
#17: Carmen Collins -- Digital Marketing Meets Community and People
Carmen Collins is the Senior Social Media and Talent Brand Manager at Cisco. Her Mission - Build personal connections with future talent by amplifying authentic content from current employees. She does this by using marketing tools to talk about what it’s like to work at a company rather than to “sell” a product, commercial good, or service. Resources
April 13, 2020
#16: Kelby Johnson -- Digital Marketing Meets Authentic Brand Messaging
Kelby Johnson gets real when talking about messaging for his healthcare brand Providence Health. Creating a succinct message across 150+ hospitals, internal teams, and local caregivers is a daunting task. Not surprisingly (if you know him) Kelby rises to the occasion. See how he created real, authentic messaging, helped produce ideas and content, distributed across the company, and measured its success thus far. LinkedIn: Providence Blog: Hosing is Health:
March 2, 2020
#15: Melanie Diezel -- Digital Marketing Finds It's Content Strategy
It's very easy to write content to check off a box whether for SEO or just because you know you're supposed to be producing it. By taking a step back, asking the right questions, instead of just checking a box you can tell a compelling story that truly creates conversation and connection. The Content Fuel Framework Story Fuel LinkedIn
February 24, 2020
#14: Neil Gordon -- Digital Marketing Finds Its Silver Bullet
Neil Gordon teaches us how to hone our marketing messaging by distilling it down into a simple sentence - action, outcome. Listen to exactly how he does this. Website: LinkedIn: Full Show Recap:
February 17, 2020
#13: Miri Rodriguez -- Digital Marketing Meets Empathy
Miri Rodriguez is the Global Head of the Microsoft Internship Program. She's also a storyteller. She believes that your customer should be at the heart of your brand. To do this you have to lead with empathy. In this podcast, Miri walks me through what empathy means and how she has used storytelling and empathy on putting her customer at the heart of Microsoft and created content that did just that.  LinkedIn  Brand Storytelling: Put The Customer At The Heart Of Your Brand Story
February 10, 2020
#12: Michele Mehl -- Digital Marketing Finds Its Blue Ocean
Building content, from your customers stories, can fill the negative space of where the your audience is and your competitors are not. Find your Blue Ocean. Michele Mehl worked at a PR Agency that specialized in Start Ups. She has since moved on and created her own company which is a portable exercise machine. With her previous marketing talents she has gone on to build her company on the back of video content and her customers stories. Website: LinkedIn: Book Recommendation: Blue Ocean Strategy
February 3, 2020
#11: Sean Ryan -- Digital Marketing Meets Creating, Scaling, And Distributing A Newsletter
If done thoughtfully, the Email Newsletter can be a powerful medium. Here's how to get started. Sean Ryan, founder of Rotary Digital, has created multiple newsletters, dedicated to very specific audiences. Learn how he got them started, why they've worked, and how you can do it too! Sean Ryan on LinkedIn: Rotary Digital: Elevator:
January 27, 2020
#10: Jonathan Ronzio -- Digital Marketing Meets Scaling Through Training
Scale your business and/or team by creating process and documentation in order to onboard and train new hires efficiently and effectively. Jonathan Ronzio, CMO of Trainual, gives us great tips and tricks on how to start documenting how do you things in an effort to clone yourself which allows you to scale quickly. Free Asset from Jonathan, download now! >  Jonathan on LinkedIn
January 20, 2020
#9: Erin Weed -- Digital Marketing Meets Speaker School
Kick off 2020 with digging deep and finding your truth. I certainly did! Erin Weed just opened Speaker School. An 8 course class on finding your truth and learning how to deliver it. Learn how Erin found her own truth and decided to start speaker school.  To get started with Speaker School, visit Connect with Erin Weed on LinkedIn. 
January 13, 2020
#8: JoAnne Jaspan -- Digital Marketing Meets The Sales Discovery Call Part 2
Jo-Anne is out to helps sales men and women be the best sales people they can be to not only win the business but build lasting relationships with their potential buyers. Here’s part 1 where she walks through how to prep and kick off an ideal sales call. Linkedin: Website:
December 9, 2019
#7: Jo-Anne Jaspan -- Digital Marketing meets sales and the perfect sales call
Jo-Anne is out to helps sales men and women be the best sales people they can be to not only win the business but build lasting relationships with their potential buyers. Here’s part 1 where she walks through how to prep and kick off an ideal sales call. Linkedin: Website:
December 2, 2019
#6: John Bellamy -- Digital Marketing Meets LinkedIn Messaging
Have you ever tried to use LinkedIn as a new lead generator and failed? We have. John Bellmay, CEO of Direct MSGing walks me through how we all can be successful in turning LinkedIn from a simple digital business card to demand generator.  If you'd like to see take a look at John's LinkedIn profile for inspiration, you can find it here: Be sure to check out his videos and posts on his LinkedIn profile for more inspiration.
November 18, 2019
#5: Kurt Klynen -- Digital Marketing Meets the Joy of Professional Learning
Have you ever been in a training, where you're sitting in a room all day and someone is standing up and talking at you? I have. We all have. It's awful.  Unless I was sitting up front taking vigorous notes while my Art History professor talked a mile a minute there was no way I was staying awake.  Joy of Professional Learning is out to disrupt professional development. It's their mission to bring back kindergarten of stations and play to adults. To bring back story and engagement. No more sit and get. Play and engage. Learn how Kurt Klynen started Joy of PL and how he uses marketing tactics to help teachers find joy in learning again. To learn more about Joy of PL visit As a freebie, I put Kurt's idea of anyone can create to the test and to show you how easy it can be using the tools you already use everyday, I created a 10 minute how to video on making a Facebook Ad, which you can access here:
November 11, 2019
#4: Brad Martineau -- Digital Marketing Meets the Automatic Customer Journey
Every brand has a customer journey. The faster you acknowledge it, identify it, and develop a system the more efficiently your business can scale.  Brad Martineau is the CEO and Founder of Sixth Division where they help you discover and execute your automatic customer journey.  After giving the podcast a listen, head over to for a special video from Brad, where he gives you a freebie on the three laws of an automatic client journey and how to go implement it. He also gives you a bright giant Orange MKG colored button to click then schedule a call to explore what your current customer journey is and how you might go about bringing it to life systematically and automatically with or without Sixth Divisions Help. If you found this podcast helpful and want to ensure you get the next episode, please subscribe.
November 4, 2019
#3: Steve Kesselman -- Digital Advertising Meets User Research
Ever wonder what your customers are thinking? Why they bought your product? Why the didn't buy your product? What challenges they are facing when it comes to your industry? Who your customer is? What they care about? There is a very real solution that can answer all these questions and more. Upfront User Research. Hear from Steve Kesselman on the power of really understanding your audience.
October 28, 2019
#2: Paul Deraval -- Digital Advertising Meets Data Story Telling
Gone are they days of excel sheets chock full of SUMifs and VLookups. Dashboard and reports that can automagically get updated periodically is the now. Our experts now focus on why our campaigns are closer to client's goals or not, rather than burning resources on aggregating data. Hear from Paul Deraval on the importance of data story telling and how we can now do that, thanks to tools that aggregate our data and help us automate the mundane. Learn more about NinjaCat at and book a demo.   NinjaCat has some beautiful reporting templates. Be sure to check those out and find inspiration -  You can also connect with Paul on Linkedin at 
October 21, 2019
#1: Amber Anderson -- Digital Advertising Meets Intersectionality
85% of women make or influence purchase decisions. Learn how women should be part of your marketing mix. It's more than just adding women. It's  understanding where they live in the world, what life stage they are in, and how they play a role in your marketing efforts.
October 14, 2019